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  1. If you are in Tucson and want to try boondocking, come out west on 86(Ajo Highway) at San Joaquin Road to Snyder Hill BLM. It is not too noisy out here and not far whatever you may need as far a supplies and such. Just pick a spot and set up. BTW, good to see you on the Escapees Forum. I see you post a lot on IRV2.
  2. Your motorhome will drive better on icy or snowy roads that your car.
  3. What you are saying is that the sales people mostly deal with people who dont do their due diligence.
  4. If manufacturers didnt make such junk, there wouldnt be as many complaints about dealers. whether it be Camping World or any other dealer.
  5. Looks like another buyer who didnt do their due diligence.
  6. Every state infringes on the right to keep and bear arms, otherwise citizens would be allowed to own anything that would be considered "arms", up to and including nuclear arms.
  7. One of the negatives about Colorado Springs is that you cant stay overnight at Walmart.
  8. As a retired postal employee I can understand your frustration and disappointment. During my years working for the USPS, I saw some pretty bad mangers. Many knew little about their job, and were unwilling to learn, and never forced to learn the job. Others knew their job, but just didnt care enough to do it correctly, and were covered for by management levels above them. Whenever an employee violates the law or the regulations, it is up to the manager to deal with it appropriately, but some see doing their job as too much work, so they just let things go and blame the union for the manager not doing their job. Another misconception in the USPS is that employees cant be fired. That is not true, as employees are fired all the time, sometimes for some pretty lame reasons, such as, an employee can be fired for letting a dog bite them. In regard to the union "protecting" employees, unions are required to do so under a law of "the right to fair representation", where the union can be held liable if they dont provide and "adequate defense" of the carrier even if they know the carrier has done something wrong. It is pretty much the same standard lawyers are held to when representing a client. I hope things work out better with the USPS in Colorado Springs.
  9. If I remember correctly he was in the USA, and not trying to get back in.
  10. I agree, returning to the US from Los Algodones is one thing but returning after a month long trip around the world may be more difficult without a passport.
  11. A few years ago while in Quartzsite a few of our friends went to Los Algodones for the day and one of the guys didnt know you needed a passport, when he tried to come back through they gave him some grief but did accept his driver's license as an ID. He was the one that told us that they cant keep you from returning to your home country.
  12. " Even US Citizens have been having a hard time coming back in. " They may give you some grief, but it is my understanding that a US citizen can not be denied reentry into the US.
  13. Sounds like a made up story to me, but if it is true it is a small price to pay for telling the truth.
  14. I have read not to buy the mifi device from Verizon, but buy it from a reseller, then they wont hassle you about changing plans.
  15. The take of an RVer from Washington state. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y16KhKes1Kw
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