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  1. RV_

    Are You Still In?

    Am I still in? No, with going private being spoken about where my money would not be liquid, limited to only being able to buy more or sell once or twice a year, I sold at $350.00. I started with $25k at $17-$22.5, then took my capital back in full plus a $5k profit after Tesla passed $100. I kept most of my shares and was playing with house money. Then bought a block at $135 on a dip to $121 but it rose so fast my buy was $135 and my son's buy was at $145 which he was very happy with. In 2016 we inherited enough shares to bring us to 999 shares so I bought one share at $300 to bring it to an even thousand shares. We're moving soon, delayed by finding Colorado Springs' water contaminated from Air Force Firefighting runway and aircraft foam leaching into groundwater. So we're looking elsewhere. We have the inheritance monies and monies from selling the inherited property are liquid, now added to by our stock proceeds. Then we will be selling this 5 acres and new house with workshop on slab, portable building finished out, and whole house natural gas 25kw water cooled four cylinder genset. I am still a Tesla and Musk fan and we are putting in a reservation for a Model 3, and maybe pick up a used Model S P100 later. So even though I think it likely I passed up a possible $420 buyout, I decided to take my profits now so we would not have any more delays. So for those who've followed this journey since 2010, amazed I held through all the fun, We are out for now. We are keeping our USAA funds, and now are prepared for a new investment in property, and perhaps back into Tesla later if it stays public. But LBO is likely with Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman interested and already looking to get Saudi out of oil dependence. Buying into Tesla falls right in line with Vision 2030: https://www.bing.com/search?q=saudi+2030+vision&pc=MOZI&form=MOZLBR We are very happy with our Tesla investment, and we aren't done with them. But once we are moved we can assess the market and diversify a bit more than just one stock. Happy investing! I think the bull will run a while longer. Glad we didn't get out when the bears with 2008 PTSD predicted a crash every six months. Boy did some folks miss a great market run.
  2. Hey guys, the forums have been spammed in Chinese! The poster "youmanage" joined an hour ago and is posting everywhere with different universities listed. I would strongly advise users not open the Chunese posts in case they are rigged.
  3. Jay, I've really never worked a day in my whole life. I did go back to work from age 52-58 because it was fun to do, and something I'd not done before. Being Military I never had to worry about unemployment or a gap in pay when changing job/profession. We just cross trained and never missed a beat. Now I was in the Air Force and my family went with me everywhere. We all lived in Colorado Springs when I taught at the AF Academy for three years. Then we lived in Germany for seven years right where France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Holland were all close by. We went skiing as family in the Austrian, Swiss, French and Italian Alps, went touring as a family. We went to Egypt for our open water certification diving the Red Sea, then went to Luxor, crossed the Nile by boat, and went to the valley of the Kings, and even visited Tut in his tomb. Our kids met people in places many here will never visit, let alone immerse into the language and cultures. Our parents were military so we were all over as kids too. My brother in law was born in France. We went to Colombia SA for two years and went to kindergarten and first grade in Spanish. I was a senior leader or white collar general manager most of my working life. My kids school field trips were to Rome, The French Riviera, and others. We loved Amsterdam and a little area a half hour from Amsterdam called Amersfoort. Tongren Belgium for Antiques, all part of the job. My professional Lives were medic and scrub tech, Then medical lab technologist, then the last twenty years teaching shooting the handguns, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifle, shoulder fired rockets, and grenade launchers. I got to play with guns daily, teach the other base people to shoot them effectively, and fix the guns when they broke. And the system didn't allow us to go to war because we had to equip and check function on all their weapons when the rest of the base deployed, and inspect them on return. We loved every place we lived here and on other continents. We went to festivals, ate haute cuisine in France an hour from home. Rome was 18 hours driving and Switzerland six hours drive time. Lynn got he Svavorski crystal and Hummels at their respective factories and the artists signed them. It was and still is a blast! I'm busy all day every day. A member here said something I'll never forget In answer to a tirade about her military retirement. She said we are all living with the results of decisions we made 20-40 years ago. Being retired just means I don't have to spend most of the day working with others in service to others. Now I am re-tired and can do that as much as I please. Retirement isn't about money, it will however mimic the amount of satisfaction you sowed working.
  4. Yes, Zulu, I have Tricare for life, which includes all our Medical, prescriptions with no co pay if filled on base. Tricare is now my supplement for Medicare. And yes we have a military pension, SS X2, a civilian retirement, and our investments. We're good.
  5. YW! Sorry I've been absent so much. We're setting up a Scamp fiver to look at some places we are thinking about moving to soon. it now has a king size bed! Glad you figured that out with Mark's help!
  6. RV_

