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  1. This is the stuff wanted thread not the RV for sale thread? Ya missed it by 2 threads Dennis
  2. I agree Barb. Give it some thought, make it hard to crack and I believe you are good to go. RV store the notebook where you know no one would every think to look. Dennis
  3. Password Managers Really? What happened to using your mind? In the old days I could remember 25 or 30 phone numbers, now they are all on the contact list and I cannot remember my DW's cell number most of the time. Passwords I have maybe 30 different accounts and they are all different and I remember them. Why would you want to list all your passwords on someone else's storage device? Or give them to someone else to manage? My thoughts are that if you create a ball buster password in your mind and then make slight deviations to it that only your mind will know why, why do you need a manager? Just thoughts Dennis
  4. Rv Thanks. Checked both DW's and mine and neither had been compromised. Dennis
  5. RV Thanks Yes the 2nd example which is refurb by the seller has better spec's but more than twice as expensive.! Looking for my DIL. Trying to stay around the $700 mark. The first example at Newegg is even a better deal than the MS store as it is the same machine only new. Both have the pen but neither has the cover/keyboard Dennis
  6. RV Would you recommend a refurbished MS Surface Pro 4 core i5 128GB SSD and 4 GB of Ram Win 10 Pro from MS for $729? It's just for e-mail, pictures, lite home admin, surfing the web. It's on MS Dennis
  7. Jack Does that come with a larger screen than the 13.5"?. Which is what I have seen. Dennis
  8. prplehearts Sometimes the folks get pretty worked up when it comes to discussing veterans issues and they can become very political very fast. There are a group of folks that think that the veterans get to much because they themselves have never served their country in uniform and there is a group of folks who thing we do not get enough for the sacrifices we made. So yes you do need to watch what you say and how you say it because it can go South quick. Dennis
  9. Shooter51 We will put you down for a not likely to shop at Lowe's vote? Dennis
  10. Really Rob You don't know the date you retired? Do you know how long you served? Do you remember the date you enlisted? I can tell you I served 20 years 6 months and 3 days I retired the 31th of Aug 1993. Working backwards from 31 Aug 1993 that would tell you that if I served 20 years 6 months and 3 days that I enlisted on the 28th of Feb 1973. It is really not the hard to figure out. I already had a MYLOWES card so I just went to the Customer Service Desk and they took the info off my Mil Ret Card and added it to my MYLOWES card and I have been good to go every since. Dennis
  11. So about 10 days 2 weeks ago I was in Lowes buying something and flipped out the Mil Retired ID Card at the checkout. The clerk who has been there for awhile told me Lowes was changing how they accept the Vet ID info. They are now putting it on your myLowes card. I already have a myLowes card so Richard said go to the customer services desk and they will add the info to the card. He did say they were having problems with folks trying to do it online. Went to the Customer service desk and showed my Mil Retired Card and they just added it to my myLowes card info. For those who do not have a myLowes card it is not a credit card but just an info card. When you buy something they scan your myLowes card and it becomes a record of it, when you bought it, what you paid etc. So if you decide to return it you do not need to have the receipt. I have been in Lowes twice since adding the info to the myLowes card and has worked great both times. Saturday I bought 52 16 foot Trek Enhanced Saddle Composite deck boards and BAM there was my $187.40 discount. They were normally $40 each but they had them on sale thru 7/5 for $36 and then I got another $3.60 off each so I have $32.40 in each one plus tax. My point is get the Vet info on the myLowes card and be done with it. Dennis
  12. RV TY Dennis
  13. RV What about making that repair disk/thumb drive every time you make a system image in Win 10 question? Do you need to make a new repair disk every time? Dennis
  14. remoandiris That is so true. I have been blessed with good VA Doc's and staff but I am aware of the nightmares that others have experienced with the VA. Dennis