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  1. Most Plan F premiums are age-dependent. My wife and I currently pay roughly $400/mo to Humana (total) for our Plan F premiums
  2. Programs that have been recorded can be played back without commercials. Since there's no limit to the DVR capacity there's no reason not to record anything you might want to watch. Programs you haven't recorded can be played through the On Demand screen. Those have embedded commercials that you can't skip.
  3. Yes, it is live streaming of channels. All the cable and the local network affiliates are available. The only downside is that you pretty much have to have an unlimited internet connection. Other than that there is no downside that I can see other than the fact that changing channels takes ~10 seconds or so. I've read that some people who are "channel changers" don't like to wait that long. But it doesn't bother me.
  4. We've been using YouTube TV exclusively for the past ~4 months after having cancelled DirecTV. With respect to your questions, I love the guide because I can control the order that the channels are listed in. So the ones we usually watch I have moved to the top of the list. In addition, you can turn off the ones you aren't interested in so they don't even clutter the rest of your guide. As for the DVR, I think it's great. Because it has infinite capacity there's no harm in recording everything you might possibly want to watch. For all recorded shows you can skip through commercials so it's better to have programs recorded rather than having to select the show from the On Demand list whee you can't skip commercials. If there's anything I don't like about the DVR it's that there's no setting for just recording "first run" programs. I used to use that all the time so my DirecTV DVR didn't get cluttered up with stuff I had already seen. In this case you don't have to worry about filling up the DVR, it's just that sometimes you have to start a show to see if you've already watched it. One thing I really like about YouTubeTV is the ability to watch any channels anywhere I am on of my devices. I know that DirecTV had a streaming capability but I never found it as convenient and i don't recall it covering all channels. Today we were listening to a cable news show while we were driving back from Houston; it passed the time nicely.
  5. I loaded it yesterday without difficulty. I added a few extensions from the Microsoft Store and it, of course, acquired all my bookmarks. After a while I thought "feels pretty much like Chrome". Next thought I had was "if you don't have issues with Chrome, why change?" So I closed the program! 😁
  6. What you haven't mentioned is that higher quality wifi extenders can have additional features. For example, I connect my Verizon and AT&T hotspots to my wifi extender router via tethers and then use both of them in Load Balancing mode which enables the router to select the faster connection on a moment by moment basis. This provides significantly better performance than either connection can provide on its own.
  7. The following article is pretty self-explanatory. The NSA discovered a serious flaw in ALL versions of Windows which they've chosen to alert Microsoft to rather than turning it into a weapon the agency could use to its advantage. Microsoft is supposed to issue a patch today. NSA-discovered Windows flaw
  8. I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but there's plenty of accessible shoreline in the neighboring community of Lamar regardless of the situation on Goose Island itself. Lamar has pretty much recovered from the storm and the Whooping Cranes are in residence for the winter.
  9. With all due respect, I think it was FedEx that didn't renew its ground shipping contract with Amazon and it appears to have been FedEx's decision. FedEx and Amazon part ways
  10. Have you tried checking the websites for those parks? Goose Island State Park Mustang Island State Park camping McGee park
  11. I don't believe there's anything in the law that requires that the physical address you use has to be in the same State as the one in which you are claiming residency in. All that is required under the "Know your customer" banking rules (and the Patriot Act before that) is that there be some address through which it is possible to get a notification to you. In the past we've occasionally used a child's address; now we use our TX property even for issues relating to our SD residency. That having been said, it sometimes is the case that the "call center person" you are speaking with may not have been well trained on this nuance. In that case I would recommend you escalate the call to a supervisor or simply call back so you can speak to another person.
  12. Our LLC has had a business checking account with Wells Fargo for ~10 years. I'm pretty sure that all LLC's need to have registered agents in the State in which they are registered and that agent's address ought to suffice for opening bank accounts. That address needn't be the mailing address for the account; most banks are quite capable of handling distinct mailing and permanent addresses.
  13. When we first started RVing we thought that access to cash would be important, but these days we get the little cash we need from Walmart or grocery stores when we use our debit card to check out. With the spread of AndroidPay and ApplePay as well as the debit card itself I use virtually no cash, anyway. We do have our primary checking account at Wells Fargo which has branches throughout most of the country and that has occasionally been convenient for other business purposes. However, I recently opened a CapitalOne 360 checking account and I've been impressed how user-friendly it is. CapitalOne uses standalone ATMs in grocery stores, pharmacies and elsewhere. They are the kind of ATMs that usually charge fees, but are free for CapitalOne customers. My CapitalOne account accepts Zelle which is the principal reason I opened it. Zelle is an extremely convenient money transfer system, if you haven't already tried it.
  14. I pay ~$10/mo to get the entire Office 365 Suite on 5 devices plus 1TB of cloud storage for each device. We share the subscription with my daughter and her husband. This is an actual downloaded copy of Office, not the cloud version.
  15. If you use a speed test like "speedofme.com" you'll observe that the speed of any cellular connection can vary rather dramatically even during the course of a speed test. Furthermore, both my OTR Mobile and my Verizon unlimited prepaid Jetpack SIM are subject to momentary "outages" lasting a couple of seconds. These often evidence themselves by brief rebuffering events on my YouTube TV. However, I'm now using my WiFiRanger in Load Balance mode to "join" my two connections. The Ranger does not do true connection bonding (which is more complex and usually more expensive) but it does select which connection it wants to use for every webpage element or streaming segment. The result is that I'm now pretty much immune to the variabilities of my two connections. I've attached a screenshot which shows the real time data usage through my Ranger for a period of a couple of minutes. Usage through my Jetpack is shown in orange with the blue representing the OTR Mobile AT&T hotspot. You can see how the load shifts from one connection to the other. This isn't a commercial post and there are other routers that have load balancing capability. It's intended simply to demonstrate a relatively simple way to improve your streaming connection.
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