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  1. RV_

    Loco Weed!

    Latest Tesla news: Tesla Model 3 Motor & Gearbox Survive 1 Million Miles Of Testing On October 15, Tesla tweeted the results of using the motor and gearbox of the Model 3 for over 1 million miles. From the photograph, it’s hard to tell them from new. Notice the beefy ball bearings used to support both components. After the company tweet, Elon Musk added his own thoughts on Twitter. “Model 3 motor & gearbox still in good condition after driving 1M miles. Designed for ultra high endurance.” Keep in mind that the Model 3 components are expected to power the upcoming Tesla Semi, which means moving up to 80,000 lb on a consistent basis. It’s fair to say these pieces may be over-engineered a bit for the Model 3. Calling them “robust” would be an understatement. Naturally, nothing Elon and Tesla do ever goes unchallenged. Twitter user Mark B. Spiegel, who styles himself as both an investor and a wise guy, offered this bit of whimsy on Twitter. “The whole thing is ABSURD. Bench-testing a motor & gearbox has NOTHING to do with running it pulling a 3600-pound load of car and batteries against friction and wind-resistance. It’s just more bullshit spewing from the lying mouth of Scmucksidy Fraud-Boy.”‏ Well, it’s hard to find more cogent argumentation that that! Another Twitter user, Mark Langridge attempted to straighten the learned Mr. Spiegel out but it’s unlikely his words had any effect. “That’s not how automotive testing works. You always have prototype drivetrains long before you have a car to put them in. They mount the drivetrain to a test bench, plug it in, and run it via software.” Suffice to say, Model 3 drivers won’t need to be concerned about reliability and longevity with their cars. Can drivers of other brands make the same claim?" Source: Tesla facts
  2. RV_

    Loco Weed!

    My portfolio just lost $75,000 in 12 days — here's why I'm not worried at all Excerpt: "A stock market crash, or a dip, can cause even smart investors to panic. Ramit Sethi is the author of a best-selling book on personal finance, and when the stock market dipped, he lost $75,000. He isn't worried, because he knows successful investors play the long game, and that opting out of the stock market is far riskier than opting in. Last week the stock market took the world on a wild ride, and in response, the media went crazy with scary headlines like … Blip or downturn? What the market meltdown means for your money Is it time to sell before we hit bottom? Stock market meltdowns have become frighteningly common The goal of these headlines is to get people to click, and people will, but the average investor is left only with doubt and scary-looking losses. As an author of a New York Times best-selling book on personal finance and someone with a portfolio of investments, I'd like to share this piece of counterintuitive advice: Keep calm and carry on. In other words, don't change a thing! Don't get me wrong. I was greatly affected by the decline. You can see that my portfolio dropped by over $75,000 in just 12 days of this month: Most people who lose $75,000, $2,000, or $500 would freak out, sell their stocks, and say things like "I would just hold cash to be safe" or "See, this is why I don't invest in stocks!" But here are three reasons why I kept my investment portfolio untouched — and why you should stay disciplined, whether your portfolio is worth $500, $50,000, or $500,000." he goes on to cover 1. Keep investing and you'll get investment returns no matter what 2. It's not 'timing' the market, it's time IN the market 3. It's pointless to look at daily trends Lower prices are good as long as you have a long-term goal. If you're young, that means you can pick up more shares of the stocks at a lower price. For people who are older, they would benefit from adjusting their asset allocation to be more conservative so that declines affect them less dramatically. I'd like to encourage you to go from "hot" to "cool" around your money. Instead of feeling "hot" emotions like anxiety or fear, get educated enough to feel "calm" and "confident." I feel calm because I know my money is automatically being invested every month, that staying in the market gives me much better returns than panicking and selling, and I can focus on other parts of my life. Long term investments shouldn't affect your day to day. Whether you lose $500 or $5,000 — or gain $50,000 or $2 million over time — the important thing is to nail down good personal finance habits so that when your portfolio grows in the future you'd exactly know how to react and can stay strong with your investments for years to come." The above are small excerpts from an in-depth and insightful article I completely agree with in Business Insider. You can read it in full by clicking here: Good advice If you followed the other thread, "Are You Still In?" you saw me do just that. I bought low several times on IPO. and in the six months after on dips to $22.5. I sold near the year's high because I am using that money to buy a new house cash. Then I can take my time selling this 5 acres with new house, workshop, 12X20 finished out plumbed, wired, paneled, insulated and air conditioned portable building. Then I can reinvest the whole amount and next time, take out only enough I have deductions to cover. Oh well, taxes only come with gains.
  3. This article references Tesla who is now outselling most of the legacy manufacturers in their segments. But also points out the staggering insecurity about se urities we used to take for granted. Excerpt: "Ford Motor Company could be the poster child for the disruption the electric car revolution is causing in the auto industry. One of the world’s largest and most enduring manufacturers of vehicles is in big financial trouble and struggling to chart a course forward. It is fair to say that if Ford doesn’t figure things out — and pretty damn soon — it could be one of the legacy auto makers that falls by the wayside, joining the ranks of Hudson, AMC, and Studebaker as one of America’s former car companies. That’s not to say the Trump tariffs have had no effect on Ford. They have. “The metals tariffs took about $1 billion in profit from us — and the irony is we source most of that in the U.S. today anyways,” Jim Hackett says. So while they are not the direct cause of the Ford restructuring plan, they are definitely inflicting some pain on the manufacturing sector, which isn’t helping things any. It’s hard to see how sucking a billion dollars out of a company’s profits will help it add new jobs in manufacturing. According to the Michigan Watchdog, both parts of the headline are accurate but they don’t belong together in the same sentence. While the mainstream press has been in a frenzy to report that thousands of manufacturing jobs will be lost due to Trump’s aluminum and steel tariffs, the truth is that the job cuts will affect only white collar workers around the world. “The reports you have read about our organization redesign work being related to external forces such as tariffs are incorrect,” Ford spokesperson Karen Hampton told Watchdog.org. “This is a global effort and not specific to the U.S.,” she added. “We began this effort recently as part of our CEO’s work to make us a faster, more nimble, more innovative company." Thought provoking article with much more here: Ford It may be too soon to change the Ford badge to this:
  4. RV_


