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  1. Our route when we visited Yosemite had us moving north on 395 on the east side of the Park. We camped at Mono Vista RV Park in Lee Vining. It was a long drive across the Park and into the Valley, but we also used it as a base to explore Mono Lake and Mammoth. The campground was fine for our then 40 foot motor home.
  2. From our visit in 2013. http://boonedocksllc.blogspot.com/2013/04/we-walked-crater-of-atomic-bomb-blast.html
  3. Have seen a Spacecraft bunkhouse on a space at Main Street Station's RV Park.
  4. We happened upon this place 30 miles from the west gate into Yellowstone. It is a fly fishing camp right on the Madison River if you are into fishing too. https://www.slideinn.com/
  5. Our toad has been sold. Thanks to all who checked in on the ad! And thanks to the Forum for giving us the opportunity to post ads!
  6. Someone asked about flying in to see the toad. If you are in the east, I would suggest Allegiant Air into Sanford, Florida (SFB). They will be the cheapest and easiest. Allegiant doesn't fly to Sanford from the west, so Frontier into Orlando (MCO) is likely your cheapest alternative from the west.
  7. We sold our motor home and now we are selling our Toad. It comes with baseplate, towbar, Air Force One braking system, rooftop cargo carrier, trailer hitch, bike rack and other towing goodies. The car is in Titusville, Florida. The price for the whole package is $6,000. See our Craigslist ad for more details and lots of pictures. http://spacecoast.craigslist.org/rvs/5413767709.html
  8. Yes, when I asked about scissor jacks between the wheels I was meaning X-Chocks
  9. Our next RV is likely to be a trailer of some sort. We recently found out that there are add-on stabilizers that run from the frame to the jack stand feet such as the ones from this company, http://www.lci1.com/jt-strong-arm. We hope some of you can relate your experience with this kind of stabilizers. Do they work as advertised? How many are needed per trailer? Every corner? Are scissor jacks still necessary between the wheels? Are there better brands? Thanks for any and all info!
  10. You might want to consider a global fund such that the investments are spread over many economies.
  11. As long as the companies you invest in are growing and their results are improving then they will be creating wealth for their stockholders. You will need to make your assessment about whether the underlying economies of the countries where your investments operate will provide the opportunities for this growth.
  12. I did not say I was disappointed -- quite the contrary. I think the Company was more than fair to us early adopters. Was simply noting that with today's product offerings and open wifi realities there is for me and there possibly are for others cheaper and perhaps better value-for-money propositions.
  13. I bought my WFR back in 2011. I thought there would be more open wifis than there proved to be, but I was very happy with its wifi as wan capability. But now that there are other wifi as wan devices such as surf on the go, I simply feel there are better value for money choices. The OP wanted to know what else might be out there and that was all I was trying to inform on. I liked my WFR when I had it. I now like my surf on the go. Sorry for trying to respond to the question.
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