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  1. PM cost these days

    Thanks for the information on injector cup and fuel in the coolant and how to watch for it. Found a lot of video on youtube about IC. I don't think I have a Davco fuel filter, sound like a good idea to have. "Hot Shots Secret" at Walmart just a few buck. Definitely, add it to my old fuel and added with fresh fuel.
  2. PM cost these days

    The local Volvo dealer parts department have the fan belt, but none of the radiator hose. I definitely want to replace those hoses. They were there since I got the truck in 2002.
  3. PM cost these days

    Since it is an inch below the minimum, I supposed it is OK for a short trip to the shop for a coolant drain and flush. I will check the level of the sensor in the tank location (on edit).
  4. PM cost these days

    Thanks for the suggestion and the list. The truck engine has 465K. Nothing wrong with last year when I exercise her in the storage. I put in about 20K since we brought in 2002. So it was not much of a loading. I was worry about water condensation after seating for that long. Is there any suggestion on Fuel or Oil additive to help this little trip to the shop. I am sure she will start, the engine's parts and pully looks a bit of rusty and dust from many years before. The radiator fluid is an inch below the minimum of the line. Plan to add anti-freeze before I drive. Today, I bought an extra fan belt and found the broken door lock plastic link at the Volvo dealer for $9. This fixed the failed driver side door lock operation.
  5. PM cost these days

    Hiatus for almost 7 years. What is the cost or fair price of an engine oil change and lube plus transmission and gears at the Volvo dealer or place like Speedco? Today, I went to my North Virgina neighborhood to scout out three truck shops. The Volvo dealer and the Cummins shop quoted me $140 per hour labor for PM. A one-man mobile place will do it for $100 per hour but not much of a facility except a tall shack at the back of metal recycle yard. The Cummins shop was the least interest to my inquiry, they were not busy but my job may be too small, I asked them how much it cost to inspect the engine and certified the condition. The service young guy told me there is no service like that. He said open up the engine and check the ring and valve cost 45 hours at $140 per hour, that is $5300. The Volvo dealer service rep and the manager were more helpful and willing to give advice after I told him my 1998 truck has been sitting for 6 years except yearly ran around the storage yard. He said if the oil at the dipstick looks OK, I can drive the truck in about 28 miles. So what do you guys opinion on a truck sat for 7 years without any oil change? Should I drive it or tow it to have the "1st" oil change. Looking at the dipstick, it doesn't look too bad. Appreciate your input.
  6. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    A few of my friends changed from HDT + 5th to Class A over the year. It may have to do with age, climbing in an HDT will get harder at a certain point in our lives. Hitching process on a big 5th at least for me required some climbing on the truck deck to complete the job. Then back up a trailer required more skill than a Class A with the toad unhook. Just my opinion on the topic.
  7. Hi guys, need advice, Many things in the trailer need to be fixed, air and water heater and may be the frig too. So I see Truma hot water heater is good, right. I am taking my Mountain Aire out of mothball. My original water heater stop working 6 years ago. Is Truma hot water a good fit for my 10 gallons hot water cavity? What should I watch for? Get back on the road soon since 2011.
  8. HDT repair / maintenance shop in North Virginia

    Thanks guys. Will take a bit of time to get it all done. Any more suggestion are always welcome.
  9. I am bringing my 1998 Volvo truck dual axles out of mothballs. Installed new batteries and it started after two years of parking without visited it in storage. The truck was not in RV travel since 2011. Anyone know a good shop to bring the truck up to operation in Northern Virginia area? The following is a list I think I need to do. Engine oil change, Coolant change / Coolant change / nitrate check check, Transmission / gear oil change, Lubricate grease fitting, Front wheel bearing lubricant / check fill, Fan belt change, Air hose check / change (Fix air leak) Changes tires (front tires new at 2005, rears tires new at 2003) Engine head adjustment. Brake check / replacement, Air bag replacement, Instrument cluster light fix, Paint. Trailersaver hitch airbag change and lube. Any other suggestion of repair and check would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Finally pulled the trigger on an HDT!

    Hi Pat, send you a PM earlier. I have my 98 truck for a while. It has been sitting and need overall check and repair. Where is a good place in Virginia area to do that? I am up at DC area / North Virginia. I checked the HDT resource guild. There wasn't much shop up here. Any advise. Thanks.
  11. This is not the Texas official site. Better use the official site. https://www.stateregistration.org/texas Official site Padraic
  12. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    We are in Quartzsite desert with Escapees Boomers for the week. Ted and James are here too. Our Location! See our blog Hello Dave, Winchester Bay looks great and familiar even in this time of the year. See anyone pull crabs out of the water.
  13. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Hello Jim, good to hear Oasis has widen it's entrance. We will be there just before thanksgiving for a month. We are in Lodi California with family. Another proud owner of Gearmaster II... see our BLOG http://rvescapade.blogspot.com
  14. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    We are in the Sedona / Cottonwood AZ area. Let see we can find Henry & Cindy. You can find us here. http://map.datastormusers.com/user2.cfm?user=1372. We are #1372.
  15. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Good wishes to Ron & Alice. We are still in Benson SKP co-op, working on projects and paying tax. Move north after mid April when the weather is warmer. We are # 1372 at http://map.datastormusers.com/user2.cfm?user=1372 See you on the road.