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  1. I'm doing the last of my systems now, the 64GB storage Atom Z 3735? Mini PC. All my system handled 1909 fine if the Voyo Mini finishes 1909 OK. 1903 inactivated my start button on the Dell 2720, and messed up my Surface Pro 3 too. 1909 corrected whatever it was. Tonight I set all my systems up and updated them too. I unpacked them this morning. My wife's AIO I set up before I went back to sell the house in June. I got back to our new home two weeks ago 1 Nov. Assholes and elbows since. I thought I got rid of enough before we moved here but now I've got to get rid of half the good stuff I kept. We have a nice sized house just in the city and no 24X30 workshop on a slab. On my varied systems it all worked. But we'll see as time goes by.
  2. I agree on wanting cheaper unlimited services via LEO satellites, but Joel's right in that our cells are a bargain today. When I was assigned to Europe 1990-1997 I paid $20 per call for longer ones. In the 80s We paid not only for the landline, but in Louisiana they charged as much as 30 cents a minute for long distance within 25 miles. In the 2000 s we got VoIP services then bought Magic Jack and paid $60.00 for five years. As well, I could take my Magic Jack with me and make local calls back to North America from anywhere I could connect to the internet and I brought a small regular phone. I still have it and I think I still have a year or two left. It was our ultra private number , but I haven't actually plugged it in for about two years. As military we had phone bills almost as large as both our cell phones today. But all the competition they need are the current Verizon, ATT, etc. Cell companies. They go cheaper or die out. And Musk will be competing with them too. We live in interesting, exciting times.
  3. Rob, I used the RV Roadie 2X2X2 travel rule. We never traveled more than 200 miles in a day, we always arrived by 2pm so we did not need reservations except for major holiday weekends, and we always stayed at least two days. The arrival day was to relax after a day driving, meet some folks and tell some lies around a campfire real or virtual. Then the next day we'd explore the area asking locals about things to see or do. Sometimes we'd stay a week when we found the unexpected or not. Of course more than two days at the national parks like Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite, etc. We traveled everywhere west of the Mississippi and from Mexico up to and including a season in Alaska. We traveled totally retired and only did two or three months in our winter RV spot on family land we'd just sold along with our own 5 acre home property we'd bought when we came off the road to help our last two aging parents, my FIL and MIL. When we were on the road for seven years fulltime, we stayed at FamCamps or near VA hospitals for the one or two week procedures. So I'd do tests or get Scripts there. But I see your point. I was 45-52 years old for the seven years we full timed. We were and are remarkably healthy. Neither of us has any medical conditions and are free of disease, no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no heart or other issues for either of us now, and then we took no recurring medication. I take 250 mg Alleve and 5 mg Flexeril for my neck and back issues from wearing out the frame some. In fact I quit drinking alcohol and smoking in 2010 because if I had a beer I'd want a cigarette, or with a bourbon or brandy or gin and ginger ale I like a cigar and cigarettes. I don't miss either. So we moved to Colorado and I'll be asking for a prescription for an edible compound with CBD to replace the Alleve, and enough THC to replace the child dose of Flexeril I take now. But not enough to get high. Why? Because the NSAID thins my blood and we bruise easier at my now 67 years young, and need no extra NSAID blood thinning. So for you, your way works, and for me missing my scrips is no crisis now, or then. I was a very healthy 45 when we started full time and only had some frame damage. Besides, I can buy generic Naproxin sodium over the counter for less than the dang co-pay. My comment wasn't suggesting everyone use the base, only those complaining about the co-pays as you can get 90 days supply at most bases because you're traveling. For us, waiting for deliveries from SKPs mail service which we had, could, and did get screwed up by the the local postal workers/Postmasters, as we had happen more than a few times. So for this rolling stone couple when full-time, we were very young, fully retired at 45, and had nothing but some pain to alleve-iate. We'd stay a week or two at most in one place. Our newsletters that detail our constant travel to what's over the next hill or mountain is in our website below. I'm thinking about dropping it in a few years and doing a complete overhaul soon. So it may be down 1Jan 2020, because this move to Colorado took longer for me, as I was down in Louisiana keeping our 4 y/o house , steel workshop, and metal office building kept up and the property mowed. I have a very long front and back yard totaling three of the five acres and the lawn maintenance folks wanted more than $200.00 a week just to cut grass! It took five months to get it washed and manicured for sale and to sell it. So I just got here and am just now getting a new doc and records sent. So my last doc gave me a 90 day supply and I'll be registered in DEERs here next Monday/Tuesday. Still not an issue for us. I'm just suggesting an alternative if the co-pays were affecting budget and quality of life for anyone. We use our choice of docs with TFL and no copays for docs, visits off base, scripts on base. YMMV 😉
  4. Linda! I didn't even know it was an accompanied assignment or had maternity facilities but that IS an interesting place to have been born.
  5. We will be Amazon Prime for life as we have four Echodots, five Fire tablets, four Amazon fire TV devices. So I took advantage of the vet discount too and it added a year to my current subscription inexpensively. Every penny counts. Great deal!
