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  1. I totally having seen it a few times during my career. Ultimately, the problem lies with the postmaster's supervisor who doesnt do their job! another failure of management.
  2. The "new" forwarding system was implemented nationwide. When a customer moved and put in a Change of Address, whether electronically, or on the USPS form, which was then entered electronically, that customers mail no longer went to that address, but to the new address. Before the customer fills out a Change of Address form, they need to contact the post office where they will live to tell them they want mail service and get their new mailing address. Then they should fill out the Change of Address form. If online, there is no need to go to the post office that you are moving from, and if on the USPS form, that needs to be taken to the post office you are leaving, or mailed to them. Then there should be no issue with getting your mail at the new office. Also, there is the issue that not all mail is forwardable.
  3. I think it would be great if the USPS gave tours so people could see how things work, and what it is like to be a carrier.
  4. You reminded me of a point I hadnt thought about in a while and that is some mailers dont want the mail they send forwarded and it will say something like "Do Not Forward Return to Sender" on the mail piece, so even if you have a good forwarding order the mail piece is returned to sender.
  5. I believe I was confused as to how you connect. You connect the computer to the hotspot on the phone? If the hotspot on the phone varies in signal strength, even before you connect the computer to it, the problem is not the computer, but either the wifi broadcast or the phone.
  6. The Postal Service adds 4,071 addresses to our delivery network every day. Each day the Postal Service processes and delivers 187.8 million pieces of First-Class Mail. On average, the Postal Service processes 20.2 million mailpieces each hour, 336,649 each minute and 5,611 each second. A day in the life | Postal Facts - U.S. Postal Service https://facts.usps.com/one-day/
  7. OK, now I understand, I think. You had your mail forwarded to your house address, but wanted your mail delivered to a post office box number. You should have had your mail forwarded to you P O box, and not you house address.
  8. Did your daughter have the mail addressed with her name C/O your name, or had you informed the USPS that she would be getting mail at your house? That would be the proper way to have had it addressed, or had the USPS carrier known to expect mail for her, it should have been delivered. If it was not addressed that way, or the USPS was not informed she would be getting mail at your house, how was the USPS supposed to know it went to your house, and not someone who have moved away a long time ago, or was simply misaddressed?
  9. Yes, the USPS still makes mistakes, and one is too many, but when I worked there I always said, "When God makes perfect people, I hope the USPS get the first 700,00." The number of employees has been reduced by about 100,000 since then, but still no perfect ones. Also, about 13 years ago the USPS changed how it did mail forwarding. Before the change, all mail that was to be forwarded was sent to the post office and route it was originally to be delivered, and the carrier was responsible for holding out the mail that was to be forwarded, give it to a clerk where the clerk added the new address, and he mailpiece was put back into the mail stream, however, since the change and automation, a piece of mail that is to be forwarded is caught when it is first scanned into the USPS system, the new address placed on it, and then goes directly to the new address which saves quite a bit of time, and makes forwarding more efficient.
  10. While waiting for the smart people to respond, I will say I doubt you need a new computer. The worst would be a new wi-fi adapter. Is it possible to look at the wi-fi signal coming into the computer? That may give you an indication of where the problem lies. It may be that the wi-fi you are connected to is the problem, and not your computer. Also, it may help if you posted what app you use to connect your hotspots to your computer. It may be need to be updated.
  11. That includes me, and I worked for the USPS for 28 1/2 years.
  12. Yes, a permanent forward is for a year, in months 13 to18, I believe the mail is returned to sender and the sender is provided the new address if the sender requests so on the mail piece. If no such request for the new address is asked for by the sender, the mailpiece is returned to sender marked as "FOE", Forwarding order Expired". During the one year forwarding period, the customer is expected to contact people they do business with and provide them their new address. If you had read the Change of Address form you would have known this. As far a putting up a mailbox at your residence, the USPS can not, to my knowledge, force you to do that. Yes, you are their customer, but you dont get to make the rules.
  13. I would think that would be reasonable to ask the post office in question first about the issue, and if you get no satisfaction, then move the complaint up the chain. In regards to the having to sign up for General Delivery, I would ask the Postmaster if the is USPS policy or local policy, and if USPS policy, ask them to site the Domestic Mail Manual or the Postal Operations Manual.
  14. Start with the Postmaster in Surprise. Also, I believe that the USPS has a "consumer complaint" form.
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