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  1. Latest Military News Military Aviation Accidents Down, But Deaths Remain High, Report Finds Last of the Doolittle Raiders, Dick Cole, Dies at 103 These US Troops Are Slowly Being Poisoned by Lead in Their Bones New SOCOM Chief Pledges to Crack Down on Operator Misconduct US Contractor Found Alive After Being Announced Dead in IED Attack Six Air Force Bases in Running for Space Command Headquarters: Report STRATCOM Chief Nominated for Vice Chairman of Joint Chiefs Air Force Operator to Receive Silver, Bronze Star for Same Deployment Wreckage of Japanese F-35 Found; Pilot Remains Missing Vietnam War Widow Meets the Person Who Killed Her Husband in 1969 7 Secrets for Successful Military Career Transitions Services Turn Focus to Warfighters as DHA Takes Over Military Hospitals After Serving in the Military, Immigrants Now Face Deportation 'The Night Is Ours:' Inside the Elite World of Coast Guard Ship-Boarding Teams Military Discounts for the Golf Enthusiast Using Your VA Home Loans to Buy Foreclosed Homes McSally to Service Academies: Stop Putting 19-Year-Olds in Charge of 18-Year-Olds Kansas National Guard Captain Submits Resignation in Wake of Suicides Chelsea Manning No Longer Held in Segregated Status at Jail
  2. Hi Duck! I notice this is your first post. You might want to post that in General RV Information for more response. If you are military vet or retired we can answer if any of us are there. I am in NW Louisiana, and have heard of no closures but we will have a weather front move in later this week. Why not call the RV park you plan on staying at and ask them if they have any show stopper flooding expected? THat's what I would do. In any event, welcome to the Escapee Forums and a great group of folks, with a few grumps thrown in for good measure. Read around a lot here and you'll get the hang of the forums here. I hope everything goes well for you visit to Historic Vicksburg.
  3. Mark and Kim that info is of interest to me and other USAF vets that have been there or stationed there at any base. Mark, I am fully re-tired and that is a full time job! Thanks but I have my move, to our new home in Colorado Springs, and selling this house and most of the contents, vehicles, Zero turn, push, self-propelled push mowers, Craftsman riding mower/lawn tractor, Ford Workmaster 601 I totally restored but with electronic 12 volt ignition and new everything else. My new 2019 Forester is a whole learning curve in itself, man is it heavy on technology! Years ago when Mark Nemeth was running the forums as admin I asked him to start this Veterans forum, so we could pass along info on congress critter votes that impact our benefits be they retirees, medically retired, active duty, and active reserves, so we could contact our representatives either way, as well as items of interest to vets and not others. I am about to post the Military.com Air Force Insider here too. Have a better day!
  4. Those in base housing lost most of their stuff at both bases. There were pics and interviews that brought home that the folks had more loss than I initially thought.
  5. Guess you missed the Black series video. You willing to video your 40 footer taking this trail the pop-up takes here?
  6. Maybe this? https://www.ebay.com/p/Windshield-Car-Am-FM-Radio-Antenna-Signal-Amplifier-Booster-12v-Universal-Antena/12029114972?iid=392229434358
  7. Here are pics and videos of the damage at Offut AFB. Some of us have lived through natural disasters and pitched in while active duty. But the bases were not affected as much save for coastal hurricane damages that are to be expected. But not on bases away from coastal areas and volcano/earthquake activity before as now. Excerpt: "Floods suggest national security threat from climate change OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. (AP) — The Missouri River floodwater surging on to the air base housing the U.S. military's Strategic Command overwhelmed round-the-clock sandbagging by airmen and others. They had to scramble to save sensitive equipment, munitions and dozens of aircraft. Days into the flooding, muddy water was still lapping at almost 80 flooded buildings at Nebraska's Offutt Air Force Base, some inundated by up to 7 feet (2.1 meters) of water. Piles of waterlogged corn cobs, husks and stalks lay heaped everywhere that the water had receded, swept onto the base from surrounding fields. "In the end, obviously, the waters were just too much. It took over everything we put up," Col. David Norton, who is in charge of facilities at the base, told an Associated Press reporter on a tour of the damage. "The speed at which it came in was shocking." Though the headquarters of Strategic Command, which plays a central role in detecting and striking at global threats, wasn't damaged, the flooding provided a dramatic example of how climate change poses a national security threat, even as the Trump administration plays down the issue. It is also a reminder that the kind of weather extremes escalating with climate change aren't limited to the coasts, said retired Rear Adm. David W. Titley, founder of both the Navy's Task Force on Climate Change and the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk at Penn State University. Earlier heavy flooding at Offutt has prompted the base to start raising its levee by 2 feet this year, said Maj. Meghan M. Liemburg-Archer, spokeswoman for Strategic Command. Sandbagging had held back 2011 floods at the base. The flooding that poured in starting March 15 was