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  1. bja1234

    Maiden voyage!

    HERO I agree with your truck.
  2. bja1234

    Debit card compromised

    I average about 18 months between card numbers being compromised. I receive text on all transactions on all cards immediately. When standing in a store I have a text before the cashier hands me the receipt. It is common for a bank to text me to check fraud on a transaction. It has never cost me a cent. I would never use a debit card anywhere except atm. Average $7000 charges per month on numerous transactions, in person, online and telephone.
  3. https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/dog/dog-electronic-fence-systems/petsafe-wireless-instant-fence-pet-containment-system
  4. bja1234

    Hdt financing

    I get it......new steer tires for Christmas......kuhl....she will love them....
  5. bja1234

    Sugar Beet Jobs

    Today most/many operations are steered by gps satellite.
  6. bja1234

    I 5 Eugene to San Diego...road surface

    Thanks to All
  7. bja1234

    Front living room in a fifth wheel

    Don't understand this, please elaborate. Thanks
  8. bja1234

    mini split install

    Thanks Glen. Have had no further thoughts or have found any units that you thought were interesting? I am looking for an independent in Yuma.
  9. bja1234

    mini split install

    Any one have any updates on this thread? Also, is there any recommendations for an installer in the Yuma or Phoenix area? Thanks
  10. How is the road surface? If not good, what do you recommend? Thanks
  11. bja1234

    Necessary Tools to Carry

    Left hand threads.
  12. bja1234

    Anderson 5th wheel Hitch model #3200

    Much info here in previous threads.....I really like mine.