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  1. After some online research I decided to go with Anova because it is a well-established brand and has all the features I wanted. It can be completely controlled from its touch panel; some brands require use of a Bluetooth app. Furthermore, the difference in price between Anova and other, lesser known brands, wasn't all that great. FWIW the Anova does NOT require an email connection, nor does it have to be used with either Bluetooth or wifi. Its temperature and timer can be controlled from the touch panel. And, as I've learned, the time is relatively unnecessary for sous vide cooking since times aren't critical.
  2. I've just been introduced to the world of sous vide cooking and I'm loving it! Sous vide literally means "under vacuum" and the process is based on encasing food in ziplock bags or vacuum-sealed ones and placing the bags in a water bath being heated by a sous vide immersion cooker. What makes sous vide different from other slow cooking approaches is that the sealed bag keeps moisture from escaping the food so that it can be cooked for extremely long periods of time. The immersion cookers are designed to hold extremely tight temperature control (plus/minus half a degree F) and they all contain small "stirrers" to circulate the water and equalize the temperature. These features make it possible to cook foods for long periods periods of time at the desired serving temperature rather than at a higher temperature for a shorter time. The result of the sealed cooking bag and the low temperature makes it possible to achieve food moistness and tenderness that is hard to imagine even with difficult items such as skinless, boneless chicken breasts. I cooked the chicken, coated with some seasonings, for ~4 hours at 140F. When I took it out of the bag I pan-seared it and then put it in a Chicken Tikka Masala sauce that I had prepared on the stovetop. The chicken was so moist and tender you could cut it with a fork. The "trick" to sous vide is that food becomes pasteurized after extended exposure to high enough temperatures even though those temperatures would normally not be thought of as being hot enough for food safety. (There are detailed tables you can access online that give the pasteurization times for a large variety of things you might want to cook.) As long as you cook the food long enough to ensure pasteurization there is rarely an "upper limit" on how long you can cook it for. For example, I cooked my chicken for 4 hours even though 3 probably would have been safe enough, but 5 hours wouldn't have appreciably changed the texture. It's this last point which I think makes sous vide ideal for RVers--it's nearly effortless and frees you from time constraints. For example, this summer while we're touring with our grandkids we can start our dinner cooking at lunchtime and can leave it while we go enjoy the afternoon. Using chicken breasts as an example again, they could all afternoon with no problem so dinner won't be ruined if we come home an hour later than we planned. Another aspect of why it works for RVers is that you don't need any fancy cookware, in fact, cooking in a non-metallic plastic pot, or even a cooler would be fine. I'm using a commercial Rubbermaid 12 qt plastic container, but I could, just as effectively, use a Lowe's paint pail (although my spouse might get turned off by that!) For my birthday I bought myself one of these: Anova WiFi/Bluetooth Anova is one of the leaders in consumer use of sous vide. The concept was developed in the 1990's for the restaurant industry. It's one of the ways a restaurant with a small kitchen staff can offer you a large variety of dishes so quickly. (The reason for the wifi interface is so you can monitor your cooker if you're away from where it is. It's an interesting idea, but IMHO it's not quite ready for "prime time.") While writing this post I'm cooking a couple of boneless center cut pork chops in green curry sauce. Again, lean pork is often a challenge, but at 140F it should come out on the slightly rare side of medium. This post has now become much longer than I intended, but I wanted to provide enough information to whet your appetites! Feel free to ask questions. Joel (AKA docj)
  3. docj

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    Something to keep in mind when you go for renewal, we were told that the pieces of mail (we were told we needed two each) had to have dated cancellations or "meter" stamps. Bulk mail or any mail with undated postage wasn't acceptable. This was, of course, to meet the requirement that the mail had to be from within one year from the date of the license renewal. FWIW, just for the fun of it, we went to Madison SD for our renewal so we could say hello to Terri who runs the MyDakotaAddress office there. She "presented us" with everything we needed to take to the licensing office other than the CG/hotel receipt that we had provided. I'm sure the other mail forwarding outfits would do the same.
  4. Not sure what your issue was with Progressive, but we are full-timers and are insured by them.
  5. docj

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    If you read through the article, the voters registered at the Walmart address date from an era before the existence of the SD mail services and the use of the affidavit that all of us traveling SD residents now have to sign. The article says that the number registered as living at Walmart used to be much larger.
  6. docj

    Dayton Ohio USAF Museum

    Here's a link to all the parks in the Dayton area: Dayton OH area RV parks
  7. docj

    Dayton Ohio USAF Museum

    Actually, I suggest allowing several days to see this museum. It has grown so large that a day hardly covers anything (at least not if you like aviation history,)
  8. docj

    Driver's License Question

    I transferred by Class B from Maryland to South Dakota 7 years ago without any problems. I'm pretty sure there is CDL reciprocity across most (all?) states.
  9. docj

    What is the RV term for....

    I wonder if you think that the "always on the move" full-timers are somehow more "authentic" than those who stay in place for some period of time. Since many of our full-timer friends stay somewhere for the worst of the winter, you, no doubt, will have to specify how many weeks (or months) a person is allowed to stay in one place and still be eligible for your "elite full-timer" category. Is it Ok to stay at a winter location for a month? What about 6 weeks? Two months? I think you're trying to create discrete categories within something that is a continuum. If it makes you happy to do so, then go at it. But IMO you are trying to create a "structure" within the continuum that the rest of us call full-timing. Be my guest to do as you wish, but if you analyze data using a faulty hypothesis you will get a meaningless result.
  10. docj

    What is the RV term for....

    Your initial post makes it sound as if the "two timer" and the "always on the move" full timers are the only alternatives. In reality there are other variations which you appear to have overlooked. We, for example, are full-timers who stay in place for the winter and then like to travel all the rest of the year. We don't fit into your model, but know that we aren't all that unlike many others.
  11. One thing that has been missing, IMO, from the DirecTV NOW streaming service has been a DVR option for shows that are not available on-demand. DirecTV just announced that such an option would begin today. (note--my son has been working on this professionally, so I knew it was coming!) DirecTV NOW Cloud DVR announcement
  12. No offense but the rules make it sound as if RV owners are sort of second-class citizens. RV's can only be on properties during the "camping season" as defined by the community. I guess that means you can't use your property in the winter if you don't have a house on it? http://www.arrowhead1.org/pdf/docs/rv_regs_18_temp.pdf
  13. docj

    Directv vs. Dish

    There's another forum participant who can attest to a similar experience but I won't mention his name unless he chooses to admit it! 😁
  14. docj

    Directv vs. Dish

    It's my understanding that the Trav'ler is rated for winds of ~50 mph when deployed and >100 mph when stowed. We do bring it down during severe thunderstorm alerts but rarely have we stowed it for anything else.
  15. Thanks for the info. It appears that there is also an update to Microsoft Office that is concurrent with the Windows update. We have Office 365 and both our machines were updated.