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  1. sheldons65

    Updating banking address issues

    I've only tried it online so far. Tried again after chatting with Escapees about some alternative ways of entering the information but no success. Have been doing a lot of business travel this week so I've not had time yet to visit personally a bank location. It's not a critical requirement at the moment and in the end I could use a relative's address in another state but it would tidy things up a bit to use my Escapees address for everything. Funny thing is I already have checks with my Escapees address. Should have my voter registration in the next mailing so I'll take that with me as well when I go into a bank. Not complaining or ranting. Just sharing experience and hopefully a positive outcome. Escapees are great and I’ll follow up with them again as well.
  2. sheldons65

    Updating banking address issues

    Just changing the address on two already established accounts. Everything else has switched just fine.
  3. sheldons65

    Updating banking address issues

    225 instead of 222. Everything else the same. I’ve tried entering it a couple of different ways. Will give Escapees a shout tomorrow.
  4. Crank of America and Capital None don't appear to like my Escapees address. I'm guessing call Escapees and ask for advice? I suppose a relative's address could be an alternative. Any recommendations?
  5. The biggest problem with fuel storage right now is ethanol. If you are going have to let a small engine go unused for like 2 years then you are better off with a canned product like Trufuel. It's a good practice I believe to let your generator cycle through a tank at least once every six months to a year.
  6. Premium gas is a bit of a marketing thing. The only difference is higher octane and if your engine doesn't benefit from higher octane according to its design then there's no benefit. Just trying to be helpful. https://www.edmunds.com/fuel-economy/to-save-money-on-gas-stop-buying-premium.html https://www.bellperformance.com/blog/bid/114019/The-Best-Gas-for-Small-Engines-Just-like-butter-Fresh-Is-Best https://www.briggsandstratton.com/na/en_us/support/faqs/browse/fuel-recommendations.html https://powerequipment.honda.com/generators/fuel-recommendations
  7. sheldons65

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Thank you Kirk! FYI I'm enjoying getting fitted out and ready for an adventure. I certainly give thanks to all the Escapees and this forum.
  8. sheldons65

    Getting started?

    Their info and helpfulness is top notch and worth joining, particularly if needing to connect for work.
  9. sheldons65

    Already a Texan

    Have lived in Texas and been a resident for 25 years. I've paid for the mail service and domicile info but have not received it yet to fully review. When I go full-time I believe all I'll really need to do is change my address on everything once I'm set up to go full time. That would be after I complete the necessary Escapees paperwork and get an official Escapees address of course. It may not end up being very complicated. Any experiences to share? Thanks!
  10. sheldons65

    Getting started?

    Yes I was referring to Technomadia. Thanks a bunch for the info. I'm in the processing of joining your site. I have a company paid Iphone with group data plan but would like to keep my RV data connection separate and create a new mobile method of internet access. Basically I have a home office now with high speed cable internet access. I'll be leaving that behind when I go full time before long. Ideally I'd like to have as close to the same internet functionality and speed as I had with home cable. I realize that may not be possible exactly but it's sort of a goal/objective with the mobile access point. I also have an Ipad 2 w/cellular but use it only with wifi. I bought it used and it has a Verizon sim as well as like a Manage Verizon Account under Cellular Data. I'll go back over the data plans again. I'm probably going to want a lot of data. My gaming is Eve Online.
  11. sheldons65

    Getting started?

    Have reviewed the info from Tecno. Awesome by the way! But I’m having trouble understanding how to get started with an access point. I’ll be in areas where Verizon and ATT allegedly both have good coverage. I’ll need data for work, gaming and streaming the likes of Netflix and also cell phone voice. I can mount one of the antennas with booster like a WeBoost no problem. Once I get a modem type access point inside the RV with wireless and Ethernet wired I’ll know what to do, Do I buy like a ATT Nighthawk and then go from there? What about the equivalent from Verizon whatever that is? Thanks for any help.
  12. sheldons65

    Sooner than I thought

    Thanks for the link. Nice job with the office. I’m sort of stuck with the Toyota Tundra for now as it’s new. I’ve checked out the Scamp and Casita type trailers. For me they seem a bit too small where as a used 24 to 26 footer with a slide would be ideal and allow me to customize. I’ve been looking at 2014 to 2017 year trailers.The office space I need would bit a bit larger requiring three 28” monitors but I’m pretty handy with construction projects. The weight issue around 1/2 ton trucks is certainly a limitation. It was just an idea to go ahead and move into full timing. Right now I don’t have a workable solution yet. The key word being yet. Scamp and Casita type are not ruled out, just not preferred at this moment. But I may be chasing a unicorn.
  13. sheldons65

    Sooner than I thought

    Pretty neat idea to use like modified IKEA stuff to retrofit a used TT. That was very helpful. We also have a pretty good used demand for RVs in the region with all the oil & gas bidness. It kind of affects the prices for bargains out there.
  14. sheldons65

    Sooner than I thought

    I've been studying this concept and on the forums for probably 5 years. About the last 2 years got sidetracked with other things in life but still kept fairly up to date in reading this forum and observing RVs. I'll probably have an opportunity to make such a move in the next 3 to 4 months. However, I didn't expect to do it initially in a travel trailer. I've found some design concepts I like. One issue with buying a travel trailer used is finding something without things I don't want or need like bunk beds, outdoor cooking bay etc. Many of them are oriented for families. And as I typically work from a home office when not traveling by air around the world for business or visiting the headquarters, I need enough space to turn part of this TT into an office. But I will continue to look at used. I also wouldn't be traveling with it all over North America but in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas region, just moving wherever I feel like and maybe two trips to Minnesota annually for work. My plan to become a full-time retired person is still on track in about 9 years. Thanks for all the advice on towing and the limitations of a 1/2 ton truck. The calculators are handy. Plus it's easy to estimate a TT loaded for living. A single person could easily have +1,500 lbs of water, propane and stuff.
  15. sheldons65

    Sooner than I thought

    Thanks RV, no worries you helped answer my question. I was curious about some of the manufacturers I should be looking at for travel trailers. Likewise there are some 5th wheel trailers compatible with 1/2 ton trucks but I believe they may be more associated with weekenders. I recently bought a Tundra just a few weeks but before realizing this about the window of opportunity I now have to become a full-timer. However I believe it would work fine with a "keep it simple" concept. I used all the available weight and towing data for my truck with the calculator so I've got a good idea of what is feasible in terms of size. Now I just need to research models, features, and internet connections.