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  1. DJW

    New Dental Programs

    Trailertraveler Thanks your posts got me headed in the right direction. Now just need to wait until the open enrollment starts the 12th of Nov. Dennis
  2. DJW

    New Dental Programs

    Hey Guys this thread is not about where you winter or what Doctor in Mexico you used it's about figuring out the options on the new federal employee dental program.. Dennis
  3. DJW

    New Dental Programs

    Remoandiris Yes Delta Dental for retired military is going away effective 31 Dec 2018 and military retires can now sign up for the same dental program that Federal Employees have. I think open enrollment opens up some time this month? Dennis
  4. DJW

    New Dental Programs

    Has anyone figured out the new dental program yet? There are so many options my head is spinning in researching this. If I understand this correctly that Delta is going away from DOD and we will now be eligible for the Fed Employee Dental program and the enrollment period is coming up soon for 2019 coverage. Dennis
  5. I have not noticed anything deleted as of yet anyway. I downloaded the first day on one laptop and on a 2nd laptop on the 4th day with no issues. Dennis
  6. RV We were at a friends up in Geneva, Nebraska for the week. It must have been her internet. When I got back to Bella Vista on Friday I updated Linda's laptop and it took 30 min start to finish. I have not noticed any big changes but I do not use my computer like you do. I am sure there are all kind of cool new features but I just have not found them. Dennis
  7. Well it downloaded with no problems but man did it take forever. I was on a highspeed land line and from clicking on check for updates to starting to configuration was 2.5 hours. So it does take a while. However it did download with no problems. Dennis
  8. RV Thanks this post is what I was talking about when I said I missed your informative posts. 57 Becky True I should have not used the word viruses. I know they are different but I always think of them as the same in as much as I know both are bad for my computer. Dennis
  9. RV I don't mean that you had taken your ball and gone in a negative way. I just meant that since you were getting ready to move and that you did not spend as much time on the forum that it sure had gone dead. I know that you are out there and that if someone really needed help that you would be one of the first ones to jump in. I guess I was saying that I miss your informative posts and the knowledge I gained from them. Stay safe my Friend Dennis
  10. chirakawa Yes you are correct I should have said computers and software forum and not thread. SWharton Maybe not? Dennis
  11. I have a copy of Toyota Tech stream software coming on cd/dvd. I am going to install it on an old Dell Mini 10 with XP on it. I will use an external dvd drive to install it on the Dell Mini 10. The Dell Mini 10 with XP is not allowing me to install Malwarebytes on it. It will not even allow me to log onto their web page? I can get onto other web pages but not Malwarebytes to download the free version. I would like to scan the software disk before I install it on the 160GB HD in the Mini 10. So I have 3 questions: 1: Can I scan the Tech Stream software using the external DVD player using the Malwarebytes on my laptop without and chance that anything could get onto my laptop? 2: If I can use my Malwarebytes with the external DVD player how do I do that? I do no see anything in Malwarebytes that allows me to select another destination to scan? 3: It is that Malwarebytes does not support computers using XP and that is why it will not allow me to connect to their web page? Any help would be apricated. Dennis
  12. Man ever since RV took is ball and went home this thread is dead. Dennis
  13. DJW

    Where did you land?

    We started out from Bella Vista, Arkansas on 1 Sep 2001 and after 11 years on the road we ended up back in Bella Vista but only spent 82 days here the first 2 years after we bought another home here. We spent 15 winters living on our 42 foot Sailboat in Pearl Harbor HI 3-4 months on the boat and then on the road on mainland the other 8-9 months. When the sailboat no longer was fun we gave it to our son who has lived in HI since 04/86. Now my older brother and youngest sister live in Bella Vista. NWA is great the cost of living is 13 percent below the national average. No state income tax on SS or Military Retirement. The electricity kwh rate is the third lowest in the country. Mild winters and beautiful country, it was had not to come back. Dennis
  14. DJW

    Has anyone heard from "Stan"

    Plus I believe Stan and his wife are now raising a young grandson 8-10 10-12 years old? I am sure that is taking up a lot of their time now. I also miss Stan and wish him and his family well. Dennis