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  1. I agree with the Nova Scotia suggestion (although it's not clear that the OP has time in his family's already busy trip). One place to see not previously mentioned is Grand Pre, the Canadian national historic site which commemorates the expulsion of the Acadians from Canada. The Acadia expulsion gave the US the folks we know as Cajuns (and their fabulous food!) and it's a moving story about a sorry episode in human history. FWIW the Longfellow poem Evangeline was based on the Acadian expulsion and a statue of Evangeline graces the site. Grand Pre National Historic Site
  2. When we visit Quebec City we always stay in one of the parks on the Levis side of the river. There's parking near the ferry and seniors can ride for a couple of dollars as pedestrians. On the Quebec side the ferry terminal is in the heart of the old city which is not an easy place to access by car. We're planning on being there in late June.
  3. Actually, the only reason my post was edited was to remove the attachment to free up storage space. But, as for your question, if you can keep your internet activities to what you specify you should probably be fine with the data budget you propose. Just make sure you have your browser set to not automatically play embedded videos and set Windows to not automatically load updates, if possible.
  4. FWIW trying to measure download speed is a lot more complex than it might seem. The speed measured by Fast.com (designed by Netflix) and Speedtest.net are often a factor of 2 different. Furthermore, the speed measured by my Jetpack compared to the speed measured by the phone itself can also be rather different. Furthermore, the speed measured by the phone connected to theJetpack via wifi can be somewhat different from the speed measured by the laptop when connected to the Jetpack. At our "home base" in south TX our speeds are nowhere close to those cited above. But the 8-10 Mbps that we consistently get from the prepaid Jetpack are more than adequate for our streaming needs. IMHO internet speed has become sort of like what horsepower was when I was young; "mine is bigger than yours" when either would be sufficient!😄 Unless one plans on downloading videos, I really don't care if my download speed is 10Mbps or 10 times that! Even 720p resolution looks good on a 40' HDTV IMO.
  5. Throttling, as the term is usually used, means that connection speeds have been reduced on a continuing basis usually until the end of a billing period. With the current generation of Verizon Unlimited plans hotspot download speeds are reduced to (for most plans) <600kbps after 15GB of LTE data has been used in a billing period. The speed restriction is removed at the beginning of the next billing period. Network management is typically a short-term speed reduction with no pre-determined speed limitation. So I've noticed my normally ~10Mbps connection drop to ~3-4Mbps for minutes to hours at a time.
  6. If you're not aware, it's a "toothed" belt so it can continue to function even when it has loosened a bit. When replaced my belt primarily consisted of a band of fibers with rubber teeth loosely attached to the them! 😂
  7. We've had the plan since early November and I occasionally notice that the speed (as measured by Fast.com) falls to ~5-6MBps or even slightly below that for short periods of time. However, only twice in that time period have I had to switch to my phone's hotspot to stream a video and both those times I was using a VPN to the UK to watch BBC. So that was demanding a lot out of the connection. Normally our measured speeds on Fast.com are in the 8-10Mbps range. They are faster on Speedtest.net but it's my understanding that Fast is more of a measurement of what your streaming speed would be.
  8. Do you have one of the "high deductible" Plan F supplementals? We're each paying >$150/mo for our Plan F and that's with the "calculator" at ViaBenefits figuring out which plans are most cost effective for us.
  9. They had claimed that the generator would have to be removed from the MH to access the belt. Turned out that removing the facing panel was sufficient to gain access. There was limited clearance but it didn't appear to be all that difficult. It took a ~2-3 hours to do the full service including replacing the coolant and oil. I do exercise the generator, but I don't think I do it frequently enough. I went back to the manual and it calls for 2 hours every month. Furthermore, it specifically states that one long exercise period is better than multiple shorter ones. For a diesel generator the primary purpose of the exercise, in addition to lubricating the motor, appears to be to create enough heat to evaporate water that may have condensed on portions of the electrical system. When we first started it up after servicing, it was throwing error codes that indicated "low voltage". We reduced the load and continued to run the generator. After a while the codes stopped appearing. I ran it again yesterday under very heavy load for another hour and it sounds as if it's working well now. My assumption is that there might have been some condense water that was causing the voltage issue. Because the 7.5HDKAJ is an inverter generator that doesn't run at constant speed you can listen to it changing speed as the load varies and you can tell a lot by noticing how well it handles those changes, particular;y when it has to speed up to accommodate an A/C that kicks on. It seems to be running quite well now.
  10. Is your $4000 per person or for the two of you? My total (posted above) did include premiums for dental insurance but that was only ~$600 of the total. So we would be right at about $4k/person. With Medicare Part B costing $135.50/mo= $1,626/yr ( $3,252/couple) I have to assume you meant that to be per person. That would put us in roughly at the same cost. We also have some large Rx costs, but my former employer does cover the cost of Rx once we go through the Coverage Gap into the Catastrophic region. That's not a huge savings because the drug prices are cheap at that point, but every little bit helps.
  11. Almost assuredly any Verizon Jetpack associated with a postpaid phone plan will provide 15-20GB/mo of LTE data before a 600kbps cap is imposed.
  12. I just checked my 2018 federal tax return. Our health insurance costs, which include Medicare and supplemental plans, came to a little more that $8,500. That doesn't include the >$2k we paid for long term care insurance.
  13. No matter how diligent any of us are in maintaining the "amazing machines" that we live in, I'm sure all of us tend to occasionally cut corners on maintenance in one area or another. You know, we drive these rigs so little compared to what they're designed for, why can't we stretch the maintenance interval a bit? I'm posting this to confess that I've been "skating" a bit on my Onan generator because I had never taken the time to fully service it. I'm sure that virtually all of us change the oil and filter annually or at least every other year. But are you as religious about the air cleaner, the fuel filter and the difficult to access water pump belt? Although I had had most of these items taken care of within a reasonable time frame (~5-7 years) I have to admit that I had been lax about the belt, probably because a Cummins Onan shop had told me several years ago that replacing it on my MH was going to take all day and cost ~$800-1000 because my generator isn't in an easy to access front slide. So until a few days ago I've been operating with a 19-year-old belt on a generator with ~900 hours. If you don't have the Onan service manual nearby it is recommended that the belt be replaced every 1,000 hours but at least every 5 years. A local mechanic replaced mine (and it didn't take more than ~1-2 hours) and I can say that it was a credit to the manufacturer of the belt that it was still in one piece. I realize that the generator would have shut itself down if it had overheated due to a belt failure, but, no doubt, that would have happened when it was most inconvenient. The belt itself was <$15 but it wasn't the easiest part to locate. I bought one on eBay because I couldn't find it locally or on Amazon. So now my generator has been fully serviced, oil, coolant, filters and belt! I guess I'm good for another 19 years! 😁
  14. Even though we never boondock, neither do we stay at fancy RV resorts. It's just not our style We stayed at Yellowstone Grizzly last summer and thought that ~$70/night was pretty steep. We're going to stay at a nice family CG on Prince Edward Island this summer and will pay <$30/night on a monthly basis. That's more our style.
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