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  1. sent you a pm about your 2007 ranger tsk jim
  2. thanks to you all we well take 375 around thanks jim
  3. thanks i have gone I 10 but didn't know about the loop did the mountain before i be going east to yuma tsk jim
  4. how is the construction ? thanks jim
  5. wanted small pickup to tow 4 down under 5000 lbs well be towing with a class c aspect thanks jim
  6. does any on tow one of these ?? i just bought one its auto 4x4 and was wondering about remco or superior driveline and where did you get it install?? thanks for any replays jim
  7. we have a 31j 2018 and its a great rig....good luck jim
  8. wanted to buy new or used thanks jim
  9. jimd40

    need a little help

    thank thats what i wanted to do flat tow about a no more than a 4000 lbs toad thanks jim
  10. jimd40

    need a little help

    yes it ford v10 an and hitch says 5000 lbs wanted to know what weigh limits i have thanks
  11. jimd40

    need a little help

    almohad the tow bar on the motor home when i weight it thanks
  12. i weighed my 2018 aspect today and front axle 4460 drive axle 9360 gross 13820 it is loaded with full water and propane and golf clubs the door tag says gvwr 14500 f 5000 and rear 9600 now my question how much can i tow ?? I'm get old because i can't remember stuff thanks jim
  13. hi can you tell me how much it weighs we live in mcqueeney tx right off of i 10 about 6 miles ...and would pull it with a aspect 31j class c .. thanks jim
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