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  1. RV_

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    YW Al! Safe Travels!
  2. Guys, Read the article. Instant means milliseconds not seconds. THe tecjh is not being hyped and we all take for granted that no one with any kind of computer will be able to just seemingly instantly breaking your and the bank's encryption. What this does say is take personal stuff you want to remain for your eyes only to a local off line hard drive and only connect to it off line. If you don't care don't worry about it. But the tech of quantum computing becomes even more interesting as some machines come online.is amazing! I am surprised by the limitations as the speeds in some areas where it is unlimited.
  3. Guys, perhaps it is here too?
  4. RV_

    Hooking up house current to MH

    Guys, Just get a Harbor freight cheapo under ten buck Volt Ohm Meter. For measuring voltages, as long as you set it ti read AC voltage, you can't really hurt anything by doing the tests in my picture above before you plug in. Do it on your dryer outlet first and see that it is not as the chart shows it must be to plug into your RV. And unless you touch the metal part of voltage probes you can't really hurt yourself. You don't need to understand why as long as you get the above readings for an RV 30 amp connection. If you are afraid of using a volt Ohm meter I guarantee you know someone who will show you how to safely. Here is a video showing the multi-meter tests and how to do them: Remember, get a cheap Volt Ohm meter and check every pedestal at RV parks before plugging in. I ran into one dangerous one of many in 7 years of RVing full time. But that was found! Safe Travels!
  5. It is old news and apparently Don Bacon, R. Nebraska hopes to make an issue out of it. That article was written in 2016 by Karen Jowers here: https://www.militarytimes.com/2016/07/15/should-the-military-exchanges-run-the-commissary-system-aafes-has-a-plan/ Here is the one quoted above: https://www.militarytimes.com/pay-benefits/2018/05/14/lawmakers-want-to-pump-the-brakes-on-commissary-exchange-merger-plans/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=AIR 05.15.18&utm_term=Editorial - Air Force - Daily News Roundup Looks like times change. (The Military Times that is) That seems to be just the opinion of one legislator needing some publicity, and the writer who gave it. I wouldn't sweat it either way.
  6. Hoo boy-- Welcome to the future transparency of today as quantum computers reveal all currently encrypted secrets -- a viable scenario within just a few years. Excerpt: " Quantum computers will be able to instantly break the encryption of sensitive data protected by today's strongest security, warns the head of IBM Research. This could happen in a little more than five years because of advances in quantum computer technologies. "Anyone that wants to make sure that their data is protected for longer than 10 years should move to alternate forms of encryption now," said Arvind Krishna, director of IBM Research. Krishna said that there is a type of encryption, called Lattice Field, that is thought to be resistant to quantum computing attacks. "The good news is that it is as efficient as our current encryption so it won't cost more," he said. Krishna is certain that within five years there will be widespread commercial use of quantum computers. But don't wait, said Krishna, "begin experimenting right now." Source with the full description is here: https://www.zdnet.com/article/ibm-warns-of-instant-breaking-of-encryption-by-quantum-computers-move-your-data-today/?bhid=20640562413884385817807471581031&cval=cnet-nl-zd&ftag=CAD-04-10aag0g&promo=404&s_cid=e404&tag=nl.e404.em&ttag=e404
  7. RV_

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    This whole subject was argued for years before I decided to contact the Engineer at Marshal Gas controls who are no longer in business. However at the time they made most of our RV regulators and brass fittings and were active in helping with writing legislation about RV propane systems. Ed Lee Sr, was generous with his time and the articles I wrote with his help are still accurate and relevant. My series of articles on Propane and the safety check valves and hi/lo pressure safety devices are covered in layman's terms here on my website: http://home.earthlink.net/~derekgore/rvroadiervfulltimingwhatisitreallylike/id42.html Here is a reference to Ed Lee Senior on another forum: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/25633801/gotomsg/25633870.cfm#25633870 Safe Travels!
  8. RV_

    Beginner's Guide to RV Trailers

    Thanks for the excellent link to a very good resource to pass along to folks I know here about choosing the right type of trailer as the title clearly states. " Beginner's Guide to RV Trailers " Like when I post a link, if folks take umbrage with the article, their actual resort would be to post in the original article comments section, or write in this case to CR and complain that Motor homes were not covered in an article about trailers. That would be like complaining that the posts on wiring a home outlet for your RV should include wiring in a generator. Funny how the worm turns.
  9. RV_

