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    Navigation App.

    You can import POIs into the Garmin using their POI loader program which is available from the Garmin Website. I have loaded over 30,000 campgrounds from the POI Factory, Discovery Owners Forum, Ultimate Public Campgrounds Program, US Campgrounds and other sources. I still find campgrounds that were not listed in any database, but those can be easily added to a POI list that is in the proper format Excel spredsheet.
  2. trailertraveler

    RV Quality & Lemon Laws

    If I counted correctly there are 51 listings for Thor Products and 56 for Forest River Products so it would appear that the two larger manufacturers are about equal in producing poor products.
  3. trailertraveler

    Cheap places to live...

    The article states: No mention of taxes?
  4. trailertraveler

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    And the link to RVing is:
  5. trailertraveler

    Closing account

    I also believe this is true as I can think of a few banned members whose profiles are at least no longer visible.
  6. trailertraveler

    Beginner's Guide to RV's

    I had the same thought. I looked through the article a second time and found one reference to car seats and a number for how many people each type of trailer would typically sleep.
  7. trailertraveler

    Beginner's Guide to RV's

    The title of the article is "Beginner's Guide to RV Trailers How to choose the right recreational trailer for you". It seems to have done a fair job at that objective. If there was an article "Beginners Guide to Motorhomes How to choose the right Motorhome for you" should it be criticized if it did not include information about trailers? Should a guide to buying a home have to include information about renting an apartment or buying an RV instead? If the title was "Beginners Guide to Buying an RV", I would expect it to be all inclusive.
  8. trailertraveler

    Escapees survey of NPS improvements

    It seems to also means that a spouse or significant other can not complete their own survey unless they have a separate computer/device.
  9. trailertraveler

    Glass cabinets in RVs

    Almost every RV I have looked at had a mirror (glass) in the bathroom. Many have mirrors in the wardrobe doors or cabinet doors. I have not heard of problems with these.
  10. trailertraveler

    Pre Boot Camp Boondocking spots in Sedalia

    In the past, folks have complained about a low clearance barracade at the main entrance. While most are not really boondocking in the boondocks, these are a lot closer than a Walmart parking lot.
  11. trailertraveler

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    Not very familiar with that Forest. Checkout the Campgrounds and the MVUMs for dispersed camping opportunities.
  12. trailertraveler

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    What New Mexico State Parks were you planning to stay in on the way to Durango and what route were you contemplating from Durango to Lubbock. My mapping program shows a route that takes you close to Albuquerque through Santa Rosa and Fort Sumner. In Albuquerque there is Petroglyph National Monument, the Pueblo Cultural Center, the Turquoise Trail and the Sandia Crest Highway. Santa Rosa is another Route 66 town and has The Blue Hole and Santa Rosa Lake State Park which has a nice campground. Fort Sumner is where Billy the Kid is buried and there is a campground at Sumner Lake State Park. We enjoyed the buddy Holly Museum and Windmill Museum in Lubbock.
  13. trailertraveler

    NM Parks Pass

    Not true. Its called a Day-Use Pass not a vehicle pass. I have purchased several of them as a nonresident and currently have one that expires 10/31/2018. From the New Mexico State Park website. Annual Day-Use Permit (valid 12 months from month of purchase) New Mexico Resident or Non Resident (No Replacement) $40 (No Replacement) Notes: Annual Day-Use Permits may be purchased at any NM State Park office toll free at 1-888-667-2757 or online while making your camping reservations click here.
  14. trailertraveler

    Florida to Alaska

    Manufacturers may offer products that range from entry level weekend/vacation use to fulltime use. I suggest looking at the materials offered by the RV Consumer Group. When you find a brand with a model that interests you, search the internet for an owner's group/forum. Members of those groups/forums will be able to answer questions based on first hand knowledge and experience.
  15. trailertraveler

    Spring Creek campground

    That is not what it says. I take that to mean that there are underground vaults (tanks) at the host site. That will be pumped out periodically.
  16. trailertraveler

