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  1. Thank you all for your input, especially hemsteadc for directing me to the discussion on rvforum.net. I can relate our issue to everything described / discussed there - The cooling baking tray analogy was spot on and I've now observed movement of the top of the casing as the clunking occurs. Until we do swap out the house batteries (which we'll probably now delay until next year as we've only a few weeks left of this year's visit) I'll simply turn off the charging facility at night and see how that goes. Thanks again, cheers.
  2. Hello A few days ago, we started hearing intermittent loud clunking noises from our inverter / charger (a Freedom 458 Combi 15D) when hooked up to shore power - as if something is banging against the casing. The “events” range from a single clunk to a short series of clunks without any pattern. For some reason, this seems to occur more often during the evening when it's then noticeable any lights that are on briefly dim. We've stayed in three different parks since this started happening so I think that rules out an issue with the supplied shore power. We are in the process of replacing our four 6v Lifeline AGM house batteries which have come to the end of their life - they are at least nine years old and no longer hold any real capacity. Also, one of the batteries has developed a leak as I found its + terminal and the connected lead covered in a white deposit. I’m hoping the issue will be rectified by the new batteries but would appreciate any thoughts as to what is actually going on in case the situations are unconnected and it’s really a fault with the inverter / charger. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi Ric When we return home to England we've stored our bus for six months at a time in a couple of places: - Public Storage on Miramar Road, San Diego - +1 858-888-9098 - Toy Storage on Industrial Blvde, Chula Vista - +1 619-575-9565 We've had no problems at either site over the past four years of doing this and we've only changed between each dependant on availability & price. TIP - with Public Storage we got a better rate making the initial booking online than over the phone. There are a number of other places around San Diego but out of our price range. The cheapest rate we found was the KOA in Chula Vista but they're pretty much always full and don't take reservations so you have to be on the right place at the right time to get a spot - we've never managed it! Hope this helps.
  4. UPDATE Issue, or rather, non-issue resolved. The tire shop's assessment is that it's only mild cupping and within what would be expected on a four-year old tire. Sorry if I've wasted anyone's time but thank you all for your guidance. Cheers Tim
  5. Thanks everyone for your input thus far and apologies for not replying sooner but just managed to get a half decent photo which hopefully shows the issue. This 'anomaly' is repeated three / four times around the tire but only on one line of the tread - the other two tread lines and the inner & outer rims are blemish free . The tire pressures are fine and, on the most recent trip (after which I discovered this issue), the tire temperature matched the opposite front tire (if that would give any indication of a problem or not). Anyway, I've booked into a local tire shop tomorrow so hopefully they will be able to identify the likely cause and, if appropriate, fit a replacement. Cheers
  6. Hi Alex We put our motorhome in an outdoor storage facility in the San Diego area every year for six months when we go home to England (It's not the cheapest area but we have many friends there so it's our base at the start and end of our US travels). There's a number of things we do just before storing it, including: - change the engine oil and filter - fill up the fuel tank and add a fuel stabiliser - make sure the tires are fully inflated - empty the water / waste tanks - empty the refrigerator and cupboards of all food items (canned goods and sealed bottles are OK to leave) - disconnect the batteries - leave the roof vents slightly open (to allow some air circulation) In six years we've not had a problem when we come back and take it out again and the engine has always started up first time. Unless you have a small motorhome, a toad is essential. We didn't buy our jeep until the second month of our first trip and had to go grocery shopping in the motorhome - and it was impossible to use a McDonalds drive-thru !!! Hope that helps. Tim
  7. Hi all. I have a issue that I'm hoping the wealth of experience / knowledge out there can help me with. During my usual pre-trip inspection I've noticed a possible defect in the tread of one tire. We have GeoStar 255 / 70 R 22.5 H four-groove tires on the front of our Class A. Between grooves three and four some of the one inch chevron shaped tread blocks are distorted - some slightly depressed and some slightly raised (I'm thinking possibly caused by impact on a damaged section of freeway). The tread blocks between grooves one / and two / three are undamaged as far as I can see. My inclination is to replace the tire but at $300 or so, a part of me is thinking if I'm being over cautious. Any thoughts / recommendations would be appreciated. Many thanks.

    Us 12 Utah

    We drove the UT-12 Scenic Byway west to east two years ago in May (38' Class A DP towing a Jeep) and it was one of the most memorable trips we've had - for all good reasons. The road certainly lived up to its name and there were some spectacular places to camp / explore along the way. Just be aware of the weather, especially on the section known as the Hogback - I wouldn't want to drive that bit in windy conditions.
  9. Hi Gary We've just started our sixth year of six-months RV living / travelling - we go back to England for the remaining six months each year because our visitor visa only allows us to ask for six months entry into the US at a time. If it weren't for family / friends, I guess we could go into Canada for six months before seeking re-entry to America instead of going home. Anyway, to try and answer your questions from our experience: 1. Driving licence - as others have posted, you would not be able to obtain a US D/L as a non-resident. We simply use our UK licences. 2. Health insurance - We use the 'free' travel insurance provided by our UK bank but with an extension to 180 days per trip at a cost of c.£500pa. 3. Insurance for the truck and trailer - We initially used Progressive to insure both our bus and jeep but after three claim-free years they doubled the premium supposedly because of a change in policy regarding overseas licence holders. We now arrange cover via the Good Sam Club (together with their breakdown / recovery service). 4. Banking - We were able to open a checking account with the Bank of America without any problem. It was they that suggested we use the address of the holiday apartment we were staying in at the time as our 'residence' and a friend's PO Box for the mailing address. After a couple of years building up an account history we applied for a BofA credit card and provided details of our UK income / property - computer say YES. This proved extremely useful in a few instances where a debit card nor our UK issued credit card were acceptable. One other thing - communications. My wife uses her iPhone6 with a 'global' pay-as-you-go SIM whilst I've always been happy with a Tracfone which costs me $100 pa for all the minutes / texts / data I need during our travels and allows me to keep the same number from year to year. Hope this helps. Regards
  10. We use one from Rand McNally which was specifically designed for use in an RV (sorry I can't recall the exact model and our bus is in storage until next week). You can enter the various dimensions of your RV (and toad) and the system will pick a route that avoids roads where you won't fit or be restricted from. You can also switch to "car" mode for using when out and about in your toad. In five years it's not let us down (yet).
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