    RV size limits

    We traveled full time with a 36 foot HitchHiker fiver and then a 36foot Challenger, that was so poorly made but sure looked good. We towed them with our Dodge Ram Cummins diesel 1 ton dually long bed. We full timed for seven years, then came off the road in 2003 to care for our last aging parents. We bought a 28 foot 2003 Sunnybrook for weekends and didn't use it much so we sold it. I always wanted to try a Scamp 19 foot fifth wheel so we did. We bought the truck first, a 2500 Ram/Cummins. I had a devil of a time finding a long bed last time we bought a few years ago. I tried a Ram short bed for five months and couldn't stand the bouncy stiff ride when using it as a daily driver. So we finally found another long bed Ram diesel. For RVing we found a long bed indispensable. And I have no problem parking in the back of parking lots too small for a 23.5 foot truck. Your 32' is a good size. As to selection, I use the RV Consumer Group rating books. They can't help you pick the perfect fiver for you, but you can see which ones to avoid, and that makes it easier. Go here: https://rv.org/ Welcome to the forums!
  7. RV_

    Tricare suppliment

    Ronbo, I was referring to the preMedicare Tricare catastrophic cap in answer to the suggestion to the couple who like us had me in TFL, and her in Tricare only. Perhaps we've been lucky but we had Tricare standard and rarely had to pay thd $150.00 Annual fee each. We would rather keep all our money which we did most years. We could easily afford $3k spread out over a year or lump sum. If we were sickly we might. But we also buy our cars two years old and low miles and only carry liability, uninsured motorist, and the key, non-collision comprehensive. We've done that for the 45 years we were married and me before that from 16. Saved the outrageous collision coverage and been hit parked with no one in it, and the wife rear ended once and T-boned once. With what we've saved just on finance charges for cars and houses makes us way ahead. So I was just commenting that unless they have zero savings for rainy days, the worst that could happen is $3k, less than the cost of orthodontic work and braces. Or the cost of a Zero turn mower, but much less than a bass boat or 4 wheeler. But those choices are for each to make. Once on TFL Tricare is the supplement. We're paying monthly for part B almost what we paid annually in enrollment for Tricare standard back in the day. Hope that helps.
  8. RV_

    inserting html snippets

    Hey they have one that includes Canada, Alaska, and Mexico too!
  9. RV_

    Tricare suppliment

    Once retired military reach 65 they are automatically enrolled in Medicare and pay about $100-$140 a month for Medicare part B. once both spouses are 65 they each pay that $135 part B each. No supplement needed. But once you get Medicare you go on a mailing list from every podunk supplemental insurance company in the world. You don't need them at all. Tricare IS the supplement to Medicare. If you you've paid $3000 in any year total in copays the rest of that year is 100% covered by Tricare. So no matter the medical expenses, we never pay more than $3k in any year.
  10. RV_

    Need New Laptop-Confused

    What kind of tablet and phone do you have now? Android tablet/phone, iOS tablet/Android phone, Android tablet/iOS phone. And what are your laptops, Apple/Windows/Chrome? Here is the Surface Pro type cover I just got last week so when I sell one, I'll still have a type cover for the one I keep https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAEWJ7K31090 It is a refurb and was on sale for $29.99. I rarely travel anymore so rarely use my type cover. I do use, like now, my onscreen touch keyboard a lot. But the cost of the type covers seem to deter folks. I get the Newegg emails a couple of times a week and the daily shell shockers emails Have some great deals. I was faced with a similar decision in the last few months when a Technician wiped my drive instead of fixing the Apps that were malfunctioning. Yes I let a MS phone support do a remote with me. I've never had an issue with them before and foolishly did not check my backup images and data backups. They wiped my data trying to move it all to a new account to fix an app account ownership issue. I immediately checked and my last image was Aug 2017!!! My 27" All in one is now semifunctional. TMI? No, all that to explain that I got complacent. I will lose a lot of pictures and most of my music. However the important ones of family and travel are safe. And I can re-rip 3000 CDs. My Dell 2720 is horrible to get to the drives, so I did not keep a cloned disk as before. The point is I cheaped out and did not keep a complete spare system in the guest bedroom. I bought several years ago a 64GB/4GB mini PC that is still working great back there. It replaced a full size system I sold and thought I've never lost data, and had images for experimenting and saves so I could do deep system tweaks and tricks. No more After a couple of weeks of trying to come up with a solution, I decided to go back to my old spare system way of redundancy. But rather than spend big bucks for a new system, I ended up ordering a new 27" monitor Quad HD like I'm used to, and a refurb desktop with a year warranty for parts and labor. These: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009969 $179.99 with 20bucks off And this deskrop https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883286789
  11. RV_

    Need New Laptop-Confused

    OK failing that try the Amazon Fire 10" As there arer scads of under 30 dollar. THe new 10" is $149.99 and is $119.99 when on sale like Prime day. It is 1080 not 720 p like they used to be. And there are great text editors and browsers there now too. You can jailbreak it and use the Play store if you choose. I have one, the current model and love it.
  12. RV_

