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  1. It is my personal observation that there few, if any, bargains on RVs in Quartzsite. If you want to get the best deal on an RV in Arizona, you need to be there in May.
  2. I once had a problem with the GFCI tripping that I was plugged into, and the culprit was the charger/converter. Once I turned off the breaker for it, plugging into a 15 amp GFCI outlet was not problem.
  3. I have a Xantrex 2000 watt pro watt inverter and this is what I use two of these to power two different circuits in my motorhome. http://www.ceshowroom.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=CWR41094&click=2&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1KTZhJ3G1QIVA4dpCh0izAwsEAYYBiABEgLnaPD_BwE
  4. I believe error "775" means the receiver is not communicating with the satellite dish, and not that the satellite dish is not "seeing" the satellites, as that error code is "771". 775 usually means that is a lost connection between the receiver and the satellite dish. With a SWM receiver, make sure the power inserter is the correct one, wired correctly, and that it has power. Also, even though I doubt you have moved out of the spot beam for local stations, try tuning to a channel higher than 200.
  5. We have been using Informed Delivery for about six weeks, and really like it. In the summer we get our mail at a post office box at a post office about three miles from us so knowing what mail is in our post office box is nice. So if we are waiting for something in particular we dont have to go to the post office everyday, we just wait till it shows up in our email. Also, it is nice when you get something important that you are not expecting.
  6. I could see the 10th Amendment preventing nationwide reciprocity laws.
  7. I will take that to mean you dont know.
  8. What case law are you citing? Is there a requirement that you can not sell the magazines in question? If California passed a law on the limit of gasoline in my motorhome, I would probably do just what you are doing about magazine size, get on an RV forum and complain about it.
  9. How do you get around the 10th Amendment?
  10. I dont see any relationship between proposed concealed reciprocity bills and the Constitution. Certainly, people have the right to bear arms, but the Constitution does not mention concealed carry reciprocity.
  11. Your are correct the Constitution is irrelevant when it comes to deciding how many rounds a magazine can legally hold. I believe that was my point.
  12. Where in the Constitution does is proscribe how many rounds a magazine should hold?
  13. The installation is easy and straight forward. I ordered the mini-genie and the video bridge from Amazon, a lot cheaper than DirecTV, and installed them myself. When I turned the TV on in the bedroom, it got to a point in the setup where the tv screen said to call DirecTV. I called and gave them the serial number from the video bridge and the mini-genie, and in a couple of minutes it was working.
  14. We have had Allied for several years and have had several claims. Settling the claims has always been easy and to our satisfaction. What you pay for insurance is one thing, but how they handle claims is equally important for us.
  15. On my win 10 computer I go to Windows settings> Network and Internet> Wifi> Manage known networks> Select your Mifi from the list> Properties> Scroll down to "metered connections"> click the "On Off" button to "On" and you should be good to go.