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  1. Pieere


    Have a Safe and Pleasant Memorial Day Weekend!!
  2. Pieere

    Elio Motors

    Pleased that I never invested in ELIO, for some reason it just seemed to be to good to be true!! The Polaris version is much more costly but the availability is here!
  3. Pieere

    W/10 Still can't get it Right!

    Yes, sure is! Speaking of the Trolls, or should I just say Online Bullies, the ones who follow us around and make unwarranted comments is because they have nothing else better to do! And I thought I was the one lacking Intellect! 😞
  4. Pieere

    W/10 Still can't get it Right!

    RV; Hope this works: May 9th issue of ZD Net!
  5. Pieere

    What is the RV term for....

    Maybe; Traveling RVer, On the Go Rver!
  6. Pieere

    W/10 Still can't get it Right!

    I was just trying to pass on some useful information for those interested!
  7. Pieere

    W/10 Still can't get it Right!

    According to Computer World magazine article W/10 Version 1803 still isn't working the way it should! I'm holding off until it gets corrected! Have Updates shut off for now. Just Updating My personal virus program and MalwareBytes!
  8. Pieere

    Catskills or Adirondacks?

    I hope the Adirondacks has allowed for spaying to kill the mosquitoes and gnats as I am from there and left in 1993! Couldn't go fishing unless one had a net suit on and bathed in DEET! I Maybe the Catskills are better!
  9. RV: No Problem, just know Bill is one of the Good Guys and didn't realize you all knew each other! Carry On!
  10. RV/Derek, I believe you were being very Rude cause Bill mentioned Linux! You could be more considerate instead of classifying him as a Troll! Just Saying!
  11. Windows critical flaw: This security bug is under attack right now, says Microsoft Microsoft patches two flaws that are already under attack, among the 67 bugs in May's Patch Tuesday update. According to an article In ZDnet!
  12. Pieere

    50 mph coffee cup

    Duck Tape works well! LOL