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  1. No whining here, nor attacking anyone personally.
  2. On some forums that would be considered a personal attack and not allowed.
  3. Now that is some crazy S@%T right there! I do agree, though, there is not much left to say in this conversation.
  4. I totally agree, however, if, as was said earlier, that if they are joining the military, or becoming a fireman or a policeman for the money, and serving others is secondary, should they get the recognition they get?
  5. What these professions have in common with the police and firemen that Kirk mentioned, is that they are all risky professions. The ones I mentioned are considered to be more risky than the ones Kirk mentioned. Neither of us mentioned anarchy, chaos, Orwell, or tree huggers.
  6. Where did that comment come from? I was going to say it came from left field, but I dont think that would be accurate.
  7. So if we are going to honor people for doing risky jobs, shouldnt we be honoring loggers, commercial fishermen, and farm laborers? Those jobs are riskier than policemen or firemen.
  8. Again, you are saying they are doing it for the money, and not out of some patriotic duty. So when we see all these parades and such spotlighting the military, we need to keep in mind that most who are in the military are do so for the money and not just being patriotic. Also, I believe it was the war itself, and not the draft that divided the country. Had we not had a draft, the war in Viet-Nam would have ended years sooner for lack of infantry soldiers.
  9. Working for the Government in a civilian capacity is not comparable to being in the infantry in the military.
  10. I dont necessarily object to the $40,000 bonus, but the bonus, along with reduced ability to recruit new members into the military during good economic times, again, just shows that it has more to do with money than patriotism. About the time I was getting out of the Army, they were offering bonuses up to $10,000 in an attempt to retain infantry soldiers. Adjust that amount for inflation and you will probably come up with about $40,000 in today's money.
  11. A link from the same page. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/07/06/no-grunts-under-26-250k-bonuses-dods-most-radical-ideas-transform-infantry.html
  12. To me, that shows a lot of people are joining the military, not out of a sense of duty, but that the military is the best "job" they could get, and if that is true, they are more mercenary than patriot.
  13. Where is the line between a volunteer and a mercenary?
  14. Today we all need to thank the following signers of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Delaware • George Read • Caesar Rodney • Thomas McKean Pennsylvania • George Clymer • Benjamin Franklin • Robert Morris • John Morton • Benjamin Rush • George Ross • James Smith • James Wilson • George Taylor Massachusetts • John Adams • Samuel Adams • John Hancock • Robert Treat Paine • Elbridge Gerry New Hampshire • Josiah Bartlett • William Whipple • Matthew Thornton Rhode Island • Stephen Hopkins • William Ellery New York • Lewis Morris • Philip Livingston • Francis Lewis • William Floyd Georgia • Button Gwinnett • Lyman Hall • George Walton Virginia • Richard Henry Lee • Francis Lightfoot Lee • Carter Braxton • Benjamin Harrison • Thomas Jefferson • George Wythe • Thomas Nelson, Jr. North Carolina • William Hooper • John Penn • Joseph Hewes South Carolina • Edward Rutledge • Arthur Middleton • Thomas Lynch, Jr. • Thomas Heyward, Jr. New Jersey • Abraham Clark • John Hart • Francis Hopkinson • Richard Stockton • John Witherspoon Connecticut • Samuel Huntington • Roger Sherman • William Williams • Oliver Wolcott Maryland • Charles Carroll • Samuel Chase • Thomas Stone • William Paca
  15. Reminds me of a quote I heard some time ago. "Virtually all pessimists are buried in unmarked graves."
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