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  1. You do not have to be inspected in your county of registration. I am registered on Polk County but I have my Jeep inspected in Hale county in the panhandle. What happens if you are registered in the south and you are just passing through the panhandle? You are supposed to have it inspected within three days of entering the state. You may not even be going down to your registration county. For my case it may be because no smog is required for either county.
  2. For those of us without a pickup, how are we supposed to take our tanks to get refilled? I don’t want to drag a 40 ft rv down just to get two tanks refilled.
  3. I wonder if the installers just t’d into the fuel line for the engine. The fuel pump is probably I the tank. When you shut off the engine, the fuel pump stops working. Follow the fuel line for the generator and see where they connected it. To connect it to the tank the tank would have to be below 1/4 tank or you would lose fuel out the generator port.
  4. You need to register it in whatever county your address is in. Those of us that have an escapes address have to register it in Polk County.
  5. Ronbo

    Rough roads

    Lippert frames are built to the specs of the rv manufacturer. They need to both share the blame
  6. I have a 2000 N14. I made the mistake of installing a Baldwin fuel filter. No power, wouldn’t odle, etc. as soon as I installed a fleetgsurd filter, all was well in the world. I now carry 3 fuel filters with me. Sometimes speed o doesn’t carry them. As a side note, if you get bad fuel and need a filter changed, you can pull into speed o, purchase a filter and they will change it for free.
  7. Ronbo

    Moab UT in Sept

    Ok rv park. Pull through sites and quiet.
  8. Gr Cundiff used to use a dome so he has experience with both. I just canceled my directv and am now using sling tv. They will give you a sling tv free if you pay for 3 months up front. You only need to add a hard drive to record ota programs. I pay $25.99 per month and an additional $5 for the dvr of programs not ota, plus another 5 for the package that include hallmark. It will record programs even while going down the road as long as I have internet and/or ota signal.
  9. The length of the cylinder itself. Look on their website. They will have the measurements
  10. If it is lippert, you need to know the color of the cylinder. Also take measurements.
  11. Another member had problems with breaking leaf springs. He finally replaced with higher capacity springs and no more broken springs.
  12. It is actually the valve. The magnet fits over the valve. If I remember right, the valves are about $80 each. I had my front jacks leaking down, replacing the valve fixed it. Don’t have pressure on the lines at the time. Disconnect the hose from the valve. Unscrew the valve and remove the magnet. Install is the reverse. Cycle a few times to purge the air.
  13. My understanding is 5g has a much smaller footprint and is currently limited to a few large cities. When it is fully implemented, it will not have near the current coverage with the current towers. Most of us won’t benefit from 5g.
  14. Do not go to Strouhalls. I had my front end aligned there and the cross tube was so rusted internally, there was no way they could have adjusted it. So they basically took my money. If you have air suspension in the front, there used to be a product by Donval that was a resrictor you placed in the lone. It is now sold here https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/RV-Suspension/Comfort-Ride-Control-Valves. You may have a leveling valve at each front corner, have them check these out as well.
  15. Ronbo

    Winch capacity......

    I thought there was a place for the eye on the other side, just no cut out in the bumper. I may be mistaken as I am getting older and my wife didn’t tell me what to type.
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