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  1. Actually, if you know where to look you can seen that the posts are hidden, but not deleted. These two words are not interchangeable in meaning.
  2. The silliest post in this thread was when Carlos said that people could carry "defensive" weapons. I dont see this as picking a fight. It is simply pointing out the silliness of saying there is such things as a weapon that can only used defensively. He should have simply said "weapon" without any modifiers.
  3. That is my understanding as well, and that is why I was surprised at the use of the term "defensive" weapon, as if the weapon was made so that it could only be used to defend oneself or others.
  4. You did. " 28% of states now have some form of real liberty when it comes to defensive weapons. "
  5. I dont see how asking for an explanation could be construed as trolling, unless everyone knows that there is no difference.
  6. The difference between and offensive and defensive weapon in not obvious to me.
  7. Just a different perspective.
  8. What is the difference between a defensive weapon and an offensive one? By the way we wont have real liberty until I can open carry an M-60 machine gun or any other weapon I choose.
  9. pjstough


    Yes, we ran into this issue in Iowa a few years ago.
  10. pjstough

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    I am sure that if I were a lifetime member and went to Good Sam rallies and such, I would be very disappointed too.
  11. pjstough

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    I believe that when someone buy s a business, they are pretty much free to use it how they see fit.
  12. pjstough

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    Isnt that what a business that sells RVs and accessories is supposed to do? Perhaps some enterprising person can start up a club that is like what Good Sam used to be.
  13. pjstough

    Service Dogs?

    Thank you mr. cob for your post. Your first paragraph describes me almost to a T. Perhaps, I should have filed for disability through the VA. I am glad to hear all that your dog does for you, and that you are able to continue to participate in society.
  14. pjstough

    Service Dogs?

    I find it odd that you are offended. I too, am wondering what service your service dog provides? I have a friend that I served with who is a double amputee below the knees, and has only a finger and a thumb on one hand, but he doesnt have a service dog, and I have seen other double amputees below the knee without service dogs.
  15. pjstough

    Service Dogs?

    When I see posts like this, I think of one of Paul Harvey's sayings, "Self government without self discipline wont work".