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  1. Thk's Zulu (I saw you had responded, then got sidetracked...)! Like how you distinguished between 'availability' vs 'stream ability'. I believe I mentioned that I do use external MIMO antenna for ATT, and also at time will use Maximum Signal Cellular AMP. We do our best to remain available via Email and Text with family members. So between our gear, we focus on that. Being able to surf, is our secondary priority. But admit, that a very close third priority - is 'stream ability'. Our current 'entertainment' approach, is still ~65% DirecTV (And shows we record.), but that has dropped form last year ~75%. We find we are shifting to 'streaming' more frequently. My opinion, is that over the next few years as 5G, and low orbiting satellite delivery systems, rollout - 'streaming' will grow to an even higher percentage... I do still look at Park WiFi, but due to our multiple Cellular Data Sources - very seldom use 'conventional park WiFi'. (As with your results, in many locations, I've found that I have 'stream ability' signals from both Verizon and ATT - so I can balance the usage between carriers.) And I think that is the key difference over the last few years - the difference between useable and stream able signals from both ATT and Verizon, has really narrowed. Really appreciate your time and effort, and sharing of results, Smitty 9/16 Edit: Classic timing:)! We're at Evergreen COOP, and testing Verizon, at this corner of the RV park, we were seeing RSRP's of 107-110m SNR of GT 18.2. Turned on our Maximum Signal Cellular Booster. My Verizon S8 phone is about 7-8' away from the inside repeater antenna. RSRP's 92-98, SNR 10.8 - 12.7 range. A good example where external antenna, amp, and inside repeater antenna's can make a difference. (By the way, I turned the Cellular Amp due to calls being broken up. We're using the ATT Nighthawk, via Mobile Mobile Mark rooftop MIMO antenna - to tether to the GOac for the inside the coach WiFi usage. Three times faster then even the amplified Verizon:)!)
  2. I enjoyed reading your data, and have a follow up questions (And if I missed (Or more probably forgot!) reading this info - sorry!): -Was ATT via Mobley, and no exterior Antenna? (Doc's comments make me think this...) -Verizon, same question. Exterior antennas involved? -If exterior antenna was involved for ATT and Verizon, was it MIMO antenna? -Wifi. Was this directly Park to computer Speednet (Or other.) testing of Download Speeds? Or do you hav external antenna's to capture Park Wifi? -Do any of the the Cellular Data feeds to ATT and Verizon include a Celluar Amp? ===== And note, in general, I've found very similar situations. With the states we've traveled the last 2 years or so, I find that the bulk of our Data feeds have come from either ATT and or Verizon. Verizon for us, is via a Hotspot over a Samsung S8 phone. Upon occasions, the phone needs the Maximum Signal Amp to provide usable Data Speeds. The ATT is fed into a dedicated Mobley SIM in a Nighthawk (The last 6 or so months.), or Netgear 815S earlier, for Data Feeds. Both devices were connected to a Rooftop Mobile Marke MIMO antenna. The few times we've needed to depend on WiFi, I've found the WiFiRanger has maximized pulling in WiFi for Data usage. Usually just via the GOac, but a few times using the EliteAC POE Ubiquity Antenna booster. Whenever either ATT or Verizon is available, that is what we use. ==== Really appreciate you taking the time to track and summarize what you've seen. I think for 2019, I'll try to keep the same kind of basic records, and share them too:)! Best to you, and all, Smitty Note: I've set up a reminder for in about two weeks, to come back and research your earlier posts, to see if you outlined equipment and or how you get the 'data feed'. So if you've covered the above questions on your data approaches, just say so, and I'll find them while digging a bit deeper:)!
