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  1. Past time to leave Montana

    I wish your wife well. Safe travels and a speedy recovery.
  2. Rough Lives PBS artcle

    Kirk and wtmtnhiker, Agreed score me in your column. Maybe she should write about some "oldsters" youth jobs and responsibilities.
  3. Staying in a parking lot

    Chief, Happy trails and best wishes too you and your wife! That yellow Carhart is still keeping me dry. If you get near the " Q" this year, post up my man!
  4. California 3 or more Axles

    Cory, The food was good even then. But that big lot was mostly gravel and the truck wash was`nt there. And very few cars stopped. Petro was THE truck stop along with TSA and Union76 Can`t tell you about the back of their shirts as we were watching the front side.
  5. California 3 or more Axles

    Cory I am LOL with a tear in my eye. After 36 yrs on the big road I remember when the Outpost used to feed on-duty drivers a free Christmas meal, etc. Being based out of Los Angeles we would sometimes have to wait out the CHP closure of I-15 for snow LOL, to get into L.A. That is maybe a 1-2in. covering. This after coming from the East Coast in Dec. And if you are not careful you`re gonna` be a real Driver. Any body can drive a truck but not all are "Drivers". Thanks to this forum for a renewal of memories
  6. National Rally

    Phil That is some real damn fine music Since you let the cat out, I would like to see your new trailer with any pics you care to share. And to all the whiners, I believe it is Steve and Gail`s prerogative to share their new unit when and how they choose. Having not seen the Dixon`s new unit I know it will be outstanding as after meeting them I can attest to them also being outstanding people
  7. Hdt financing

    So much for the "dumb old welder jokes" Good on ya` Glenn As a guy that has some d@%n good friends that know how to light a torch they let me think I know about welding.
  8. Truck Done ;-) !!!!

    Careful Cory, or it won`t be long `till you`re singing "Six Days on the Road" ! Have a good ride.
  9. Still in Repair Mode or TLC

    Hey Sculptor, Being an old dog, kinda like Dolly Trolley, I speaks form the school of hard knocks. So, the BEST penetrating oil IMHO is a mixture of Acetone and synthetic trans fluid. It has been along time since I mixed some up but I recall 1part acetone to 2 parts trans fluid. Check u tube for a comparison of all the usual brands . Theory seems to be the size of the molocules in the synth. is smaller and will creep in further than the commercial products. I squirted it from and old fashioned squeeze type gun and it really works. Ya` I put it on and let it set for a few days and hit it again
  10. Las Vegas Tragedy

    Dick, am VERY proud to say thank you for your service . But saying it in this message means more to me than other peoples thoughts and opinions. And maybe save a little space for others to say thanks. I am fortunate to live in a community, Draper Utah, where we have a very pro-active Dept and some great officers. We are proud and supportive of our guys and ladies in Blue. P.S. following your brake refit. Great job. Used to have a place in Golden Shores (Topock) many a moon ago.
  11. Class of 2017

    Tumble weed, Thanks for the reply. I sure know about good medical care. Sounds like you have a good plan. Best to ya`
  12. Class of 2017

    Tumbleweed Where ya`at? Been a while since your last reply! Hope all is well

    Good job Steve (as usual) Now darn it show us that new trailer!
  14. Pilot & Flying J


    Rick, I was one of those guy`s with a little girly truck in 2011. Stayed in a motel without wife as she told me to go smell some diesel smoke ..You were one of a LOT of people who made me feel very welcome.Jack M., Mark Bruss, Bob Winsor Henry, And especaily Steve and Gail could not have been more friendly. Ya` I have left out a lot of nice people, including the The Springfield family. But I have gone thru life without having to have my hand held. Steve I think you might have shorted yourself on the amount of hours you put in, Have a great rally and thanks for some life memories.