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  1. Pieere

    Veteran's Health Care System

  2. RV: I still use the Opera browser (built-in VPN) and Duck-Duck-Go search engine! It does what I need it to do! Use it with my Andoid Phone and Tablet also!
  3. ZDnet magazine reported that anyone with a newer Chromebook can dual boot Win/10 on it!
  4. Pieere

    Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas and The Happiest of New Years! May all be Safe!
  5. Well, TY for the Update RV Derek! I've turned off Updates on my most used Windows computers! Been using mostly my Android Tablet, Smartphone and Macbook Air! Maybe in a few months Microsoft will get it's **** together! If not some will get a good deal on a Windows Tablet and 2 computers! LOL!
  6. Keeping what I've got for now! I going to leave it to the Computer Gurus to mess with it! LOL!
  7. I must have done something right by Stopping Windows Updates for once! I have version 1803! Using MalwareBytes and Norton for security! Only using my RCA Tablet with Windows!
  8. Pieere

    Discontinuing of 3G devices

    Analog was really great! Had my phone number back then cloned and Southern Bell tried to bill me 1bout $2,000.00 for calls I never made! What a quagmire trying to explain that the calls were made from a city 1500 miles from where I resided. My employer even vouched that I was working in the area I resided at the time! they wouldn't even give me a new number while they investigated who cloned my phone! I turned the phone equipment in. never heard from them again!
  9. Deleted my comments! Have a Wonderful Blessed Life!
  10. Read yesterday that it has been fixed!
  11. Pieere

    Weather where you are?

    I do know that hurricane Michael is moved up to a Cat. 5. Going to be some major destruction from this one. Looks like it will come as far North to mid Alabama before it turns Northeast, at least by one model..
  12. just was wanting to notify you all of what I read on Google News and How To Geek! Sure don't like going trough the process of resetting the computer!