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  1. Routes

    Not really, just recognizing a malcontent. Ya` know, kinda like a sad person bellyachin`.
  2. Routes

    So sorry to hear of your sadness in the U.S. I am very happy in the U.S. and feel blessed to have the freedoms I have worked for. Maybe you could explain your sadness to have to be here. I am sure Slab City will elevate your happiness. Been there and left.
  3. Why I prefer having my peterbilt

  4. Bought a HDT

    Flowers to ya` Do like those Deeetroits!
  5. Windrider4 Seek out "Grumpy Doc". He has been there done that with every model and horse power rating. Like he says it was not a cheap lesson but he has it right this time. (GD)if you see this I`m only paraphrasing so go easy on me!
  6. California CDL

    Hey 5ver! With all the false info floating around I commend you on your patience in this matter. Have a glass of "The Pepper" and a good day.
  7. Dave , lookout! After seven -o your mind starts making promises your body can`t keep.
  8. Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

  9. Dave, Your adventures even had my wife following. "Where is he, hows the weather, any truck problems" We are glad you are home and safe. Take a day off And Merry Christmas!
  10. Mr. Cob Again congrats! That truck puts you in tall cotton. Brings back fond memories of my 359 and 5400 mile weeks
  11. Pulled the triger

    Congrats and now let the fun begin. Be safe
  12. Congratulations! Will love the pics Be safe
  13. The Class-less Class

    Sorry about Levi Know the feeling. Our little brat was 19 Best wishes
  14. Past time to leave Montana

    I wish your wife well. Safe travels and a speedy recovery.