worse, Norton, the base's support group commander, said. "It was all hands on deck," Norton said. "All through the night, we worked. It was thousands of people, in total, working to sandbag, move in huge Hesco barriers; a whole host of people clearing equipment out of facilities, moving munitions ... even crews doing things like disconnecting power. It was a massive effort." More than 30 aircraft were towed to higher ground or flown to other locations. Crews hauled out loads of equipment, engines and tools. By Saturday, the flood had rolled over a third of the base, swamping more than 1.2 million square feet of buildings. Though Strategic Command headquarters escaped flooding, it had to cut staff to a minimum as high water blocked roads. The command holds down a range of responsibilities, including global strike capacity, missile defense, nuclear operations and strategic deterrence. Inundated buildings include the 55th Wing headquarters, the massive Bennie L. Davis Maintenance Facility and a building that houses the 55th Wing's flight simulators. About 3,000 feet of the base's 11,700-foot runway is submerged. "The good news is that no one on the base was injured," Norton said. "We know how lucky we are." https://news.yahoo.com/floods-expose-threat-military-posed-climate-change-043404175--politics.html
  8. Hey guy, I know! Tilray is selling for $59.54 as of close April 5th 2019.https://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/tlry Aurora is selling at the same close for $9.17 https://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/acb Considering the positions on capacity and market shares Tilray should be much lower and Aurora much higher. Notice the one year high and low prices for them both and you see what I mean: Tilray: 52 Week High / Low $ 300 / $ 20.10 Aurora: 52 Week High / Low$ 10.32 / $ 4.58 I believe Tilray is at the end of their major shareholder volatility and there will not be as much upward movement for their stock as opposed to Aurora which will rise to equal, or rise close to Tilray in the next years. I had 1000 shares of Tesla when I sold last year when it was up past $340 a share. I bought 5000 of Aurora for a long term investment. I believe it can do at least half as well as Tesla did, if not more. Or I can lose almost exactly what I initially invested in Tesla and that money is discretionary as were my Tesla shares. I can lose it without it affecting my retirement or lifestyle. This and NBEV are only my second and third time I invested in individual stocks, as opposed to funds and property I buy cash. I bought Tesla at $17 -22.5 so less shares then for the same capital as now. I expect to see these shares go at least to equal where Tilray stock prices are today.
  9. For RVrs on the road using Windows machines these changes are awesome! Excerpt: "Microsoft Abandons Windows 10’s Constant Forced Updates Microsoft has a major announcement today: Windows 10 will no longer automatically install those big feature updates every six months. Home users can pause smaller updates, too. In fact, Windows will even let you pause updates after checking for them! This is huge. It’s Microsoft’s biggest change in Windows strategy since the company released Windows 10. Microsoft is giving up on “Windows as a service” that is automatically updated outside of your control." The article has hort links to related material but is a quick 2 minute read that tells you that the biggest aggravations of updates and semi annual major version updates are either going away or giving you control. Click on the links in the article to get more details here: https://www.howtogeek.com/410183/microsoft-abandons-windows-10s-forced-updates/ I also posted an in depth post and article with the Changes to Windows itself coming in May in the Other Topics/Computer forum here:
  10. Instead of the pattern of April/October for major changes to Windows because of some issues with games they delayed the April major update until next month. I would imagine there will be some updates next Tuesday which is the second Tuesday of the month. The articles that I will link to show you that even folks with Windows Home will be able to defer and control their updates even more than the folks with Windows Pro could do before. Being on the road with slow or limited Internet , a problem fast going away along most routes will not be exacerbated by Windows updates when you are not ready for them. The article I am excerpting a tiny bit from is a comprehensive listing and overview with a lot of screen shots and related links to get you prepared and able to understand the major changes that are going to happen. The April major change is delayed so that games that crash with the security changes have time for their vendors to fix the issues. I will only list the main topics covered in more depth in the article here: https://www.howtogeek.com/402569/everything-new-in-windows-10s-april-2019-update/ Excerpt: "Everything New in Windows 10’s May 2019 Update Windows 10’s next update is the May 2019 Update, which is version 1903 and was codenamed 19H1 during development. It features a light theme, speed improvements, and lots of polish. There are no crazy new features like My People or Timeline. This article includes everything new as of Insider Preview build 18362.30, released on April 4, 2019. Microsoft previously called this Windows 10’s April 2019 Update, but it was delayed. The update will spend time in the “Release Preview” ring being tested before a stable release later in May." Big Changes to Windows Update Speed