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  1. I'm a nature lover, thus I protect our coach from critters the nature way. I keep a cat on a leash under the coach, with just enough range to protect the full underbelly of the coach. I've found it's best to feed the cat only a few times a week, as they hunt more intensely when just a little hungry. And, I found over the years, it requires a younger cat to keep up with the coach going down the highway. So I let loose the existing cat at age 3, and replace them. I've found they get quite territorial, and usually are alley cat tough enough to scare most dawgs away from taking dumps in front of the sites. May not work for everyone, but when you're nature lover like I am - well... ======= Steel wool around the sewer line entry to our coach. I don't know if they actually do get recycled, but I place them in parks recycling bins when done (Well, if they become accidentally too dirty - I toss them!). I talked to one gent with a Wandelodge, who has a few those ultrasonic critter detergents - he said he thought they had protected him over the years... Never bothered to fact check this, so passing it on as FYI:)! Best to all, Smitty And Note: My DW would have me on a leash doing guard duty, before she'd ever let me do the kitty cat routine... But one has to wonder if CAT powered DP's have any critter problems:)!)
  2. Great info sharing!! And mirrors much of what we see as we travel largely in the West. We too have Verizon (Hotspot on Samsung S8) and ATT (Mobely, SIM in a Unite Explore until just before this trip, were on now, to the Oregon Coast - now in a Nighthawk.). One thing I'll add to your info, is the that for most of the last year of traveling, including now with the ATT Nighthawk vs Unit Explore - that I've tested with our roof top MIMO Mobilemark Magnetic Antenna, and without - in all but two cases, the combo of MIMO Mobilemark, and either Unite Explore (One time) or Nighthawk (Second time) - has greatly outperformed the Download and Upload Data speeds. Not surprising. I keep playing with unhooking the Nighthawk from the Mobilemark rooftop antenna, as this reverts it to 2X2 MIMO, to see if the internal 4X4 MIMO antenna performs better. One time, in Redding, CA about 5 weeks ago, it was about 15-20% faster on Download's, and even more so on Upload's. And that is with me keeping it inside of the Communication Cabinet, not moving it around the coach to get the best signal 4X4 MIMO possible:)! (I have the device tethered to a WFR GOac, which all of our data usage in the RV is tied into...). I suppose I'm saying, that lots of the time that a rooftop MIMO antenna is going to yield a better signal, and thus the higher speeds... Thanks for posting what you've seen so far:)! Look forward to more info when you get more travel in on this trip!! Best to you, and all, Smitty
  3. Newport, OR - Broke 60 today for the first time in a weeks, could hit 63 along the coast on Tuesday! Pleasant 47-50 over the evenings... What they call a 'slight breeze' here the last few days, winds sustaining 20-23MPH, with gusts into the mid 30's. Go West, go West, go west... (Suppose it's Northwest!)... Best to all, Smitty
  4. "I do not know how you think you changed your DNS location. Or are you talking about the location for your Locals? That is an entirely different issue." Yep, it was the changing over to a specific areas local channels. And I do now remember reading before that some were GF into both E & W feeds... Appreciated the response, best to you, and all, Smitty
  5. Damon is doing great in the Oregon Junction City and Eugene area. As I can tell, he still semi Independent, and yet at the same time, works with Premier in Junction City. Has an office at Premier that he comes into, well, except during Xmas Tree Harvest time!! He's a great complement to Gary and Louie of Premier. And as far as Country Coaches go, the three of them are walking brain trusts. All three, seem to be genuine people - which is hard for salesman:)! (And to be clear, intended as a complement to all three of them. And a dang good staff too.). OP - If you have questions on a Country Coach you still want answered - call and talk with Damon Rapozo... Best to you all, Smitty
  6. Curious how some can get both East & West feed? I keep watching for something on our account on our DNS - nothing so far. Just a few weeks ago, we changed out DNS location, and it was relatively painless this time (The CS Rep new what I was talking about, and had it changed in 5 minutes.) We're West Coast feed, but many times it would be great for us to have East Coast feed:)! Is their some magic set of words to use to establish both feeds? TIA, and best to all, Smitty
