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  1. Pieere

    So Dakota Drivers Liscense Renewal

    Big Brother likes to keep his Grip on us!
  2. Pieere

    Smart car running ruff after buying gas

    First I would have done if the CEL dash light is on; Autozone and O'Riellys parts stores will hook up a scanner for free and give a printout of what may be the problem! I'd call the dealer about the location of the fuel filter! Does sound like water as diesel fuel usually will make the car spark knock and run after you shut the engine off.
  3. Considering he may have an online business his needs may be greater than most!
  4. In instances like this; it makes me pleased to be so poor they'd end up owing me monies!
  5. Pieere

    What's Up with this Thread?

    I'm still around! But who cares, Right??
  6. Pieere


    Being vigilant and aware of your surroundings just like we should do always!! Not much sense in being paranoid as then the enjoyment and fun stops for all!
  7. Pieere

    Flag Day! June 14 2018!

    Wave The Ragged old Flag!
  8. Just replaced my old 4 gb memory Hydroview with a Coolpad Canvas 16 gb memory with 1.4 GHZ with a 5.5" phone and protective case for $62.00 Tax included, got to keep the 10 gb Hotspot feature and unlimited phone data! 😁😄
  9. Pieere


    Have a Safe and Pleasant Memorial Day Weekend!!
  10. Pieere

    Elio Motors

    Pleased that I never invested in ELIO, for some reason it just seemed to be to good to be true!! The Polaris version is much more costly but the availability is here!
  11. Pieere

    W/10 Still can't get it Right!

    Yes, sure is! Speaking of the Trolls, or should I just say Online Bullies, the ones who follow us around and make unwarranted comments is because they have nothing else better to do! And I thought I was the one lacking Intellect! 😞