Improvements (Thanks to Better Spectre Fixes) The news of Spectre shook the industry at the start of 2018. Spectre is a design flaw in CPUs, and it allows programs to escape their restrictions and read other programs’ memory spaces. Microsoft patched Windows to help block Spectre attacks, but the resulting patches reduced your PC’s performance in some scenarios—especially on PCs from 2015 and earlier, which don’t have the CPU features needed to speed up the fix. Now, a change in the April 2019 Update looks set to practically eliminate those performance penalties and speed your PC back up. Specifically, Microsoft is enabling “retpoline” and “import optimization.” All you need to know is your PC should get faster, and you won’t even need to think about it. But here’s a detailed document from Microsoft explaining how these optimizations work if you’re interested in the details. 7 GB of Your PC’s Storage Reserved for Updates A Light Desktop Theme Windows Sandbox for Professional Users A Less Cluttered Default Start Menu Windows 10 Lets You Uninstall More Built-in Apps Cortana and the Search Bar Are Separating The Start Menu Searches All Your PC’s Files Passwordless Login A System Tray Icon for Windows Update Desktop Apps in Virtual Reality A New Update Naming Scheme (For Now) Zoom (and More) in the Console More Automatic Troubleshooting Notifications Hidden in Full-Screen Apps Easy Access to Linux Files Notepad Improvements, Once Again Blue Screens of Death in Some Games This update contains a change that causes some games to crash Windows with blue screens of death (BSOD) due to their anti-cheat software. Most—but not all—games have fixed the issue. This was known as a “green screen of death” or GSOD bug because these error screens are green and not blue in Insider builds of Windows 10. If you launch a game that hasn’t yet fixed the problem in the final release, it will freeze your system with a blue screen. The anti-cheat programs were probably doing terrible things to the Windows kernel and this change probably makes Windows 10 more stable and secure, but it’s a shame that some gamers will stumble into blue screens of death. We hope all anti-cheat software developers clean up their act and patch this issue quickly. From what Microsoft has said, this issue will be rare. More Improvements and Changes Even More Changes! Again the in depth article is here: https://www.howtogeek.com/402569/everything-new-in-windows-10s-april-2019-update/
  11. Hey we were there together. After Bitburg closed the town nearly went bankrupt. They gouged Military for housing charging twice to four times what they charged Germans for rentals, and many were substandard thast no Germans would rent. I was that Satellite card and hardware provider "The Satellite Connection" and we opened our new Internet dial up provider service, SilynTek/Internet connection, and our offices were just outside the small gate facing Spang's direction at, The Internet/Satellite Connection, Bitburger Str.#94, 54634 Bitburg/Moetsch. We were the first private ISP in that region buying bandwidth direct from Deutsche Telekom. I left in 97 and they became Surf 1, the largest ISP in Germany and then went bankrupt about five years after I sold out as CEO when I returned from overseas. Ahh, the good old days. I ran CATM at Spang among other things, and designed/supervised construction of that gel backstop indoor range there. TSgt Joel Layton at Bit CATM was a good friend. We split the base in half and gave the airfield sid back to the Germans but kept the housing BX/Commissary/audio photo club. All personnel lived on base with Bitburg's housing added to Spang's including airman and civilians.
  12. Excerpt: Summary Three Canadian cannabis companies have landed the first German medical cannabis cultivation licenses. Each of Aurora Cannabis (ACB), Aphria (APHA), and Wayland Group (OTCQB:MRRCF) were awarded medical cannabis cultivation licenses in Germany on April 4th. These licenses are for relatively low cultivation figures but could help open the door for these three groups to begin producing and selling cannabis in the developing, but potentially enormous, German cannabis market. Some analysts suggest the German medical cannabis market will be worth up to U$2.7 billion by 2023. These licenses also demonstrate the leadership of the Canadian cannabis companies: In a competitive bidding process with 79 bidders, three Canadian LPs emerged as the winners. Canopy Growth (CGC), which has perhaps 25% market share in Germany, was notably not among the winners of a German cultivation licenses. Press Releases Aurora Cannabis Awarded Maximum Number of Lots in German Cannabis Production Tender Aphria Awarded Provisional Approval in Germany for Cannabis Cultivation License Wayland Selected as One of Three Groups, Pending Review Period, for Cannabis Production Licenses in Germany Much more with links in the article here: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4253056-aurora-aphria-wayland-land-german-cultivation-licenses?isDirectRoadblock=false I am long Aurora and bought in pre legalization when it was down in price as was NBEV ($2.99) IT is like Tesla up front a very long play fpr those who think long investments are 8-12 months. The leaders are already shaken out. The US is a small part of the biz until the feds legalize it and take it off the schedule narcotics is on. Not if, just when. But China and Europe are getting there as is South America. Opportunities are amazing if you read read read!
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