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  1. It's not necessary to change SIMs to transfer an existing Jetpack from a prepaid plan to the new post-paid one. All it takes is a CSR with a sufficient knowledge base. I'm currently using the same SIM and phone number on my Jetpack as I did when it was post-paid.
  2. I signed up for one of these today. It took >1 hour on chat and eventually on the phone to transfer my 7730l from my postpaid account to a new prepaid account. It can be done, but I ended up working with a total of 5 people before getting it done properly. Be prepared to have to argue about the plan's specs; the person who eventually got me up and running told me at the outset that there was no such plan. That's even with citing the plan #28366. Be persistent but patient. The CSR who challenged me eventually thanked me for teaching him something he didn't know. My speeds using Fast.com are in 4-8Mbps range. The CSR did warn me that there was always the risk of network deprioritization, but I told him that was a risk I was prepared to take.
  3. I'm planning on doing this also. But I am concerned that Verizon says that if use their phones for more than 60 days they may cut you off. Do you know what would happen if we spent an entire summer in Canada?
  4. docj

    Discontinuing of 3G devices

    If you've lived this long with 3G then you may not need to get a smartphone. My wife's sister has a 4G/LTE flip phone from Verizon that cost practically nothing and meets her needs. I'm not advocating that, but if you haven't felt the need to upgrade so far you don't have to let the change to 4G/LTE force you to do anything more than change phone instruments, not how you use it.
  5. I'm not sure how you reconcile your feelings with the fact that many nice RV parks near major tourist destinations are crowded most of the summer. We spent 10 days at Yellowstone Grizzly in late August. It wasn't 100% full but it was pretty busy. I'm not sure how one avoids this unless you are willing to go much earlier or later in the season. As it was we encountered snow and freezing temps during our visit; the Yellowstone season doesn't go all that much later.
  6. FWIW both our phones (a Pixel 2XL and a Galaxy S7) support what Verizon calls HD Voice. I rarely have any problems understanding what is being said.
  7. Alexa works well if it has an internet connection. The Hey Ranger device does all its speech processing locally so an internet connection isn't required.
  8. Yes, the intent is to have aftermarket kits. They will interface with WiFiRanger hardware and they will have the capability of controlling multiple 12V switched circuits.
  9. docj

    New Medicare Card

    It's a new Medicare number, not a new Social Security number. We're all getting new Medicare cards, not SSA ones, FWIW, the new "numbers" are mostly letters and will be extremely difficult to memorize (at least for many of us).
  10. For roughly the same price we had full hookups.
  11. This summer we spent 65 days traveling and our journey included 3 major tourist areas where we planned to stay 1-2 weeks at each. Those reservations were made months in advance because we felt we had carefully selected the parks at those locations and we wanted to stay at them specifically and didn't want any problems getting the deluxe pull-through sites we wanted. With our toad we are ~63' long and it's really nice to have an easy to get into site where we can hitch up the night before we leave. We like to use our washer/dryer and take long showers. As a result we always request full hookup sites. As for the shorter stays between these three longer ones, I had originally thought I wouldn't need reservations, but the more I examined our proposed route the more I realized that in quite a few places there weren't many options and quite a few of the parks were fairly small. For example, we wanted to stay in Dayville OR so we could tour the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument but the one decent park in Dayville has something like 5 sites. The more I looked into this the more I decided that having reservations would be worthwhile. The the seemingly ever increasing number of long-term residents at RV parks throughout the country appears to have significantly reduced the number of available sites on any given day.. I use RVTripWizard to help plan our travel days; it allows me to easily find the available parks in the vicinity of the ~325-375 miles we typically drive in a day. I like having a reservation to look forward to at the end of that drive. In quite a few places out west, if you can't stay in the town where you planned to stay, the next available site might be 50-100 miles away. That's not something I want to put up with at the end of a 6-7 hour day of driving. I'd much rather suffer the "restrictions" imposed by having reservations than have to hunt around for a place to stay. We're admittedly picky about where we stay; even for overnight stays we are pretty selective; my criteria is at least a "7" rating on RVParkReviews.com Notwithstanding all of this, circumstances can change the need for reservations very dramatically. Because of the fires out west this summer some locations, such as Durango and Diamond Lake/Crater Lake had had quite a few cancellations. We had a great time despite the smoke, but others decided to alter their plans to avoid those areas. No one could have foretold that and next year may be very different. I'd rather be safe than sorry. All told I think I paid ~$20 in cancellation or change fees over the entire course of the summer. Joel (AKA docj)
  12. docj

    New Medicare Card

    My wife used the card I printed for her yesterday and no one cared that our "color printer" only prints with two colors these days. All they cared about was the new number. I've also used it online a couple of times to update our records in doctors' offices.
  13. docj

    Mobile service Bushnell?

    Half a dozen years ago we had some work done by a Mobile service calling itself Penner's RV. He worked out of Brooksville FL. His prices were fair and his work was satisfactory. I don't know his number and I have no idea if he's still in business.
  14. I'm having difficulty visualizing your setup. If you have a SWM dish you would normally have only one coax coming out and going to the power inserter and receiver. I'm not sure why you have two coax's. Is this a setup you've previously used to get signals from the 99 and 103 satellites? What receiver are you using?
  15. DNS service can't be combined with a home account so it is primarily applicable to full-timers.