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  1. CCleaner by Avast infected with malware

    Nothing is sacred!!
  2. Senior Paas and the Great Outdoors

    she will have to be a outdoors woman! LOL.
  3. Received my Senior Pass yesterday, have my State fishing license. have my 4 person tent, a canopy and supplies! Just need to find a willing female to share my tent! LOL!
  4. So they want the last 6 digits of MY SS # to check!! Nope, nada, no way! How difficult is it to randomly scan for the other three??? i will wait and see if I get a snail mail notification!
  5. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    As i said i already have a Macbook Air! Have been selling the MicroCrap and have just one old banged up 12" DELL WITH CORE I3 a 320 GB HD 3 GB memory and 2.4 ghz processor but works like a champ!
  6. Equifax or any other corporation should be held financially liable to all consumers accounts!! This is total irresponsibility to their clients! If I had your ID numbers and personal info, and I let it slip to someone and then was used to gain profit then I would be responsible for the loss!
  7. Sad, sad.

    We Reap what we Sow! Now its Karma! Sad, very sad!
  8. Today is Windows update day.

    Did the Tablet and My Gateway PC! Old Dell is next to go Monday! Total hours on WIFI for two 5 hours!
  9. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    Did and Done! Everyone has opinions like everyone has .......s! Upgrading a whole system twice a year is absurd! And after 114 years they still cant make an automobile without dangerous defects! In so much of a hurry to get the vehicles into the customers hands to make huge bucks. Not even caring about human lives! Sad world this has become!
  10. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    RV Derek, not saying one is better than the other, just got (sic) of arguing with the other party! Tried to explain some like coffee and some like tea and he couldn't accept it! I'm just sick of long winded Upgrades and Updates!
  11. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    Good For You! Have fun, enjoy! Rant over!
  12. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    Mark & Dale, Should I really care! I absolutely don't! MicroTrash can keep their Long winded upgrades and updates! I don't need to waste my time when I only use computers for browsing, Emails and RV forums. Very seldom do I use it for anything else. Next!
  13. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    Wow! I opened up a Can A Worms!! In My opinion MicroSoft is best for business, Macs for browsing and graphics! We all have our likes and dislikes, kinda like RV said, It's like Ford, Chevy and Chrysler preference! So long as something doesn't harm one, just float our own boats! It's neat to see what others think though! Got the old Gears Churning though!