  5. Tom, With Windows 10 Pro you just go to to updates and security from the start button/Settings/Updates and Security/Windows update/Advanced Options. Once you are running pro that last screen changes to this: As you can see with this screen shot from my Surface Pro 3, the "Pause Updates" option is added. All I do is toggle that switch on to not get any updates for up to 35 days. Since I'm waiting from a few days before the second Tuesday of the month, which gives us plenty of time to make sure any new updates with bugs get exterminated before they get on my machines. Let the folks with Windows home be the guinea pigs, and there will always be millions. For folks running Windows 10 home, there is a vendor with working upgrade licenses to Windows Pro. I bought one cheap which was a ripoff and eBay refunded immediately. I then tried another that was a legal key and finally got my wife's Lenovo All In One upgraded to pro. So now our Surface Pro 3 and 4 and Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets, and my Dell 2720, are all Pro and set to delay updates until they have been out for a few weeks and bugs fixed. Email if you have questions. Email is on my website listed below in my sig block. Or you can upgrade directly from Microsoft for $99. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/b/windows?icid=CNavSoftwareWindows&activetab=tab:upgrade Tom's idea will work too. Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro makes holding off on updates a simple toggle switch that is not there with Windows 10 home. Lots of other features to Pro too. For the price today of one 37 gallon fill up of gas or diesel, you can upgrade to pro the easiest way with the Microsoft store. I paid a lot less with the risk of a ripoff. I got one refund immediately, and the second one worked fine. The important thing to remember is to get all updates after a couple of weeks because the malware writers are reverse engineering the bugs Microsoft fixes on each update cycle.
  6. RV_

    Loco Weed!

    The above post edited because I forgot to insert the last link of the list of Cannabis info.
  7. RV_

    Loco Weed!

    RJXJ, here's a very good article today with hot links to follow in the article. Also don't miss the link at the bottom for an entire collection of articles and analysis from many sources, both pro and con investments in the MJ market. Marijuana is now legal across Canada! Marijuana stocks to watch: Aurora Cannabis investments may be more valuable than its pot Excerpt: "Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a major pot producer, but if its bets on other cannabis companies continue to pay off, it may be able to stop actually growing weed on its own. Aurora ACBFF, -1.57% ACB, -1.22% said recently its investments were worth more than C$700 million ($540 million) as of Sept. 21, bolstered in part by demand for pot stocks ahead of full legalization of marijuana in Canada on Wednesday. As the entire sector has benefited, so has Aurora’s portfolio, boosting the company’s fiscal fourth-quarter profit to C$79.9 million, after a loss of $20.8 million the year earlier. One of the company’s biggest and most profitable bets is a stake in the Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. TGODF, -4.19% TGOD, -4.55% a C$55 million investment in the company at C$1.65 a share in January, that is worth C$5.53 a share as of Tuesday. That would value its stake at roughly C$184 million, which is equal to about 13% of the company. It has an option to increase that stake to more than 50%. Aurora also disclosed investments in Hempco Food and Fiber Inc. HEMP, -4.46% CTT Pharmaceuticals Inc. CTTH, +1.11% Choom Holdings Inc. CHOOF, +0.70% and a 20% stake in privately held Capcium Inc., which provides equipment to Aurora for making medicinal marijuana softgel pills. The company spun out Australis Capital Inc. in September, as an investment company focused on the U.S. cannabis market. Aurora’s U.S.-listed shares have gained 50.4% in 2018, while the S&P 500 SPX, +0.18% has gained 3% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.08% has added 2.4%. Much more in the original article with related links: Aurora Cannabis Analysis For anyone interested in the emerging cannabis market and wondering where the long and short term profits might be, here is a comprehensive list of current and recent articles from MarketWatch. https://www.marketwatch.com/topics/columns/cannabis-watch
  8. RV_

    Loco Weed!

