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  1. cactus

    chest freezer

    Would not hesitate do do this. Had a 3.0 freezer and the option to buy and store has saved many $. We cook a lot at home and it allows many options with the lower food bills. Costco is our friend.
  2. cactus

    Close to getting an HDT

    Nice Congrats!
  3. cactus

    Getting the Escapees magazine

    X2 agreed
  4. cactus

    Park pricing on the way up

    Thanks for those figures and knowledge. Information is always good education
  5. cactus

    Took Parents for a ride this weekend in the 780

    Happy, Happy Cory!
  6. cactus

    How the HDT forum saved me a Bundle

    I wish ALL you hard working guys a great yield this year. I have a friend with corn, beans and a small wheat crop. Four combines, semis and grain trailers.etc. You gotta love the land. I tell him he is a Vegas gambler and just don`t know yet. Hope the best for ya`all
  7. cactus

    OT - Coronary Artery Disease

    Rocky, Prayers to you and Sherry. Echoing, confidence in your care givers is paramount. A few things going on for myself and have some GREAT Doc`s lookin` at me.
  8. cactus

    HDT Sighting - Medora, ND

    Chad Sorry for your loss
  9. Pete, That T600 is still a good looking truck. Elbow grease. LOL Used to be a guy , Lostinaz. posted here with T-600 B that was the truck he drove to retirement. Sat in his yard for a number of years and then he got the bug to run it as a RVhauler. Put a highway flatbed on it and pulled his TT toyhauler. His SXS rode on the bed and looked real nice. Thanks for the pic
  10. cactus

    The end of the beginning

    Very nice! Love the body work and the detailed finish Good lookin` truck
  11. cactus

    Bus Rally in Hibbing MN

    Hey! ya` got any pics? Love to see vintage stuff.
  12. cactus

    Refrigator/freezer replacement?

    Chad Thanks a bunch for a simple easy to read answer from a pretty simple guy. Thanks also to all of the other replies as it exemplifies the vast knowledge of this community
  13. cactus

    headed to Oregon

    Cory Congrats on the anniversary! Be safe
  14. cactus

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    Dave Very surprised nobody mentioned Silly Al`s Pizza . You will be right at home on the Ural. X2 on Quail Run. They have sights big enough for you as you enter off 95. Closer to the road vs. interior sights. Caution for January reservations as everybody fills up for the month. E.P.