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  1. I also decided I was better off with my grandfathered unlimited plan. They didn’t give you any problems putting your sim in a mifi? Did you get another line and forward your number or what?
  2. Ronbo

    New tires

    Actually it was Oklahoma. He surprised me. I don’t like people creeping around my house uninvited.
  3. Scott I checked into it. I would have to open a new account t as a prepaid and transfer my mofo over to it. It would then cost me $65 plus whatever for the account. Not worth it. I will stay with postpaid.
  4. Ronbo

    New tires

    Dapperdan I have one of my tires that is wearing similar to yours. The inside and outside are wore down like that. When I fueled up a guy from the tire shop came over to drum up business and told me I had a separation. I said ok, I’ll take care of it. About 1000 miles later I rebuilt all the brakes, rotors and bearings on my rv. That wheel bearing was a little loose. I have since put about 3000 more miles on it and no trouble from that tire.
  5. But it is only for prepaid plans, not postpaid.
  6. Ronbo

    Wire type

    I have pulled 3 strands of 250mcm about 150 ft. Used an excavator attached to the rope. Just don’t break the rope.
  7. Ronbo

    Wire type

    Do a search for wire size. There are several apps and web sites. Why aluminum? Copper would always be better.
  8. Ronbo

    Teton Wire Path

    I have 1000 watts of solar panels. My batteries stay at 100%. I have the charger on my inverter turned off and when my converter died it wasn’t replaced. Solar meets all my needs.
  9. Ronbo

    Mobley power options change

    I only received one PUK number from ATT. I ask about 2 but he said there was only 1.
  10. Ronbo

    New battery time....

    If for the HDT the best price is usually at Volvo. If for the 5th wheel, what type are you looking for?
  11. Ronbo

    Magnum ME2012 not charging

    I don’t know where you are located, but I had mine repaired by a company in OKC. The relays had gone out. I was still within the warranty period by1 week. I went there visiting my daughter and dropped it off. They repaired it and shipped it to me.
  12. Ronbo

    12v converter died, replace with?

    My converter died. Since I have solar and an inverter that also charges, I decided I did not need a converter.
  13. Ronbo

    Stopping TOO Fast /V. Teach Lesson #37.g(ee)

    Mr Cob that is also my view on things. Also in today’s world you will wreck your truck to avoid some idiot, and then they will leave without even checking on you. Your insurance will determine it is an at fault accident and will then rake you over the coals. If I just hit the idiots there is a good chance my home will not be damaged and I will only have to have the truck repaired/replaced vs loose everything. Also if you decide ahead of time that you will avoid the idiot at all costs, how hard will it be for you to modify that at the last minute when you have a gaurd rail beside you that you will be depending on to keep you from going down the canyon.
  14. Started working for me. Looks good
  15. I am lucky. Through no planning of my own at age 55 I began receiving the equivalent of $85,000 before taxes. My rather is looking at retirement in 5 years. He doesn’t have any company supplied retirement. He is a CFO at the top of his pay scale. He projects he will have to have $800,000 in investments to generate $60,000 per year income in retirement. I am better off than I thought although my retirement will not pass on to the kids, only the DW will be taken care of.