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  1. When I registered it in the fall of 2013 SD had removed the option of converting an HDT to a motorhome and registering it as such. There was a letter that had been sent out to some that had previously done this which reverted their motorhome status to private truck. A copy of this letter had been posted in this forum when it happened but has since fallen off of the archives.
  2. First, SD will no longer let you title an HDT as an RV. They stopped that several years ago so getting by on a "regular" class drivers license because it is an RV won't work there. In most states with license classes that line up with the commercial classes (ie. A, B, etc) A non-commercial class A is going to be required for towing anything over 10,000 lbs. A class B for driving anything over 26,000 lbs. and endorsements will apply (like for air brakes if you have them). When I picked up my HDT from Oklahoma, I got a 5-day temporary transit tag for it and drove it to North Carolina on that tag, bobtail. It had been commercial but I took all of the signage and DOT numbers off of it so nothing was on it to trigger LEOs to be interested in me. But, I did have my CDL license which I had gotten a few months earlier.
  3. If you are on Windows 10, then use the Windows Defender. It is the best on that platform. I cannot speak to Linux platforms though I do use a few of them a little bit like Mint and OpenSUSE but not too seriously. My experience with Kaspersky is that it turned into a CPU hog and I still have had problems with Nortons interfering with product installations on occasions. Just my experiences. FWIW.
  4. For Drives I have always been very happy with Bandag/Michelin Recaps. Much better prices and their process ensures no surprises.
  5. That $60/yr vehicle registration is because it is a motorhome. My truck that tows our 5th wheel was $371 registration fee. This is the sort of reason that people try to get their tow vehicles registered as Motorhomes but Florida has slammed that door for Semi tractors towing RVs.
  6. Mine either. Leave your campground for a week for any reason and the clock restarts. We had to leave for Hurricane Irma last fall but continued to pay for our site so we did not have it restart on us but it is an aggravation, for sure. FL no longer requires vehicle inspections, though, so that is a plus compared to some states.
  7. We have been domiciled in SD since 2013 but just completed our "relocation" to Florida as our domicile. what motivated this is that although our mail handling service "Myhomeaddress" in Emery, SD handles all our vehicle renewals, we still have to return to SD to renew our driver's licenses (CDLs) despite what the general SD regs say (one by mail renewal is allowed every 10 years. Also, all of our family ties are back east so it is easier to get to/from Florida than SD. We are also spinning down as we age and those long cross-country drives are getting a lot harder than we are willing to put up with. The medical facilities and available plans are better in Florida, too. The only real cost overhead unique to Florida was the vehicle impact fee of $250/motor vehicle, a one time charge when transferring registration from another state. All other costs/advantages are about equal between SD and Fl.
  8. This depends in where you are. Here, in St Augustine, FL, it is 10% "hospitality tax" for the first 6 months of residence. After that, no tax.
  9. In my case, the cooling unit leaked (again) and would have to be replaced (again). The cost of that, alone, would be more than a residential refrigerator purchase. Fortunately, I already had an old 2 door beer/watermelon refrigerator in the basement that was almost an exact fit. It would be nice to have on the door ice and water dispenser, though. but you can't beat free.
  10. I found a flaw with using bungee cords. I had a watermelon in the fridge and while traveling it got against the door alwong with a couple of bottles of water. Going down the road the bouncing kept wedging the watermelon against the door and the bottles kept holding it at that position until there was enough force to let the watermelon start working its way out, too. At our destination, the bottles were on the floor... somewhere and the watermelon was busted open on the floor as well. I had to switch to straps that run diagonally from the hinges to the opposite corner of the doors. This has worked well for the years since.
  11. I also had to remove the door frame on the RV to get the clearance I needed but that was the easiest part. Remember, once a unit is partway in or out of the door, no one else can get in or out to help from the other side so be sure you have enough help inside and outside before starting to move it. Many times this is not a huge issue but for some, like mine, the counter and wall opposing the RV door inside made for some difficulty in turning the units to transition the doorway both ways.
  12. A growing trend is for towns to establish nets of prospective areas to eventually become annexed into their city limits. Usually, an arrangement with the counties involved includes requirements that any new development, whether individual or by a developer, meet the existing zoning regulations of that town. This quietly imposes limitations outside of the city limits which can impact "freestyle" living. Another common approach is to quietly rezone agriculturally zoned areas into more formal zoning designations while they are still being operated as farms. Whenever that use changes, these areas automatically become zoned as was predesignated with all of the limitations and constraints suddenly applied. It is a matter of local authorities choosing when to start enforcing them. People have been forced off of land that had been family farms for generations before the local powers decided to start enforcing the rezoning. In North Carolina, there is a community called Lake Royal, near Bunn, NC, east of Raleigh/Wake Forest area, which has properties where you can purchase then use however you want. However, the property sizes are quite small. There is another such area down near Southern Pines, NC.
  13. While I don't disagree with what has been said I am still waiting for someone with actual experience.
  14. My King of the Road has a Dometic 15,500 btu AC/Heatpump in the living room and a 13,500 but A/C in the bedroom with a frozen up blower. I am thinking I would move the 15,500 btu from the living room to the bedroom and put the biggest, quietest unit currently available back in the living room. It is soooo noisy when the blower is running (all the time). This would give me 2 heat pumps and the ability to use either unit through the ducting to heat/cool without having the noise right in the same room with us. There were some 18,000 btu units (I thought I saw awhile back) but they seem to have disappeared. So, what is the best brand/model to get, today?
  15. I have a 40 ' King of the Road 5th wheel. All aluminum superstructure on 3 7000lb Dexter Torqflex axles. I have found that at the rear of the RV there are a lot of "drop" forces created by coming off bridges and such that put a lot of vertical deflection forces on whatever is at the back of the RV. I have strapped my PC case (vertical tower case) to the back wall for travel and found that these forces are enough to rip all my Hard drives out of the quick access holders inside of the case. I have 4 HDs in the PC + an SSD. The SSD was the only one that lacked the mass necessary to cause it to pull out of its mounts. Just saying; Overbuilt mounting might be enough but don't underestimate the forces involved. My RV rides exceptionally smoothly and I have had a glass of water left sitting on the kitchen counter still there and unspilled at our destination but the cantilever action on the things at the rear of the unit are serious. I previously had a Steelcase lateral file sitting on the floor across the back and lashed to the wall but these vertical forces kept ripping the steel pendaflex hanging rods out of the folders due to the weight of the files in them. Finally, I had to junk the lateral file because the welds in the rails in it were ripped apart and the drawers would no longer open and close. Steelcase filing cabinets are like tanks. Good luck with this but keep a close eye on your mountings for early signs of distress.
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