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  1. Big Update on Windows defender! "Windows Defender was recently boosted by an industry-respected AV Test report that gave it a perfect rating alongside F-Secure Safe 17 and Norton Security 22 for home antivirus protection. The differentiator is that Windows Defender is a free solution that comes installed as part of Windows 10. This was excellent news for both Microsoft, which has been working hard to make Defender a top-notch security offering, and users who can get the best protection out there without splashing the cash." The independent Anti-malware antivirus rating lab, that years ago rated Windows Defender pretty low, and for some, that was the last time many looked. Well for quite some time now, Windows Defender has gotten top scores, now perfect, which few others have gotten. While I know it's easy to feel attached and loyal to a security program you've used for years. Defender is all I use backed up by Malwarebytes paid version. However, that's only because I have five lifetime premium licenses that cover all but one of my systems, but they all have Windows Defender as the primary defense against Malware. Here's the latest list of the test results of all the top A/V Anti-malware programs stack up against each other: https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/ Here is the Windows Defender page where you can learn more: https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/windows-10/june-2019/microsoft-windows-defender-4.18-192315/ I just can't see paying for any product that does not exceed the AVTest.org perfect score Windows free Defender, earned, or even equals it. Free versus paid? Do the math. Free? Paid? Remember do not try to run any other security A/V program with any other except Malwarebytes as an adjunct to Defender. But that's not really necessary. If you decide to switch remember to download the removal tool from your vendor, and run it as your vendor instructs. Do not leave any Antimalware programs installed when using Defender. Any questions ask below in the main thread topics. Safe computing!
  2. Lots of folks years back saw Windows free anti malware rated low at theAV-TEST Product Review and Certification Reports. In the May-Jun/2019 report it is rated as perfect. If you are still paying for Anti Malware/antivirus programs like Norton, Kaspersky, You may not know that it has become, despite being free, one of the few "Perfect" scores against all the others. Here's the detailed report for Windows Defender today: https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/windows-10/june-2019/microsoft-windows-defender-4.18-192315/ Here's the complete listing: https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/
  3. It should go without saying that manufacturer updates to firmware and software need to be checked and done as well. My wife's main system is a four year old Lenovo All In One. Lenovo had some serious issues with several of their proprietary programs. I manually updated them from the Lenovo website and have seen no reported issues/vulnerabilities since.
  4. I would caution that hydrogen sulfide gas from a battery is highly toxic/poisonous/lethal gas too that can kill you in addition to being explosive. Here are some articles and cases where folks have died from it: https://www.bing.com/search?q=hydrogen+sulfide+gas+from+chatging+battery+dangerous%3F&pc=MOZI&form=MOZLBR One article states if you can smell it, it can kill. Off gassed from batteries very dangerous. This is different from the small levels of hydrogen sulfide smell dissolved in water from Sulphur eating bacteria etc. "Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that has the unmistakable odor of rotten eggs. It is produced from decomposing plant and animal tissue. At high concentrations in the air hydrogen sulfide is toxic, but it is usually just at nuisance levels in well water and does not cause health problems." Source: https://www.bing.com/search?q=hydrogen+sulfide+gas+from+water&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=hydrogen+sulfide+gas+from+water&sc=1-31&sk=&cvid=C2A68DFFAA5842DCA4891CE55EC72441
  5. Glad to hear it, I had a bad battery in my first rig that made a worse rotten egg odor than the odorant in Propane, Ethyl/Methyl Mercaptin. I was a battery replacer rather than maintainer. Overs taught me to check them monthly and keep a gallon of distilled water on hand. I used to use a baster and I think I'm going to get a disposable medical syringe as that would give me perfect control so as to not spill it. I think I'll order these: https://www.amazon.com/ROSENICE-Disposable-Dental-Irrigation-Syringe/dp/B075LDLQRH/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=50cc+irrigating+syringe+without+needle&qid=1568740677&s=hi&sr=8-5 Back to the topic. Make sure like Kirk and me to only use RV certified CO alarms. I prefer the one for $50-$60.00. The $30.00 one from first alert is fine, but Atwood is an RV appliance manufacturer and knows our systems.
  6. RV_

    Costco Membership

    I think Costco is the better deal. We had no Costco in Louisiana but do in our new home city of Colorado Springs which has both. We joined Costco when our Sams club came up for renewal a couple of months ago. I just called my wife and she's heading there to fill up and is going to check on the coupons.
  7. Chirakawa, as I'm sure you know, even if an alarm is alarming, if it is alarming after five years old, I'd be alarmed at the owner's lack of alarm at the alarming alarm, which is alarming to me! I'd also advise folks to keep up with their battery water levels and also be aware that charging issues can also point to the battery charger malfunctioning/overcharging. I'll bet you're glad in your case it alarmed you to an alarming battery situation.
