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  1. Pod, Welcome to the forums! That's funny!
  2. It was the only stock I ever bought. The ride is chronicled in this thread from 2011 to date. I am now in cannabis stocks and not even close to where I expect them to begin real gains. But I'm going to stick to funds for the most part. 6000 shares of Aurora Cannabis (ACB), and 1000 shares of New Age Beverages(NBEV).
  3. No I was testing a gif, just was a good place. I deleted it and used the word test to explain the empty post.
  4. 1000 shares in the end. I sold enough to get my whole original investment back @ ~ $125/share, bought some Solar City ($10k) then when Tesla took a big dip to $120 sold my Solar city and bought Tesla with it and caught it @ ~ $130 for around another 75. Inherited some Tesla shares and it brought our total to 999 shares. when it dipped from $370 or so to $300 I bought one share @ $300. I cashed out all 1000 shares to buy my house in Colorado in 2018. I saw another short seller siege coming and knew it would be a year or more of seesawing so at 67 I wasn't getting any younger, and our first grandson just turned three, and our newest granddaughter turned one in Denver, we wanted to be closer to them for when our time came and they have to do our succession as we just did here liquidating properties and we sold our shares when it dropped to $348.
  5. Guys, I stay near a base and get my prescriptions from the base co-pay free. On the road I did the same seeing the local doc for the prescription. I just picked up refills for the last time at Barksdale and will rejoin my wife in Colorado Springs as soon as my house here sells. There we choose between the Air Force Academy where I taught 78-81, Peterson AFB, or Fort Carson Pharmacies.for retirees, the base pharmacy is free if you use their formulary with your doc, or not.
  6. Jcussen. Your quick response saying federal law trumps state laws is in error. States can usually make stricter laws rather than looser. However as I said, and what is in your own link, is that you'd better check to see if it needs to be registered. In an earlier post about electric bikes I'd said I'd get one in Colorado because Louisiana is harsh and treats them the same as a motorcycle. That's why I'm waiting until I get there. We've moved but I'm back in Louisiana selling our four year old house 24X30 metal workshop on a slab, office portable building completely finished and air conditioned, 24Kw whole house backup auto switching generator running on city natural gas, and shooting hunting in your own back yard as I logged out all the pines and only kept the many old growth oaks. I has an RV hookup spot on dirt. So when that sells I can rejoin my wife in Colorado. It's been on the market in MLS for 30days now. Here's the requirements for here in your link: "Louisiana Louisiana Revised Statute R.S. 32:1(41) defines a motorized bicycle as a pedal bicycle which may be propelled by human power or helper motor, or by both, with a motor rated no more than one and one-half brake horsepower, a cylinder capacity not exceeding fifty cubic centimeters, an automatic transmission, and which produces a maximum design speed of no more than twenty-five miles per hour on a flat surface. Motorized bicycles falling within this definition must be registered and titled under Louisiana law. Additionally, a motorized bicycle operated upon Louisiana roadways or highways by a person fifteen years of age or older and producing more than five horsepower must possess a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement and adhere to laws governing the operation of a motorcycle, including the wearing of approved eye protectors or a windshield and the wearing of a helmet. The statute also states that "Motorized bicycles such as pocket bikes and scooters that do not meet the requirements of this policy shall not be registered." As R.S. 32:1(41) refers to motorized bicycles using "an automatic transmission" with helper motors rated in horsepower and cylinder capacity, not by watts or volts, the statute arguably does not cover bicycles powered by an electric motor(s), whether self-propelled or pedal-assist designs." That is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_bicycle_laws So, again, I say to check what laws apply in your state. You can scroll down to your state and see how they are handled in that link. It made me wait but maybe not another. As well, for RVrs traveling, it might be an issue, or not in other states. It's worth researching locally regardless. They even state that it doesn't really cover electric bikes, but locally they damn well will make you register and plate it, and knowing this state, want liability insurance as well. Why do you think we dislike this state enough to get out of Dodge once our last parents were gone. We already sold our other older house on three acres so I hope I can get it sold fast. Once I get my folder I'll add it to my earlier overview of eBikes. Safe travels
  7. Here's the comprehensive review on the Rad Rover. https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radrover/ I liked their mini folder which is what the OP asked about https://www.radpowerbikes.com/products/radmini-electric-folding-fat-bike The Sondors folder is another about $1400.00 range folder here https://sondors.com/pages/fold-x That Sondors fold x is pretty neat and the specs are great with a 40 to 60 mile range, and a 300 pound capacity.