    Oops! I just edited the 100 shares NBEV should have read 1000. Ryno, These will be volatile I expect. We'll see in two more days.
  9. RV_

    Loco Weed!

    I bought my NBEV @$2.99, and my Aurora 2000 shares @ $7.71, then 3000 more @ $ @ $7.99 for a total of 5000 shares Aurora and 1000 shares of NBEV. Looks today like that should have been 5000 of each. We will see soon. I expect a pop then a drop then a rise back to whatever its first limit will be. Wednesday Marijuana for medical and recreational use becomes legal all across Canada. Then, let the games begin!
  10. Military retirees are getting 2.8% COLA in retiree pay as well as 2.8% SS COLA. Tricare For Life (TFL) becomes our medicare supplement with our own drug benefits and no more co-pays. We just pay the basic Medicare part B monthlies. TFL takes care of drug copays.
  11. RV_

    Are You Still In?

    These just in in the last few days: Tesla Model 3 = #1 Best Selling Car In The US (In Revenue) https://cleantechnica.com/2018/09/09/tesla-model-3-becomes-1-best-selling-car-in-the-us/ Tesla Crushes Porsche & Jaguar Worldwide https://cleantechnica.com/2018/10/12/tesla-crushes-porsche-jaguar-worldwide/ I would have stayed long with Tesla as it will soon be shooting up. But I needed to buy a house, and be able to sit on this property for the right buyer after buying the new one. Then I'll either get back into Tesla with all, or evenly divided between Tesla and my then favorite MJ stocks to grow again. I have to keep my large capital gains tax untouched from this year. I hate taxes!
  12. RV_

    Are You Still In?

    I'm an amateur and have found the investment analysts scoffed at my decision to invest in Tesla and now my choices in MJ stocks. But these investments in brand new product types don't come around often that excite me. But next investments will be fire fighting innovations and water pumps as the ice caps melt. Irony. I'm moving to colder and higher altitude climes now, for ten years from now if we're still around. And plenty of wilderness to retreat to. Ya never know. I keep only two weeks of the top brand of freeze dried survival full meals for the two of us. If we need more, odds are we won't for long. So my outlook is to make the best of the various scenarios I see as possible. Without becoming a fanatic. If the proverbial excrement hits the rotating surfaces Colorado has legal marijuana and assisted suicide. I guess that covers my realistic preparations. I hope we make the changes needed to press on. I'm not encouraged by the willful ignorance I see. So I don't join things and am not a survivalist. Though a weapon expert I'm not buying lots of ammo or more guns. Just my normal 500rds or so of .40 cal pistol, 300 shot-shells for hunting and defense. 300 rounds .308, several thousand rds of .22 lr, and 300rds .22 Win Magnum. I'm still optimistic, just cautiously so.
  13. RV_

    Full-timing and Military Memorabilia

    We full timed for seven years 1997-2003, when I retired at age 45 and we left them in boxes with our kids and remaining parents. Our family photos too. However we made our own RV pad with full hookups on family property because we wintered here in NW Louisiana so we could see the kids and grandkids once a year. It is the one on our website below in my sig block. Both our first rig and second rig pics in the photos section of our website were taken there. The 12X20 srorage shed in the pics was wired, insulated, paneled and plumbed for the washer and dryer. We had a chest freezer and made two lofts for storage and a cedar closet at one end. My Class A and one set of BDUs along with seasonal gear a were stored in it and my I Love Me wall was on those walls in frames just like in my office. Shadow box and other gear were there too. We have a stix n brix again and came off the road in 2003 to be here for aging parents. I was 52 my SH was 50. We're moving again to Colorado soon and will have another stix n brix but are going to sell the RV because our travel will be by air tonvisit frinds in Europe and Colombia, South America. We also want to visit Australia and Asia, perhaps Taiwan, China, and India. The only areas we have not lived in or visited for a couple of months. I liked the idea and planned to do videos and digital pics of them eventually. My youngest son and last will executor is in Denver Colorado with my first Grandson and new granddaughter. Our Granddaughters here are adults and can visit us there. I agree they would be of little use but we have my FIL's flag, shadow box, and his WWII souvenir Japanese swords and his Ike uniform as one of McArthur's honor guard in his military governor residence. These are historical items, some common some rare, and will be donated to the AF Academy for display, and the museums at other bases in Colorado Springs if the kids don't want then. We'll order everything as soon as we get there. We are ditching most of the junk here with sales and donations and trashing the rest. Everyone who used our antiques and stored our military and heirlooms were family and each had at least one guest room to hang some art, and closet to hang some uniforms. We got it all back. Burden them, or not. But at least film them.