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  1. Mooney12


    Servers in Florida make $5.03 per hour. The work is often very tiring and the hours can be long. These service people work very hard for their income. They also have to put up with a lot of garbage from some customers. In this country servers are paid a combination of wage and tips.
  2. Mooney12

    Trade 1997 Prevost for real estate

    This is a very nice looking coach.
  3. Mooney12

    CLASS OF 2016

    reported #48
  4. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    Well, we went on a 4000 mile road trip looking at MH's. We still didn't find one we thought was a good deal. We are still looking. Winter incoming soon so we might have to wait until spring. Gary, we sure envied you in MB. That's been a favorite place of ours for a long time. We used to go there before the big build up that started 25 years ago. When we had our plane we could go there on Friday and come home Sunday for a nice weekend getaway. It was a 2.5 hour flight. KD, your Bird sure looks nice under the trees. Don't get to far away from it, I might come down there and steal it!
  5. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    I'm sure my day will come soon enough!
  6. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    You two guys are making me jealous. Good luck to all four of you and safe travels. I hope both of your first big trips are trouble free.
  7. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    Congratulations George. I'm sure you and Kelli are excited to be hitting the road.
  8. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    I don't want to jinx your sale, but is it sold?
  9. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    Good luck! I hope your house sells and you can move on.
  10. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    I feel your pain. We sold ours in Feb and lost 120K. We only had a couple of showings and got lucky when one of them bought it.
  11. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    It's hard to believe you haven't had any offers yet. It looks like the real estate market is still in the dumps. Good luck with the lease arrangement. Maybe they will buy it when the lease is up.
  12. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    It looks like your ready to go.
  13. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    I have heard the "just started looking" story. It's depressing. Then again, that's the story we got from the people that bought ours last month. So you never know. The last day of our tag sale is today. I sure hope they move some junk out today. Tomorrow I need to get rid of what's left. Tuesday night the house gets turned over to the new owners. Can't wait for that. Next up is to find a MH that we like and can afford. Every one we like seems to be about 15K more than we want to spend.
  14. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    Did you get any feedback from your showing?
  15. Mooney12

    Class of 2011

    I know the feeling. Selling is not fun in this market. Our estate sale is next weekend. Hopefully we will get rid of most of the thirty years of collecting.