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  1. cactus

    Bus Rally in Hibbing MN

    Hey! ya` got any pics? Love to see vintage stuff.
  2. cactus

    Refrigator/freezer replacement?

    Chad Thanks a bunch for a simple easy to read answer from a pretty simple guy. Thanks also to all of the other replies as it exemplifies the vast knowledge of this community
  3. cactus

    headed to Oregon

    Cory Congrats on the anniversary! Be safe
  4. cactus

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    Dave Very surprised nobody mentioned Silly Al`s Pizza . You will be right at home on the Ural. X2 on Quail Run. They have sights big enough for you as you enter off 95. Closer to the road vs. interior sights. Caution for January reservations as everybody fills up for the month. E.P.
  5. cactus

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Dave, Oh those kitty-kats. I still remember when my four and a quarter was a big dog. E.P.
  6. cactus

    Replaced my oem central vacuum..

    Ditto on the Oreck
  7. cactus

    Short Trip

    Good call, Jim
  8. cactus

    2018 East Coast Rally.

    Thanks Nigel Many memories. Used to tour the U.S.A. in a brand new Pete 362 w/ 110 in cab. Ya`, Tall cotton
  9. cactus

    Semi's and movies

    Cory, You DO have a C.B don`t you? Breaker, Breaker! Big Dog!
  10. x2 - Spot on Kirk !
  11. cactus

    Semi's and movies

    Yep! I WAS drivin` my life away about then! But good memories Hammer down!
  12. Hey all! Let me say you all have expressed my opinion also. That said, I live in Salt Lake and the TV carries this heavily. Well, would you believe on camera, this#$%@& is saying he wants to pay for the damages and wants to work with authorities to speak and educate his "mistake" to others. So they won`t make the same "mistake". Ya` right
  13. cactus

    Not level

  14. cactus

    Dr Pepper Company

    Wow! Big 5er, Have a relative that just one a contest to attend the 2018 Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. He actually works for a large Coca Cola bottler that regionally bottles for Dr. Pepper This includes trans , hotel and ALL expenses. Including his pay away from his daily job. Says the Dr. P people are always easy to work with. Must say something about you as, it being your beverage of choice.