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  1. RV_

    5th wheel hitch vs gooseneck

    Hey Chief, Now that is a nice conversion! I just watched the video in the link you provided and that is a whole other thing from the junk stovepipe extensions some have tried. No leverage to break the trailer front fame and, like the Scamp Reese hitch that uses a ball but is at the same height as the original hitch, has no lever acting against it. For a new build I would go with your Reese Goosebox. If someone already has a Reese fiver hitch with rails, the Reese ball hitch will drop right in old rails and pin u[p as shown in my picture. If my truck (I always buy used and cash) already has a hitch I will use it. But if both are new I really like that gooseneck pin box.
  2. RV_

    using a mysocialsecurity online account

    I think the OP was nice. Staffnon, is that kind of condescension really necessary?
  3. RV_

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    Roy, YW! I try to check out member websites and have really enjoyed them and yours was up there with the other good ones.
  4. RV_

    Tioga George RIP

    He made his mark on many of us.
  5. RV_

    smart TV!!!

    George do you have an Android or iPhone? What is your budget? Do you have a tablet? If so what kind? Go here and browse: https://www.bing.com/search?q=21+all+in+one+computer&pc=MOZI&form=MOZLBR Did that help? Answers to questions above?
  6. RV_

    Already a Texan

    Sheldon, I was a Texas resident stationed at my retirement assignment on return from overseas in 1997. We were stationed at Lackland AFB TX, and just changed it all over to our Rainbow Drive address. No problems. I even bought a new fiver later from Indiana while in California when a shop broke our frame. We were at Travis FamCamp for medical diagnostics and were there for six months. That was in 2000. Polk County could not have been more accommodating.
  7. RV_

    Proper Trailer Weight for GVWR

    If he has the truck, is married or otherwise has a partner and/or kids, they can load the truck up and weigh it with all passengers and gear as it will travel. My 64 gallon Transfer Flow tank in my truck bed added ~ 455 pounds of weight. I had two 30 pound propane cylinders on my fifth wheel. They weigh 55 pounds each full. http://www.answers.com/Q/How_much_does_a_full_20-pound_propane_tank_weigh I carried wood blocks for leveling and for the front Jack's, as well as a 20# cylinder in a milk crate in the bed with my gas grill. Then we have to weigh the fiber hitch etc. It adds up quick. But doing actual weights on your truck now will keep you from buying more trailer than it can safely handle.
  8. RV_

    smart TV!!!

    I thought I said that. However rather than a regular desktop a mini PC with Windows 10 costs $139.99! Assuming you will have another "main computer" it can be dedicated to just the one TV. https://www.amazon.com/ACEPC-T8-x5-Z8350-Graphics-Computer/dp/B07KXHLD1R/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_147_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=927KKJ7STK6B256PV817&th=1 I have the old Voyo mini That started out as a Windows 8 computer that got the free upgrade to 8.1 and then to Windows 10. It has the same 64GB storage but an Atom 3735 SoC, half the RAM, and 32 bit that has given great service for the last five years or so. Its not the fastest but still is great for emails and surfing, and watching Netflix etc. It has a 64GB USB flash drive attached and runs great. The one above In the link is much faster and robust. It is also 4k capable if your TV is and you have the correct HDMI 4k rated 2.0 cable. Here's mine hooked up: That is a 21"retro look TV but still an LCD screen. The black items next to it are a Fire TV and the small Fire TV remote. The Voyo mini also has a 32GB Micro SD card inserted. There are more USB ports on the side. It's smaller than a paperback. Does not overheat, and is silent. They can also be mounted to your VESA mounts on the back of your TV, if you aren't using them already. If you are not mounting your TV to a wall the mini PC
  9. RV_

