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  1. Microwave

    After 10 years of heavy use (we don't use our oven) , our microwave is finally dying. Can the one over the stove be replaced or do we buy a new one for the counter?
  2. Unscented cleaner

    I have heard good things about this combination but the smell of vinegar bothers me....
  3. Unscented cleaner

    I have asthma and pulmonary fibrosis and am looking for a COMPLETELY unscented cleaner. Amazon has one called Better Life. Have you ever used this or do you know of a better one?
  4. Refer temp

    When we first started full-timing, we bought one of those little refrigerator thermometers and for nine years, it stayed at forty degrees. A few months ago it wet up five degrees so we turned the refer to "Colder". Worked fine. Temp went up so we went to "Coldest". Again, it worked fine for a few days now is going up again. This might be a stupid question but now what do we do?
  5. Small carpet shampooer

    We live in Livingston, TX so we went to Walmart and bought a Little Green Machine. By the way, what is vinegar water? (I know it's vinegar + water but what are the proportions?)
  6. Small carpet shampooer

    We full-time in our motorhome with two cats and like many cats, they throw up a lot and it is beginning to look like our carpet is multicolored. It's difficult to get one of those large rental shampooers in here so we have decided to buy a carpet shampooer so we can shampoo the small amount of carpet we have. Any suggestions on what kind to buy? Also, we have been told not to use cleaning solution with it but to use water and dishwasher powder. What do you think?.
  7. Toilet cleaning

    A woman I met at the local food bank was telling me she just bought a used RV. She says it is in pretty good shape and looks good except for the plastic toilet which looks like it hasn't been cleaned in awhile and is badly stained. I told her I would ask on this forum if there was anything she could do to clean it up (she's tried cleanser and Scrubbing Bubbles) or if she should just buy another one?
  8. Water pressure (?)

    Thanks to all who replied to my question. It seems obvious that the problem is with our faucet so we bought a new one when we returned from a year in New Mexico. But the problem persists. Now what?
  9. Water pressure (?)

    Ever since we bought our motorhome in 2004, we've had problems off and on with low water pressure. We didn't think about it much; figured it was just the park we were staying at at the time. We've been staying at Rainbow's End for over a year now and the pressure is worse than ever - only in the kitchen (it's fine in the bathroom). Awhile ago we took our rig in to the local RV repair shop for some repairs. We were going to be there all day so they hooked us up to water and electricity. They had to run some water in the kitchen and noticed how "wimpy" our water pressure was. We told them that it had always been aproblem but they couldn't find anything wrong. Do you have any suggestions as to what the problem might be?
  10. Cleaning the grease filter over stove

    Thank you all for your suggestions! We cleaned everything (the filter, the fan, the housing) and voila! NO NOISE!
  11. We haven't cleaned the grease filter over our stove in years and it is now so greasy that it doesn't work well. I can't find a new one listed at Camping World so we will clean this one. But how? Any suggestions? Also, it makes an awful racket when I turn the fan on. Is the excess grease causing this?
  12. Mildew?

    The fresh water fill hose located under the bed is leaking badly and the carpet on the right side of the bed is soaking wet. The RV repair place here is VERY busy and it will be over a week before they can see us. This same thing happened about three weeks ago and they replaced the hose and everything was OK once again. Now it has come lose and is doing the same thing again. Here's my question: The floor never completely dried from the first time and now it is wet all over again. Even after they fix the leak, the floor will take awhile to dry. Consequently, it has been wet for about a month and will not be dry again for a few weeks. It is causing some mildew and smells bad sometimes. I know mildew is not good for your health and I'm writing to ask if any of you have had this problem and is there anything we can do about the mildew? (FYI We are staying in Texas and the humidity is so high that it takes forever for anything to dry.) Hope you can help us.
  13. We live in a 2004 Winnebago class A motorhome and the windshield curtains are shot! We want to replace them but ordering new curtains is nearly impossible. Apparently, these curtains snap on to a track but no one seems to be able to tell us what to buy. And apparently, you are supposed to sew new curtains, but I don't know how to sew. Help! I hope someone can tell us what to do...
  14. Anyone full timing on 25000 a year?

    Oh, yes. It's MORE than possible! Bill and I live on $18000/year and as long as we are careful, we do alright. Put as much as you can each month into a savings account (how much you save depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice) because major RV bills happen.
  15. Keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter

    Never heard of putting reflectix on the floor but it sounds like a good idea. Did it work?