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  1. Dw and I were Train Hosts on The Sam Shortline from Apr to Nov. 2014. You can stay in Ga Vets SP volunteer circle or "the summit" walking distance to GA Vets Park depot. Free cable if u choose the park vol. circle. Some Sat.are long from 8a till 5p. Depends on train schedule. Its an excursion train running from Cordele Ga to Plains. Once a mos. they continue to Archery Ga. Jimmy Carters boyhood farm. You help folks on and off the train steps and are assigned a specific passenger car each run. You can also help in commissary car. We both enjoyed it. This was our 3rd GA SP. BUT fitst as train hosts. All volunteers meet Wed. morning for deep train cleaning for a few hrs.
  2. Vagabum: Try this link; http://www.rvsueandcrew.com
  3. Hello Everyone in Class of 2014. About 3 1/2 yrs. till company pension can be tapped. Hopefully it will keep us afloat, along with workkamping until age 62 SS kicks in! A fellow co-worker of mine had his retirement party, 7 days later he passed from a heart attack at age 70. This event got me really thinking, so I guess it's time versus money. Is that full SS really worth it? Each of us have to decide. Very refreshing to read this entire Escapee Forum each day. Thanks to all of you giving freely of your vast experiences and Dreams. Be it waves breaking over Malibu, or the still, early morn along a ridge top, or lazy river days, good luck to all of you, and thanks for being here!
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