    Proper Trailer Weight for GVWR

    Len our posts crossed as I was composing when you also mentioned GCVWR. Newbie I just answered yours too on edit. When the subject is what can you tow with a half ton, you need to pay attention to the GCVWR posted on the truck. The GVWR or Gross Vehicle weight rating is how much weight each vehicle can support on their own axles minus the hitch weight transferred to the truck from the hitch. So you'll need the weight of your truck with all passengers, gear, full tanks of fuel, propane, and whatever you carry in the bed of the truck. Weigh the loaded truck alone. Then with however much or little water you're going to carry in the trailer, full propane tanks, batteries, clothes, food in fridge and cabinets, flatware, dishes/bowls, appliances, toiletries, blow dryers . . . Everything the trailer will carry. Weigh the trailer alone. You do weights at truck scales. Now see if your GVWR maximums are not exceeded on the truck loaded or the trailer loaded. Now hitch up the trailer and drive only the truck still hitched on the scales leaving the trailer tires off the scale. That weight on your truck now includes the hitch weight and must not exceed the truck's GVWR. Now weigh the trailer alone but hitched and fully loaded. Make sure that weight does not exceed the trailer's GVWR. Now add them together and check the GCVWR (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating) on the label on the doorjamb data plate. Usually drivers side. If any of the three are exceeded you need to get a smaller trailer or a bigger truck. Newbie, without the year, make, model, engine size, tranny type and rear end gears of your half ton truck, no one can tell how much you can tow. With a half ton you'll be limited as to what you can tow. I am selling a fifth wheel Scamp 19 footer that's fine for weekends or a single who likes minimalist living, and can be towed with a half ton. Add 1000 pounds for a couple give or take for clothes gear shoes etc No one is telling you to get a diesel here, your numbers will tell you once you add up the loaded weights of trailers you're considering. The GVWR is not you weighing it loaded just the limits for the truck, usually useless as they allow for no load, a full fuel tank, and a 150 pound driver. No gear, no normally sized folks. Weigh your half ton with all people who will be riding in it while towing, and all you will carry in the bed, and must include the weight of whatever hitch you install. Then make sure you are within the GVWR for the truck. Then see how much is left of your GVWR and that is all you can have for hitch weight on the bed or bumper hitch. It's easy math but not necessarily yielding the answers you want. Then weight trailer loaded alone, add both the loaded truck weight and loaded trailer weight to get your GCVW, or Gross Combined Vehicle Weight. Then see if you are within the GCVWR on the truck's data plate.
  10. RV_

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    ND, I had a girl riding behind me on the 305 the year before I got married and the rear tire blew out at 60 mph, although wobbly, I managed to get it stopped without going down. They were the best of the beach music era bikes. Back to topic. Lance, maybe you might want to call those folks with the soft start system for $300 Roy posted about and sell one of the generators to pay for it once you know it works. https://www.microair.net/collections/easystart-soft-starters
  11. RV_

    smart TV!!!

    George, If you want an all in one solution for TV and a full blown computer capability, you would need one of the setups like I use. I am assuming since you are looking for a "smart" TV that can be a computer too, that you might be in the market for both. If not the following will still cover one and the other. The cheaper and much better way to get a computer and TV in one unit is to get a 27" (or 24") Quad HD All in One (AIO) touch computer with an i7 and 8GB RAM etc., if you want to watch a 27" TV from across whatever room you want to use it in. Best deal today on quad HD all in one touch computer with an i7 like mine but much newer and 8GB RAM: AIO computer Hauppauge TV tuner: TV tuner and DVR Here are pics the of my TV Tuner today as I wait for the game kickoff reduced to the bottom left quarter of my 27" AIO screen: Here the TV tuner is full screen: I can watch all the local OTA channels in full HD which includes my local news on my AIO computer with the Hauppauge Win TV tuner. If you are looking to get a large screen TV and want to compute on it just hook up a windows tablet or laptop/desktop to it via HDMI. Or if your laptop or Surface type tablet is newer you can Cast it to certain TVs without a wire. For my home theater I use a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard which has a touchpad to the right side which is great for two handed control from a recliner or couch. Since I have the AIO computer with tuner, for the LR, if I want to use a computer with it, I can just put one of my Windows tablets next to it with the K400 USB receiver and the HDMI plugged in so the TV can get the full computer experience on a big screen and using a wireless K-400 for input from my recliner. K-400 I have the latest Vizio P Quantum 65" top rated LED picture, and despite calling the built in TV browser smart, it is just plain terrible compared to a computer with a tuner attached via USB or a TV with a computer wired to it with the HDMI, or casting wirelessly to the TV. The 27" AIO computer may be best for RV use if the desk is visible from the recliners or couch used to watch TV now. Or so I can watch what my doesn't want to watch here in my office. MY computers all have Sling Blue with HBP, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu for my digital in the could copies, Amazon Prime etc. And all of that is on our Fire TV devices attached to our four TVs and computers/tablets/mini PC. Just saying. TV/computer interfaces have come a long way.
  12. RV_


