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  1. Just used your idea Chalkie! I'm not high tech enough to experience the glitches of a new program!
  2. Perfect camping coffee

    Oh, I forgot I can make the coffee taste exactly like the way the Expensive restaurants do!
  3. Perfect camping coffee

    Thought this thread was referring to camping, not Glamping! LOL! At home I use a Krups coffeemaker, if the power goes out I heat water on the gas range and pour it through a filtered unit on top of the coffee mug! FRUGAL LIVING AT IT"S FINEST! The Only way to Live Right!
  4. Believe I will just wait until the end of the month before turning updates back on! Just a bit leery of Microsoft! I purchased a HP model 15hp92 with a Celeron N3050 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HD for $150.00 with barely any use. It has W/10 HP and I used CC cleaner and MalwareBytes, then used disk cleanup and disc Defragmentation. It has made the machine superbly faster loading programs and switching from one to another! Using Opera browser with duck-duck-go on it!
  5. Perfect camping coffee

    The best part of waking u;p is Folgers in your Cup in the old style stainless steel pot on an open wood fire!
  6. Tipping

  7. The Murfreesboro VA Health care has been very good up until last Junes cardiology appt! I made a choice for the Choice Program as I believe it has caused the VA to have to extend their Wait Time for Appointments! My own cardiologist at the VA left for some reason or other, he got replaced by another! The first appointment with him was not to my liking, will give him another chance and decide whether to go to the hospital administrator to ask for a different one! He never did the EKG or the basic evaluation the other Doc always did. He even forgot to renew my heart meds, i had to call the pharmacy administration to get it them!
  8. So this is the price we have to pay for technology! Kind of like the medical field with the expenses of Cancer and Alzheimers research! I 'll just wait until my computers crap out like my heart did about 6 years ago and then decide whether to purchase a new or refurbished one! Oh, my heart got refurbished with three metal stents, but the infarct damage done to the lower left ventricle is permanent, kind of like the Spectre Bug, huh??
  9. TY again but ill also pass on the phone and the sweeps! My old Kyocera Hydroview does what i want it to do and the built in Hotspot feature is a plus!
  10. Thanks RV for the information! just read the article! I had to cancel Appts. with the VCP Doctors due to weather this Winter! I couldn't afford to pay these doctors! I also can not afford to pay the co-pays of my Medicare plan! Did the Dept. Of Defense believe that every person who went in the military would not return home so they wouldn't be responsible for their healthcare?? Most likely the reason, there is not much of a reduction if not more veterans suicides keep happening!
  11. I'll jusr have a slice of Buterscotch-pecan pie with whipped cream on top, Please!!!
  12. Don't think Derek was speaking of the one in the computer or the RV, LOL!!
  13. I happen to like Derek's heads up alerts on updates and bug fixes!
  14. Sorry RV; the Programs and Features on this Computer did not show the Chromium Application or Toolbar. But Malwarebytes found it as a Potential Unwanted Program with 508 entries. I then Quaranteed and removed it!