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  1. It is so nice to see the old guys get together and talk story about "What it was like back in the Day" or to listen to those "Remember When" Stories Dennis
  2. DJW


    This would be the way to go for a TV. http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/137929-new-price2008-volvo-730-43000-lowered-price/ Dennis
  3. Yes you might be right that might have been better. But do you really think MS is going to get bent out of shape with someone giving a product key for a 10 year old software that they don't even support anymore? It's not like I gave him the product key for a 1903 build copy of Windows 10 Pro. I took it down now you should delete your post listing it as well.
  4. That Key code is not stolen. I am not selling it. I have it and I don't need it any longer who are you to say I can't give it away? I paid for it back in 2010. So if helping someone out with something I don't need or want any longer is a crime well just to bad. Dennis
  5. RV It turned out to be in the web page for my club Lexus forum software. They are working the issue now. Dennis
  6. You might want to show the price and were it is located Dennis
  7. NDBirdman You may find it difficult to find a tv with RCA outputs. Everyone has gone to the HDMI. Dennis
  8. It is a tankless water heater. It heats the water on demand very common in newer homes. It eliminates the need to keep, 10,30,50,80 gallons of water hot all the time. Dennis
  9. I decided that it was not worth driving 450 miles round trip to LR and back for it. Dennis
  10. Long story short. I have 2 Lexus's a LS 460L and a SC 430. I belong to the club Lexus forums for both the LS and SC models. 2 days ago I started getting a strange msg when I got on the SC forum. A red bar 1/2 wide and 3 3/4 inch started coming up on the screen just when I was on the SC forum that says: Browser local storage is full, clear storage or increase database size. The bar will repeat itself 8 or 9 times just going down the page. Each bar has an X at the top right which you can click one at a time and the bar goes away and then comes back in 10/15 seconds and starts going down the page again. This is only happing on just this one web page. So is this me and my Edge browser or club Lexus? If it is me how do I clear the Browser local storage or increase the database size? Dennis Add ON: The red bars only show up when I start typing a reply on any of the Club Lexus threads. I can click on the thread but unless I go to add a reply to a thread nothing?
  11. Thanks RV I value your opinion. Dennis
  12. RV I thought with the 6 additional accessories that it comes with it might have been a good buy? It would not be by mail I would see if I could get them to meet me somewhere between LR and BV so I did not have drive all the way into LR. It was just a thought. Dennis
  13. RV Is this worth the money for what is being offered? Was thinking of getting it for the GD. Would you buy it? https://littlerock.craigslist.org/sys/d/little-rock-excellent-used-microsoft/6998283947.html Dennis
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