    We too use our credit cards, because we get cash back rewards and full protection, as opposed to debit cards with little protection and no cash back rewards. USAA refunds our ATM fees for about 5 a month. We only use the ATM with debit card maybe once every three months or so. I get cash back from retailers I use. If they don't do cash back then I don't do cash in by buying from them. Not anger or principle, just habit. We also keep a checkbook, or rather my SH does. I rarely write anything other than my illegible signature any more with computers. So her handwriting is much better than mine.
  13. RV_

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    Roy, I went to your website and think that the easy start is a really smart upgrade to any trailer. It costs less than a second generator, as pointed out it is quieter, and it will prolong the life of the A/C and the generator. More, your solar installation and testing makes for must reads for any RVrs who are just starting to wonder how to do all that at best cost/benefit. I highly recommend your website for all here. Great documentation and pics for running the AC on one inverter generator instead of two or a much larger unit. Thanks. Next paragraph is off topic, so skip it. Holy Moly Roy! I went to your website and saw we have a lot of our serious hobbies in common. I agree that a new truck has less advantages than doing a custom build of my 2004.5 Ram with the Cummins Quiet diesel, made only for the 2004.5-2007 Cummins/Dodge 5.9. I sure wish that I had that AC easy start when we were RVing fulltime. I just put all new lift and injection pump, as well as all new injectors, in my 2004.5, 5.9 Ram diesel. I also spent a career teaching, shooting, and repairing weapons from the handguns to the "Ma Deuce and Barret sniper rifle/rockets/grenade launchers on my AF bases as needed. I also ran competitive events in that other life. Built motorcycles including a set of two 1975 Norton 850 Commandos, one with Interstate tank and Vetter fairing and bags, the other that year's red white and blue "Captain America" paint job. A Triumph 500 Daytona, Gold and Silver Wings, the Kaw 500 2 stroke, Motoguzzis, a Honda 305 "Dream" lot of custom VWs and one Porsche 911 Targa found with weeds growing through the floorboards, rust, and miraculously a perfect engine needing only the air box, vacuum lines, and new timing chain tensioners. It was a '73 with the first iteration of the K-Jetronic injection system. It had 5 Porsche Cookie cutter alloys in excellent shape needing only a good polish and new low profile tires. It was ground up restored: new interior, paint, roof, and torsion bar panels and bars. Being military I had to sell them as I went because of moves and limited military pay. Back to the topic - If you are running a generator or thinking about one with your AC, go to Roy's (rbertalotto) link above.
  14. "Apple officially acknowledged and apologized for a Facetime bug that could allow bad actors to spy on you with just a few simple steps. While it promised a fix this week, that fix is delayed till next week. Group Facetime is a great way to talk to your family and friends all at once, but unfortunately, as we found out earlier this week, it was also an easy way to spy on people. All you had to do was start a Facetime call, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen, tap “Add Person,” and add your own phone number. Despite your target not answering, the group Facetime connects for you immediately, while their end will still be ringing." Source: https://www.howtogeek.com/fyi/the-facetime-bug-fix-has-been-delayed-till-next-week/#comments
  15. RV_


    X2 on Walmart or any cash back place you find yourself in.