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  1. Most lithium battery packs will have a BMS. If it is wired correctly, it will nit allow charging below a set temp.
  2. The thickness of the disk is what will work for you. If you are having no problem with the 1/4 inch, the stick with that. No I am not Henry.
  3. Ronbo

    brake controller

    I am partial to Direclink.
  4. Check Coronado Village 505-823-2515. It is 1.3 miles from the balloon park. If you reserve, give them my name (Ron Corwin, space 228). The management is great. They have a park, pool and hot tub. It is gated. Really wide streets. I am 40 ft and tow with a HDT and have no problems getting into my space.
  5. I have Medicare and tricare prime. Not yet 65. My wife has tricare select. It is very hard finding a provider that takes tricare in Albuquerque. There are 2 major provider groups, both hospital based. They use hospital based billing, which increases the charges. After discussing with tricare, I found out that both hospital groups are capped on what they can charge. That limits my out of pocket expenses for the wife. Call tricare and discuss it with them.
  6. Set the parking brake and then take foot off the brake pedal. Holding your foot on the brake won’t make it bleed down any faster and pumping the brake is a pain. It sounds like you have a knob you have to hold down to bleed down the suspension. Am I right? You can also look for a lever that will say something like suspension. That will dump your suspension without emptying your air tanks. You may have 3 tanks. You will have a lanyard for each one. You only pull it until the liquid stops coming out. If it is oily, you may have bad seals in your compressor. I have never gotten anything except air out of my tanks.
  7. If you have a fire stick, you may be able to cast to the.
  8. Ronbo

    Its a marathon

    Just because you win in small claims court, doesn’t mean you will get your money. They have to have something worth something first. Usually not worth the time nor money.
  9. Thanks big5er. Yes my valves are accessible and can even be replaced if needed. I have thought about replacing them with electric valves so I can open and close them from inside. If I had problems, I would be able to easily replace them.
  10. This is why I installed waste valves on the pipes outside my rv. I just leave the cable operated valves open all the time. Don’t have to worry about them not working.
  11. I would love to do the Panama Canal. Maybe for our 50th.
  12. Congratulations. Now let us know what she got you. Our 40th is this May. We are going to the U.K. in July.
  13. I have a kenworth with a Cummins n14. I have a relay on the dash that I removed and connected a push button start switch on the dash. I think the actual problem is a switch on the transmission. If you think it will help I can take some pics tomorrow. It is in storage right now.
  14. If you are on Medicare but not yet 65, tricare prime is treated like TRICARE For Life. No need for preapproval. I go to the va for my pain meds because they will refill them once a month without a visit for a year. I also use express scripts. My chemo drugs cost $18,000 per month. My copay was about $500. On express scripts my copay is less than $30. Quite a change. You have to do your own research because no one will give you accurate information.
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