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  1. Gr Cundiff used to use a dome so he has experience with both. I just canceled my directv and am now using sling tv. They will give you a sling tv free if you pay for 3 months up front. You only need to add a hard drive to record ota programs. I pay $25.99 per month and an additional $5 for the dvr of programs not ota, plus another 5 for the package that include hallmark. It will record programs even while going down the road as long as I have internet and/or ota signal.
  2. The length of the cylinder itself. Look on their website. They will have the measurements
  3. If it is lippert, you need to know the color of the cylinder. Also take measurements.
  4. Another member had problems with breaking leaf springs. He finally replaced with higher capacity springs and no more broken springs.
  5. It is actually the valve. The magnet fits over the valve. If I remember right, the valves are about $80 each. I had my front jacks leaking down, replacing the valve fixed it. Don’t have pressure on the lines at the time. Disconnect the hose from the valve. Unscrew the valve and remove the magnet. Install is the reverse. Cycle a few times to purge the air.
  6. My understanding is 5g has a much smaller footprint and is currently limited to a few large cities. When it is fully implemented, it will not have near the current coverage with the current towers. Most of us won’t benefit from 5g.
  7. Do not go to Strouhalls. I had my front end aligned there and the cross tube was so rusted internally, there was no way they could have adjusted it. So they basically took my money. If you have air suspension in the front, there used to be a product by Donval that was a resrictor you placed in the lone. It is now sold here https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/RV-Suspension/Comfort-Ride-Control-Valves. You may have a leveling valve at each front corner, have them check these out as well.
  8. Ronbo

    Winch capacity......

    I thought there was a place for the eye on the other side, just no cut out in the bumper. I may be mistaken as I am getting older and my wife didn’t tell me what to type.
  9. It doesn’t matter how old the program is. There are enough templates for roadside assistance programs there should be no problems. To have a contract and they then change the terms willy nilly is u acceptable. I know I will stay with coach net for my plan. It is your choice, if I had this plan, I would be changing companies.
  10. I had a wobble in the steering wheel at 55 mph. I replaced the king pins and all is well now.
  11. When I had a tire come apart and bust a fitting, I took the hose to O’Reilly auto parts and they made the hose while I waited. It was around $60 I believe.
  12. I double tow and am very long. I go from Sacramento down to Arizona annually. I don’t go through scales as my Kenworth is registered as a RV. I get passed by a lot of officers and I pass a lot sitting in the median. No problems yet. If I get a ticket, I will consider it a housing expense as I am a full timer. I have a theory that may be true or wrong. The commercial officers don’t want to mess with us RV’s as there is no money it. This is especially true in those states that need the revenue. The non co recital officers don’t want to stop us because they are not familiar with the commercial laws and don’t know what to do with us. I wa stopped once between Plainview and Lubbock in my home state. His first question was who do you drive for. I brought my book to his suv and showed him my documents that proved I was a Rv and I owned it all. It helped that all three vehicles have the same license plate. He gave me a warning for the rv registration being expired and told me to tell any one else who stopped me that I had received a warning and was on my way to renew the registration. Very pleasant stop over all.
  13. Ronbo

    RV water softeners

    If you know how much resin you need, go to the water filter companies and price resin. It will probably be cheaper.
  14. Most lithium battery packs will have a BMS. If it is wired correctly, it will nit allow charging below a set temp.
  15. The thickness of the disk is what will work for you. If you are having no problem with the 1/4 inch, the stick with that. No I am not Henry.
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