    Hooking up house current to MH

    Actually guys I have been reading the horror stories for bothe 30 and 50 amp RV home outlets. I put in a 30 amp outlet on my workshop sidewall which is where I park our Fifth wheel. I also ran a water line to the workshop for the RV as we were living in it until our house was finished, almost a year due to an unexpectedly rainy summer in 2015. Our Internet provider disconnected the house and ran a cable to the RV so we had our modem and router in it with 200Mbps service for that year so all was good. We did use a dog bone 30 amp to a regular 20 amp outside house box and extension cord and had issues in our first few months full timing in 1997 on FIL's property which we just sold. Try this for 30 amp and 50 amp wiring: http://www.myrv.us/electric/ Just click on 30 amp and 50 amp in the menus on the left . Before you connect the RV go to the outlet testing listed on the same menu on the left of that page. Make sure you understand it and do the tests yourself even if you hire a professional. Those guys cause more than their share of the horror stories. Click For Full-Size Image. Read em and heed em and you can hook up at home too like me. Safe Wiring!
  10. Pieere, thanks, and remember, don't feed the trolls!
  11. Pieere, Could you provide that link to the article that says what isn't working right? Thanks for the heads up but without the link I can't look for what is "not right."
  12. Ron, I am getting more in that mode of not needing, but I'm dangerously close to not wanting. I treat tech like some folks here treat hunting and spend far less cash annually than my hunting friends do. I used to hunt so no bad judgement there, and I am a gun person so that;s no issue either. It is just a been there, done that for a few years, succeeded, and now have moved on to other things that fascinate. I have found that the "want to," as you put it so succinctly about changing OS', has diminished in my life. I discovered back before we started RVing that the real thrill was in waiting and saving for that new shiny thing or activity. Anticipation was the thrill, actually gaining possession, more and more, became anticlimax. It's not boredom, I tried to emote this observation in others in one of my collections of writings only for me. "Boredom is wanting to do something, anything, as long as you don’t have to actually do something to do it." I've never been bored. But always had the capacity to have anything I wanted, first buying the cast off affordables and building, restoring, renovating, then buying already done and now can afford literally anything within reason. Not a Learjet or yacht, as examples, which I have no use for. Most folks see the dream and not the upkeep. One man at 83 after ten years of caring for his wife with Alzheimer's, and putting his wife to rest, did the obvious only in hindsight. 83 year old set free and alive! It was a trip to the unknown, like pulling out in the giant RV for the first time excited and a bit apprehensive. I now watch a new innovation and watch it mature a bit and then buy the Chinese knockoff. Despite the terrible Chinese instructions even the 8 dollar U8 is fun but the DZ09 for a few bucks more as well as my new U6 have better screens and both sim card and micro SD card slots in the back. If the folks with iPhones really miss their headphone jack, and do not want wireless (expensive) headphone jacks, the 8 -10 dollar U8 will do the trick: That Indian kid in the video ^^^ soldered in a headphone jack that frees the phone from being tethered to the headphones and allows the Bluetooth sound to go from the watch to the ears leaving the phone in his pocket or away from him. But here is a video that finally showed me how it worked. See, I am going through the learning curves with three little smart phones and am having fun, despite them not costing $300 each but under thirty bucks for all three. Nice toys.
  13. Ron, Alley Oop, I'll have to take your word for it because the last App,le Mac I used was when they were expensive back in 1986/7 when I was active duty and trying to hurry up and finish a BS degree before my 35th birthday. I was going nights to SIU's Industrial Technology degree. They had Apple Macs, the first models, and they stymied me. See Microsoft would not adopt the Xerox Parc desktop and develop it for Windows computers popularly until Windows 95. So when I was forced to use the Mac in 86 I was a master at DOS and was stymied by the mouse! I learned and then passed, thanks to a great professor who knew all the military guys were using MSDOS systems at work on base. MS didn't adopt a desktop mouse driven GUI until the early 90s with Windows for Work Groups 3.1 as the first stable system. Today there is less difference with both using a similar GUI and identical hardware today as you say. Especially since 2005 when Jobs dropped the long in the tooth Power PC chipset and adopted the x86 Intel chipsets. I don't do Apple only because I don't want to buy all new software as well as hardware, and I prefer an open to all software developers and hardware manufacturers, non walled garden. I won't do without my main All In One Desktop's 27" touch screen I love my analog calculator on my touch screen. I may be buying an HP for my