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  1. cactus

    Passed written

    X2 As they say, Good On Ya Cory
  2. cactus

    knee replacement

    X2 have had both knees replaced. OW!
  3. cactus

    Pete 379

    Hey Mr. Cob After seeing pics of this truck on this site and actually seeing it move. X2 on your price wonderment. The Condo like sleeper pics made it look like a 4 star. He was towing a 12ft. aluminum boat when i saw it. Cool sight. Like you towing your Mav.
  4. cactus

    Pete 379

    Not my truck, nor do I know him. Have seen the truck fueling and it really shows nice In the Resource Guide is a Pete 379 with the tag Mad Dog Very nicely done. Custom sleeper w/ solid cherry wood and porcelain potty etc. For sale on https/classifieds.ksl.com Listed under 5th wheels for sale $41,000.+
  5. Well, whj469, Tell us about it!
  6. cactus

    mail theft?

    Received my latest copy and both seals were broken. Considered it exposure to the club. And I was not drinking anything!
  7. Randy, THANK YOU Yes, loud and clear!
  8. Read recently Costco is going to build a400 acre chicken farm in eastern Nebraska. They plan to raise 1million chickens a year. Article stated they sell 4 mil a year. And yes it is a loss leader. Also they guarantee them to weigh a min.4lb.
  9. X2 On Rocksbride comments Not a fulltimer but have used the Rubbermaid stackable tubs and the shorter height bins for compatibility and durability. I have found these at Lowes in the last year.
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