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  1. Boys can we not just agree that the only thing that man is in control of is just how soon he recognizes Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and that all other controls are in God's hands not man's! God will create a new Heaven and a new Earth in His time frame not man's. Dennis
  2. RV Funning thing. It has happened twice now. When I first turn on the laptop the new windows has come up but then if I reboot it goes away and the old build comes back up. I guess it is telling me hey I am here if you want to download me? No favorites in the new but all still there when it goes back to the old. I took a picture with my ipad of the favorites window so I at least can remember all the ones I have saved when I need to rebuild after downloading the new windows. Dennis
  3. DJW

    Memorial Day

    Yes you can fly Old Glory regardless of the weather Dennis
  4. DJW

    Memorial Day

    Old Glory waves every day all day at our house. The spot light comes on at dusk and goes off at sunrise. I see no reason to ever lower her and with a nice breeze she stands straight out in all her Glory. Dennis
  5. RV Glad you made the move safely. Dennis
  6. DJW

    Latest Military News

    R I am sure they are working hard to ensure they color coordinate with their Umbrellas. Dennis
  7. Duck You do realize that we were talking about the flooding in Nebraska right? Mississippi is a good 850 miles away. Ya might want to check with the Mississippi Dept of Transportation on road condition in the state! Dennis
  8. Boys I think we need to dial this back. This could go nuclear real quick. There was a bad flood in my home state of Nebraska I think we should leave it at that. Dennis
  9. Mine are the behind the ear kind. They are Resound. Mine are a light tan so they blend in with my skin really well. They have this clear wire/tube that contours to the ear with the dome on the end that goes down the ear canal and you cannot even see it unless you are really looking for it. One final tip. These are so light that after a while you will not even know they are in your ear. If you are out in the yard or wherever and decide to go take a shower don't forget to take them out. I check my ears every time I am about to get in the shower even in the morning before I take my morning shower just to make sure I don't have them in. When I get in bed at night 7 out of 10 times I have to get up again and go take them out because I forget they are still in my ears. If you are wearing hearing protection like ear muff take them out because if you are like me you sweat a lot and with ear muff type of protection your hearing will get wet and they do not like being wet. I had to have one of mine replaced because I would ware them when I had my hearing protection ear muffs on and over time it stop working. You will enjoy the new style Dennis
  10. RV You will love the new hearing aids . After you get them make sure when you clean them you get the little rubber dome seated correctly or it will end up at the bottom of your ear canal (don't ask me how I know) Dennis
  11. The DW will come into my office and ask me to turn up the TV so she can hear it now. Dennis
  12. RV If you get the ReSound TV Streamer make sure you tell them you want the remote as well otherwise you have to use the button on your hearing aid to sink it in which is a PIA. I would turn off my hearing aid more times than not instead of pairing it up. Dennis
  13. RV Do you ware hearing aids now? If not the new ones are great. If you are getting new ones which will have blue tooth tell them you would like the device that plugs into your TV It's about 3x4 inches and plugs into a USB slot for power and the digital out spot on your TV. It comes with a little remove that you can recharge. It blue tooths the sound right to your hearing aids. You can mute the TV or turn the volume down so low that no one can hear it. You than can control the volume in your ears with the remote. I have the ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2 with Dolby Digital sound and it works great. You can pair your hearing aids to your phone if you like. Dennis
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