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  1. Domicle Address Question

    The Technomadia article that Linda references was written in 2012-2013 and has had several updates. However, it's not clear from reading it that Florida, at that time, had instituted the Federally-compliant license rules required under the "RealID Act". The article speaks of bringing a government-issued photo ID, but I didn't see a specific reference to bringing a passport and/or birth certificate. I feel pretty confident saying that it is likely that FL requires these as proof of citizenship these days. If a woman is using a valid passport and her name on the document is the same as she wishes to have on her license then the passport is all that she needs as proof of identity and citizenship. If she chooses to use a birth certificate instead, then she would need evidence of name change through marriage and divorce in order to establish her name as she wishes it on her license. Of course, if you bring a birth certificate as proof of citizenship, you would still have to bring a license or other government photo ID as proof of identity. The good news is that once you are certified as meeting the RealID requirements you don't ever have to do it again. We renewed our SD licenses last year and all we had to show were a couple of pieces of mail addressed to us there.
  2. Forming LLC in Montanna

    This thread is at the point where a smart moderator should close it. The use of MT LLC's for the purchase of RV's, luxury cars, boats and even airplanes is a well-established practice. Anyone has the right to disapprove of such tax practices and, therefore, they can decide not to employ them. Their opinions will have little or no effect on those that choose to use this approach nor will it have any impact on the legality of such tax avoidance structures. Continued discussion here is of no benefit IMO.
  3. Forming LLC in Montanna

    There's a big difference between a physical object being owned by a business entity and that same object being used in the furtherance of that business. According to what I read, there are hundreds of luxury condos in NYC owned by off-shore LLC's, but unless they are rented to others their ownership doesn't make them commercial properties. This is a reasonable question, and is almost always asked. FWIW, the owners of an LLC aren't it's employees, they are called "Members"
  4. Forming LLC in Montanna

    Again, I repeat that if there exists a legal means to reduce one's taxes then why wouldn't one want to use it? I sure would. I agree that it's morally wrong to evade taxes, but taking advantage of "loopholes" isn't tax evasion, just smart management of one's money IMO.
  5. Forming LLC in Montanna

    I provided the quote from Learned Hand several posts ago to demonstrate that the government doesn't consider it "wrong" to use all legal means to reduce the amount of tax you have to pay. If you want to pay the government more than is required that is your right, but I'm going to work hard every year to make my tax bill as low as possible.
  6. Travel Question

    This map provides up to the minute information on TX highway conditions. Notice that most major roads in the Houston area are now open. drivetexas.org
  7. Forming LLC in Montanna

    LLC's can be sold just like any other business entity. https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/how-to-transfer-ownership-of-an-llc
  8. Hughes for Internet

    I'm not sure why you act as if streaming is some special case of data usage. Data is data. There are lots of other ways to use data that will use as much or more than will streaming. The only thing your ISP cares about is how much data do you use in a specific time unit.
  9. Hughes for Internet

    Your internet provider doesn't care what you are doing with your data. All it cares about is the number of bits downloaded and uploaded. Use of a company system or VPN is no different than any other data usage.
  10. Hughes for Internet

    Unless things have changed dramatically Hughes has some pretty restrictive limits on data usage PER DAY. It's fair usage policy used to make streaming impractical for more than very brief usage. Yarome's comments imply he streams video so maybe things have changed?
  11. Forming LLC in Montanna

    The famous jurist Learned Hand once said: "Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes. public duty to pay more than the law demands." There is nothing wrong with using all legal means to reduce your taxes. Rich people do it all the time. The only issue is making sure what you do is legal. Kirk said that it is only legal to keep an out of state RV in TX for 180 days of a year. However, if the owner of the RV is an out-of-state resident I don't believe this limit applies. I believe that the TX DPS website says that an out of state vehicle can be kept in the state as long as its registration is valid. I don't know if the OP is a long-term TX resident or is establishing residency as part of becoming a full-timer. If it is the latter situation, why not establish your domicile in SD instead and register the RV in MT?
  12. I'm not saying that didn't happen to you, but your dealer needs a better banker. Here's a quote from a bank association website: "The ability of an originator (or the sending bank) to recall a wire hinges primarily on whether or not the payment order has been accepted by the receiving bank. That principle applies to both domestic and international wires." Essentially, once the receiving bank has the money in its accounts it can't be retrieved. That's why you have to be VERY careful when sending a wire!
  13. Verizon TravelPass allows users to access their plan's voice, text and data capabilities with the only restriction being a ~500MB per day data limit. For those with the new unlimited plan, use of TravelPass in Canada and Mexico is free. In Europe, where we are, it's $10/24 hour period. We're using our Galaxy S7s and they've worked well, particularly considering that I'm currently inside the Arctic Circle in far northern Norway. Most of the time the phones automatically lock onto the network, sometimes they need a bit of "assistance". Since we're traveling with several couples, having had phones for texting and calling has been very useful. All calls to US numbers are free as are all calls within the country in which you are roaming. As for the $10/day, IMHO it is worth it to hh67be able to retain connectivity. Furthermore, you are only charged the fee if you choose to use the phone. Keep it in airplane mode and you incur no costs. I recognize that this is not specifically an RV issue, but this group does travel quite a bit and I thought it would be helpful. Joel (aka docj)
  14. There's really no need these days to have a mail service deposit checks for anyone if your financial institution has a phone app. I routinely have my mail service scan checks and email them to me. I then print the scanned checks, endorse them and use my phone to make the deposit. I've dealt with several businesses in the past year that accept payment by scanned check in a similar manner. FWIW I use MyDakotaAddreess which emails me the return address info for every piece of mail I receive. Specific items are opened, scanned and emailed with no additional charge. As for privacy concerns, I've used the service for 6 years with no issues. IMHO you need to be able to trust someone or this world becomes a dreadful place to live in. JMO
  15. Excessive Internet Data Usage

    You can set FB videos so they don't play unless you click on them. Currently the default is that videos play with sound which is really annoying.