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  1. cactus

    The Class-less Class

    Steve, nicely said
  2. cactus

    Quartzsite speed trap

    Could not agree more with all that is being posted. Phil, it is not a trap just a certain length of distance and yes I am happy to see them enforcing this. My statement should have been an alert to watch the new signs reminding people of there current speed. I stand corrected for my bad grammar.
  3. Main street in the "Q" is now being closely observed and enforced by the City Police who are busy writing `em up. They even have signs showing your speed. Beware!
  4. cactus

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    X2 Come to the Salt Lake City carnival of stunt drivers.
  5. cactus

    Emergency truck acces ability

    As sweet Success said, not to hijack the thread but Rick White and his BIL fabbed up some nice steps on his Volvo for his wife not to have such a distance between the distance of the stock rise. Very nice and well done.
  6. cactus

    Heavy haulers rv camp ground guide

    X2 Thanks Susan `cause you are way cuter than Trey! Trey if you ever weigh me I know it will be painfull, LOL Thanks
  7. cactus

    Cloudcroft, NM

    Good advice from JRP
  8. cactus

    Any recommended RV parks in or near Quartzite.

    Dave, or more correctly Mr. Cob With that big long nose beauty I would recommend Quail Run RV. It is on Central just north of Main. Big pull thrus and plenty of room. Lots of of big rv`s with stacker trailers, closer to the hiway. Yeah you should be licensced (your Mav) but you can ride to a LOT of trails. And do not forget Silly Al`s.
  9. cactus

    8’11” width overall

    Many years ago. I used to haul a very well known RV commodity and coming south from Oregon got waved in to the Dunsmui Ca. CHP check station. Well, the CHP employee noticed my logo and said he had that product on his RV. After inspecting my flatbed (empty) He said he needed to go to the restroom and there was a wrench on his table and I might want to take a quarter turn on the slack adjuster. When he came back he did not question me only to say have a safe trip. In Kalifornia yet,
  10. cactus

    Photos of the 2018 HDT rally.

    Dave, as I have told you before , thanks for your contributions of the National Rally pictures .Great job and those funny looking Urals are a great P.R. coup. You old dog. Yeah! Newt IS cuter, and that`s from the wife. But from an old dog I am used to that. Safe travels. P.S. great picture of the bolt failure.
  11. cactus

    Dash circuit board replacement on volvo 1998, 610

    Please remember, this was under warranty but the Freightliner dealer replaced the entire dash. It has a 80 point connection and Freightliner thought it more cost effective than searching the faulty connections. They would NOT enter the current mileage but I keep good records for that.
  12. cactus

    Zion National park

    Easy Orca! That is not yelling just a different font than your eyes might be used to viewing. Thanks to Cory for his info and knowledge of the area
  13. cactus

    Best Downsizing Day Ever! And Alomost There!

    LOL Just pullin`your chain. Enjoy!