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  1. Why did they say could not buy penny stocks?
  2. Excerpt: “Beneficiaries should avoid any solicitation regarding a COVID-19 test kit by anyone other than their attending physician,” according to the release. The scam involves direct calls to beneficiaries with an offer to ship or sell COVID-19 testing kits. The calls include requests for personal information such as Social Security numbers, bank or credit card information. Any unsolicited attempt to sell or send a COVID-19 testing kit should be immediately reported to this link. If you are a Tricare beneficiary and feel you may have symptoms of COVID-19, have been in close contact with a person sick with COVID-19, or traveled to an area with widespread or ongoing community spread of COVID-19, do not make an appointment or walk into their local military hospital or clinic. Instead, remain home and contact your medical provider. You will be assessed and screened for potential or suspected exposure, and if necessary, an appointment with a physician will be arranged. Legitimate COVID-19 tests will be ordered by a physician after the assessment and screening. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission issued a joint statement warning seven companies against attempting to sell fraudulent products that claim to prevent or treat COVID-19. While there may be no connection to scam testing kit calls, beneficiaries should be on alert for any unsolicited outreach involving claimed COVID-19 treatments. Beneficiaries are reminded if they are called by anyone other than their attending physician, they should not provide any personal health or financial related information. Guidance for TRICARE beneficiaries related to COVID-19 can be found by visiting this link. As of Wednesday, the most recently available figures show that DoD-affiliated COVID-19 cases total 435, including 227 service members, 81 civilians, 67 dependents and 40 contractors, 22 of whom are hospitalized. The numbers include one death, of a Crystal City, Virginia-based contractor on Saturday." Source: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2020/03/26/scammers-are-using-the-promise-of-phony-covid-19-test-kits-to-get-tricare-recipient-personal-private-info/
  3. I'm with USAA for banking and insurance. I established an investment account with them. I go there and buy or sell anything I want. They charged a flat rate of $8.00 pertrade whether that trade was for one share or 1000 shares and I can set up automatic buy and sell rules. ETrade? I don't do civilian at all so don't know. Lots of folks here can tell you where to go to invest yourself.
  4. Yep pot stocks are down. Good thing I'd expected a two to five year window to making some good money there. Tesla OTOH is at $505.00 and seems to be stable and going up incrementally.
  5. Hey folks, I really don't give a damn if anyone here is racist or not. It's been my experience those niggling hates eat folks up slowly or fast and you can see it in their social interactions. But to be honest, they aren't important enough in my life to get my attention. It's not my job to monitor the poor or decent behaviors of others. How my president represents me to the rest of the world does concern me. I hope all here are safe and taking precautions. I've seen some interesting confusion about social distancing and shelter in place rules. Here's a chart that may help:
  6. Ryno, he owns Tesla stock again. He didn't listen to me at first, and bought a lot of shares at $145 a few years back that he just sold when Tesla topped $400.00 recently. He put a buy order in for $400. I'll have the car and he'll own some stock. If it drops way down to the 2019 lows again, I'll pick up 500 or so shares again. I know it is still a sure thing. But index funds smell good right now too. It's a fun place this spaceship earth, I've ridden it around the sun 68 times in May! What a ride!
