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  1. If you're primarily using the amplifier for a data signal, rather than a voice call, then the distance between the antenna and your phone shouldn't be a big deal IMO. You're probably going to use the phone's wifi hotspot or you're going to USB-tether it to a router so you, yourself, don't need to be near where it is. Even if you do want to make a voice call just use it in speakerphone mode or get a Bluetooth headset.
  2. We're also in serious discussions with several school districts for mobile hotspots that can be installed in buses parked around the districts so that students can access the internet by going the nearest bus. In fact, we've even designed a website that will show a student the location of the nearest "hotspot bus". I hope to be able to post more about this next week.
  3. WiFiRanger provides a way to share your Internet access with those in need--I hope that the site administrators will permit this post in this time of crisis As a result of the current COVID-19 crisis there are lots of school children throughout the country whose schools have been closed but who lack high speed internet at home which they will need for the next several months to access their online lessons. School districts all over the country are scrambling to meet this need. To help in this time of crisis WiFiRanger has made it easy for you to share your internet connection with a nearby child, or anyone else you choose. Many WiFiRanger owners are probably unaware that their Ranger routers have the capability to support a "guest wifi" SSID if you wanted to share your internet access with a friend or neighbor. This is all built into the WiFi tab of your Ranger's online control panel. What we've done today is make is extremely easy to use this built-in capability without having to program anything into your Ranger. -All you need to do to start is click on the blue "Check for Updates" link at the top of every page of your Ranger's on-screen control panel. -Once the link stops flashing, go to the bottom of the Setup tab of the control panel to the section labeled Profiles. On the list of profiles there will be one that says COVID-19 RV Response Project. Click on the button to load that profile. -Once it is loaded when you check your computer or mobile device's list of available WiFi networks there will now be one with an SSID that reads: C-19.Free WiFi.WiFiRanger -Anyone who clicks on that SSID will be presented with a "login screen" with instructions to enter the access code "wfrcovid19". Doing so will provide the user one hour per day of internet access from you internet connection. You can terminate this arrangement at any time by going to the WiFi tab of your Ranger's control panel and disabling the section labeled Guest Wireless Network. If, on the other hand, you wanted to provide a longer access period you could change the appropriate entry in the Guest section of the page. If you make any changes on the page directly, don't forget to click on SAVE at the bottom of the page.'' All WiFiRanger owners should understand that this is a purely voluntary initiative. Furthermore, if you choose to use it, your personal network is kept entirely separate from the guest connection. There is no chance of your data being compromised. We hope that you will find this feature a useful way to assist others in this time of need for so many. Joel (AKA docj)
  4. At least in the one State where we are closest to a contract, the systems will run on FirstNet which is the special first-responder network that exist all over the country. Not everyone knows that it exists, in fact, now that I've told you we may have to "terminate" you! 😁
  5. The systems being considered are completely self-contained and would connect to the internet via the cellular network and then establish a WiFi network in their vicinity. So there's no need to have to "sling" a connection anywhere. Furthermore the folks in the several states that are considering them are thinking of running it on the cellular FirstNet which is the Congressionally-mandated first responder "subset" of the cellular system. That would ensure that the cellular connection would be a solid, high speed one.
  6. Actually, some diseases have very apparent seasonal variations and some don't. Here's a good article in a respectable journal that compares the seasonal behavior of a number of diseases. Seasonal behavior of diseases
  7. With all due respect some of the higher costs come from emergency care for those who don't have insurance and are too poor to pay, regardless of whether or not they are documented or not. In south TX the documented poor are far more numerous than the undocumented. I work at a free medical clinic that serves anyone; >90% of our patients are documented. Add to that the fact the Congress specifically refuses to let Medicare negotiate pharmaceutical prices with the drug companies for Part D plans. Add to that the fact that the very fact that we have a profit-incentivized health care system means that we have to build in a profit margin. FWIW federal funding for abortion (except to save the life of the mother) has been forbidden under the Hyde Amendment since 1976.
  8. We also are SD residents. I'm pretty sure SD law permits an extension of a DL renewal. Take a look at the DPS website. I had explored this once when I wasn't sure we were going to get there by the May expiration of my license.
  9. Not to minimize what your son and his family are going through, but I hope he is aware that the stimulus bill that was just passed includes a $600/week increase in unemployment payments for the next several months. Some quick calculations show that if you take the "normal" unemployment benefit for most workers (~60% of salary) and add this $600/week supplement many folks have the potential to receive pretty much their full paycheck. Furthermore, the new law provides, for the first time, unemployment benefits to "gig workers" and independent contractors who have never previously been covered. My understanding is that in most cases people will be able to "self certify" their situations. I hope this helps your son and others. Joel
  10. Just click on the website link for "I don't have my code". As long as you have the address, that's all you need.
  11. If this post is considered too commercial to post on this forum, the moderators are free to remove it. However, there is no intent on my part to try to sell products to forum members. School systems all across the continent are currently wrestling with the problems created by thousands of school children being out of school for, potentially, the remainder of this school year or even longer. Quite a few schools systems are rolling out online programs for their students but many children throughout the country don't have reliable high speed internet at home. Students can't make use of online programs if they can't get online.Unknown to most of you, WiFiRanger already has a line of business installing mobile hotspots on school buses. We have as customers, both Thomas and Bluebird, the primary manufacturers of US school buses. Until now this business has focused on installations on newly built buses.However, within the past couple of weeks we've been inundated by inquiries from school systems all over the country. Although each has its own approach, the general proposition is to put WiFiRangers on the roofs of school buses that can be positioned as fixed internet hotspots throughout a school district. In fact, one of our potential customers has even designed a website which would direct students to the "bus hotspot" nearest their home.It's a fantastic feeling to be part of our country's fight against this virus. If anyone reading this knows someone in a school system that might be interested, please refer them to information about our school bus products: WiFiRanger school bus solutionsIf anyone has questions about this effort feel free to post them or to send them to be via PM.Joel (AKA docj)
  12. Virtually every county in TX has at least some COVID-19 cases. COVID-19 cases in TX Some Counties, for example Kleberg, have issued stay home orders even though they have practically no cases. Other counties have not. Do you really expect that the virus won't spread throughout the State unless strong measures are taken to prevent it?
  13. We live in Rockport TX which is in Aransas County which is ~30 miles east of Corpus Christi which is in Nueces County. Many people in Aransas and nearby San Patricio countries work in Nueces County. Currently, Nueces has a "stay home" order in place beginning at midnight tonight, but Aransas and San Patricio don't. Is it Ok for someone from Nueces to come to my county to take part in a non-essential activity which is prohibited in his country (Nueces) but not in mine? Or the reverse? It would be a lot more sensible if there was uniformity.
  14. I'm not sure what the fuss is all about. Sure there are lots of needs throughout the country that rely on government funding. i don't think anyone ever said one was more important than the other. The census headcount is used to allocate federal dollars for lots of programs. The only thing I said was that the census form I filled out online asked me the address I would be at on April 1. Some people have insisted that the "correct" address was the one where they are legally domiciled. They are free to make that choice but I'm pretty sure that the census has always recorded who was in a particular household the day the census worker came by. If you think about it, in the days before modern communications it would have been impossible to say "John Smith, over there, he's visiting us from Michigan so he ought to be counted on Detroit's census sheets." Of course that couldn't be done which is why the Census has always been a snapshot of who was where on a particular date. As I said before, I don't honestly care how anyone else fills out his or her census form. I completed mine in the manner that I believe was intended. Each of you can do as you please.
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