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  1. They didnt decrease mail carriers, but they didnt hire enough new carriers, and so there is a lot of overtime, and into the evening deliveries. Carriers are being micro managed more than ever before. Most of the reduction in over all total employees is in the clerk and mail handler craft, mostly achieved by automation.
  2. If virtually everyone on a rural or city route would agree that they dont need daily delivery, it would probably happen. Last I heard the USPS had reduced its workforce from around 700,000 down to around 500,000, but his was a couple of years ago. They have done this while adding thousands of rural and city routes. One thing I observed when I was still working for the USPS was when the money crunch started as more routes were added, instead of hiring more people for the routes reduce over time and people getting their mail at 8:00 at night the USPS hired more managers to drive what workers they had harder.
  3. "Last mile" service by the USPS works for these other carriers because the USPS is required to deliver to "every address, every day". As far as the USPS making a profit on "last mile" delivery, as I said before it is the United States Postal Service, not the USP Business!
  4. Some were, others were in the middle of a cement slab.
  5. Central Box Units are becoming more common. The one thing I didnt like about them was that you had to get out of your vehicle to service them, and with the door open while loading in the mail on windy days you had to be careful that mail didnt blow out of one of the slots you had put mail in, while putting mail in the others. I did like the parcel lockers, but a lot of the time there were not enough lockers for the number of parcels you had.
  6. That might work on a route where there is not a lot of mail,no businesses, or no Amazon deliveries, or FedEX, UPS, DHL, or one of the many services that the USPS provides "last mile" service.
  7. https://about.usps.com/who-we-are/financials/annual-reports/fy2010/ar2010_4_002.htm https://ips-dc.org/how-congress-manufactured-a-postal-crisis-and-how-to-fix-it/
  8. No other entity is required to pay for retiree benefits so far in advance. How much has the Government been loaning or gifting the USPS? Also, there is a difference between private businesses and the USPS as he USPS is in the Constitution.
  9. The USPS has been self sustaining since 1970, and still would be had it not been for the requirement that it pay about $6 billion per year for future retiree benefits that no other entity is required to pay. Currently the USPS has paid enough for future retirees that arent even born yet! Also, as I have said between the Postal Rate Commission and the Postal Board of Governors limiting increases in the prices of services and limiting adding new services has prevented the USPS from having the necessary income to prosper. Change these two things and the USPS will once again prosper.
  10. Well said! Then when you have the Postal Rate Commission deny rate increases, or if the Postal Rate Commission approves a rate increase, and then the Postal Board of Governors reject the rate increase, the squeeze is on, and then when there is a shortfall in income USPS haters then say look, the USPS is losing money, and needs to be privatized. http://postalnews.com/blog/2020/04/16/u-s-postal-service-tops-list-again-as-americans-favorite-government-agency/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork&fbclid=IwAR2gn1JHvfZnq-cdtjVjYUefzkPj19nPWwPfzbCjghcqbToNzGnKH3eJn7U
  11. The USPS is a government service. It is not that the government wants to take any responsibility for it, the issue is that there is some in the government that want to destroy it, and others who want to keep it.
  12. I too, would like to see a lot of these small post offices closed, but when the USPS wants to close them, the customers of that office complain to their Federal elected representatives, and these representatives represent their constituents by keeping these offices open. Another drag on the USPS is the Board of Governors, and the Postal Rate Commission which are staffed by political appointees. It doesnt take much imagination to see how these people can cause havoc with postal economic viability. If a person on the Rate Commission wants to USPS to fail, they simply veto any rate increases. You get a majority of like minded people on the Rate Commission and havoc ensues. The problem with eliminating six day delivery is that the mail doesnt stop because they dont shut down the transportation of mail, and the sorting of mail, so as it is now, Mondays are really busy, and if Monday is a holiday, Tuesdays can be over whelming, so if no Saturday delivery, followed by a Monday holiday, on Tuesday, you have three days mail! I have said for years, if he USPS is no longer needed, simply set a date, and close it up, but what we see now is people who want to starve it to death, and then say it died of natural causes.
  13. You dont believe this is just coincidental do you?
  14. It is $1.53 her in Alamogordo and $1.18 in Ankeny Iowa.
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