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  1. . Glacier Pines RV Park 120 Swan Mountain Drive Kalispell, MT 59901 406-752-2760 This is a private park approximately 20 miles outside of Glacier which my wife and I volunteered at last summer. Hosts are needed from 05/06/17 thru 09/30/17. They ask for 15 to 20 hours per week each in return for a FHU site. One will staff the office/store taking reservations, selling supplies and providing customer information. The other will perform minor maintenance including mowing, cleaning the campground, opening/cleaning/closing the pool, escorting campers to their site, etc. This area has much to offer. Of course Glacier National Park(Going to the Sun Rd, Two Medicine, Polebridge, wildlife galore), National Buffalo Range, Ghost Towns, fishing, cherry orchards, huckleberries and considerably more depending upon your interests. We had the time of our life in this area, however we will be on the east coast this summer volunteering at a national park. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the northwest, this is your chance. We have no personal interest in this campground but simply want to alert others who may be interested in this outstanding opportunity as another couple did for us. If interested call: Brenda Hicks – Campground Manger at 406-752-2760
  2. Apalachee RV Center located NE of Atlanta. I personally recommend this company for any of your service needs. They have an outstanding facility and mechanics/technicians that are trained and qualified to work on any class of RVs (A, 5er, Tt, etc.). Including body and paint. My wife and I encountered a problem with the wet bolts in our suspension system between Christmas and New Years while in the Auburn, GA area. Given we were traveling they worked us right in to analyze the problem, ordered the parts and scheduled an immediate repair as soon as the parts arrived. Their technicians worked overtime to complete the repair and get us back on the road. The owner gave us his personal cell number should we not be satisfied with their work. This company has earned my trust and will do all my future service when I am in the area. Their website is www.myarv.com
  3. I've researched the 2016 Escapees Members Handbook & bounced my findings against the RV PARK REVIEWS website. Lots of info, some of which is outdated. I'm interested in finding a park for 3 months next winter & would like to know our members recommendations. Please respond, listing your favorite parks. Thanks
  4. Jimws


    Dutch and Dianna, thanks for discussing my problem with me & setting up a contact for me at TST. TST sent me a replacement sensor which works perfectly without loosening the core. The one I sent in they stated had a premature battery failure. Thanks again
  5. Jimws


    Thanks for responding. We've just relocated & had no WiFi while on the road. I purchased the TST 510RV system 2014. At that time I worked w/Dan Covington who had me send in my receiver & 4 sensors. I have no idea what they found at that time. This was in August of 2014. This time, 11/03/15 I spoke w/Beverly who states she's in charge of warranty for TST. I've actually had to previously loosen 2 cores in order to get receive a signal from the sensor. Question: I carry 125 psi in the tires, is it possible the pressure is to high for the sensors, making it to difficult for the sensor to depress the core? I will send you my phone number & email to your email. Thanks
  6. Jimws


    Well, I have the TST 510RV system with a repeater installed in the RV. It was new in 2014 & but I had to replace 4 sensors & the monitor. I just now sent back another sensor to check/replace. Speaking w/the mfgr they recommend taking the batteries out of all wireless devices (router, cellphone amp, outdoor thermometer -interference ) & try loosening the valve core. The latest one I'm returning has the core is barely threaded into stem & leaks air badly until sensor is threaded onto the stem. Net, this system has been frustrating, in addition I have a hard time trusting something I have to loosen the core & tighten the sensor to keep it from leaking. A standard compressor can fill a tire & a standard air Guage can measure the pressure, I don't understand why I'd need to to loosen a core to make something work. Ok, an update to the above issue w/my 510RV system. Many thanks to Dutch & Di who discussed my problem with me & put me in contact w/Mike at TST. Net is TST sent me a replacement sensor. The replacement works perfectly & I didn't need to loosen the core. The sensor I sent in Beverly(TST warranty) stated had a premature battery failure. Thanks again Dianna