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  1. Padraic

    Need help on coolant loss

    Yes in VA for 7 years, just retired and go back to the west coast. Selling the house. I am driving to Yuma home base. Coolant is ok. Battery of the trailer died and working on a replacement. The truck battery may need to upgrade to the AGM version to handle more load beside starting.
  2. Padraic

    Need help on coolant loss

    I will check in to the coolant in the whole system more closely once I get our old rig to Yuma AZ from VA. I am hoping the coolant stays OK in this trip. I pick up a spare bottle just in case. Finger cross.
  3. Padraic

    Need help on coolant loss

    Jay, you are right. Green is the original coolant. With that, it needs DCA added and Nitrate test. A little more hands on. Maybe cheaper. I happen to have the green put in the last service. I used to have the extended life type. Once you read it up on the net, they all do the job of anti-corrosion with expanding temperature range. I open the cap when it is hot on my 1998 Volvo. It does have some low pressure, unlike a car. It is safe to open when it is hot.
  4. Padraic

    Roadside assistance

    Thanks for the info. Just sign up Coach-Net for my travel.
  5. Padraic

    Dash circuit board replacement on volvo 1998, 610

    My main cluster is still working, the side LCD panel has no display for many years. But the night illumination of the speed and tach are gone/loose. I wiggle the wire behind. It will good for a short time. Good to know you still can buy the cluster for $1200 from the dealer.
  6. Padraic

    Need help on coolant loss

    Good to know all green coolant is the same. I need to add half a gallon to bring it back to the MIN mark. Thanks.
  7. Padraic

    Need help on coolant loss

    Vern, thanks. Sound like the loose clamp introduce air in the system and will need to monitor if any more small leak present. The radiator volume is about 10 to 12 gallons. I added 1 gallon of distilled water for the engine to stay on. That means instead of 50/50 mix, I have roughly 40/60 mix. I have the Havoline Chevron antifreeze (green stuff), hard to come by locally except an hour drive to the shop did my coolant change. Try to keep it the same. Of course, DCA may need to be added after testing it.
  8. Padraic

    Need help on coolant loss

    I saw the leak under the truck today. It turns out the hose clamp was not set correctly after the shop changed the coolant 10 months ago. They lose the clamp and drain the fluid from the big radiator hose in February. But he did not sit the clamp correctly, it was off about 1/4 inch off from the original groove. In terms of coolant air venting, will see it will continue. So Volvo doesn't have a pressure cap like others, that means the coolant pressure must be low. Thanks, everyone chip in for the ideas.
  9. Padraic

    Need help on coolant loss

    I am puzzling of so much air vent out from the radiator/engine. Maybe the coolant is low and traps air. Will work on it today when the sun is out.
  10. Padraic

    Need help on coolant loss

    Is there a radiator cap on the 98 VNL 610? I have not ever noticed one. I assume there is one like any car radiator. I should check the cap and if there are any leaks there or the pressure is still good. Further, read on my Diesel book. There seems a lot of air escaping to the overflow bottle. That must be the high coolant level I noticed. Any picture of that cap location would be appreciated.
  11. Padraic

    Need help on coolant loss

    Hi guys, I start our 98 Volvo truck today and it shut down with "Fluid check light" on. Open the hood, found the coolant plastic tank was empty. Pour a gallon of distilled water to bring it below the min mark and the truck started and I drove it for an hour or more. It has been 10 months since the whole 12 gallons coolant replaced by a shop, I added SCA and test strip for concentration. I drove it on and off more than 20 times in short trips average an hour per trip. I did the water filter with SCA added myself. I would need to look at it and see any leaks from it. If it is not leaking externally, that means the water has a path to the engine, right? That will not be good. Someone tell me my plastic tank is yellow and it may mean water leak in the engine. Where would be the likely path? Anyone has experience in this kind of trouble. This is a photo of the plastic coolant tank, the coolant is higher in one side than the other when the engine is running. I don't recall that happening before. Any idea? Appreciated any comments.
  12. Padraic

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    Lockmup68, Nice emergency setup, ­čśë I had tested one of those Home Depot LG up-right AC with a 4 inches exhausts duct unit with a single Honda 2000i. It seems to work. Do you have an Onan quietdiesel´╗┐ ran while in motion? I assume that is what people do in a motorhome to power the coach AC. If that is the case, RV AC unit and Onan gen are designed to use while in motion. That may be an alternative solution for AC to substitute expensive dash AC fix of an old truck. The RV roof AC unit can be mount behind the cab on a storage box, not adding the height of a full height sleeper.
  13. Padraic

    Starting Volvo after a year(s) of sitting!

    Is this prime switch for Volvo engine? My Cummins 11 doesn't seem to have one at the dash. My truck had sat for a long time. More than a year at various time. 2011 to 2017. She was easy to start once the batteries replaced. Hope it is started by now.
  14. Padraic

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    I had the similar issue, dash AC has not been working. Thinking about mini-split but rather fix the dash AC. Is there any DIY advice or link on the dash AC and/or sleeper. How about those expensive idle free gen air/heat unit. They are expensive. Can they run while the truck is moving? For mini-split, a generator is needed. Do you run that Honda gen while the truck is moving? Sorry for so many questions.
  15. Padraic

    Replacement for S&T

    Jack, do you use the Co-Pilot Truck or RV version?