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  1. Read yesterday that it has been fixed!
  2. Pieere

    Weather where you are?

    I do know that hurricane Michael is moved up to a Cat. 5. Going to be some major destruction from this one. Looks like it will come as far North to mid Alabama before it turns Northeast, at least by one model..
  3. just was wanting to notify you all of what I read on Google News and How To Geek! Sure don't like going trough the process of resetting the computer!
  4. Just read in How To Geek! The new October Upgrade can delete your files! So Microsoft has pulled it for now! Don't download or Install!
  5. This sure is a PIA for us who have to use library Wifi, restaurants, and Hotspots! Even Spectrum wired users have complained about the time it takes to do the updates! I believe I will turn off the Windows Updates for awhile. I just installed the Spring Creators Update about 10 days ago. It took 2 of my laptops 6+ hours and my Tablet 3.5 hours to update.
  6. Pieere

    Facebook Security Breach

    The Haphazards of using the Web! I pity the fools who use my information!
  7. Pieere

    Any CamperForce vets?

    Can't say I was overly satisfied with the amount of pieces per hour one was expected to put out! I was at Campbellsville KY location and stayed at a decent campground near a state park. Worked two rush seasons until my health failed me!
  8. I"ve GS, National General Ins. since 1988! Had one windshield claim and the installer was paid within a day or so! The only policy increase I've had were the normal ones and much less than other national companies semi-annual rates as i've compared them!
  9. Pieere

    So Dakota Drivers Liscense Renewal

    Big Brother likes to keep his Grip on us!
  10. Pieere

    Smart car running ruff after buying gas

    First I would have done if the CEL dash light is on; Autozone and O'Riellys parts stores will hook up a scanner for free and give a printout of what may be the problem! I'd call the dealer about the location of the fuel filter! Does sound like water as diesel fuel usually will make the car spark knock and run after you shut the engine off.
  11. Considering he may have an online business his needs may be greater than most!
  12. In instances like this; it makes me pleased to be so poor they'd end up owing me monies!
  13. Pieere

    What's Up with this Thread?

    I'm still around! But who cares, Right??