  3. I also run my tires for 6-7 years, depending upon where we are when the DOT is coming up on my choice of changeover. We replaced our Michelin XZE*'s at a few months shy of 7 years of age. No checking or cracking. It's fine for people to not use 303, or use tire covers, or to not use tire covers... It's also fine to have owner's run with ties to age 10. And heck, I've been helping a friend hunt for a used RV. Have ran into two different owners, of lower milage DP's, that have OEM tires. One was a 2003, and the other a 2004... Now those people, IMO, are pushing the odds. And in a blowout situation, it's not always just the person that vehicle that is at risk. So personally, i disagree with running tires of insane age... Me? Again, my choice, I keep my PSI where they belong (Per four corner weights.), I use 303, and I replace at 6-7 years of age. I also run Centramtics on all positions, and still pay to have each wheel balanced too. That is my choice to do:)! Best to all, Smitty
  4. I wash with soap and water. Let dry, and then use 303 for my tires. It takes me 10-15 mins to apply, and buying it by the gallon makes it IMO, cheap to add the UV protectant... Best to all, Smitty
  5. I admit I go in phases of doing well in contributing to all (Well not Yelp - Legalized extortion IMO, so boycott until they change their business practices.) of the mentioned sites. Then I'll get sidetracked, and let a few months go by where I just don't take the time to contribute. I know I should do so, and just before I posted, I asked the DW if she'd help me remember, and even take over the updates on a few of the sites - so hope to be more consistent in the future:)! Best to all, be safe, have fun, Smitty
  6. A contrary opinion on generators... I'd rather have a generator with 750 hours +, over a generator with under 100 hours. Moisture can build up in the windings - so most owners 'Exercise' their generator under medium to heavy load, for 45-60 mins, periodically... The rest of the input I agree with:)! Best of luck to you, Smitty
  7. While sometimes the actual length matters. More often, the maneuverability of a larger Class A, is as important as say 40' vs 45':)! And much depends on planned usage. If going from RV Park to RV Park, 45' is as easy as 40' when planning. If popping into State or Federal Parks, especially older National and State parks - 40' by itself takes some advance planning. 45' is not the end of the world for usage. But the reality is it will not fit into some locations, and or, have much fewer options in some locations. So much, depends on usage... And for sure, no right or wrong - just choices... It's legal to do what you want, and what meets your needs:)! Best to all, Smitty
  8. We have a similar set up as we have, and yes to good info and help from RVWATERFILTERSTORE (We also got tire of Home Depot white Water Drinking Hoses kinking and needing to be replaced regularly. So 6 years ago, bought two different length of hoses from RVWATEFITLERSTORE too - good hoses, and good fittings.) We use the Ceramic filter for our under the kitchen counter feed to the drinking water faucet spout. We change this out every two years. https://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com/A1404.htm For those who might camp in places with a higher need of water protection, adding a UV light into the mix would add another level of protection. (We've been planning on adding the smaller Acuva UV 12V system under out counter, for drinking water - just has not worked into the budget yet!). Our Whole House filter is the F1Pb cartridge from Pentair. All water going into the coach for showers, lavatory sink, kitchen sink, and feeding our Drinking Water extra filter, route thru this. Changed yearly. (Unless we we feel a need to do so earlier, based upon unusual circumstances. We've done so a few times in the last 8 years.) https://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com/A1209.htm As we got into RV'ing, we first would stop and by the 2 or 2 1/2 gallons jugs of water for drinking and coffee. And use the Blue Camco hose filters. Researching more as we went along, and knowing that some of our fellow Escapees have had problems over the years from unsafe water - we stepped up the game. No, we do not consider our current system full proof, but we feel it provides reasonable protection from potential bad water, in the places we visit. And a comment about the good advice from the RVWATERFILTERSTORE. I was reviewing my system, when the gent (Can't recall if it was David or Rick now:)!) made the following comment 'So, you never get water in your mouth when showering? And do you use your Drinking Filtered Water for rinsing your toothbrush too?'... Before then, I was just using a sediment filter to keep the crud from coming in, as our whole house filter. Water safety is easy to do, once you establish a process. A thanks from many years ago, to Zulu, who on a similar post went thru his approach to filtration... It was one of the key posts that had us pick up our game!! Best to all, Smitty
