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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate it. I will pass it along to the kids in VA Dennis
  2. The kid have been complaining about the wifi coverage in their house and are talking about getting the Google WiFi Whole Home Mesh Wifi System 4-Pack at Costco for $299 I think. I have never heard of it but 872 folks out of 1045 have given it a 5 star ratting. Has anyone any experience with this unit. I guess it really takes the place of a extenders on a regular router? Dennis
  3. DJW

    Traveling Vet

    Sensitive Compartmented Information Maybe? Dennis
  4. DJW

    Nervous and Scared

    RamblinRec No problem. Regarding the Walmart parking issue. It really depends on the locations. So many RVer's have free loaded and abused the free overnight parking at Walmart by setting up camp in the parking lot for days that city fathers have put an end to it in lots of locations by passing city laws saying you can't do that or that Walmart is no longer allowed to provide free over night parking. Lots of those locations have RV parks that are or were sitting empty because Walmart was allowing their parking lots to become free RV Parks thus depriving those RV parks in the area of their source of income. So it just depends where you are at. Again lots of discussion about just this type of issue and this subjects up in the General RVing thread. Dennis
  5. DJW

    Nervous and Scared

    RamblinRec As a retired USA Master Sergeant it is a given that I have lots of talents but being clairvoyant is not one of them. No where in your original post did you say that you were a US Military Veteran. No where in your original post did you ask any questions about or regarding what this forum is generally about which is US Military Veteran Issues not Camping issues regardless of weather you are a Veteran or not. So let us begin again. Welcome to Escapees. Thank You for your service. I believe you will find most of your questions answered in the General RVing Forum or by using the search feature. Have a nice day. Dennis
  6. DJW

    Nervous and Scared

    Why is this thread on the Veterans Forum? This thread should be up in general RVing questions! I see this is her first post. This forum is for US Military Veterans not RVing Veterans. You will get way better answers if you ask the question in the right forum. Have safe travels. Dennis
  7. DJW

    No longer for sale

    Well you never know for sure what someone with 3 posts under his belt and trying to sell something does or does not know or mean. Dennis
  8. DJW

    No longer for sale

    Zak Just for the record there is a whole forum here on Excapees on HDT's and MDT. We have been converting HDT's and registering them as RV's for maybe 12-14 years so the concept is not new. I had a 99 Volvo 770 registered as a RV back in 2005. Good luck selling your HDT. Dennis
  9. DJW

    Veteran's Health Care System

    Unlike Chuck I have had great experiences with the VA during my travels. I have used the VA in 3 locations with 2 of them being away from my home location. The VA in HI and the VA at Loma Linda, CA. Now that being said I was in both locations for more than 30 days at a time so I was able to establish a relationship with the facility. I agree with Chuck that if you were thinking quick in and quick out you will not be a happy camper with the results. If you are going to be spending extended times near a VA then get registered with that facility and I might suggest that you take the right attitude into the facility when dealing with them. If you go in with the attitude of "can you help me please" it will go along ways vs going in with the attitude of "this is might right and I am entitled to it". With that attitude they will dick you over every time regardless of what you think you are entitled to. Dennis
  10. DJW

    Veteran's Health Care System

    Wiley I am talking hours if you are going through the sick call clinic. It could be weeks or months if you would need to see some type of specialist. Dennis
  11. I am still running a 2002 version. It does everything I want it to do. I have never downloaded files from my bank. I run maybe 60-70 manual inputs a month. I see no reason to upgrade Dennis
  12. DJW

    Veteran's Health Care System

    Yes you can use around the country. However in that you will not have a PCP Primary Care Provider at that given location be prepared for some long wait times at the VA. You will be required to use the walk in/sick call clinics. Dennis
  13. I tired that and I tired putting it in all the sub-folders inside the windows folder. No Luck Dennis
  14. rogers Is there a hidden setup folder or file that I might be able to drop it into? Dennis
  15. No one knows where this files goes? Dennis