  7. We recently replaced the 2000 with the 2100 (And the alphabet combo's that follow the numbers too:)!). We too like the 'in the coach' ability of the Splendid units. We did have room to go with separate units for Washer & Dryer, but the DW voted to keep the cabinet space shelving we'd added where the Dryer would have gone. Thanks you both for your tips, as ours too is vented, both tips apply... Timing is funny on this, as the DW was sharing with me last night, that she's now following a different technique for the Dry cycle. She always stops the washer, without the auto shift to Dry mode. She said she's found one washing pants, or say dress T-Shirts, that if she uses a lower Spin cycle speed, it does not seem to have pressed and the clothes wadded together as high to the drum. And before she starts the Dry cycle, she is using a few of those Dryer Balls, and a Drier Sheet (Bounce I believe.) too - and the pants/shirts come out pretty much wrinkle free. If the pants are a bit damp, she'll hang then from the leg ends, and the added weight of final dry upside down, also seems to help. And a tip the learned on probably this board, is less is best when it comes to clothes where avoiding wrinkling is important. Appreciated the keeping it lint free tips! Travel safe, have fun, Smitty
  8. Timing is off for us (We're on the waiting list at Evergreen COOP, and will either add a park model, or good quality Fiver, for permanent usage.), this certainly fits the 'quality Fiver'... Best of luck on the sale, and future congrats to the new owner - that sure looks like a good one:)! Smitty
  9. Cool (Sorry, it just seemed like the right word to use:)!) that it's working so well... Best to you and all, Smitt
  10. Glad you found someone to help you, and that knows Roadmaster's. Please ask his opinion of the 'fix' that was done. And if it was not the Source Engineering fix, his opinion on that kit. In the dusty corners of my memory, when researching to buy our coach now 9-11 years ago (Took a few years to find the one we went with:)!), I think I remember the RR4R recall was about as effective as the Norcold 1200's... I'd rather you research this and find out that my memory is wrong, and that you confirm with this gent that you have a solid Trailing Arm system on your coach. But if not - well, it's all about safety:)! Bumped into this thread about 5 minutes ago: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f258/trailing-arms-on-my-rv-440805.html Again, hope all is well and that you just need a good alignment and off you go:)! Best to you, Smitty
  11. The MR1100, latest version with Band14. And I don't have an answer to the time out question yet, will towards the end of next week:)! But, we've had the SIM in the Unite Explore for about two years, and no time outs. I did get the PUK1 & PUK2 info, and followed fellow Escapees Technomadia's on configuration updates. (RVMOBILEINTERNET - It's a good tool to add to your resource kit while researching. They have a Members Only content, that is IMO worth the cost of membership. I like to spend a few hours a month monitoring things in this arena, so renew my membership yearly with them. I know some who join them for Exclusive Content, while doing initial setup research:)!). Best to you, Smitty
  12. I believe that era Safari, under Monaco as the builder, use the RR4R Road Mastermaster chassis? I'm sorry I can't recall from earlier posts when you were shopping for Class A's, if you ever determined if the RR4R chassis had been taken care of? The Roadmaster Chassis benefited with some After Market modifications, for handling issues. (And I believe I remember they had a Safety Recall too(?). Source Engineering has a kit that helps the RR4R: http://sourcerv.com/trailing_arm This kit is well thought of by those that have had it added. If this has not been added yet, and rear components are failing, you could get unusual ride and handling conditions. If not added, I'd put this on your radar, and have it installed - then do an 'all axle alignment' and a good chassis shop. If in that region, the mentioned JoSam(SP?) in Florida - has a great reputation. You might also want to call and talk with Source Engineering on what you are experiencing, they maybe able to confirm if a failing/failed rear suspension component could cause what your feeling. (And of course, if your coach has had the Kit installed - could easily be a simple front end knocked out of alignment by our wonderful freeways:)!) If back in Souther California, I'd comparison shop on the phone between Redlands and Colton Trucks. Both you good equipment, and both do good jobs on alignments. But back 7-8 year ago - Redlands RV wanted over twice the amount to do the alignment vs Colton Trucks... I drover San Diego to Colton Truck for the alignment, and they did a great job. If in the Pacific Northwest, Eugene's Kaiser Brake & Alignment is also well regarded. Henderson Line Up and Brazel's also get positive feedback (Though I admit I can't recall if Brazel's does alignments too:)!). Travel safe, and keep enjoying your new 'roughing it' Safari - a fine coach to travel in:)! Best, Smitty
