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  1. I am on a medication for which "best practices" dictates I should have a PSA test every 6-12 months. Regardless of how my physician codes the request, it always gets bounced by Medicare as not covered. However, each time it bounces I file a "level 1" appeal which takes only a few minutes. The appeals process results in Medicare directly the laboratory to provide specific information about the lab request. The interesting thing I've discovered is that neither LabCorp or Quest care about responding to these appeals in the time-frame specified by Medicare. When they fail to respond, the net result is that my appeal is denied but, at the same time, the denial letter states that the patient (me) can't be billed for the service (because they didn't respond). This has happened three times in a row so I know it's not a fluke. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a considered decision, that it is cheaper to lose the fee for an inexpensive lab test than it is to go through the trouble to respond to Medicare's paperwork. I can't think of a better explanation.
  2. Our current mail service, YourBestAddress, occupies a suite within an office building. Therefore, the proper address block is PMB 1234 within Suite 214. That's way too complicated for some address fields to accept so I concatenated it to Suite 214-1234 and that seems to be perfectly acceptable.
  3. Thanks for saying this. I've been saying roughly the same thing for years. Those who think their Escapees address (or any others) evades detection by these software packages are simply deluding themselves. What does happen is that some computer systems appear to be programmed to specifically reject the use of the term "PMB" and using this in an address field will result in an automatic rejection. I had this happen with my Wells Fargo account when I went to change the address online from the defunct MyDakotaAddress to YourBestAddress. Any attempt to use PMB in the address was rejected, but the same address was fine without those initials. However, I'm not fooling myself into thinking that the bank's computers don't know it's a PMB address. In fact, I was in a branch a couple of years ago when a bank "officer" accessed my account which clearly showed as a PMB even though I was careful to label it as an "apartment".
  4. The Progressive's remote readout displays both the current error code and the previous code. If there is an intermittent it will show as the previous code even if there are no codes currently being displayed. This feature is unique to Progressive and is invaluable for diagnosing intermittents. I know because we had one which manifested itself exactly as the OP first described. The power would turn off seemingly at random and then would turn back on. The Surgeguard I had at the time didn't show any faults so I assumed that it was bad and replaced it with a Progressive which demonstrated the same behavior but which was capable of showing the "previous error" which in my case was a high voltage intermittent being caused by loose connections in the pedestal. I'm not saying that the OP has the same exact problem I did, but the repeated behavior is evidence that the Progressive device is sensing a problem that then resolves istself so that power can be restored. Since it happens at multiple pedestals in different parks I would presume that the problem is within the MH and could relate to the "burned" plug which has already been discussed. I suggest that the OP start paying attention to the "previous error" display on his Progressive in order to resolve this problem.
  5. That problem is supposed to have been resolved by this release.
  6. At this stage of the product's development, most of the changes from one firmware version to another are "bug fixes" and tweaks. Only when the firmware version changes from "7.x.y" to 8.x.y" would you expect to see any significant feature changes. For those who care, the following is the complete list of changes/fixes/improvements for 7.0.8: - Speedtest UI Fixes ( Sometimes the UI doesn't update with the speed ) - Synchronized SSID UI Button Fixed - Roaming stability fixes, at times when band-steering a disconnect would occur - Traffic in bridge not being interrogated by firewall ( True transparent bridge, should help with sporadic reboots and traffic traversal between WFRs ) - WFRControl broadcasts now pass traffic properly back to indoor unit ( layer 2, UDP were specifically causing grief ) - Updated Wireless Driver - Fix unable to stop TX DMA Errors when scan's or connects occur. - Fix for seeing less scan_results when 5G broadcast is enabled - Fix for reboot loop when devices connect to signal too quickly (( Only occurs on Boot )) - Improve MCS index stability - Improve AP mode with noise environments - Updated USB Cellular Drivers - Fix wireless scan that hangs WFRControl
 - Embedded Multi-Carrier Modem Support ( B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71 )
 - PPP Modems were hanging due to wrong disconnect actions
 - Improvements to WFRControl Cellular Messaging
 - Display LTE Signal when hovering bars with mouse
 - Usage tracking support for 802.11ac networks bug fix
 - Usage would not display validation errors properly - Fixed scenarios where wireless driver would trigger random reboots on certain hardware platforms.
 - Resolved several memory leaks in Usage
 - Added improved messaging to several modem types, what looked like a modem hang was related to the UI stalling.
 - SkyProLTE shows "Carrier ID" during the connection process, this way a user can report to our support *where* in the Carrier connection process a failure happens. Makes it much easier to troubleshoot.
 - Added UI popups to ( Rebooting USB devices, Clearing SIM details )
 - Added a "Clear SIM Details" button to SkyProLTE's, for SIM swaps. This forces the SkyProLTE to read the SIM and update it's configuration.
 - Advanced Features fix where RADIO2 would always show advanced features ( wouldn't hide correctly in simple mode )
 - Improved help bubbles throughout UI
 - Support for hardware revisions, and new V3 SkyPro Board - Made Multi-WAN Dynamic mode trigger off an average usage - Exposed client node’s LTE & GPS information from the indoor WFR - Fixed speedtest UI messaging for WFRControl - Fixed usage restrictions with Safe Surf enabled where data wasn’t being tracked for usage restrictions when safe surf is on - Fixed usage of WFRControl with Multi-WAN dynamic mode - Fixed bug where usage groups when Multi-WAN is on caused a kernel panic and rebooted the node - Fixed bug with usage groups where multiple interfaces in a single group didn’t accumulate data from any secondary interfaces that were added - Fixed bug that didn’t allow access to the WFRControl panel - Fixed bug that showed “ac” network signals in the 2G wifi network scan - Fixed usage data CSV export that had the HTML tags in the export - Added “.” to the acceptable characters for SSID tags in usage tab - Fixed a bug that would cause a *firmware brick* when upgrading to a new version - Fixed issue when changing Nimblelink embedded LTE modems to a new firmware - Updated Registration email validation - Fixed bug where some popups were incorrect - Fixed bug where profiles sometimes wouldn’t display - Many other Bandwidth Usage improvements/stability mostly around bandwidth groups - Many Stability Improvements - Improved firewall and security requirements