  9. I'm a former Boy Scout Camp Councilor, from age 14 I worked the summers for four years on the Aquatic Staff. Really a great experience, even when my boss had to fire me! (I learned at a young age, you can do the right thing, and still have to pay the consequences for it. Always get a chuckle from having to say I was 'Fired from the Boy Scouts!'. It was a true life lesson, that took a few years for me to fully understand... I think he popular word for the understanding part, has recently been 'Process'...). This few thousand acres camp in the Southern California mountains, and we'd hav between 1500-2000 kids each week over the summer. The camp has three places for between 3-5 RV's at each place to camp. Water, at each of the three locations has a septic available for dumping. Even now in my 60's, I maintain a relationship with the park. Each only 5 live on site caretakers over these decades - with a good hand off from each caretaker to the next. A few us Camp Councilors from the early 70's, show up each year to help do maintenance on the camp. Some can only stay for a few days, but most of us all stay for a full week. (Paint, build new structures, etc.) And we still do campfires on the first night, and embarrass our kids an some with great grandkids - doing some of the old stories and skits. That is my Secret Campground, a special part of my life, and glad to be able to still give back some, and enjoy the beautiful area. Smitty
  10. If you think the RV in question is the one you really want. Point blank tell the seller, that if it can not be inspected - you'll move on. Suspect something is being hidden... Or possibly, it's been for sale for a period time, and they're tired of showing it to inspectors, who then find items:)! And I agree with the bring your Fiver down with you, and find and work a deal locally. Priced right, usually higher then trade in value, your Fiver will move fast enough for you... Happy hunting, and delayed welcome! Smitty
  11. If you like the Olympic Peninsula, we enjoy renting a site up at Evergreen Co Op for a month. We try to time it for the yearly Wooden Boat Festival, 9/6-9/8 this year. Our daughter will make her second visit, we'll pick her up at Sea-Tac for a few days visit so she can attend her second festival with us. The Elk's in Forks has a nice open area too, just watch out for the Vampire's and Werwolf's (Or in the immortal words of Marty Feldman 'There wolf...'.) (Or was that 'What hump?') Travel safe, have fun, Smitty
  12. Those are some great speeds. Does the park have the regular request for no streaming? We've been at Newport, OR's Pacific Shores Motor Resort for about 6 weeks. Just took our CRV and made a dash back down to San Diego for 7-8 days fro our friends 40th anniversary bash. We head back North again Monday... And will be back in the park on the 4th for a mini block party... Had been great weather along the coast before we left. I did get a chuckle when I made a comment to our neighbor about the wind - he said 'This ain't wind, it's a breeze.'. And yet Small Craft Warning, and the weather station at the park registered sustained winds in the mid 30's, with gusts to the high 40's.... (Oddly, it seemed just a bit more then a breeze to us!). Now we know why some of our neighbors not yet back into the park, have their picnic tables upside down and strapped to the concrete. Two years ago, a full timer in the park said they had gusts over 110MPH, and yep - some picnic tables had changed sites by the the end of that storm.). Enjoy your on going travels on 101. We hit Tillamook Elk's in about two-three weeks for a visit. Travel safe, Smitty
  13. If not too late. And if you feel it is something you would use. Also add some post holders for adding future patio type covers for shading, and on top of that, you could add solar panels for plugging into while on the site. Does not cost much to add post holders. And then cover them with pots to avoid tripping until you want to use them:)! I've also seen small pads poured at the time as RV pads, for future sheds for storage... The cost of the extra concrete is cheap in the scheme of things, and it's available for if you want to expand and use it in the future:)! Best to you, Smitty
  14. Is the car in El Paso? Thanks:)! Smitty
  15. Thanks Linda, I've seen a few hats over the years - and considered it a left over 'spoof' from the Salton Sea having enough water to have a yacht club:)! Appreciated the link... Best, Smitty
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