  13. Other considerations are 5G is coming... So perhaps the lower cost option is the way to go, to bridge over to 5G equipment in the future. And then you'd also still have 3G capability too... I just went thru a similar thought process on our ATT MiFi. Our Unite Explore is fine, and with roof top MIMO antennas, has provided us with some amazing download speeds in places. But also reading RVMOBILEINTERNET, I decided to go ahead now and get the Netgear Nighthawk, and moved my SIM (Mobley SIM) over into it. Still may sell my Unite Explore 815S on Craigslist, but leaning towards keeping it as my back up, and selling it my current ATT backup MIFI. My rational is that I usually am not an early adopter of new gear, and 5G will have lots of new gear and chips coming out ahead. And thus the Nighthawk will probably bridge into 2021 maybe 2022 before I spring for a 5G MiFi. The upgrades being made to cell towers for 5G, will in some areas be able to take advantage of the 4X4 MIMO the Nighthawk has, vs the Unite Explore is 2X2 MIMO. Have just made change over this last week, and we do not hit the road until next week - so it will be a few weeks until I see if I can detect any performance improvements (I care about DL speeds.) with the Nighthawk vs Unite Explore. And I'm sure I'll spend time disconnecting the rooftop MIMO antenna from time to time, and see if the Nighthawks 4X4 outperforms it in some locations too... Your realization about 3G being important too you, does kind of simplify this for you. But suppose you could also pick up a used inexpensive MIFI just for 3G duty also... Lots of options, and no real right or wrong on the approach:)! Best to you, travel safe, have fun, Smitty
  14. Thanks for the 10 vs 30 minute, must have misread... And Catch 22 for sure. Boon docking is the best time to test, but you also usually want a good charge to go into the evening with:)! Wonder if you tried a test with the Solar Controller off if that might show something too. Very possible the positive voltage going into the battery is enough to make the EC30 think it's reached Stop @ Voltage settings.... Someone may hav already suggested this. But in the AM get some readings at batteries with a Multimeter. When the sun is up a bit more and hitting the panels well, take another reading at the battery. If you trick the EC30 into starting, (Maybe set the Start @ V up closer to higher charged.) take another reading at the batteries once the charger has kicked in. And remember after each mental exercise, lubricate the mind well with a good Scotch! (May not help you find the magical settings that need to be tweaked, or possibly a problem - but you'll feel better anyways:)!) Best, Smitty
  15. Not familiar with the EC30 (Had to google it to see that it's a Cummins/Onan product:)!). But if I understand, your generator is starting, and then consistently stopping after 30 Minutes(?). If this is the case, then the "Time @ Stop V" is probably set to 30 minutes(?). I'd double check the settings one more time, and make sure the Start @ V and Stop @ V values are appropriate for your specific set of AGM's. If you see a setting of 30 minutes at the "Time @ Stop V", change that to a different time and see if the Generator the stops at that time frame. (This would show that it is related to these combinations of values.). And as mentioned, these Voltage Start and Stop values, are at their best when the battery bank is fully rested. A battery under usage, and or charge - could easily fool these values. You might also experiment with the setting of the Voltage Stop V level higher, but never higher then the specific Battery Manufactures recommended Bulk Voltage value. You also might want to recheck the wiring of your new batteries, to be sure that the EC30 is properly connected to the full House Bank. (Recall one gent who had problems with his coaches auto generator behaving funny, and found it was somehow reading the Chassis, not the House:)!). At least by experimenting, when Cummins Tech Support does get back with you, you'll have more info to share:)! Best of luck to you. And please come back and update what you find out, as it could help others down the road:)! Smitty
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