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  1. Richard Claridge The guy gave his phone number in the OP I don't know what ya think call him? This post was back in April and he has not been back since? Dennis
  2. Guys first and only post. I will take 3 days before he comes back if every? Dennis
  3. Ray I agree with Phi. I have had great luck with the Seagate product line. All my externals are 3 TB HD's. All my kids have external 3 TB Seagate HD's. My laptop has a Seagate. Dennis
  4. Ya might try putting the selling price in? Or is the 6480 less the $ sign the price? Also seeing this is your first post try coming back maybe daily to see if anyone has any questions you might answer and then if it sells just saying sold. Dennis
  5. Give it a rest folks. This is anther one of those jerks that has 1 post and never comes back to it. This post started in Sep of 2018. Dennis
  6. Boys give this S@%T a rest. All this guy is doing is trolling. I am sure if someone came into his post office and went postal on his ass it would not have been a farm worker that he would have been looking to save him. Just let it go Dennis
  7. Inflt Thanks for posting it has been sold. Dennis
  8. Never got an e-mail from you Dennis
  9. Another one of those jerks who makes a post and never checks it again. I sent this guy an e-mail per the OP link and it bounced back. If you are going to post stuff for sale at least have the common decency to come back and say it is sold or check your post. Dennis
  10. I tried to send you and e-mail but it would not go through Dennis
  11. So I have downloaded the Windows 10 1903 build on both my laptop and the DW's laptop. The DW's the day it came out and mine maybe 10 days later. Now I cannot get on a couple of web pages that I was always able to get on with Edge. However I can still get on them on the DW's laptop. My Laptop is a HP and hers is a ASUS? Is there something that got switched for some reason in the upgrade on my laptop with Edge. I can still get on all the other web pages on my laptop but it will not let me on my Lexus Drivers web page and now it will not allow me to get onto my livestream for my church in HI. I downloaded Chrome (which I hate) mostly because of the company onto my laptop it will open both of those web pages with no issues. I cannot figure what the issue is with those 2 web pages and Edge now? Dennis
  12. RV I took off several just to see if it worked and it did. Thanks for the tip. Are you completely unpacked by now? Dennis
  13. Boys can we not just agree that the only thing that man is in control of is just how soon he recognizes Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and that all other controls are in God's hands not man's! God will create a new Heaven and a new Earth in His time frame not man's. Dennis
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