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  1. Buying a cover

    I found the cover for our 40' Newmar Kountry Aire 5ver to be a real pain in the @#$ If the strap snaps are at all loose and they bang against the side, they will scratch the paint. It may come out of a small box, but you will never ever get it back into anything close to that size again. Waste of good money. Dennis
  2. RV thanks. I could not remember that name: Revo Pro Uninstaller Jack: I ordered the Brydge Keyboard. I got it for $110 and free shipping. I am sure she will love it. Thanks Again for the tip.
  3. Steve I have it now so I hope I did not get a POS as you say. I think RV has been happy with his 3 and 4? Dennis
  4. RV Need some advice on the Surface Pro 4 that just arrived for the DIL's Christmas present. I am guessing that there is a ton of crap on the SSD the could be removed. I really did not want to fire it up or unwrap it before giving it to her when she is here over Thanksgiving. From your experience with your Surface Pro 4 how much crap should I expect on the SSD? After she opens it what software should I install to remove it? In the past I have used CC clearner and something else that I cannot remember the name of (Pro something or the other by Real?) I as I recall you can get a 30 day free trial I will also install Malwarebyts. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Dennis
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    RV I only said light task to indicate that she does/will not use it for any heavy production type of work. Pulled the trigger Saturday. Got a new open box unit Surface Pro 4 for $590 delivered. Thanks for the feedback. Dennis
  6. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    Thanks Jack I will look at that keyboard Dennis
  7. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    Thanks Jack Dennis
  8. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    RV I know you have both a Pro 3 and Pro 4. I would be interested in your thoughts. I am thinking the DIL is thinking it would act as both a computer which it is an a tablet. No heavy work load just e-mail kind of stuff. Dennis
  9. Need some help here. Son is looking to get his wife a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for Christmas. He gave me this link. I told him I thought we could beat this price. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01606KJ6C/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I3CZ6UIU86NMZE&colid=2BZPAOQYMJTWG With the holiday sales about start what are your thoughts on getting this model for a better price? For what she will use it for the i5 should be more than enough processing power? Is the ram upgradeable on the Surface Pro 4 by adding a 8gb or 16gb ram chip? Dennis
  10. RV It's funny I never have that problem on Linda's laptop only on mine. Linda's is Win 10 Home, mine is Win 10 Pro. Dennis
  11. Lou That did not work. Same issue screen goes black for a second and reboots I copied your example just like it shows in your post and it made no difference? However if turn off fast starting (un check the box) then the laptop will shut down when you tell it to. Thanks for your help Dennis
  12. I did the Fall update on Tuesday and now have the same old problem in that the laptop will not shut down just reboots. I have looked for the old thread which tells how to fix this but cannot find it. Something to do with the power button setting if I remember correctly but cannot find it. Dennis
  13. RV I got KB4040724 back on the 30th of Sep. So it looks like I am good to go. Thanks for the update. Dennis
  14. RV I got nothing today other than a windows defender definition update? Checked history nothing. Dennis