  7. Excellent sources Zulu, and those in denial, or think that a virii can be manipulated with big lie theory, like segments of a population can, when bacteria, virus', one celled pathogens, and Prions, have no politics, and no nationalities, no borders. They just eat, crap many times toxins from metabolizing their food, and reproduce many times asexually, they don't even have genders in many cases. So calling them Chinese, or German like the measles, is really showing xenophobias. No satisfaction there because no matter how you mock, them, cuss them out, or take it out on children, pathogens don't care, they just keep eating us. Here's the chart from the Mother Earth article Zulu posted above showing how many deaths result with how much effort we are willing to put into it.: For the same info from Fox: "If no control measures or spontaneous changes in individual behavior are undertaken, authors noted that a peak in daily deaths could occur in about three months, somewhere around June 20 in the U.S. In an unmitigated epidemic, scientists predict around 2.2 million deaths in the U.S., which doesn't account for the effects of health systems being overwhelmed in regards to mortality." Source: Zulu's list above. We've got some sickos here in the US, along with the Corona virus. Personally I can't see the frustrations, fear, and anger from helplessness being assuaged, even a little by bullying children or encouraging it. https://www.bing.com/search?form=MOZLBR&pc=MOZI&q=chinese+kids+getting+bullied+in+the+US+because+of+corona I have not seen this kind of ignorant hate being reported from anywhere but here, although I may have missed an isolated case. Car accidents in the US has exceeded ~ 40,000 per year: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-13/traffic-deaths-in-u-s-exceed-40-000-for-third-straight-year I've actually seen posted here and elsewhere comments like more folks are killed on our roads than that! Sure. If it goes worst case, 2,200,000 killed by Corona this year versus 40,000 killed on our roads. Let's see how many years of traffic fatalities it would take to equal 2.2 million this year from the Virus. 2,200,000 divided by 40,000 = 55 years of US traffic fatalities. There's your sign!
  8. Yep we are disinfecting them too. We sanitize coming and all we bring in, then wash our hands. Once "clean" inside it is normal behaviors. But we are in Colorado, so stress is a choice.
  9. My son just put a buy order on Tesla at $400. I'm waiting because I don't think that will be the low. I'm thinking more like $300. But he sold at $400.00. A loss from paying capital gains tax. I canceled my Model 3 and ordered a Model Y. Now wondering if I'll get it any time soon. I hope lots of folks panic and back out because of the virus pandemic. Then maybe I'll get one of the first off the line this month. I had the house service changed from 100 amp service to 200 amp with new breaker box, breakers, ground rods, charger wiring and 50Amp outlet like RVs use. Luckily our transformer was able to handle it. Ready and waiting!
  10. In the garden Dept of Home Depot, everyone else missed the concentrated bleach there. A gallon make 20-30 gallons of regular strength bleach. I've been posting around so that me be gone too: https://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-121-oz-Outdoor-Bleach-Cleaner-23948948211/203420866 We have a bidet, have for about ten years. Ours has two self cleaning nozzles and cost less than $50, then all you need is a reusable dry washcloth to dry your rush -no TP needed: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=bidet+toilet+seat+attachment&dc&crid=3078YFOWZWJ4J&qid=1584296796&rnid=2528832011&sprefix=Bidet%2Celectronics%2C210&ref=sr_nr_p_89_9 We plan to make cloth handkerchiefs that we will wash after use just like grandpa had. We are in a house so have about a month's worth of meats etc in the freezer. Several years back I bought six five day dehydrated food supply boxes so after thfreezer is gone we have anothe 15 days. We have several gallons of bottled water and we got the last two plastic 7 gallon water containers at Walmart last week: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Reliance-Aqua-Tainer-Water-Container-7-Gallon/872426?athcpid=872426&athpgid=athenaItemPage&athcgid=null&athznid=PWVUB&athieid=v0&athstid=CS004&athguid=4e00d840-006-170e78c3420123&athancid=null&athena=true But last week we paid $15.00 or so. They've doubled and more the price. Be safe folks. Doing so may be tedious, but easy once in the habit. Ignore the amateur scientists. This is real, deadly, and not just us geezers. The stats are showing as many deaths in the younger folks too. Some folks must be Egyptian river swimmers, they be in De Nile! Safe travels, please take care friends.