    Florida to Alaska

    As others have mentioned, a gas pickup would likely be fine for a 7000# trailer. The heavier the trailer the greater the need for the extra torque and horsepower of a diesel. Also be aware that a travel trailer puts about 10-15% of its GVW on the truck while a 5th wheel puts about 20-25% of its GVW on the truck. Fifth wheels are generally taller than travel trailers so present more wind resistance for the tow vehicle to overcome. If buying a new truck, which will be covered by a warranty, the availability of dealers or authorized warranty service centers might be something that you want to consider since you plan to travel and will not likely be near the selling dealership should you need warranty service. Read the warranty carefully to see where work has to be performed. As we have traveled around the country, it is my observation that if a town has one dealership, it will be Ford. If there are two, the second will be Chevy or GM. I am not sure that you will find many trailers or 5th wheels of this length that weigh around 7000#. I know that many of the lightweight trailers have a GVWR of 7500#. Most are built for weekend/vacation use and may not hold up well with long term use. Many do not have much cargo carrying capacity. With four people, I would be looking for about 2500# of cargo capacity or more. Our previous 27' trailer had a GVWR of 7500# and a cargo capacity of a little over 2500#. Our current 32' trailer has a GVWR of 10000# and a cargo capacity of just over 3000#. The better built trailers and 5th wheels are generally heavier than those built for weekend/vacation use and may have larger holding tanks which with four people may be advantageous.
  17. trailertraveler

    Cochiti Pueblo - Cochiti Lake - Peña Blanca, NM

    We have stayed at the Cochiti Campground a number of times. I just looked at reservation.gov and the reservation window appears to be four days. So, if you take a reservation site as a walk in and are planning to stay more than four days, best check the reservation system or you may have to move. Even when the electric/water sites are full as they are before, during and after the Balloon Fiesta; I have never seen the dry camping loops full. There is another campground, Tetilla Peak, on the East side of the lake that has some electric/water sites.
  18. trailertraveler

    New Member/ lots of questions

    Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!! I don't own a motorhome so will only comment about what I know based on personal experience. Most state parks do not allow monthly stays for other than resident volunteers. Many have a 14-21 day limit and some like New Mexico State Parks require a specific time out period before you can stay at the same park again. Some have a weekly rate and some have annual passes which may or may not be available to non-residents. Here are a couple of links to State Park pass information: Entrance & Camping Passes, Camping Passes. Again, Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!!!
  19. trailertraveler

    Florida to Alaska

    We have traveled in a 32' travel trailer towed by a 2500 and now a 3500 single rear wheel long bed, crewcab diesel pickup for the past 10 years. We put 162,000 miles on the 2500 and now have about 12,500 miles on the 3500. The 2500 was more than adequate to tow our trailer. The way the trucks are priced and standard equipment provided, the 2500 and 3500 similarly equipped were almost the same price. The 3500 does have about 1500# more payload capacity. If you are not familiar with matching a trailer and tow vehicle, here are some links to help you: Trailer calculator, trailer length. If your budget has not changed, 85k can get you a new truck and a new trailer depending on how many bells and whistles you want on the truck and whether you want gas or diesel. You might even come in under budget.
  20. trailertraveler

    Adding 120 volt electric to RV slides

    The dinette in our trailer is in the slide. The benches have storage. I added a 20 Amp outlet to the side of one of the benches connected to a single 20 Amp breaker box and breaker inside the storage space. I installed a 20 Amp inlet in the slide wall directly outside the bench storage area. The wires never flex or move with the movement of the slide. I use a 20 Amp cord to connect to the power pedestal or generator.
  21. trailertraveler

    Trailer w/o Slides

    Have you looked at Nash or Arctic Fox? Many of the fiberglass trailers will be shorter than your desired length.
  22. trailertraveler

    Considering getting a small TT

    Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!! In order to match your Tacoma with a trailer, you will need to become familiar with some terms such as Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR), etc. This calculator may help you keep all the capacities within limits. Another consideration is the relationship between trailer length and the wheelbase of the tow vehicle. Here is an article that discusses this. Again, Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!!
  23. trailertraveler

    Price of Diesel fuel

    True, but I do not think it will be at the higher cashback rate that may apply to fuel purchases as the gift card purchase will not be identified as a fuel purchase. It will be just another Walmart purchase.
  24. trailertraveler


    Member or customer? As I stated before, in a true "club" the management is elected giving members a say through those they elect as well as through whether they choose to pay their dues. Since it has been said many times on this forum that the Escapees Management rarely reads forum posts unless there are complaints, it is unlikely that they will see this discussion unless it is reported, they are notified by one of the volunteer forum Admins or someone contacts them by email, phone or letter.
  25. trailertraveler


    That is what I was getting at. If you don't like what Escapees does, don't join next year and if so inclined tell them why.