  8. Windows 10: Has Microsoft cleaned up its update mess? (Spoiler: Maybe) Here's some new clarification from my favorite tech writer Ed Bott Excerpt: " After its botched release of the version 1809 update for Windows 10 last year, Microsoft instituted a sweeping series of changes to Windows Update. Don't be fooled by the headlines: A close look at recent issues with version 1903 suggests those changes are paying off. In a perfect world, every software release would be packed with productivity-enhancing features and completely free of bugs. Alas, we do not live in a perfect world. (You've looked around lately, right?) One of the realities of software engineering for products at the scale of Microsoft Windows is that you can't catch every bug before you ship. Instead, the goal should be to prioritize the detection of high-impact bugs so that they never reach customers and to develop a quick-response strategy for dealing with those issues that do make it to the general public. That was the thinking behind the sweeping changes in Windows Update that Microsoft announced late last year after a series of embarrassing bugs forced the company to pull its October 2018 Update (version 1809) just days after its release. The changes include a more cautious rollout approach, expanded options for pausing updates, and more disclosure of known issues. That last change, alas, is a double-edged sword for Microsoft. The new "release health dashboard" is a tremendous resource for IT pros and cautious Windows 10 administrators, but it's also a treasure trove for content-hungry tech websites. In fact, if you scan recent headlines following the release of version 1903, you might conclude that the latest Windows 10 release is plagued with quality issues. I can practically hear the critics now: "It's a mess! Just look at all these bugs!" So, I did exactly that. After looking at those issues and their resolution in more detail, a different story emerges. Consider these five bugs, all of which resulted in coverage at ZDNet and elsewhere." Bug 1: Windows Desktop Search may not return any results and may have high CPU usage. Bug 2: Screenshots and Snips have an unnatural orange tint. Bug 3: Audio in certain games is quieter or different than expected. Bug 4: Some NEC devices have Wi-Fi incompatibility issues. Bug 5: Additional issues related to the Start menu and Windows Desktop Search "Of course, the easiest way to avoid this sort of issue is to wait another few months before installing version 1903. In the most significant change of all to Windows Update, this feature update is now optional for all Windows 10 editions (including Home edition) and will only be installed automatically on PCs that are running an unsupported version of Windows 10 that is well over a year old. Version 1809, despite its rocky start, is probably the best choice for admins who prefer a cautious approach. And it's comforting to know that the upcoming 1909 release will be light on updated features, making it far more likely that it will avoid many of these teething issues from the start." The full article is here: https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-has-microsoft-cleaned-up-its-update-mess-spoiler-maybe/
  9. Pierre, That's a burr under your saddle. I'm sorry. You're a good guy too. Now can we continue talking about the ongoing Windows update issues please.
  10. Guys, The biggest CO alarm tip is replace every five years . . . Period! I agree and do not buy combination alarms. Smoke alarms are good for ten years and cost nothing, $10 or a few bucks more. The second biggest RV CO alarm tip is never use one in an RV that is not certified for RV use. They are programmed differently to account for road atmospheres. Here's what I used: https://www.amazon.com/Atwood-32703-Carbon-Monoxide-Detector/dp/B00HQZ9PVM It has a read out and you can see the peak readings. I want to know what peak readings are in my air. Another RV rated CO Alarm that costs much less, but has no LCD is this one: https://www.amazon.com/First-Alert-CO250-Approved-Alarm/dp/B07BHVV5NN/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_263_t_0/141-1614230-7334534?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=K8BZ2VX6FZYSCRY4C7TS Safe Travels!
  11. Joel, I had no issues until today here. I am not seeing some of the icons but know what they are and the placeholder icon works fine. Today there is more word on Microsoft's continuing Charlie Foxtrot with their updates: Windows 10 1903 problems: Now Microsoft reverts change that muffled audio Microsoft's attempt to squish one bug exposes several more. Fixes are coming but users struggle. Pierre, this forum is for all operating systems and computers questions and interesting computer news and malware alerts. I've said in my threads when a Linux person or Apple user comes in just to be a troll with a comment intended to convince their OS is not subject to problems as a gloat intended to trigger a defensive response in a Windows thread of mine. I just do Windows and Android phones, Moto Z3 for both of us. I've encouraged Apple and Linux users to start threads here to help their fellow users but they don't. Anyone is free to open a new thread about any OS on this forum. I will sometimes comment when false information about Windows is passed along in an Apple or Linux thread. And if I can find an answer to help I'll chime in with my source. But never a troll about how Windows is better. They all suck when we have a problem, regardless of if we are the only ones or one of millions. <wink>
  12. PJ, We are in a subdivision with a community mail box with boxes for each address, and if a parcel a parcel box on the bottom. Our carrier made it a point to stop by and explain how to get my two keys at the post office. We also have a local Amazon warehouse for same day delivery. Colorado Springs is a breath of fresh air after here. No one says "You ain't from around hyar are ye?" Our neighborhood is a good one and clean. Service personnel for our water company and our Fiber Internet only provider gave us personal cell numbers, and spent time with us to be sure we were online with them as did the Colorado Springs Utility company, they handle electric, sewage, and gas, an independent does our water. The bases are as they should be. People are far more friendly in town there too. We can't wait for a real winter with snow, even if it melts away completely within a day or three in town, with snow plows getting the roads clear as the snow falls. Our front yard and driveway face South and melt away the same day if the sun comes out at all. Unlike back home in Connecticut, at 6000 feet the sun is much more intense and so snow and ice go away fast, except in shaded areas if the temps are low. But we've had 75 degree days there around Christmas, as well as heavy hail and 60degree weather in summer! We've been warmly welcomed and are enjoying all the culture there. There's always art, music and outdoor areas to experience, and just fun events. And the people are just great. Maybe they're all stoned? Just kidding. I don't smoke cigarettes nor any wacky weed! I'll do edibles if I choose. Haven't done drugs at all during active duty to date except by prescription. I don't drink alcohol either. I did use recreational drugs occasionally in the sixties as we were within the NY City metro area, and all us teens would hang out in Greenwich Village often. I was 8-18 in the sixties. I think marijuana tourism helps with the welcome of new locals.