  8. Yep it's stable. Much ado about nothing in this case. But VLC DID make a patch so do allow it,
  9. There has been some wild eyed speculation about a vulnerability in VLC media player. Well not only is it not an issue for any average users, but just yesterday when I put this sort aside to see what develops, I opened VLC and it already had a security update ready to install, which I did in about ten seconds. Excerpt: "The sky is falling; uninstall VLC right now!” That’s the advice some websites are providing. But the purported VLC flaw is overblown—and, according to VLC’s developers, may not even be a real risk. This commotion all started with the publication of CVE-2019-13615, which is marked as a “critical” vulnerability with a score of 9.8 out of 10. VLC’s developers aren’t happy they weren’t even contacted before the publishing of this flaw. At the end of the day, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from downloaded MKV files until VLC patches this flaw. But that’s all you would really need to do, and even that’s being kind of paranoid." As I said above, the patch is out in the last 48 hours so relax, VLC is still a good media player to have. Do patch it though. The whole article with links is here: https://www.howtogeek.com/434487/no-you-dont-need-to-uninstall-vlc/
  10. The rotten egg smell is usually hydrogen sulfide. To edumacate yourself and learn the best ways to get rid of it whether in the water heater, or not, here's an easy read from PennState Extension I found helpful. The fix is relatively easy. Excerpt: "Sources of Hydrogen Sulfide These bacteria feed on small amounts of sulfur in the water and thrive in the low oxygen environments present in groundwater wells and plumbing systems. Although sulfur-reducing bacteria can impart taste and odor in the water, they do not cause health concerns for humans. Hydrogen sulfide problems are most common in wells drilled into acidic bedrock such as shale and sandstone. Sometimes hydrogen sulfide may be noticeable only in the hot water in the home. In this case, chemical reactions within the water heater may be the source of the rotten egg odor. Water heaters are fitted with a magnesium rod to inhibit corrosion of the heater. The magnesium rod can chemically reduce sulfates to form hydrogen sulfide. In rare cases, the addition of water treatment equipment, like a water softener, may cause the production of hydrogen sulfide. In this case, the softener provides a favorable environment for sulfur-reducing bacteria to grow." More and fixes in the full article here: https://extension.psu.edu/hydrogen-sulfide-rotten-egg-odor-in-water-wells
  11. Colorado Springs is 60 now, and the high today will be 72°. The humidity will be 38%. We bought a house with central air conditioning just in case. It's been hotter here too but without the humidity.
  12. Ditto on Roger's feelings. If we can help we enjoy it. I agree that it is better to do a clean install over inheriting all the "kludge" from the old system. Again as long as you have a system image you can start over with you can make all the mistakes you like. Good luck.
  13. If you use Firefox as I do, this article is a must read. Excerpt: "Tired of leaking data across the web? Firefox and its privacy tools can help protect you and your data as you visit websites. Among the threats Mozilla's Firefox web browser for Windows and MacOS can protect you from are trackers that gather your browsing history, cryptominers that secretly use your device's resources to mine cryptocurrency and fingerprinters that uniquely identify you based on your device, settings and apps. A fingerprinter is an especially stealthy tool that websites and advertisers use to build a specific profile of your online activities, using subtle hints your browser leaves on websites you visit. Factors include which browser you use, which extensions you've installed, your networking configuration, your device's time and your wireless settings. In essence, you've left your "fingerprints" all over your browsing activity. Taken all together, these small bits of information can form a unique set of characteristics about you and your machine that can advertisers can use to identify your individual device and track you across the web without your permission. Here's how to protect your privacy using Firefox's privacy and security settings." Go to the main article here: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/keep-firefox-from-leaking-your-data-everywhere-on-the-internet/?ftag=CAD3c77551&bhid=20640562413884385817807471581031 It has screen shots and step by step instructions on better securing your browsing.
  14. You didn't read the article did you? There are 41 comments after it that you can post that comment in. My Logitech dongle receivers work from across our large living room, about 30 feet. Airports, RV Park, and other WiFi opportunities including fast food places and coffee shops? Many folks use a wireless mouse instead of their TouchPad. But quibbling aside, get the firmware updates if you care, if not, don't. I just put the info out there for those who do.
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