  11. Humor aside, we are staying in and going out only for necessities. Fortunately we have lots of work to do on the house and all the paint, trim, and electronics to complete them without further trips. One downside to full timing when distancing from others is best is that you have to go into grocery stores more often. We are taking the precautions as recommended. No panic, just a lot of sanitizing wipes, bleach mix, sanitizing hand wash and hand sanitizer gels. We bought these in January when we first heard. One of my past lives was as a Medical Lab Technologist in the AF for three years following my five years as a medic running sterile supply and filling in as a scrub tech. We made up the surgery packs and ultrasonically cleaned them, wrapped them in linen sealed with indicator tape that changed color when exposed in our industrial sized autoclave that three guys could climb in. We also included a packet of wrapped Thermophilus, a very heat resistant spore forming organism that outlasts all the rest in steam heat under intense pressure. Then incubating back then in the lab we used a blood agar petri dishes. This Corona virus is easily liked on surfaces but not in the air and as droplets. Nor once you put it on your face, rub eyes and nose. We have 15 days of Mountain house freeze dried meals for two (six five day for one boxes.) plus ten gallons of bottled water, two seven gallon water cans with spouts made of plastic we bought last week at WalMart. We had plenty of 91% alcohol, 70%, and even a couple of bottles of 50%. Our freezer is well stocked with about a month's worth of meats etc. We have three or four big first aid kits in metal big boxes and two plastic. Plenty of bottles of hand and body lotion, soap and detergents. We have TP but also a dual nozzle bidet under our toilet seat. Just need a dry washcloth to dry after clean. We have one of these for under $50! https://www.amazon.com/s?k=bidet+toilet+seat+attachment&dc&crid=3078YFOWZWJ4J&qid=1584296796&rnid=2528832011&sprefix=Bidet%2Celectronics%2C210&ref=sr_nr_p_89_9 We plan to make old fashioned hankies if we can't get tissues that are also washed and reusable. Bleach was the problem. None anywhere nor online. Then I remembered something, called home depot and asked if they had any more of the bleach concentrate and they did, a lot. See, no one thought to look in the garden department! So I bought two of these that make 20-30 gallons of regular bleach. https://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-121-oz-Outdoor-Bleach-Cleaner-23948948211/203420866 Will be great for sanitizing and two relatively tiny gallon jugs make up to 60 gallons. I have a call in to Kik manufacturing in Canada to make sure there are no other chemicals in it that would make it unsafe to use in sanitizing potable water. Read the precautions on that concentrate. Perfect for RV space limitations. But I won't know about potable use until I hear back from them tomorrow. Do the limitations and recommendations for distancing and sanitizing surfaces, hand washing and not touching your face until home. The virus has no politics, don't confuse politics with science. Let the experts docs and scientists tell us what we need to know to flatten the curve. Facts are facts and like Dr Dunning said . . . . https://www.bing.com/search?form=MOZLBR&pc=MOZI&q=David+Dunning+stupidity Safe travels, really.
  12. The short version: The long version, David Dunning who explained the phenomenon. Very applicable to the folks claiming they have their own experts/facts: Carry on.
  13. Short version - Chirakawa, I got quite a different impression from that Motor Trend Kona BEV and Kona Gas road test. So did the testers saying: Excerpts: " Before the trip I was a bit apprehensive that the Kona Electric would only make the journey with great difficulty. Truth be told, though, the experience couldn't have felt more normal. I'd left the Kona Electric's drive mode in its default Normal setting (Eco mode nets you a couple extra bonus miles of range), I had the heater going damn near full blast to deal with the cold January air, the heated seats and steering wheel were in use, and I was charging my phone and blasting music over the stereo. In other words, I treated the electric Kona as I would any other car. In the old days of electric vehicles, leaving Los Angeles via the 43-mile-long Grapevine was a daunting obstacle that would bleed off battery range like a sieve. Not the case here. I lost 67 miles of range on the 30-mile climb, still had 155 miles of range at the 4,144-foot summit near Gorman, and gained back 12 miles on the harrowing 13-mile plunge into the San Joaquin Valley. After a sole half-hour stop near Bakersfield, with me snacking at an Electrify America station and Reynolds at a Taco Bell, both the Kona Electric and 1.6T arrived no worse for the wear 4 hours and 25 minutes after we'd set off. Ducking an illegally parked non-electric