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  1. I wasn’t sure am I actually looked at the screen. It doesn’t actually shoe up like an X-ray. It puts a yellow square or rectangle over the affected part. I a do has a yellow square over my cervical spine.
  2. The rod in my left femur triggers their X-ray machine so I get the wand.
  3. This is a friends organization that may merge well with this bof. They do frequent off road camping trips. https://www.homewardforheroes.com/
  4. I purchased a Segway Mini Pro and put a handle bar on it. I have extreme back pain and hip pain if I walk more than 150 yds. I was able to go to the state fair yesterday with my Segway and go everywhere my family went.
  5. If coming from the south on 25 Take Paseo Del Norte and keep right. There is a Lowe’s there at the intersection. Pull in and u hook. Leave the parking lot on the east and turn lt. That will be San Pedro. Stay in San Pedro until you get to Alameda. Turn lt on Alameda and go u dear 25 to the balloon grounds. If you try to go to the balloon museum, it will probably be too crowded for you to get in the parking lot. if anyone needs a place to stay, call Coronado Village and see if they have any sides available. 505-823-2515. They’ll then Ron in 228 recommended them.
  6. If you get up on the ladder and inspect it, you will see the piece that rotates has a little nub sticking down. On the base there are two knobs sticking up. They are to keep the antenna from rotating too far. The nub can get caught between the nubs. You will see what I am talking about when you look. If this is the problem, lift and turn. Then go inside and remove the crank, spring and round piece that you use to rotate the antenna. Look inside and you will see a plastic nut. Use a deep socket to tighten by hand. I don’t remember the size.
  7. My understanding is that kippers uses the same valve on all their hydraulic jacks. Go to the page and you will find it.
  8. I would go with torsion suspension. Then each wheel is independent. You can get an axle or independent ends. https://www.southwestwheel.com/c-26-torsion-axles.aspx
  9. Ronbo

    $100,000 part

    They charge insurance more because they can. If they only charged insurance $200 it would be discounted. There is also more paperwork with insurance and waiting to be paid. The windshield in y T2000 was less than $200.
  10. If you are looking for the barbecue connection, go to a RV center. Be aware they are not all the same. I replaced my coupler and could not get gas to flow. The new valve required a longer nipple.
  11. Mine was doing the sale thing. I would leave for the day and the front would be on the ground when I returned in the evening or in the morning. If you open the compartment where your pump is, look on the jack. You will see a silver thing about 3 inches long screwed into the side at the top. It will have a coil on it with wires coming off. You need to hook it to your truck before you remove the valve. If you want I can post a picture of it on the jack and also loose, unless my loose one fell out on the road. Go go here for the documentation for the level up system https://support.lci1.com/towable-br-level-up-support-towable-level-up-br-touch-pad the valve is called a cartridge valve. The coil is reusable. It will just slip off when you remove the valve. The valves are all the same. If the jack is leaking out the bottom, it would be better to remove it and take it to a hydraulic shop to reseal it.
  12. The valve is the long silver thing. The coil can be rotated. It just slips over the valve. There is on on one of the front jacks. There are several located on the valve body. Call Lippert. They are very helpful sometimes.
  13. Express scripts sends me my chemo pills every month. Cost is $20,000. My copay for them is $28. No complaints from me.
  14. I have radio operator plates so all three vehicles have the exact same plate number. I one eztag and it is tied to the plate nu,very. I can go through the toll plaza with no problems.
  15. You do not have to be inspected in your county of registration. I am registered on Polk County but I have my Jeep inspected in Hale county in the panhandle. What happens if you are registered in the south and you are just passing through the panhandle? You are supposed to have it inspected within three days of entering the state. You may not even be going down to your registration county. For my case it may be because no smog is required for either county.
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