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  1. The original poster didn't break no rules and if it was me I would have kept the Jenny running until quiet time! And as far as Air Conditioners when you stay in the south; Campers run them 24/7. As long as no one is breaking the rules; let them complain! He wasn't being unruly; he shut it down! Rant over!
  2. 😖Just like the low mile creampuff that was driven only on Sunday......to the Dragstrip a 1/4 mile at a time! 😃 A Credit Union or your bank will most likely be best!
  3. Too each their own! I am not one to argue but being on the web since 1988! I will only use what someone has sources to back up their sources! So far everything I have used from referenced sources has worked well for me! Thanks to those who've done this!
  4. Wow! This thread sure went off topic! Back to the original topic! $40,000 Bonus to join! Heck; I was drafted and joined in Dec 1970 as I wanted to be a vehicle mechanic! Received $78.00 a month; at the end of enlistment as an e-4 over 28 months; received $354.00 a month and was offered $1,600.00 bonus for another 36 months re-enlistment. March 28; 1974 I returned home; fortunately as may didn't! I hope this puts the Topic back in perspective!.
  5. Pieere


    FreeCamgrounds.com also is a good one to check out!
  6. I believe little about what I hear and maybe a little more of what I see! Action speaks louder than words!
  7. Some come out of nowhere and we are suppose to take their opinions for the gospel truth! I am not a computer geek/by far! I will say this everything I`ve used from posters who have been on this forum thread for as long as I have has worked ; so it will take me a little time to take someones opinion and chance messing up my computer!In the meantime I will use a VPN, MalwareBytes, and Eset that has been working for me! Thank You!
  8. Ditto! For about the last 4+ years and I have had very good luck!
  9. Safe Travels to All! Remember the Fallen!
  10. I have used Eterna-Bond on roof seams. It really holds well. Is thicker than most tapes so it depends what you need it for!
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