    Need New Laptop-Confused

    Your best bet is the new 10" Surface Go. $399.99 with 4GB/64GB: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/surface-go/8V9DP4LNKNSZ/L8M8?icid=SurfaceCat_R1_CP1_SurfaceGo_072018&activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab It's brand new. You can get a typecover later if you love it. I just got a like new refurbished Typecover for one of my Surface Pro, I already had one type cover between the two. But I am selling my Surface Pro 3 to get the Surface Go as my new toy. Yes I'm keeping our Surface Pro 4, our Amazon Fire tablets for reading, movies, and music. We have Echodots in every room too. Big Boys and Big Girl toys. For your uses the 64/4GB would Do. I will go for the $549.99 128GB/8GB of RAM system because it has an SSD, The cheaper 64/4GB has the eMMC drive. look at the tech specs here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/surface-go/8V9DP4LNKNSZ/L8M8?icid=SurfaceCat_R1_CP1_SurfaceGo_072018&activetab=pivot:techspecstab The best buys are the refurb Surface Pro 3 like these: https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Description=microsoft%20surface%20pro%203%20refurbished&Submit=ENE https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=surface+pro+3+i5 I bought both my Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4 certified refurbished with 1year warranties. I had the Pro 3 replaced twice and that because the first replacement was defective. under warranty. Happy with them. I have a two year warranty on the 4. Hope that helps. Remember you can use any PC or Bluetooth Keyboards and mice or touchpads with any Surface for under $30.
  13. Nope not the same. Are you running 10? Home or Pro?
  14. RV_

    Baby it's hot out there!

    I bought used. If I had it to do new, I'd have selected a different custom layout. For just us two for trips up to a month or even two, this is fine. The picture below shows the now king size bed. If both folks are shorter than 5'10" you can sleep with the sofa down. The three layers of the now king size bed you see are from the bottom layer: 1. The bottom is the back of the sofa flipped up on its hinge. 2. the seat of the sofa. 3. The 3" Gel memory foam topper is the white top layer. Click For Full-Size Image I would never have dreamed we would have a king bed in the smallest of fivers. If we want to we can take the topper off, drop the back of the sofa back down, put the sofa cushion in place. and it is again capable of sleeping four adults as the dinette turns into a queen size bed. But for the two of us we will leave the dinette bed board home, as well as the extra cushions. I'll do a review later with pics. Here is what we did to the floor which was an ugly vinyl the glue came up through discoloring it pink! We found a floating flooring in a zebra-wood pattern that actually matched our wood interior perfectly. Click For Full-Size Image. We are just getting started with mods. We have a cushion for the dog that fits under the table without losing floor space for our feet. You need go have a look see at the factory. We might make it a side trip and if so will contact you to see if you want to meet there. I am trying to figure out if I want to put the King antenna on the roof and do the drilling etc. as they made a cable outside connector with a wall plate to hook the TV to on the other side. So I have to buy an outside antenna and hook it up to the outside connector when we stop, and make it stowed on the road and flip up when parked or go with the through the roof one they do as stock. I can install it myself, just a PITA. I surely would not pay someone else to do it. If you get confused we have a standard floor plan with almost all the deluxe options including wood interior, Fantastic fan, water heater, furnace, black and grey tanks, and some options beyond both. But we won't need a bigger A/C! <wink>
  15. OK this useful, and free. I just enabled it on my Surface Pro 4 I'm using. When you right click on the start button there are two PowerShells listed. Make sure you use " Windows PowerShell (Admin)” not "Windows PowerShell." This fairly easy and straightforward to do. Excerpt: "Windows 10’s antivirus does a good job overall, but it lets crapware through. A hidden setting intended for organizations will boost Windows Defender’s security, making it block adware, potentially unwanted programs, PUPs, or whatever you want to call this junk. Why You Should Block This Junk Crapware is often bundled with free software downloads. It’s not technically malware, but it often shows advertisements, tracks your browsing, slows down your PC, and is just the kind of thing you don’t want on your computer. This type of software includes browser toolbars, weather programs, and assistants like Bonzi Buddy. PC optimization tools that claim your PC is slow or vulnerable and want money to fix the problem are also common. Malwarebytes and many other antimalware programs also have a setting that blocks these “potentially unwanted programs,” which have been called “malware with a legal team.” Windows Defender can block this garbage, too. But it doesn’t block this software by default. RELATED: PUPs Explained: What is a “Potentially Unwanted Program”? How to Enable the Crapware Blocker You can enable this setting from a Windows PowerShell prompt with administrator permissions. Right-click the Start button or press Windows+X and click “Windows PowerShell (Admin)” to open one." The full article with screen shots and hot links is here: https://www.howtogeek.com/360648/how-to-enable-windows-defender’s-secret-crapware-blocker/