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  1. cactus

    2018 East Coast Rally.

    Thanks Nigel Many memories. Used to tour the U.S.A. in a brand new Pete 362 w/ 110 in cab. Ya`, Tall cotton
  2. cactus

    Semi's and movies

    Cory, You DO have a C.B don`t you? Breaker, Breaker! Big Dog!
  3. x2 - Spot on Kirk !
  4. cactus

    Semi's and movies

    Yep! I WAS drivin` my life away about then! But good memories Hammer down!
  5. Hey all! Let me say you all have expressed my opinion also. That said, I live in Salt Lake and the TV carries this heavily. Well, would you believe on camera, this#$%@& is saying he wants to pay for the damages and wants to work with authorities to speak and educate his "mistake" to others. So they won`t make the same "mistake". Ya` right
  6. cactus

    Not level

  7. cactus

    Dr Pepper Company

    Wow! Big 5er, Have a relative that just one a contest to attend the 2018 Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. He actually works for a large Coca Cola bottler that regionally bottles for Dr. Pepper This includes trans , hotel and ALL expenses. Including his pay away from his daily job. Says the Dr. P people are always easy to work with. Must say something about you as, it being your beverage of choice.
  8. cactus

    Not level

    Sorry guys. I should have stated that the synthetic trans fluid was instead of regular trans fluid with the acetone. Shows proof reading pays off.
  9. cactus

    Not level

    I know of some that use synthetic trans fluid. There thinking is the synthetic molecules are smaller and and create a better penetration. I use this and have been pleased. Do not to forget to shake container before using.
  10. cactus

    HHRV Campgrounds

    Trey Thanks for all your efforts
  11. cactus

    Truck stops

    Not to hi-jack the thread. Cory, back in the day your favorite truck travel eatery used to provide free meals to on duty drivers both at Christmas and Thanksgiving
  12. cactus


    Not really, just recognizing a malcontent. Ya` know, kinda like a sad person bellyachin`.
  13. cactus


    So sorry to hear of your sadness in the U.S. I am very happy in the U.S. and feel blessed to have the freedoms I have worked for. Maybe you could explain your sadness to have to be here. I am sure Slab City will elevate your happiness. Been there and left.
  14. cactus

    Why I prefer having my peterbilt

  15. cactus

    Bought a HDT

    Flowers to ya` Do like those Deeetroits!