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  1. I sure would like to see the ceiling unit. Thanks
  2. We have friends that use HH and think it is fabulous.
  3. If the only reason you prefer to park on this particular side of the driveway is hookups, how about moving the hookups to other side of driveway?
  4. Tie a light rope around the old starter, then hand the other end up to a helper positioned above the tire for assistance. Seems lighter this way when laying on back with hands extended above head...............Experience is a wonderful thing to have and a SOB to get.
  5. After brushing the stainless steel burner tube, I use a gas welder tip cleaner to unplug the holes in the burner. You can get the tip cleaners at most hardware stores, which are just like a tiny round file that doesn't really enlarge the holes, but removes the crud. Ditto exactly
  6. https://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com/WR.htm Have had this unit 3 years, much preferred to softener. I have 150 gal/day unit, keeps up with dishwasher and clothes washer.
  7. We have not received our New Medicare Cards in zip 77399. Is everyone in this situation? Thanks
  8. Absolutely do not take 70 through downtown Indianapolis , it is terrible. Take 465 either around north or south side whichever is appropriate for you.
  9. No problem finding part numbers, OBSOLETE pops up when ordering.
  10. Mine are getting cracked. What are my choices? Thanks
  11. bja1234

    Maiden voyage!

    HERO I agree with your truck.
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