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  1. For those who aren't aware, Erwin Hymer is Europe's largest motorhome manufacturer. In 2016 Hymer purchased Roadtrek of Kitchner Ontario. Last fall Thor announced an intent to purchase Hymer in a multi-billion euro deal. Today, Hymer North America was rocked by a scandal which is said to involve over $100M in falsified invoices. The impact of the scandal on the Thor acquisition is not yet known. $100M embezzlement scandal rocks Hymer North America
  2. docj

    T-Mobile - DirecTV - ROKU...????

    All I can suggest is that part of the problem is T-mobile. About a year ago I signed with them only to discover that the highest download speed I could achieve at my home site was ~2Mbps. I terminated my contract in 24 hours. If you aren't wedded to T-mobile you might want to consider the new prepaid, completely unlimited Verizon plan for Jetpacks that's been the talk of the RV community for the past two months. It costs $70/mo minus a $5 discount for automatic payment. I've used mine for two months with an average usage of ~150GB/mo. Streaming is limited to 720p but that's plenty sufficient for my 40" TV. As has been discussed in other threads on the topic, prepaid plans can be subject to more slow downs due to network congestion than are post-paid plans but we've yet to experience an inability to stream when we wanted to.
  3. There's now a thread on IRV2 about the same issue: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f53/pre-paid-verizon-jetpack-out-of-data-426706.html#post4589977
  4. docj

    FT Noobs seek Mentors

    My wife and I left Maryland ~8 years ago and continue to have a wonderful experience as full-timers. We became SD residents and had no problems separating ourselves from MD"s taxation authorities. Since then we've traveled >60k miles all around North America. There are many people on this forum who have as much or more experience than we do, but we'd be glad to help as you wish. FWIW my key observation is that no matter how much you read here and elsewhere, you will eventually need to define what full-timing means to you. IMO there is no right or wrong way to full-time, although some might lead you to believe there is. We have defined a style that suits us and we don't necessarily advocate it for anyone else. Do what feels good to you; you will have less stress and won't feel as if you have to live up to anyone else's standards. Joel (AKA docj)
  5. docj

    Taxation w/o representation

    You imply (in your second paragraph) that your state is TX. If that's the case, I can unequivocally state that these rules are not enforced in rural counties such as Aransas, where my town of Rockport is located. There are numerous nearby properties with multiple unregistered trailers, some of which still bear scars from Hurricane Harvey and which are not registered or roadworthy. I don't know how the latter part of this sentence could be enforceable particularly with respect to RV parks where people own the sites they occupy. At the park where we own a site, most of the trailers are registered, but many of them don't go anywhere. Quite a few of our neighbors keep their trailers parked as "weekend getaways" at the beach. We do something similar but we ensure that all our coverages meet state minimums, so we could take the MH on the road if we had to.
  6. docj

    Taxation w/o representation

    My experience was that AZ has a pretty hefty annual personal property tax on top of vehicle license fee AND a personal income tax. So there's a pretty good return on investment for getting someone declared to be a resident. By comparison TX doesn't have a personal income tax nor, do I believe, does it hve an annual personal property tax. Therefore, there isn't nearly the financial incentive to force people to become residents.
  7. That's very similar to the behavior I observed.
  8. That's the same rationale that is used for why, for example, a MH used as a mobile medical clinic is considered a commercial vehicle and requires a CDL to drive. We had this issue in TX with a clinic that we do volunteer work for. RV's for personal use are exempt from some applicable laws, no doubt due to the lobbying efforts of the RV industry.
  9. Well, mine won't work without one and attached is a post from VZW customer support stating that it's not designed to work without one. Maybe the firmware was changed in more recent versions of the device.
  10. My 7730L was "very unhappy" when I tried running it without a battery. Did you employ any hacks to get it to operate without one?
  11. My battery did go bad several months ago and I bought an OEM replacement on Amazon. The problems I reported all went away the day after the renewal "anniversary". I still think that had something to do with it.
  12. docj

    Medical insurance for Canada

    With all due respect this is a relatively useless plan. Yes, it has big "maximum payment" levels, but it also contains ridiculously low "per day in hospital:" benefits ($150/day). It also has meaninglessly large benefits like $50k for "return of remains" which is far more than most people will ever need. It's easy to put high coverage levels if you know they're unlikely to ever be claimed. Here's the detail if you want to read it: https://www.sevencorners.com/fmca-international-travel-insurance IMHO if you don't have Medicare coverage there are much better commercial insurance plans you can buy. They might cost more, but they'll provide much better coverage.
  13. With all due respect that thread didn't reach any real conclusion than have any of the dozens of similar thread over the past several years. As someone who lived and owned RV's in Maryland for many years and who still goes back to visit family, I can say that I've never stopped at a MD weigh station nor have I ever seen any RV stop there. No one has every bothered me about not having stopped. I think the MD law is poorly written but that doesn't make the MD folks responsible for enforcing it any more interested in weighing RV's than those in other states.
  14. docj

    Medical insurance for Canada

    Plans C, D, F, G, M, and N provide a $50,000 lifetime allowance for emergency medical care outside the US. I believe it's handled on a reimbursable basis you would have to pay the providers upfront. I also believe it's in effect for the first 60 days you are outside the US, if that is of concern to you. Here's a link to a page on the Medicare website that addresses this issue: https://www.medicare.gov/Pubs/pdf/11037-medicare-coverage-outside-united-stat.pdf