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  1. That is a Texas phone number, but in these times does not indicate location.
  2. We just went through this. The one thing no one has mentioned. When replacing the bolt that broke. Replace it with a GRADE 3 bolt not a hardened bolt grade 4 or higher. They are designed to be the weak link in the system. It is better to break a shear bolt than replace the motors.
  3. We were planning on going from North to South. Guess I did not make that clear. Is 491 less hilly?
  4. We are looking at taking US Highway 191 between I-70 and I-40. We are pulling a 14,000lb 36 ft fifth wheel with our F250 Diesel 7.3. Is this route do able this time of year? What are the RV parks like full hook up? Thanks for your input.
  5. Guess I misunderstood you’re comment about “Honda 2000i generator with very low hours for sale due to low use and moving.” I thought you were moving from your base.
  6. A price and location might help sell this item. Looks like it is in good shape.
  7. The Kerrville Folk Festivle is not listed HERE IT IS it is a small regional festivle and has RV parking.
  8. jeanhoyle

    OT: Table Saws

    My Husband has watched their videos and just drools. With a used one make sure it has a workable mechanism. The newer ones are replaceable.
  9. jeanhoyle

    OT: Table Saws

    I know it is expensive but, have you looked at the Saw Stop. My Hubby would not purchase anything else. The contractor grade is portable within that price range.
  10. Here is a link to a video about rope lights deterring mice and rats. This guy has done other videos also using mothballs, mint concentrate, irish spring soap. NOTHING WORKS if there is a food source. This is his video link. https://youtu.be/EVN9JXUJXdY
  11. We are members at Lone Star Corral near Hondo, west of San Antonio. Each lot has a separate electric pannel in the shed. If you are going to put your lot in the rental pool the power needs to be off to the shed. Renters pay a separate fee for the electricity in addition to the lot rent. We have not spent any summer there but it does get into the 100 degrees with high humidity. Rain can come down in buckets through out the year. We do not store things which are heat sensitive in the shed. We also insure the shed as a shed not a "Casita", our insurance coverage would be much higher. In Texas a "Casita" is a house.
  12. I am sorry you experienced this problem. But with that said, this is a business that deals with thousands of mailboxes. They need to plan and schedule pick ups and deliveries. An entire semi of US Mail is picked up daily at a scheduled time. We have never had a problem with our mail being scheduled for the next day.
  13. Mountain Gal, welcome to the forum. We did not start full time with cats, after 10 years on the road we acquired two brothers who were abandoned. The only home they have had is our 35ft. Fifth wheel. They travel in their carrier in the back seat of the truck when we move from one site to the next. There is plenty of room in the rig for cat play between them. We have been able to find good Vets where ever we needed them. Hope you enjoy your travel and take the cat along.
  14. The WiFi committee here at our CO-OP Park posted last February at the annual meeting that our system cost $4.85 per month per lot, we have 130 lots. This system is enough to do some web browsing, e-mail BUT NOT STREEMING. "In the winter months we average 250 authorized devices and 1000GB per month of data" they are constantly tweaking and upgrading equipment. They use 3 - T1 lines as no fiber optic is available. Don't ask me any more questions, as I am quoting from a report and I don't know what I just said. Just some numbers.
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