Mazda CX-5 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class (no respect!), we plugged into Paso Robles' sole remaining free Electrify America fast charger space, charged the Kona Electric's battery to full—in retrospect an expensive decision—and went off to brim the gas Kona's tank and grab lunch. The return trip, this time with me in the gas Kona and Reynolds in the electric, went much the same as the first—uneventful. Although I missed the electric car's smoothness and quietness, I didn't hate getting back to L.A. about 90 minutes before Reynolds, whose 5.5-hour journey included a stop at an Electrify America station to charge and grab a late lunch—and heavier late-day traffic. It would break with the spirit of our story, but a little planning would've gone a long way. Although there's no app available for other EVs as easy to use as Tesla's Trip Planner (because it's built into Tesla's infotainment system), free websites like ABetterRoutePlanner.com show that we could've easily saved $40 or so if we'd fast charged the Kona's battery only enough to get us to our destination and then opted for slower Level 2 charging overnight at our hotel. Hindsight and whatnot. The Verdict? As with all things in life, both gas and electric powertrains have their compromises. The former offers a less refined experience, is generally more expensive to run day to day around town, and pollutes more. But there are refueling stations everywhere. The latter is generally more expensive up front, will cost more to travel with, requires some planning before embarking on a long journey, and will take longer to refuel on the way (though we predict that ever speedier fast charge times will soon enough minimize the recharge/refuel time difference). We set out with our two Konas to answer two questions: All things being equal, is gas or electric better to drive? And can the average American household get by with an EV as its only car? When it comes to driving these two Konas, we prefer the electric one. "Just about every minute you drive the EV is better than that minute in the gas car, except for braking to a stop," Reynolds said. The Kona Electric is silky smooth, powerful, and refined. The Kona 1.6T is good, but the Kona Electric is better. The latter question has a more complicated answer, but we think the answer is yes, with some obvious caveats. With more than 250 miles of range, electric cars like the Kona Electric are easier than ever to daily drive. For those lucky enough to have room for a charger in a garage or driveway, charging nightly couldn't be more painless. Some forward-thinking office complexes are stocked with chargers for their employees. Apartment dwellers might have to rely on public chargers, which in our experience is becoming far less of a hassle than it sounds. Chargers are found in places where you're spending time anyway, like malls, grocery stores, and movie theaters. As for long-distance travel, a change in your way of thinking is necessary. Fast charging availability and capability are improving rapidly, but "fuel" stops still aren't the splash-and-dash affairs of gasoline. A little bit of planning will go a long way in saving you both time and money (prices differ at gas stations, too). But above all, long-distance electric travel is no longer a Tesla monopoly. With expanding charging networks across the country, especially from Electrify America, the democratization of the electric car is finally here." For those who want the real skinny, the article Chirakawa referred to is here: https://www.motortrend.com/cars/hyundai/kona/2020/gas-vs-electric-2020-hyundai-kona-electric-vs-2020-hyundai-kona-1-6t/ Chirakawa you said you want to learn: First the term Supercharger for BEVs is proprietary to Tesla Superchargers. No other BEV brand can use Tesla Superchargers and with good reason, they charge at a higher Amp fast charge that could toast non-Tesla battery packs. Those guys were not waiting in line on their trip anyway, see the article. Tesla has kept up with building Superchargers and long lines are the exception not the rule. In Denver an average charging costs for my friend with one, costs $9-$14.00 for a long range model 3 like mine for ~ 300 miles range from a 322 mile range rated Long range Model 3. Tesla has roughly 38,000 Superchargers. BEVs aren't for everyone granted. Chirakawa, I mean no offense but why not go take one for a test drive, and see for yourself? Not to consider one for yourself, but to see that Konas and Teslas are apples and oranges just like Mercedes' and Subaru AWD.
  14. I always average/state it as 115 volts. The standard should . . . . Well, if you don't "should" on me, I won't "should" on you! Here's a good thread on allaboutcircuits.com: https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/what-is-the-actual-household-voltage-110-115-120-220-240.3320/
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