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  1. Padraic

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    Lockmup68, Nice emergency setup, ­čśë I had tested one of those Home Depot LG up-right AC with a 4 inches exhausts duct unit with a single Honda 2000i. It seems to work. Do you have an Onan quietdiesel´╗┐ ran while in motion? I assume that is what people do in a motorhome to power the coach AC. If that is the case, RV AC unit and Onan gen are designed to use while in motion. That may be an alternative solution for AC to substitute expensive dash AC fix of an old truck. The RV roof AC unit can be mount behind the cab on a storage box, not adding the height of a full height sleeper.
  2. Padraic

    Starting Volvo after a year(s) of sitting!

    Is this prime switch for Volvo engine? My Cummins 11 doesn't seem to have one at the dash. My truck had sat for a long time. More than a year at various time. 2011 to 2017. She was easy to start once the batteries replaced. Hope it is started by now.
  3. Padraic

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    I had the similar issue, dash AC has not been working. Thinking about mini-split but rather fix the dash AC. Is there any DIY advice or link on the dash AC and/or sleeper. How about those expensive idle free gen air/heat unit. They are expensive. Can they run while the truck is moving? For mini-split, a generator is needed. Do you run that Honda gen while the truck is moving? Sorry for so many questions.
  4. Padraic

    Replacement for S&T

    Jack, do you use the Co-Pilot Truck or RV version?
  5. Does anyone have this old software for sale?
  6. Padraic     I'm Pat The Old Sailor And we live in Chesapeake. Headed up to Williamsburg this weekend. We'll be staying at the Campark at the Old Pottery. Do you ever get down our way? Call if you get a chance. 757 646 1686.  Pat

    The Old Sailor

  7. Padraic

    Worn out rubber bushing and brake service

    Chief, you are in North Carolina? Is there an M&P shop you recommend. I am in VA, not too far. Thank for the tip dogbone bushing can be press out and replace, will take to the local shop when I have a chance.
  8. Hi guy, I like to replace the rear shocks and the connecting rod between the frame and the axle. The rubber bushing was worn out as the linked picture. Besides the dealer, where would you get those parts? Any part number you may have? My rear end is all factory standard with the original airbag suspension. I supposed I would get the same OEM shock even my trailer pin weight is around 3000 pounds since the airbag is OEM. How about the front steer brake shoe and drum. What is the best place to get a set of the this? Is there a disc version that can be used without modification. Any advice on these repair services will be appreciated. This is a first on this truck. Thanks. Picture link
  9. Padraic

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    Owning an older HDT can be costly if you can't do a lot of work yourself. Most of us have the expectation that HDT is not any more expensive than a pickup truck is true. The equation is better is if you can keep the truck for long.
  10. Padraic

    TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Thanks, for the info. Sound like it is not a critical item for the hitch operation since some system don't have one. Mine is old with a fading label. It is a good question of the design to damping a 7000 lb load or 3000 in my case. Amazon has the Monroe shock.
  11. Padraic

    TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Chet or anyone know the shock absorber used in this hitch? Model and part number for a replacement? Is it a special item or auto parts store may have it? Thanks.
  12. Padraic

    TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Chet, thanks for the detail operation of the hitch. #7 and #8 pin is critical holding the top of the Holland head to the base. I agreed that should stay put. I was wonder how it was put in during the manufacturing process. It will be a better design if there a small lock plate to block the pin from coming out.
  13. Padraic

    TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Chet, thanks for the posts. I study the diagram you list on the website. I downloaded that before and it seems the Holland head is mounted upside down in that application than ours. The part diagram is good but lack of a line to see what went into what. With your description. I started to get how the head put together. The #8 Groove pin tap on in the #7 Clevis pin to prevent the Clevis pin comes out the #13 fifth wheel housing. Mine is better on one side than the other. #8 miss the hole by 1/8 to 1/4 inches with rust. This is how the head attached to the pivot base with #7. It seems, there must be a way to slide that #7 with #8 in place out if the head put in particular position. I assume that is the design to put #7 in during the manufacturing process. I called Trailersaver today, and they recommended to put grease on pin #7 and replace it when the Clevis pin has 1/8 or 1/4 play which is not a too technical way to gauge. I guess if the clevis pin doesn't fall out. The head should stay put. It will nice if that hole is close up once the head is built. #20 the big bolt acts as a pivot and connect the Holland head to the Trailersaver base. That is a critical item for the assembly to work. Mine has rust, and Trailersaver tech recommends to take it out and examine for worn. At 50K miles use, I think it is OK but taking it out for sure. The #3 Clevis pin which holding the jaw #1 using #2 cotter pin, correct? So that cotter pin is critical. Is there a way to replace #2 without disassembly? When the trailer kingpin is in position during travel, those #3 clevis pins should stay put since the trailer is on the top of it prevent it falling out, correct? The locking block #5 movement is critical for the unit to work, after hitch up. The #17 trip level swing to the head means the block is blocking the jaw from open during travel and tension by the #6 compression spring. That is one item to double check after hitch up.
  14. Padraic

    TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Hi guys. is there an instruction to take apart the Holland Binkley head from the Trailersaver base. Our hitch is 16 years old with 50K miles on it. I want to take it apart as much as I can, replace cotter pins. Examine the locking jar and locking block. Check those large Clevis pins and see how they work to ensure all are well before hitching. I am thinking the big Pivot (Axis) Bolt which allow the head to roll side to side, is the first item to unbolt and free the head from the body? Anyone did a full maintenance scrub down on this hitch? The hitch we have is the early version. The body (back) hinges that allows the head assembly to float on the airbag, are two big bolts with the lock nut in a tubing with the grease zerk for lubrication. Anything to watch out in servicing the hitch? Thanks.
  15. Padraic

    Truck Repair

    Nice job for a good look truck. Sound like you can do everything yourself to save money. You have a million miles on it, is that much different in an older truck than the newer in feature and equipment? What kind of engine and transmission? How do you go by find truck like that?