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  1. You will probably need to extend them and pull the fuse.
  2. I pulled down my grill and used foil tape to cover the one side. I loose my quick cool feature but we don’t notice. It is somewhat quieter but you still hear it.
  3. We have been down to the teens without much issue. When the pipes have frozen I put a space heater .on them and it thaws it out. I also make sure my tanks are empty going into a low temp event so I have a few days to go. So fat it has always risen to about he 40’s after a freeze.
  4. I experienced this exact issue with my heat pump in October. My DW said repair or replace. I ended up installing a hard start capacitor and no more problems. It was cheap on amazon.
  5. I abandoned the valves buried in the belly installed by the manufacturer. They are left open. I added new valves to the pipes on the exterior of the rv. Easy to repair and use. For your leaky valves, try adding 1 cup of cooking oil to each tank after you empty them. It will lubricator the blades and seals.
  6. Ronbo

    GY 114 Tire

    I don’t worry about temperature unless it spikes. I lowered my pressure because at 125 I was loosing tread. Since I lowered it I haven’t had any separation. I have been through a bunch of tires too.
  7. Ronbo

    GY 114 Tire

    I bought the discount tire warranty for mine si I haven’t paid full price yet. Based on weight I should be running 125 lbs of pressure. Since I dropped to 118 lbs I haven’t had any tread peal off. Still watching. When I have to pay full price I will go to Hercules tires.
  8. If you have satellite radio it has been activated for the holidays. It also gives you weather and traffic,
  9. Yes you can move it to a different device that is comparable with the sim. Not all devices are comparable. ATT can tell you if a device will work.
  10. The likely bolt that sheared is the one at the end that is not moving. Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get you the white boards to make a yard sign. Cut a flap in the belly large enough to work in. Use a large crescent to rotate the square tubing to get the holes to line up. Insert the bolt and install the nut. Get nylon locknuts. I keep several on hand. Cut a piece of the yard sign material larger than your hole. Close the flap and cover with the yard sign material. Insert screws and enjoy your slide.
  11. You can try adding a hard start kit to your unit. I just ordered one today for $8 on amazon
  12. It helps if we know what brand of gear we are discussing.
  13. My understanding is that even if you are legal in some states, that doesn’t make it legal in all states. Just because you have plates in Arizona doesn’t make it legal in Texas. Check your local ordinances and your local tax office.
  14. My dryer quit heating. There is a cover on the back that comes off. There are 2 smaller screws on the cover that hold the heating element and thermostats on. After removing all the screws, you then need to remove the screws holding the thermostats on. There is 1 screw in each. The one with the silver dot is what they call the one shot thermostat. It opens at 220f or when it decides to go bad. The one with the purple dot is the cycling thermostat. It opens at 150f and closes 25f lower. It almost never goes bad. It is also hard to find a replacement. I haven’t been able to yet. I went to an appliance parts place and he sold me part no. LA-1053. I used the thermal fuse, it has numbers on the face. It opens at 239. Not enough difference to worry about. It replaces the one with the silver dot. If you check them with an ohm meter, the one that is open will be bad. You will need to bend the tabs down to get it to all fit crack together. It is easily done by just pushing down on the connector after it is attached to the thermostat. The other 2 thermostats in the kit won’t be used. They are the cycling thermostats but have too high a temperature for our machines. You can call Splendide in Oregon but I am sure they will want your first born for the parts. I hope this helps someone to repair their dryer. The actual repair is quick and easy, but accessing the back of the machine is what takes the time.
  15. I wasn’t sure am I actually looked at the screen. It doesn’t actually shoe up like an X-ray. It puts a yellow square or rectangle over the affected part. I a do has a yellow square over my cervical spine.
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