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  1. RV Hooligans

    Dog License

    Just went to the license link.....& discovered there's a Polk County in Oregon too. lol
  2. Want to have a blog/vlog when we go FT early next year to keep in touch & share our journey with friends & family. (Not looking for an income stream or 1,000's of hits) I've checked out some books at the library, but I'm just NOT getting the knowledge I need. "Choose your platform"...Yeah, right. Considering a 3 hr class at our local community college. Anyone have any resources? Suggestions? We run Apple everything.
  3. RV Hooligans

    Wondering about Escapade?

    I've not been able to find info on where/when the 59th Escapade will be held....??? Isn't it usually announced before or at the closing ceremonies?
  4. RV Hooligans

    NM Parks Pass

    New Mexico used to offer a discount pass for State Parks that I believe got you 50% off nightly camping fees. Although at first glance it seemed kinda pricey I think we calculated that 14 nights would be the break even point. I haven't checked to see if it's still offered, but has anyone ever used this? This has been on our dream list for ages! My son is in Texas, hubby's mom & siblings in California, & my best friend from high school in Ohio lives in the 'boot heel' of NM so we anticipate LOTS of time spent in NM. we see this pass (IF still offered) as a great addition to time spent at Rainbow/Skip Parks in the Southwest. BTW while on our 2 month maiden voyage 2 years ago we stayed at JoJoba Hills, Rovers Roost & in Yuma---we are hooked.
  5. RV Hooligans

    We're back & raring to get on the road!

    We'd love to meet up in Sedalia but my sister-in-law will be visiting from CA at the same time. There are already plans that preclude our bringing her with.
  6. Don't know if anyone remembers us, but our #101359 should tip you off to how long ago we started dreaming of going FT. Attended an Escapade in Goshen, as well as the last 2 'Life on Wheels' conferences before Gaylord died. Toured Excel & New Horizon factories in Kansas as well as 3/4 factories in Indiana. Back then I did some comments here. I've been lurking, even if not posting. In Jan 2012 my kids (all OTR truck drivers) told us we needed to get the truck to get used to it before we got our 5th wheel. (Are you seeing how really far this all goes back?) We got a RAM 3500 diesel dually 4wd. Oct 2015 we got a used SunnyBrook 32.5 Titan. Promptly (Nov) made our first trip to Livingston & did 2 days of lessons with Greg from the RV Driving school. He told us we both had EXCEPTIONAL lane control---well duh--we'd been driving the BAT (BigAssTruck) for 4 years! We left the RV with my son in northern Texas & picked it back a couple months later That's been our longest trip so far: 2 months to CA to see family & friends When we decided it would have been wonderful to have spread that out to 6 or 7 months we realized YES- we will be happy in the FT life! We have spent too many retired years in our S+B...becoming very comfortable in the life of unpaid 'professional volunteers' with Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park...also at an 1890's living history farm. Always saying some day we'll FT. Well, late last fall we decided it was time to sh*t or get off the pot. Just wanted to reintroduce ourselves as I do plan to be popping up often. Linda & Larry