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  1. Jurry Summons

    With Terri's help, I did the same thing last year, with the same positive outcome. Not something to worry about.
  2. Domicile/Tax Question

    Just to be very clear, we have been asked by exactly ONE credit card company with respect to wanting an address other than our SD PMB. We gave that CC company our daughter's Maryland address and they were totally satisfied. They didn't care whose address it was, all they wanted was an address they could use to fill in a blank on a form. IMHO, don't overwork that issue. It's not as serious as you may think. It's happened once to us in ~8 years of full-timing.
  3. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    I'm glad someone finally said this. My usual fill is ~50-60 gallons which, at today's prices is ~$150-160. Five to ten cents a gallon, therefore, represents a savings of ~$3-6 which IMO is not enough to cause me to go anywhere other than the most convenient place to fill up. Furthermore, at ~8 mpg, if I have to go even a couple of miles out of the way to fuel then I will have spent all the potential savings, anyway. My personal experience has been that the major truck stops are no more than 5-10 cents more expensive than other stations in their vicinity. I'm not denying that you can probably use GasBuddy to find a station with even lower prices a few miles away, but that's when the "8 mpg realism" enters the equation.
  4. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    With all due respect, I think you're making a generalization about Murphy/Walmart stations that sure isn't true of several I can point to in our area. I don't consider them any better than average gas stations with regard to access for my MH and I sure wouldn't want to count on fueling at one without inspecting it first
  5. FT Cooking/Baking

    I've attached a floor plan of our MH with the kitchen size noted. At nearly 9 feet in length it pretty much dwarfs the kitchens you see in most MH's today. The angled cabinet that holds the sink provides an enormous counter behind the sink that easily handles the Breville and the Cuisinart. The KitchenAid mixer sits in the other corner. All cabinets are fully accessible with the slide in. The cooktop has a fitted Corian cover that allows it to fully function as counter space. These days we pretty much do all our "stovetop" cooking on an induction burner that sits on the stove covers. The microwave convection oven is located on the wall above the cooktop.
  6. FT Cooking/Baking

    Here's how we deal with that concern, but I have to admit there are only 40 jars in the racks, not 48!
  7. FT Cooking/Baking

    I know that some here won't approve, but we travel with our (very) large KitchenAid mixer, the Cuisinart and a Breville Smart Oven all out on the counter in their normal positions. We've made plenty of hard stops and but their weight on the Corian counters they don't move. Sure, if we run into a brick wall I suspect they'll move a bit, but that probably won't be the worst of our problems! We did learn, however, that the coffee grinder isn't something we want to leave out while in motion. Having to pick up hundreds of coffee beans off the floor wasn't something we wanted to repeat often!
  8. FT Cooking/Baking

    For whatever reason, most newer MH's seem to really skimp on the amount of kitchen counter and work area. In many coaches the available work surface appears to primarily be the covered stovetop and the sink (with sink covers installed). That would be totally unacceptable to us. Our MH has a kitchen nearly as big as many residential ones. With a residential fridge and lots of storage we have all the sugar, flour, etc, that we can possible need. I have 48 spice jars in racks on a wall and our appliances line the counter. We like cooking (and eating) and don't see any reason why what and how we cook has to be altered just because we're full-timers. We rarely go out for dinner except for special occasions; we can make anything we want and it often tastes better than what we can buy at a restaurant!
  9. Mine didn't have the "switch" but the app on my phone said to go to "Import" on the laptop and would expect that the mobile device would be listed as one of the Import options. Which is exactly where mine attempt bogged down. I had my phone on the same wifi as the laptop but the phone never showed as a device to import from.
  10. Cool concept but the wireless aspect wouldn't work with my Dell and my S7 (the wired connection works). According to what I read, this is a "beta" app so some glitches are to be expected,
  11. Domicile is very confusing to me

    I've also been told that some people skirt the requirement by obtaining hotel/CG receipts for reservations they "no showed" at. In other words: --Make a guaranteed reservation --Fail to show and forfeit the cost of a one-night stay --Ask the hotel/CG to provide a receipt for the night you paid for but weren't present for. If any significant percentage of full-timers living in SD were to do this, we could all risk losing the privileges that State provides us. I would hate to see that happen.
  12. Domicile is very confusing to me

    As full-timers in SD who presumably are using residency affidavits, how did you avoid having to submit a CG/hotel stay in order to renew your licenses? It's our understanding that a receipt for a night's lodging within 12 months of renewal is necessary.
  13. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    I used to use the major truck stops (Flying J, TA, Loves) for refueling but I got tired of the long waits in the early morning or at lunch-time. Using the TruckerPath app on my Android phone I've been able to identify dozens of independent truck stops and gas stations with truck islands. With the help of Google satellite and street views I can size up the location and assess the layout. These "2nd tier" truck stops are never as busy as the major ones and many of them offer pay-at-the-pump with VISA/MC. The prices are usually the same or better than at the major stations.
  14. SD Drivers Liscense Renewal

    Another point that's often overlooked is that the campground or hotel receipt only has to be within one year from the date on which you are doing the renewal. That means that, for example, you could visit SD sometime earlier in the year and then use the receipt for a "renewal by mail" at the time you process your renewal. I don't know if this will help you, but possibly you'll be planning a vacation that summer that might take you to SD.
  15. InMotion and DTV HR24

    John: Assuming that the InMotion can be set to receive DTV then you most likely will be able to use it for SD as you propose. If there are two coax outputs from the dish you could feed them into a SWM8 and add a PI29 voltage inserter and operate with SWM or you can bring both coax's into the MH and setup the HR24 in Multiswitch mode rather than SWM. Since you only have two tuners with the HR24 it really doesn't matter which approach you use. Joel (AKA docj)