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  1. DJW

    How many have burial flags

    FL-Joe My Father's mom lied for him and he enlisted in the Navy when he was only 16. He spent the war on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, HI. That lie came back to bit him when his birth certificate said he was born in 1925 and his service record showed he was born in 1924. It all worked out but it was a PIA getting it corrected. Dennis
  2. DJW

    How many have burial flags

    If either or both of your parents were Veterans how many have their burial flag? Both my Mother and Father were Navy Veterans serving in WWII. Our local VFW displays local Veterans burial flag on Memorial Day, Forth of July, Veterans Day out at the local Cemetery. It's a very nice display. When my Mother died my Dad gave her burial flag to the VFW for display. When my Father died 5 years ago my older brother gave dad's burial flag to the VFW for display. All the burial flags have the Veterans names on them which makes it easy to find your family flag. I have my Grandfather's burial flag in a display case. He joined the Navy Sea Bees after Pearl Harbor and served throughout the Pacific during WWII. He was almost 43 years old when he joined the Navy in 1942. My Grandmother gave me my Grandfather's burial flag at the time of his death in March 1986 as I was a Master Sergeant in the Army at the time. I wish I had both my Mother & Fathers Burial Flag. Dennis
  3. DJW

    Flag Day! June 14 2018!

    Our local VFW has a drop off box right out front of the facility for torn or worn flags. It's a drive up just like a mail box. Pull up open the door place the flag inside close the door and you are done. Dennis
  4. DJW

    Flag Day! June 14 2018!

    I agree Pieere plus it is my MIL's 89th Birthday so we have 2 reasons to be happy. Dennis
  5. offroad Not a problem I live in a S&B's with high speed internet. Thanks for the upgrade tip to Win 10 Pro. I had a Win7 Pro key and just completed the upgrade. Dennis
  6. Lots of Updates yesterday. I counted 10. They all downloaded and went through the install mode and then the message came up that they could not complete the updates and set everything back to the way it was. We try again this morning. Dennis
  7. LarryN I did not have a single problem on either of my Laptops. 1 a 64-bit with Win 10 Pro and 1 a 32-bit Win 10 Home. I made systems images and new restore points on both of the laptops on Sunday so I knew I could get back to old setting fairly quickly. Dennis
  8. Bill I installed it on a 64-bit system last night and am now installing it on a 32-bit system. Dennis
  9. Well it came in around 9PM CST last night. I downloaded it to my HP laptop with no problems and seems to be running fine. It took maybe 12 min or so to download on a 45 MBPS system, 30 min or to install and I do not how long to config as once it started to config I went to be. It was up and running fine this morning when I got up. Have not played with it yet to figure out all the new stuff. Dennis
  10. I guess that MS is not releasing it today? What is the number of the release? Dennis
  11. RV I hope you will advise us when it is safe to buy a new laptop with an Intel chip set. Dennis
  12. DJW

    ASUS Computer Question

    Bill Thanks that got me the answer I needed. Problem solved. Dennis
  13. The DW has a ASUS laptop (low end) that is running Windows 10 Home. Over the last several months every time I turn it on it gives me this msg: ASUS Smart Gesture Setup We are updating your touchpad driver in the background. Please don't restart your computer, this may take some time to complete. When I then go to close that window it says: Install completed, feel free to restart your computer anytime. I have done this dozens of times. I have gone to Device manager and checked the drivers and it always tells me I have the best driver for it installed. Now I do have a Logitech mouse and keyboard installed because the keyboard on the laptop sucks. Any thought how or what I should do to stop getting the message every time I turn the computer on? Thanks Dennis
  14. Ron I believe that is what they called it on the video links that were posted in answer to the read only hard drive issues and reformatting from a NTFS which is PC vs a Mac (DOS Fat or DOS exFat). I screwed up and started this thread on the Vet thread by mistake and a couple of folks provided links to the Hard Drive read only issue she was running into when she tried to copy more pictures over to the old 2TB HD that apparently arrived new formatted for NTFS. Anyway there are a couple good links on the read only issue down 3 threads or so on the Vet thread. Dennis
  15. OK it is done. New 3 TB reformatted using DOS and pictures moved from internal HD to new 3 TB and then pictures dragged and dropped from the old 2 TB onto the new 3TB. She then reformatted the old 2 TB and is using it as the auto backup drive for her daughters iMac. She is also going to move some stuff off of Katy's MacBook Pro laptop to the 3 TB external HD. The daughter says the laptop is getting slower so going to move some stuff. Thanks for all the help and advise. I am not an apple person and can barley turn on my DW's iPad. I passed all the links and suggestions on to my sister and she watched the videos and told me this morning that the whole issue was a walk in the park. She had not run across the read only issue with the external HD. I had got her a good deal of $70 delivered for the Seagate 3TB Expansion HD so all is good. Thanks Again Dennis