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  1. Scott, We did 7 years FT traveling back in 1997-2003, My ages 45-52. We bought 5 acres of land to come off the road. We stopped FT because Lynda wanted to, using the excuse that since her parents were aging and our only surviving parents, we should be there to help as needed. Oh well, I wanted to FT until I had to hang them up, but we'd done enough to relieve some hitch itch. It worked out quite well as we were able to easily help more bit by bit as time went by. We first lived on their country property where we built a full hookup RV space for winters there until we found a nice 5 acre property in the semi rural full utilities area just a few miles from Barksdale AFB and their place. Best of fast 5 minute city access, and 5 acre lots of country living with broadband and all the other utilities. We had a new house put up there in 2015 just before losing her mom after a long illness. We lost her dad the year following in 2016 just after my cervical and lumbar surgeries. We spent 2017/2018 doing the succession and getting properties to sell except our house, and looking for a nice house in Colorado. Found and bought a house in Colorado Feb/Mar and moved here 2019. I stayed back there until our house sold and got here late 2019. Looking back we did get to do everything we wanted to see and do west of the Mississippi and from Mexico up to and including Alaska for a season, in the RV. We skipped the East coast because her military father was assigned from Florida to South Carolina then Barksdale AFB LA where he retired. As were my folks in the USAF assigned first to Denver where I was born, to Miami Beach to West Virginia and Steubenville OH, then Colombia S.A. and settled down in Stamford CT in 1959 until the draft interrupted me there with the draft in 1970 for drafting in 1971. I ran from there to Texas with a warrant out for me for evading the draft when they sent the "Greetings" letter drafting me in January because of my low draft number. We both loved it on the road and then Lynn started missing her family there. She still has an aunt in Carthage TX and I have one in Florida. My only full brother died at 56 in 2010 when I was 58. So she has one full brother and I have three much younger half brothers left younger than us, and have two aunts. We'd already lived on three continents each for years not a few week's vacation from ages birth to 18. So RVing came very comfortably for us. And getting back here with toddler Gkids is great, as is the countryside. Our first real tour with our Tesla was to Cripple Creek and back, just a windshield tour, no social or getting out of the car. Talk about some fun roads and big drops. Made for regenerative braking and with low COG and AWD makes for superb handling on mountain roads. Now we do Colorado again retired where we were active duty when I taught here before and had little time for driving around too far from base. We didn't even ski back then. Now we get to do the rest of touring Colorado. After the COVID gets beaten and we are clear to run around without masks it will be better as we can go with and to visit others. I did work building a steel building company with a friend for four years ages 54 until about age 58 which gave me the capital to invest in Tesla and to keep from boredom. I have been fully retired from 45-54 and then from age 58 to now at 68 and retired since age 58. Life doesn't get fantastic because we RV, nor get terrible if we come off the road. Because no matter where you go no matter how far, we always bring ourselves with us. Although we were much younger at 45-52 full time RVing than most we were and are a very open minded optimistic couple who have just loved every minute of our adventures. If you are the same, you will be able to handle all your lane changes in life. Safe travels!
  2. Jim, I do it over on Facebook on my page not here. Look me up.
  3. Now we use recovery drives. I bought 3 16GB USB flash drives, then three more for six drives for each system. Click on the link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026852/windows-create-a-recovery-drive
  4. Joel, You said: "I won't discard a friend purely over political beliefs, but if someone is willing to risk my health and the health of others because of their political views then I no longer have anything in common with them." I say ditto.
  5. Just for fun, I was going through my old computer files from the 80s and 90s, as well as my old website files, as I am moving to another website host. I found this startling receipt for a hard drive I bought in 1989. It was only 30 MB. I erased the personal info so I could post it here for fun. If any of you have old reminders of what we went through to get to here feel free!
  6. Easy, look them each up. That's how we all learned.
  7. Whenever I had to be in a classified briefing in the Air Force we had a posted notice on the outside and inside of the door, and had a one minute briefing before and after each time too. We all knew. Today we can be on autopilot and click as we realize Oh Spit! and it is too late. I have an emergency switch to stop all traffic until I sort out any brain farts I have. However, that one was easy to spot.
