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  1. From Mike Wendal's site: https://roadtreking.com/roadtrek-hymer-scandal/
  2. With the plate readers be used at some exits instead of transponders and also taking pictures if your transponder is not read the last tag of the combination is needed.
  3. jeomelia

    Escapee Parks

    How did the system ever work with out reservations? It did for those who travel plans are "set in jello"!
  4. I have had credit cards compromised the CC companies were easy to work with the one time a bank debit/credit card was compromised it was a pia, now I try to only use debit card in a bank with a teller when on the road and never for retail purchases. I also have all my cards setup to text me for transactions over $100.
  5. It you are new to handguns before you buy take a onsite NRA basic pistol course you may be able to rent/borrow a pistol to take the course. This will familiarize you with handgun safety/laws and help selecting your purchase, also it may meet the training requirements for a concealed carry license.
  6. Allstays Camp & RV shows the Cameron Parish cg's also Rutherford Beach, locals do take rigs out on the Beaches, Rutherford and Holly, be careful.
  7. 82 W of Sea Rim State Park in TX was closed has that changed. Along that route limited campgrounds. In a class B we have stayed on the beach near Holly Beach. Also a Parish camp ground at Cameron.
  8. In a number of cases multiple clubs in the same market area
  9. I have talked with PA DL examiners and they are aware of the testing for a non commercial class A License
  10. Ask your doctor about INR self testing, similar to glucose test
  11. jeomelia

    Tra-Park - Pecos

    Have stayed there a couple times when passing thru, mostly oil field workers, not fancy but adequate for an area where the economy is at the whim of oil production. Not much to do in town once you see the museum.
  12. Make sure you understand how to adjust them, they are going to set it up for a light trailer with out all your "stuff " and the importance of enough weight on the hitch to prevent sway, do not just rely on a fancy hitch .
  13. Over the years I have used Porta Potties and have found the the cassettes with a spout easier to dump without a mess, they even can be dumped at a dump station with out a problem,
  14. We traveled with the Camp Chef 3 burner stove, grill box and griddle, for 10 years, great in areas where we set up an outdoor kitchen and had the family along. Our grill box covered 2 burners, and I could do a pizza in it and did manage to smoke a brisket once, but hard to control temperature .
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