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  1. Update Man did downloading the MS Update KB 4078130 for the Sandy Bridge 32NM Tech patch totally jack up my computer. I had to do a complete system image restore which took the system back to 1/13/2018. It is all done but what a pain in the ass that was. Dennis
  2. RV Thanks for the info. I installed the Speccy software on both of our laptops and recorded the information. So I read the article and clicked on the Intel link. I have Sandy Bridge 32nm Tech on my HP Probook 4530 Intel Core i3. So the Intel link took me to a Microsoft link that showed they had put out a patch on 29 Jan 18. Update KB4078130 and it said you would need to manually download it that it would not do it under auto update. Anyway hit the download button for the patch and nothing no download nothing. Any thoughts on what I might have done wrong? I checked my update history and it does show any update by that number. Thanks Dennis
  3. Back Up Drive

    RV As long as we are on the subject of backup. I am still using the system image backup in Windows 10 is still good to go? Dennis
  4. Back Up Drive

    I have 2 Seagate 3TB external hard drives. 1 for the DW's Laptop and 1 for mine. I backup each laptop to it's own EHD once a month and once or twice a year I backup each EHD to each other. So I have 3 copies if you will of both laptops. 1 internal and 2 external. Our files are mostly pictures and music. Dennis
  5. Tracking Cookies Question

    TCW That was it. Thanks Dennis
  6. I have Super Spyware free addition on my laptops. I would run it once or twice a week and find 100-300 tracking cookies on my laptop less on the DW's because she uses her iPad more than her laptop. Over this last month or so when ever I run it now it never shows any tracking cookies found and no threats found. In one of the recent Windows 10 updates did MS make the system so that it now deletes all the tracking cookies when you shut the laptop down? If so then I will remove Super Spyware from the laptops as the only reason I had it was it was easy to use to remove tracking cookies. I run CCleaner and Malwarebyts as well as Defender on both laptops. Dennis
  7. RV The DIL's Pro 4 has the same spec's as your Pro 3. i5, 4GB Ram, 128 SSD. Thanks for that phone number, I think that is what allowed her to get to the right person. She is happy, happy. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks again for all your advise and assistance to the forum. Dennis
  8. Update After several days of being bounced around at MS the DIL finally found someone who would take responsibility for it. They tried a few things over the phone and then said we will send you a new one send that one back. She shipped it back and within 24 hours a new one was on the FedX truck. It arrived went through the setup and downloaded all the updates and is working like a champ. Jack: Also got her the keyboard that you recommended. She is a happy DIL. Dennis
  9. Remember that half of all Doctors finished in the lower half of their class and one of them finished deal last but yet we still call them Doctor. Dennis
  10. docj I had the same issue. I never noticed that it was the AMD version. Uninstalled it and downloaded the 64x build version for my intel core i3. Thanks for the catch. Dennis
  11. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    NDBirdman Never heard of the 30 percent discount if you sign up early. Thinking BS but could be wrong. Is she currently receiving a SS Check? Ya do know that pride is one of the 7 deadly sins right? Scripture says that pride is the one God finds the most detestable . Dennis
  12. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    NDBirdman She should sign up for the Part B and start having the monthly charge taken out of her SS check. If she delays the penalty for not signing up when you turn 65 is stiff. In most cases depending on where you live the military facility can and may refuse her service once she turn 65. It all depends on the facility ie are they under staffed, do you have some issue that they want to continue to treat that is unique? Have her sign up and start looking for a new Doctor that she likes on the outside. Once She finds a new Medicare Doctor and establishes them as her Primary Care Provider and she shows she has TFL then they will automatically bill TFL for what ever Medicare does not pay. We have been on Medicare/TFL since May of 2015 and while I have never used it the DW has never received a bill for a single cent and add in Script for the drugs it like a walk in the park. Dennis
  13. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    NDBirdman or 5: Tell your friend to put his big boy pants on and pay the bill. It's stories just like this that folks want to use to make it sound like the VA screwed them. It sounds like he rolled the dice and did not have other insurance to cover him even when he was not close to a VA facility and when you bet against the house you more often then not lose. It's not the Governments responsibility to pay for our own stupidity. As far as your TFL. If you just turned 60 then don't worry about it. By the time you turn 65 and are eligible the whole game will have changed several times over. Dennis
  14. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    RV They changed our full retirement age to 66 what 25-30 years ago? That should not have been any big surprise. While I really don't like paying the $108 a month on the one hand but on the other I really don't care. I look at it like I have been so blessed to be able to have lived the life I/we have in this country that I am more than willing to give $2592 back a year to make up for the 32 years my Great Grandfather received SS after only paying into it 5 years. It's only Money and to me money is a "Renewable Resource" provided to me on a "As Needed" basis by "The Lord" Dennis
  15. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    NDBirdman While I kinda agree with you I don't. Your 100 percent is only good at a VA facility. If you are several hundred miles from a VA facility when you have let's say a massive heart attack. Do you want to get handed a bill after the local EMT's transport you to the local hospital? Are you going to say take me someplace free I will take the chance that I live until I reach there? And when you get there are you sure that the Doc who is treating you has not killed 10 other people and the VA was his last chance? Pay the $108 a month and thank God you live in a country that gives you those choices. I went from $237 a year for Tricare Prime for the DW to $2592 for the both of us a year. Yes it rubs me wrong as well but $2592 a year for 100 percent medical insurance including drugs is a whole lot cheaper than most folks are paying. I know folks paying that a month and that is after they pay the first 5-10K out of pocket. It's a good deal just go with it. Take some more BP med's and let it go. Dennis