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  1. A few months ago this forum had a big fuss about the Andersons and no one was going to use their products again. How quickly we forget.
  2. Make your own. Just add a squirt of dishwashing soap and some hardware store alcohol and fill the reservoir with water.
  3. JimK


    My main bank is Chase. They are opening a few more branches in the Western half of the US but years ago there were almost none. I opened a second account with Wells Fargo. It was not only convenient for cash withdrawals but it really worked out well when we had IDs and credit cards stolen. WF got us cash while we were waiting on new IDs and cards.
  4. JimK

    How am I going to fix that whatchamacallit?

    I guess I am hung up on the term, preventive maintenance. I can think of nothing I need to do on any sort of scheduled basis. There are plenty of things I check usually at the start of the my travels. In the Spring, I wash the RV. I add another light coat of Zep, if needed. I carefully check every square inch of exterior surface. I also check the function of all the mechanical devices and I wipe down every interior surface so the RV is spotless. Of course, I also need to sanitize the water system. Once that is done I also check for leaks. I pressurize the system and turn off the pump. A few days later, I turn the pump back on. The system should still be pressurized and the pump should not cycle. There are plenty of things to check. There is just nothing I can think that I do to prevent failures. The possible exception is the generator where I replace the oil annually. And my truck is a whole different issue. I check or do nothing but take it to a dealer for service. Even that is minimal and not much more than fluid changes are required for the first 100K miles.
  5. I consider my TPMS all but essential. I only had one leak due to tire damage. A sharp rock actually went through the middle of the tread of a new tire. Even then we did not actually need the TPMS. My wife heard the leak when we stopped for the day and at that time the tire still had near full pressure. You can take your chances and be lucky....or not. I would rather know in advance if I have a tire issue, am loosing pressure and are likely to have a blow out. If our tire damage had occurred a little earlier, we could have had a blow out at highway speeds and our truck camper and truck would be unlikely to survive the event.
  6. JimK

    How am I going to fix that whatchamacallit?

    What filters? My RV is 15 years old and I replaced the A/C filter last year. It was pretty clean but starting to deteriorate. My generator is 8 years old. It has been used and I change the oil once a year. No exercise. What hoses need to be checked? My original water hose still works. I have a spare but never used it. My mattress has a top layer that is different than the bottom. It does not get turned. Tightening what screws? None have ever come lose. No manuals call for checking screws. Now I do check tire pressure. I have a TPMS and check it daily at least once. I also check to see that I have fuel. I don't consider either to be PM. I have an Atwood water heater. No anode rod. No PM except for winterizing at the end of the season and sterilizing at the start of each trip.
  7. JimK

    How am I going to fix that whatchamacallit?

    I am totally puzzled by this. I cannot think of a single maintenance item for my RV. Stove, none. Refrigerator, none, Microwave, none, Hot water heater, none. Furnace, none. Water pump, none. Propane, none. Solar panels, none. AGM batteries, none. Of course, I do have to take my truck to a dealer for service periodically and I change the generator oil annually. Once I even changed the spark plug on the generator. I don't know why but after 8 years it seemed like a good idea. At that time I also checked the generator air filter but that seemed to be in good condition.
  8. JimK

    How am I going to fix that whatchamacallit?

    Not being "mechanically inclined" does not mean stupid and unable to learn. If you travel in an RV, it is all but essential to have some modest knowledge of how the systems work. It is worthwhile spending some time looking at the operator manuals for the RV and appliances. Most of the manuals will give you a good understanding of the systems involved and most will also have troubleshooting guides in addition to providing information needed for routine settings and use. You should also carry some basic tools. If you are a homeowner, there are equivalent skills you need to maintain your house. At a minimum you should be able to replace the water filter on your refrigerator or the flapper on a toilet. If you don't want to spend the time to learn or are just plain incompetent, plan on spending time, money and inconvenience finding and waiting for someone else to handle the issues.
  9. JimK

    RV Inspection

    I bought a used RV from a dealership. It was a consignment sale and the seller had agreed to fix any issues. Both the dealer and I had an incentive to find anything wrong. We found a cracked vent cover and a minor tear on the screen door. Both were fixed and I never found anything that had been overlooked prior to the sale.
  10. JimK

    safety of Walmart

    OK, can anyone name a single Walmart Supercenter that prohibits overnight RVs when there is no local ordinance?
  11. JimK

    safety of Walmart

    I just took a 15,000 mile, 4 month trip visiting a large number of States. I have made numerous similar trips in the past and I had an initial RV period of full time travel for 2 years. I very, very rarely stay at RV parks so when actually traveling which is frequently, I look for Walmart Supercenters. At this point I would guess I have stayed at least 200 nights in Walmart parking lots in almost every State. I have never had any security/safety issues. Not once! Some lots have visible 24 hour security. Most just have cameras. Lighting is excellent. At Supercenters there are employees and customers coming and going 24 hours a day. At most with all those stops I have seen maybe 2 panhandlers, not counting the recent annoyances from the approved Salvation Army volunteers. A couple of times I have encountered noise conditions usually from a nearby highway. As to Newnan, I have never visited but would not be hesitant at all. City Data has excellent information and it does not appear at all like a ghetto area. In fact according to the CD data, crime is lower than the US average. Again that makes little difference with the security and lighting provided. Certainly an RV park in that area would be no safer. I do have a couple of recommendations for picking any Walmart parking lot. First make sure it is a 24 hour Supercenter. Second have a backup plan. I have skipped a couple of stays due to construction or semis parking and idling all night long. Once in a long while you will find lots that are posted as no overnight parking. You may want to stay anyway or move on. I have usually stayed. The no overnight parking is not a Walmart policy, but some local ordinance. The police do not patrol private parking lots and have no rights to do so. They can only become involved if there is a disturbance or Walmart asks for help. Nor can the local manager decide to prohibit overnight parking. Walmart has a strict corporate policy to welcome RVs and anyone else needing to stay overnight. The only change to this policy is prohibiting semi trucks. In some areas dozens of semi trucks staying overnight created problems. In any case, backup planning should not be an issue. There are several other Walmart Supercenters fairly close. In addition there are some nearby truck stops where you could stay.
  12. JimK

    Quartzsite speed trap

    I just drove through Quartzsite for the first time a few weeks ago. I could not wait to get out of there. What a depressing place. Fortunately I keep to the speed limit.
  13. Forget Cruise America and the other outfits that rent or sell and rebuy large RVs. That does not seem to be what you are looking for. Instead check out the webpages for JUCY. These are small converted SUVs that you can rent or buy used and sell back. You can easily stay in National Parks and other campgrounds and also visit cities and stay in motels. Costs will be a fraction of what a larger RV would cost. Of course, you do need to suffer some inconveniences including climbing a small ladder.
  14. Don't worry about any residual antifreeze. After you drain the lines and tank, it will be time to sanitize with a load of bleach. I don't have any issues with either antifreeze or bleach residue. My tank drains to virtually empty and then I refill and drain at least once, often twice.
  15. I find this policy makes perfect sense. The insurance policy is designed to provide repairs for the original equipment, not modifications that might not have been done properly or might not be suitable. If the unit has been extensively modified then I can see why insurance would not be suitable for either party.