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  1. GypsyQueen

    Any advice on wintering in RGV?

    We see so many ads -- it's hard to choose one sight unseen. Looking for some recommendations from people who have been there if possible.
  2. GypsyQueen

    Best RV Park - Texas Gulf Coast

    Their website looks great. We may give it a try, too. Thanks for the info.
  3. We usually go to Arizona for the winter, but would like to try the Rio Grande Valley this year. I'm just wondering if the hurricane has caused campgrounds to close. Would love some advice on where to stay that might still have a month or so open in January or February. We don't need fancy, but would like someplace where we could put our awning out and not have it hit the next guy's slide out. Also would like somewhere that has a few planned activities - pot lucks, art groups, crafting, etc. Is it too late to get something?
  4. We were down at Oregon Inlet a few days ago to ride on the beach and were surprised to find that the Oregon Inlet campground (National Seashore) is now open until November 28th. All the campgrounds on the National Seashore used to close in mid-October, so that was good news. November 5th and the weather was a balmy 75° at the beach.
  5. GypsyQueen

    Help planning Albuquerque 2018

    We stayed on the Fiesta campgrounds, non-hookup site, a few years ago. Sites are fairly close, but it was not a problem as we were mostly out and about. The shuttle service down to the balloon field was good and we seldom had to wait long for a ride. Sometimes we walked down. We loved watching the balloons float overhead in the mornings and the balloon glows were beautiful from on top of the hill as well as down on the field. Unless you have to have a hookup, I'd recommend staying on the grounds where you are close to the action. Several times we had balloons land in the parking lot near us and my husband helped the ground crew bring it in. We were able to watch the balloons rise at dawn, then zip back to the RV for a hot drink or breakfast.
  6. GypsyQueen

    Ok to overnight at Kingman Az Walmart?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. We did stay overnight without a problem.
  7. GypsyQueen

    Ok to overnight at Kingman Az Walmart?

    We did go in and ask. Walmart is fine with it. Apparently the city doesn't enforce the ordinance. Let's hope not!
  8. It's raining and miserable... Signs say the city doesn't allow overnight parking here, but there are a half dozen rigs parked. Does anyone know if we're likely to get ticketed?