  6. That's why we use the base pharmacies here. Three major bases have full service on Base/post pharmacies here. We don't have one we can use in Cheyenne Mountain or Schriever AFB. We are using Peterson AFB which is ten minutes from our house.
  7. That last update took out my auto rotate on my Surface Pro 3 but only made my Pro 4 faster and added some nice little features. I finally got my Dell 2720 27" touch AIO back up. It had been here while I was back in LA selling our properties there for five months. It took all night to do all the updates and the second to last update took out my start button and to get to settings to finish updating I could still right click the start button and use that menu. The last couple of updates fixed the start button and like the other i7 Surface Pro 4, the i7 Dell 2720 really sped up to like new again. I'm upgrading to a Surface Pro Quad core Pro 6 or the Pro 7 10th gen i7. They will sell for much more here than in Louisiana. We downsized so I have no room for six of everything. (Hint hint) Ray, six years out of our computers is like getting ten years and 300k miles from a gas SUV. Hope you figure it out. There were several small after patches so check again for updates.
  8. Neal, Musk's Space X, still privately held by him, just launched their second set of 60 StarLink Satellites in the past week: https://observer.com/2019/11/spacex-launch-60-starlink-satellites-broadband-internet-elon-musk-tweet/ The number will likely swell to 30,000 satellites. RVrs would have broadband everywhere as well as Mariners and hikers in the wilderness and jungle explorers. As well as the third world countries. SpaceX, Elon Musk Wants To Launch 30,000 More Starlink Satellites https://www.ibtimes.com/spacex-elon-musk-wants-launch-30000-more-starlink-satellites-2847795 It won't be long now. I'm also getting a Tesla Model 3 or maybe wait for the truck. We'll see when it's unveiled next Thursday. Their truck is said to have torque and towing capacity more like a HDT than a light duty. This year Tesla will be exciting to watch. Tesla will also have paid for my Tesla and house. Lot's of fun yet to be had.
  9. My Significant Harassment of 47 years was a military brat as her dad took them all over the world and US. My dad was military for a few years and I was born where my mom's mom lived, so when in exasperation folks say OK where were you born then, I tell them half the continent away from where I lived. So when asked where we are from, we both say when? Then we full time RV'd for seven years. We just sold our two properties in Louisiana and finally moved to Colorado where I taught at the USAF Academy 1978-1981. We love the dry climate and the mountain views from our living room and bedroom picture windows facing the front range and Pikes Peak. We will likely be here for the rest of our lives as we have lived for from two years to seven years at a time on four continents. We can't RV to Japan/China/India and Australia. So we'll be flying there for at least a month each. Then our travel bucket list will be more complete. We've already done a week diving the Red Sea off Hurghada Egypt in 1996, and did all the great slopes in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, and Italy, for our 30 days of leave and another 12 days or so more four day weekends for the seven years we lived in Germany. We even visited Luxor and the Temple of Karnak, crossed the Nile by boat and did the Valley of the Kings and visited Tut in his tomb and the other larger but unoccupied tombs there. We did Alaska/Canada/Mexico by RV. We have trouble relating to folks who proudly proclaim they've never left their county or State. Different strokes. Here there are five Military bases including The AF Academy, Cheyenne mountain, Ft. Carson,Peterson AFB, Space Command, and Schriever AFB. We have lots of fellow folks who've lived on four continents for years at a time instead of a a few days or a week's visit. So we grin when asked where we are from. We are glad to get out of the horrid humidity of the South. The climates there don't suit us. But we look forward to meeting folks as we go and learn their stories and immerse in their cultures. Once we finish making our home here we'll be doing tourist length trips too. We aren't stationary just like a home base. And everywhere we go we'll be asked where we're from. Or be told "You ain't from around here are ye?" Nope. <grin>
  10. Guys, I run Libra office, alongside MS Office 2010, on all of my Windows 10 Machines and like it. My Office 2010, six licenses, go out of support next year, 2020. I bought a one year Office 365 family subscription card at the BX, military special for up to six computers for $49.95. Libra Office is sufficiently developed to satisfy me, and my testing alongside office makes me think it is as good for me, something I'd never thought I'd say. Instead of discussing it just download and install it, it's free! And safe when you download from their website rather than third party sites. You don't have to uninstall your old MS Office until you are ready. Just download it. Remember to save as Office files (docx) for Office compatibility at first. Lots of other "save as" options for Writer Docs as well. Here is their safe download site: https://www.libreoffice.org/
  11. They found them murdered: https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/New-Hampshire-couple-reported-missing-in-October-14804378.php
  12. No Roger, I know that. But Cinnamon kicked that Dell XP system's ass! I am merely crossing off modern OS' of any flavor with old computers. I really like being spoon fed my systems these days. And I know I can get really easy Linux too. Heck I ran Linux on a Raspberry!
  13. Check this out! It's already in production! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-10-23/elon-musk-opened-tesla-s-shanghai-gigafactory-in-just-168-days
  14. In many markets Tesla outsells all the ICE luxury cars too, not just EVs. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-10-23/elon-musk-opened-tesla-s-shanghai-gigafactory-in-just-168-days
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