next system because it has all this one does except the Thunderbolt connection the Dell unit has. I just don't need or want to spend that much for the Thunderbolt exorbitant cost of the drives and devices. Most Apple folk aren't buying thunderbolt drives either save professionals that need the speed. But aside from that I don't see any more learning curve for me in using OSX and the hardware. When I first tried out Raspberry Debian on my Raspberry Pi first wave system. I think most folks would be surprised at how similar the Apple systems are, especially now that they are x86 systems. I feel the same when I am using the Amazon Fire Tablets which are EZPZ too but I have to think about the steps that are just autopilot on Windows. Jack has gone mostly Google/Android for all his uses, and I am seeing it now with our Android Phones. Don't get me wrong, I love my full Windows OS on my Surface Pro and Dell Venue 11 Pro Tablets. The Android variant of Amazon Fire's OS also has a lot of the security by obscurity that other OS' had at various times. So the Fire tablets are under much less attack of any than iOS or Android phones and tablets and Windows tablets. But they also have fewer Apps. I just like the $149.99/as low as $99.99 - $119.99 on sale, amazing build quality and the lightest of all the 10" class of tablets. And they are very resistant to breakage, and are finally back to full HD 1080p in only the 10" HD 10" Tablet with 32GB or storage and a Micro SD card slot that can handle the latest 256GB micro SD cards. There are no bad or evil brands or manufacturers of tech toys and computers/cell phones today. I am glad there is competition that keeps all tech companies advancing as fast as they can, and like the Fire Tablets, setting the prices lower and lower, with ever increasing build quality. So since we are Prime members anyway, for buying and Videos, we took to the Fire TVs and the Fire Tablets too. Free photo storage and music video downloads and other benefits, etc. make the Fire Tablets a great tablet choice too. And Apple innovations make for great cheap similar Android smart watches. Here is my latest one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/392026338287 $13.99! I have another one that looks the same but no camera, and two regular Android watches that I can put in micro SD Cards and take videos and pictures, and make and take calls via Bluetooth to my phone in my pocket and keep it private by my ear. All of them can also support sim cards and act as a phone themselves. The touch screens are remarkable. Now I am just playing across platforms and there are some astounding buys today, for little or nothing. They're all just preferences and budget. I won't buy any more expensive watches like my Martian Voice series that were on sale for $79.95 each. I still prefer a Casio G Shock for all but formal affairs and I have my good Bulova for that or the above Smart watch. I like the Apple, Linux that needs an x86 Windows or Mac box to run on, Windows, iOS, Android, smart phones etc. It is a great time to be alive and a Techie type geek. I enjoy your posts too Ron. And it is not a hard thing to learn as today even three year olds are using them from all the OS' mentioned. Kind of takes the king of the hill ego aspect out of it nowadays. My grandson is just 2 years old and has his iPad and can use it!! Amazing.
  14. Pieere, Bill didn't even get mad when I copied his trademark Hawaiian shirts as my trademark too since I am not on the road and we only get a face to face when he is cruising by. Pieere, I think you fell for someone else in the thread. And this answer is not in any way trying to be rude to you. Troll: "In Internet slang, a troll (/troʊl, trɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1]extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll's amusement. This sense of both the noun and the verb "troll" is associated with Internet discourse, but also has been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, the mass media have used "troll" to mean "a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families".[4][5] In addition, depictions of trolling have been included in popular fictional works, such as the HBO television program The Newsroom, in which a main character encounters harassing persons online and tries to infiltrate their circles by posting negative sexual comments." Source with much more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll Pieere, if walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it must be a duck. The best rule is to never feed the trolls online. One thing about me is that I stick with my REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) training as a counselor back in the late 70s early 80s. Today they call Albert Ellis' training REBT. and subscribe to walking the walk myself in not believing any of the 12 irrational beliefs myself. They are the buttons trolls and manipulators push that cannot be pushed on folks who do not believe irrational beliefs. The 12 irrational beliefs are beliefs that some believe but just aren't rarional: http://rebtnetwork.org/library/ideas.html
  15. RV_

    Veteran ID Card will Finally Ship

    Joe, like the VA, hang in there and keep pestering them until they get a Round Tuit!