  8. Excerpt: "EvilQuest ransomware encrypts macOS systems but also installs a keylogger and a reverse shell for full control over infected hosts. EvilQuest is distributed via pirated software But the researcher who first spotted the new EvilQuest ransomware is K7 Lab security researcher Dinesh Devadoss. Devadoss tweeted about his finding yesterday, June 29. However, new evidence surfaced in the meantime has revealed that EvilQuest has been, in reality, distributed in the wild since the start of June 2020. Reed told ZDNet in a phone call today that Malwarebytes has found EvilQuest hidden inside pirated macOS software uploaded on torrent portals and online forums. Devadoos has spotted EvilQuest hidden in a software package called Google Software Update, Wardle has found samples of EvilQuest inside a pirated version of popular DJ software Mixed In Key, and Reed has spotted it hidden inside the macOS security tool called Little Snitch." Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/new-evilquest-ransomware-discovered-targeting-macos-users/?ftag=TREc64629f&bhid=22078230483476385315599228605251&mid=12905556&cid=2210234375
  9. New Zealand: 8 June 2020: New Zealand drops Covid-19 restrictions after nation declared 'virus-free' "New Zealand had reported just over 200 confirmed cases when the government shut down the country, and the total number of diagnosed instances of the virus never topped 1,500. Twenty-two people died of Covid-19 in New Zealand, in contrast to the tens of thousands of deaths that modelling by scientists had predicted if restrictions were not imposed. "New Zealanders had “massively reduced their movements”, Ardern said; according to Google data, people had stayed at home more than residents in Australia, Britain and the United States had. “Our collective results I think speak for ourselves,” Ardern said. “This was what the sacrifice of our team of five million was for – to keep one another safe and to keep one another well.” She has regularly referred to New Zealanders as a “team of five million” in an effort to unite people and encourage them to follow her government’s rules to curb the virus’ spread."
  10. A little humor; I even wrote about being a Med Lab Tech and my awakening to science: The MLT Song I got laid off from the oilfield, so I joined the Air Reserves, ‘Cause I thought it was my duty, my country to preserve. So I signed up for the training, I was prepared to do my bit, ‘Cause if my side got in a fight I was gonna be part of it. I was hopin’ to get a good job, Gung Ho and elite, And become a silent killer, Boy was I naïve! Well they said I scored high on their test, so it kind of tickled me, When they said that I’d be training, to be an MLT! Well, I didn’t know just what that was, but it sounded kind of tough, And I didn’t know that the job I had involved all of this stuff. But here I am, and now I know, because the job is this, I’m the guy, that does the tests on all that Air Force piss. Well I gotta test the darndest stuff that I have ever seen, Some of that stuff is brown or red, but most of it is green. So two days, out of every month, this is where I’ll be, Drawing blood and stools and phlegm and playing in the pee! Well after all that training, I gave up smoke and booze, ‘Cause now I know how bad they are, but that wasn’t all I’d lose. ‘Cause now I can’t stop sweating, all of those little germs, They’re livin and growin all over me and boy they make me squirm! Even my wife has left me lord, she took the car and kids, ‘Cause she didn’t like me garglin’ after every time we’d kiss. And I can’t even eat the food I buy at the local Kroger Store, Knowing there’s critters in every bite that they call “normal” flora? Well, I used to be so happy, I used to have some fun, But now I’m on the night shift, and I don’t see anyone. Now friends I’m sayin’ that it just ain’t true, that ignorance is bliss, Cause that’s how this ol’ country boy started playing in Piss. © RV Roadie / Derek Gore 1990 My son and DIL wear masks every day. They are both working Nurses (BSRN) in Denver on the front lines. I am not quoting them, I just worry. We talk about this and my two grandkids, Elliot 5 and Elena 2 depend on their taking care for more than themselves. The Golden Rule applies.
  11. Maybe this will help. On edit: I am/was a Medic and then became a Medical Laboratory Technologist for eight years of my Air Force career. I did all the tests on Blood, Phlegm, urine, tissue samples including frozen sections, way back before gloves were mandatory and we had places to safely dispose of our needles. We did not just draw blood, we did the science and reported back results on lab slips. Back then we had few disposable instruments and I also I was also the infection control officer for the Barksdale AFB hospital LA 1971-1975 and again from 1981-1986 during college with the 11th Contingency hospital, AFRES, BAFB. We will need to go back to masks and quarantine to beat this with minimal additional deaths. So if you want to contradict that you better be a doctor or another med lab technologist who cares for COVID patients without a mask. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no one is entitled to their own facts." Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan
  12. Ed, Right? You'd think MS would get theirs first like Google and their phones/tablets. smh
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