  7. It's not inexpensive, but quality rarely ever is!
  8. As a result of frequent rain in Atlantic Canada over the past couple of weeks, we managed to get stuck in the mud at our CG on Prince Edward Island. My fear was that on Canada Day, of all days, it would be difficult to get someone to winch us out. We do weigh ~34,000 lbs and there's ~20,000 lbs on our rear axle which was deeply mired in the mud. The only good news is that we were stuck while safely in our favorite PEI CG and the owner and others were involved helping us to figure out what to do. I called Coachnet early in the process and, although they didn't have any specific contacts in that part of PEI they were quite willing to take the CG owner's recommendation of a CAA-certified shop with heavy wrecker capability. Within an hour from the time I reported the issue Coachnet had arranged things with the local service facility and the owner's wife had called me to let me know they were on their way. She was impressed that Coachnet had already provided her with a Mastercard number to use to settle the bill. The wrecker showed up a bit later and with the skills of the owner and his helper we were extracted from the mud in short order. Cost to me--nothing!
  9. As I said before, I encountered this problem last year when MyDakotaAddress went out of business. For 7 years Lake County SD had had no problem with using our PMB address for voter registration purposes. However, when we switched to YourBestAddress in Minnehaha County we, initially, were refused the right to register. I had a phone conversation with a person in the registrar's office who told me that I would have to have a campground receipt in that county in order to register there. Shortly thereafter, when I called back to ask some additional questions, I was told that the County had changed its policy and that the receipt was no longer required. Contrary to what was stated in previous posts, this had nothing to do with the issue of whether or not the PMB address was provided by Escapees or anyone else. Apparently, counties in SD have some latitude on this issue so there's no reason to expect consistency on a State level unless someone in the capital steps in.
  10. Some SD counties used to not accept your PMB address for voter registration purposes. Minnehaha County where Sioux Falls is located used to be one of those and required a campground or hotel receipt. However, I think that all changed a year or so ago. At least we were able to register with no problems.
  11. We stay at KOA's quite frequently and do not consider them, in general, to be overpriced particularly if you buy the annual card to get 10% off. We always get the price of the card back through the discount and rewards points. IMHO KOA's are like what Howard Johnson's were during the years I was going on vacations with my parents. There is a general standard of consistency that they usually deliver. They aren't typically the fanciest park in a area, but we've never stayed at one that was unacceptable. I used to be surprised by the ferocity of the "we hate KOA" posts that show up in threads like these. IMHO many of them are from people who don't want to accept the fact that the going rate for full-hookup sites at attractive parks in the US is currently in the range of $45-55/night throughout the country. There still are nice parks in the $25-35 range but they're becoming more difficult to find. But that's not the fault of KOA. JMO.
  12. Could you please explain how you did this. I searched the Amazon site and all I can come up with on this subject is the following:
  13. Yes, the G2+ has a control box which allows you to switch between 101 and 119. The Wineguard manual for the dish does refer to this as a power inserter. But in DirecTV standard lingo, a power inserter is the device used to provide power to the LNB in a SWM configuration. This is an unfortunate choice of words. It should be noted that the Wineguard manual does state that the G2+ can be converted to SWM in accordance with the procedures shown in my previous link. Even though only one coax is provided, the manual clearly states that it is to be connected to the "primary" port which implies that there is a "secondary" port which can be used for a second coax which will be needed for SWM operation. FWIW because of the presence of the Wineguard G2+ power inserter, I would recommend using the Wineguard SWM conversion kit unless a wiring diagram for the G2+ using SWM can be obtained.
  14. With all due respect, this thread is a hodgepodge of misinformation. The G2 doesn't need a power inserter if it is used with a receiver that can operate in multiplex mode, which means any receiver or DVR with model number less than 25. Receivers with model numbers 25 and higher are SWM only, but the G2 can be used with those with the addition of a power inserter and a SWM switch, There are two coax outputs possible from the G2. Just follow the instructions in this document. Guide for using Winegard equipment with SWM receivers As for HD, the G2 cannot receive the Ka band transmissions from the 99 and 103 satellites which are where the HD channels currently originate from. However, within the next year (or two) DirecTV will be broadcasting most HD channels from the Ku band 101 satellite which the G2 can receive. As long as you have an HD receiver and pay the associated fee, you should be able to receive most HD channels with that device. It's my understanding that 99 and 103 will primarily be used for local channel programming which you wouldn't be able to receive because it will be on the Ka band. I hope this clears up some things. Joel (AKA docj)
  15. Every time I cross into Canada I try to be prepared and have all possible documents within easy reach. Today, for the first time I even had Canadian insurance cards as suggested by Progressive even though I've never been asked for them before. The wait time this morning was only ~15 minutes on I-81 north of Watertown NY and I was all ready to field whatever the border agent dished out. He looked at our Montana and SD plates and asked "did you leave all your guns at home?" I responded that we don't own any. He asked again "If we look inside there won't be any?" I repeated the same answer. He then asked "how much alcohol do you have?" and I responded "Less than two liters." At that point he handed back our passports with a "Go on" comment. Not the most friendly welcome but I wasn't looking for friendship, just to get across the border! 😀 FWIW, the crossing on I-81 has a nice, wide RV-friendly aisle. It was nice not to have to squeeze between pylons afraid that you're going to lose a mirror in the process.
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