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  1. Rust Protection/Lubrication

    Wd40 is fish oil, actually. It is not designed as a lubricant although everyone uses it as one.
  2. Blood testing, PT/INR

    My dr gives me a standing order. I then scan it into my tablet and print it out as needed. I go to a lab if available or a clinic if not and have it drawn. Haven’t had to pay yet..
  3. BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    Remember your pads that fit the Kodiak 250 calipers come from a GM sedan. It weighs about 25%of what your rv does. I don’t know what the answer is because I have a direc link system. I can adjust the breaking down on the fly and now have it at the lowest setting. I don’t know how much better Dexter brakes are but I do know they are proud of their pads and you have to wait for them to ship. I have not heard of them crossing over to anything.
  4. ET hitch handle mod

    I use the pipe from my Trailer Saver hitch on my ET Junior. It works great.
  5. On Board Diagnostics

    I have wondered if my scangaige would work with one of these. https://obd2allinone.com/ad-J1939.asp
  6. Which inverter? Magnum vs. Victron

    A Vicron and digital remote will cost less than the Magnum
  7. Which inverter? Magnum vs. Victron

    A Vicron and digital remote will cost less than the Magnum
  8. Truck Registration

    When I registered my HDzt in Texas I had to have a weight ticket. They then had me give a weight I wanted for the truck. There was never a discussion of the total weight with the trailer. They just didn’t want the declared weight being less than the actual weight.
  9. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Bird,an, thanks. I will keep my prescription coverage for my chemo drugs. It took my dr 4 months to get them approved through Humana and I don’t want to go through that again. At least I shouldn’t have any out of pocket expenses for care or meds. I will call Mutual of Omaha and talk to the, about stopping my supplement in March.
  10. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    I used to work at the Va as a RN. I will not be hospitalized at a VA facility. I do go to the VA clinic for my pain meds since I only have to bee seen every 6months to receive them. I am on Medicare since I am on disability. I receive my military retirement March 1. I will also start Tricare prime. I have a few questions. As a cancer patient, what things won’t Tricare Prime pay for? My maintenance chemo drugs are $16,000 per month. Is there a medication plan and how much is it? My wife can’t go on Tricare Prime since she isn’t on Medicare yet, has 4more years. Since we travel full time, which flavor of Tricare is the best for her and what is the monthly cost? I know I could call the Tricare nu,bed but I want real life experiences, not so,e govern,ent worker that I am taking up their valuble time.
  11. Refused inspection

    If thee is a strouhalls tires they do inspections and understand we are not commercial. I also went to the ford dealer in Plainview and have had it done. I have also been refused due to air brakes. I then asked what would happen if I brought in a motor home with air brakes. Received the deer in the headlight look.
  12. Fish Plates (DollyTrolly?)

    The kingpost wouldnt have to reach the ground if the cables were strong enough. I want to see pictures in use.
  13. Water heater won't light/ stay lit

    The clicking sound is the spark. It may be sparking to ground someplace else. Do it in the dark and you should be able to see a nice fat spark, someplace. If it isn’t where it is supposed to be, the wire may be bad. You will need to check all the way to the board.
  14. Blood testing, PT/INR

    I have to have monthly blood tests also due to my chemo meds. My oncologist gave me standing orders that are on my tablet. I just print them out every month and go to any lab in the area. They get faxed to my dr. Here in Plainview there is no independent lab so I just go to the local clinic.
  15. Bedroom slide

    They only build them good enough to get to the end of the warranty, they hope. Then it is on you.