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  1. DJW

    Has anyone heard from "Stan"

    Plus I believe Stan and his wife are now raising a young grandson 8-10 10-12 years old? I am sure that is taking up a lot of their time now. I also miss Stan and wish him and his family well. Dennis
  2. DJW

    33 yrs with no disability pension

    John Was the crushed skull a result of combat? What do you mean your group was attacked? By whom? Was this service connected or was it the result of a bar room brawl? Dennis
  3. DJW

    Tricare suppliment

    RV The way I found to get off those mailing lists was to stuff the whole thing back into their no postage due envelope write on the applications "NO Thank You Please remove from mailing list" cross everything out and mail it back to them on their dime. It takes 30 seconds but it is worth it. You get the same kind of stuff when you buy a house for mortgage insurance. Dennis
  4. Thanks Mark I went into task bar options and turned on the option to show power shell vs command prompt. Got it changed and then enabled the crapware protection on both laptops. They both show a 1 now when I do the check that was shown in RV initial posting. Thanks RV for the great tip. More often than not I will blow by that little box down in the corner that is checked thereby downloading some Crap that I do not want when I am doing updates on something like CCeaner.. I am assuming you should still uncheck the boxes just to make sure you do not download it? Dennis
  5. RV Running Windows 10 Pro on both laptops. Now just for info. One was a Win 7 Home machine to begin with upgraded to Win 7 Pro with a Purchased 7 Pro Key then was upgraded to Win 10 Pro when that came out. The other started life as a Win 8 Home machine upgraded to Win 8.1 and then to Win 10 Home. After someone posted you could upgrade your Win 10 Home machine to Win 10 Pro if you had a Win 7 Pro Key of which I did so I tried it and it worked so now both machines are Win 10 Pro. Dennis
  6. RV My PC does not show a power shell or a power shell (admin). I have a command prompt and a command prompt (admin). I am guessing this is the same but wanted to check with you first. Thanks Dennis
  7. DJW

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    AlCherry If you have figured it out please fill us in. My DW spent 2 hours going over all different planes on the Dental and came away with more questions than answers. Dennis
  8. DJW

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Ok I see. Dental issues are Service connected therefor covered under the VA for you but not your wife. Dennis
  9. DJW

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    jorddarb Are you a 100 percent disabled? If not how are you able to use VA dental? It is my understanding that you have to be 100 percent and it must be permanent and total to get the dental service. Dennis
  10. DJW

    Monitor Help Please

    RV Does it make any difference that she does not need nor want the TV function? She just wants a Better/Best monitor. Would you still recommend using a Vizio TV as a monitor? She is a headhunter in the banking industry. So I will put you down as a no on the LG monitor listed above. Sorry to hear about the bad water issue in CO. Have a great 4th. Dennis
  11. DJW

    Monitor Help Please

    This monitor was on my daily New Egg email. Seems to have good spec's the price with promo code is $289. Mac Compatible. 4 inch bigger than she had me looking for but split screen 4.0 so she can pull up 4 doc at a time. For some reason it will not let me post the link? Anyway it is a LG Monitor 34UM64-P normal price is $499. Just checked that monitor is $386 on Amazon. So the $289 with free shipping and no sales tax is a good buy. Dennis
  12. DJW

    Monitor Help Please

    Twotoes I don't think she cares which brand it is just recommendations for Better/Best quality. Dennis
  13. My sister is moving down here from Omaha and will now work out of her home. She asked me to do some research on a (Good, Better, Best, Very Best) BETTER/BEST grade of 27-30 inch Monitor that she can hook up via HDMI cable (which she has) to her 15 inch Mac Air laptop. She is a total APPLE person, IMAC computer, Mac Air laptop, iPhone8, iPad Air. So I am looking for suggestions for a monitor that is not "Gamer" quality she does not need that but one that you can sit in front of all day. Bottom line is it must work with a 15 inch Mac Air Laptop. Thanks in advance Dennis
  14. What's up with this thread not a single post since the 14th of June. RV are you sick or just moving? Dennis
  15. DJW

    How many have burial flags

    FL-Joe My Father's mom lied for him and he enlisted in the Navy when he was only 16. He spent the war on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, HI. That lie came back to bit him when his birth certificate said he was born in 1925 and his service record showed he was born in 1924. It all worked out but it was a PIA getting it corrected. Dennis