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  1. This old Veteran prays for them! God Bless!
  2. Got mine on the 1st of May or there about! I had to buy my abode a new water heater; an awning; and labor. I also have a 15K roof AC; but more labor extensive before my finances eked out! Seems like Fall before it gets done! So I guess some taxes will be-falled from the Stimulus monies. O' and I still need to pay food; rent; fuel and utilities. LOL!
  3. Just don't understand why the old drive with Linux Raefalia works in the Lenovo computer!
  4. Had to give up on it! Seems the Hard drive on the 2011 Lenox that was upgraded to 10; from Windows 8 gave up the ghost! I installed my old drive with Linux Raphaela on it Is there any way I can Use the Windows 10 app.and my files off my 3 yr. old Tablet that been updated on to a new HD installed in the 2011 Lenovo laptop?
  5. My screen went bad on my old Gateway laptop with AMD A-4.! Have a Lenovo G585 With AMD E-1. I took the 1 TB HD and put it in the Lenovo laptop. It worked well for about three months. Yesterday morning I booted up and it came to the sign in screen which I signed in and clicked on. The screen went blank. I used Ctrl-Alt-Delete. After several tries I hard shut it down and rebooted Nothing. I tried to do a recovery but it wouldn't do anything when I clicked the recovery button. About a week ago it worked fine so I updated to W-10 1909 from the previous version 1903. I switched back my Linux Raefaela HD and the computer read it and did it's updates and working Fine! I read something on ZNet on my Android tablet about version 1909 having problems with the search bar and possibly Blue Screen Of Death. I Also read on google news about Microsoft being down Yesterday. Haven't seen an update on it this morning! Hope I haven't lost all my data on the 1 TB HD!
  6. I agree to the "If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix it" Philosophy!
  7. I use the windows 7 style as the startup menu! The Classic Shell has it as a download option! Hope it is always available on computers as it is my 31 preference.
  8. Some Credit Card companies offer better discounts than others. Truck stops; Pilot; Truckstops of America; Love"s; etc. Some Major Retailers and Grocery stores.
  9. Apparently you didn't read! I said it is on Google News. It is in the Technology section! You don't bash me! You are no more important than I am ! So get off your pedestal and come down to Earth!
  10. RV: I was informing people on how to correct the Autopilot to prevent problems with their computers! Never did I mention Apple! I have an RCA tablet and my old Gateway Computer and pleased I found the article before I got stung in a loop! TY!
  11. 😜 Just read an Article on Google news about the DEC. Update throws a endless loop if using AutoPilot! 😨 Just wanted to give an heads up to those who do! Oh; Microsoft tells you it has been removed or how to do it manually. My updates are paused indefinitely or unless forced to do them!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe if traveling!
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