  13. Yes mine said that too and I specifically asked how I make sure the hold started with the next day's mail and she assured me my mail would all be held from (then) tomorrow's mail on. Taking off the hold was done by computer after I picked up my hold mail. The Post Office in Colorado Springs explained all that and made sure I had my code or incident number. All went well once I started to check that it was done both ways.
  14. 1999 went to Alaska with a friend, Bob, now deceased, as a two rig caravan. I took my Savage 24C Camper's special over under combination rifle/shotgun, .22 long rifle barrel over 20 gauge shotgun. Single shot each with spare .22 and Shotgun ammo in stock. I legitimately had it for protection against dangerous animals in Alaska. We did stay at Banff and another provincial campground and toured Lake Louise and the Jasper Ice fields, We had our dog, Bogart who is still on our website. Bob said he had no firearms. We had our dog's papers, all my completed firearm paperwork, and my military retiree as ID on top of the pile of paperwork I handed him. I told him exactly how much alcohol we had on board and it was under the allowed amount, and that we had no foodstuffs, plants, or materials on their forbidden list. I had to go in and sign the firearm in front of them, which took less than a minute. I asked if they'd like to see the gun or check anything else. They said no and commented that they rarely saw travelers as prepared. We both had Texas license plates and driver licenses. I told them we were traveling with the rig behind us and I asked where to park to wait for them. This was the Roosville entry north of Glacier N.P.: https://recordsfinder.com/driving/usborder/border-crossings/mt/roosville/ I pulled over and it took longer than I expected and they pulled him over behind us by 100 feet or so. I got out and walked to them as they walked over and asked what was going on and they asked me to please go back to my vehicle and stay there until they were through. All very professional and courteous. It took about 20 minutes to search their rig, and when they seemed to be done I watched them ask him to open the diamond plate toolbox in the bed of his truck. I saw the border officer pick up a Colt 1911 .45 pistol, talk briefly, and put it back and walk away when we expected them to be arrested. We left after just hearing Bob was angry. When we got to the campground and set up we got the full story. Bob said when they asked if he had any firearms he said no. They asked him again as he was already annoyed and he then got angry and told the guard he'd told him once already no. The border guard told how serious the penalties were Bob kind of lost it for a minute. I was afraid they'd be detained for their gallon zip lock bags of white powder as they save space storing laundry detergent that way instead of storing the boxes. Bob was surly in his feeling that they did not believe him. That got them searched. He said they were out of line asking him more than once, and he got angry all over again just recounting it. Bob brought it on himself, but got mad when I suggested that. However he was very polite exiting Canada and coming back through a different crossing re-entering Canada on the trip home. I was still in the lead and hoped he behaved. We'd heard they targeted Texas plates but not so. Otherwise they'd have searched me too for concealed contraband firearms/handguns. When crossing borders make their job easier but also understand that there are random checks where they have to search every few vehicles by number, for example every five or 10 vehicles as random. Don't be your own worst enemy. Essentially we have no rights at a border, including ours, until we are cleared if suspected, or trigger a random search. Getting upset, assuming you are not hiding anything, just delays you and everyone behind you. At some point you may cross over a line and cause your arrest or just being turned around. Canada and Mexico want our tourist dollars, and we want to go see their country or hunt it or pass through to another country. If you're behind me, I won't slow you down arguing.
  15. I just went through a move and mail holds. I went to our local post office and put my mail on hold there. It is a small post office for a small village my old home is in. It was supposed to be effective the next day but we were delayed so was there two more days. Glad we were. The post office did not put our mail on hold, and a check came in for a minor amount of ten bucks and change. I went there that day and asked if they had my hold and they said yes. Then I showed them what was delivered. She said the carrier just took it? That post office has never handled anything as agreed. We had mail theft in the USPS system getting an empty large bubble wrap without the 16 Amazon Basics batteries in them. Had these issues for the whole time we've lived here on and off. The Colorado Springs post office is a delight compared to the Lousyana Office. Sometimes moving is the only solution when federally entrenched employees go beyond disdain for customers. I do have USPS daily informed delivery by email and the regular USPS account.
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