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  1. Tri-park In Pecos

    What's the deal with Tri-Park in Pecos? No website comes up nor is the park on the park list in th SKP magazine. Has the park gone private and if so why and when? Last reviews were not good and not many options out that way. Dave
  2. Drop KOA Value club Membership

    We have stopped at four KOA parks in the last five years, with two being used multiple times due to one being close to a major highway we and the other one close to our son. The visit to the close-to-highway park will probably BE the last one as we will use a private park down the road from them. Workamper who was at the desk this day instead of the owner who we are aquainted with decided we wouldn't fit in the open pull throughs which we had stayed in many times, and determined that 1, would have to disconnect truck if we used them or 2, park on north side in the open where no one was and extremely bad wind and rain was in forcast. This was Kansas. Or 3 we could upgrade to premium site in main park and pay 20.00 more. We had res's and it was starting to storm. Not wanting to argue at the desk we took the premium but we wrote the owners are still waiting an answer. Will keep value card as we will use it to stay near son and nights cover the cost of card when stay at that park.
  3. DW and I had work done in Los Algodones in March of this year by Dr. Jose Esteban Diaz. He is located in the office of Dental Guzman, which is left at first intersection and 3/4 way down the right side of street. He does general, oral surgery, implants and of course crowns and partials. We are pleased with his work and the price. Dave
  4. If you are in Texas - HDT's are not welcome at Buc-ees

    Bobtailed to Buc-ees in Bastrop today. 100 gallons diesel pumped. No one came out or said word one.
  5. Adventureland Amusement Park in Altoona (Des Moines) Iowa hires 300 plus work campers every season. Without the work campers the amusement park an water park could not operate. Check out the website and go to employment. You will be outside but you also need to like to be around and interact with people of all ages. We will be doing the season again this year.
  6. I replied in the wrong topic due to the new format. sorry
  7. Fort Parker is near Mexia which notheast of Waco. For the non Texas folks Mexia is pronounced "Mah-hay-ah"


  8. SnowGypsy, I have sent you a PM pertaining to volunteer/paid positions. Dave
  9. Yes. I actually called twice and talked with the same person because I wanted to make sure that I heard it correctly. I thought it would be a nice change from the SA KOA where we have stayed several times. I thought wrong. Dave
  10. We don't carry a car but carry a custom golf cart that I drive up and down with ramps. Total length tractor and rig is shade under 70'. Canceled res in a San Antonio area rv park when they said I could not park tractor on the site even though the site(s) are plenty long."The owners don't want them parked and you'll have to park over by the hotel where the 'semi's' park. Why?? "They tear up the road". But class A's are OK. Dave
  11. Yuma SKP Get-Together

    When is the February 2017 Yuma SKP get together? We're over the mountain in Wellton. Dave
  12. What does this park value a volunteer site at? $500 per month, $600 per month? What does this park value a volunteer's wage per hour to be and is it comparable to a paid position doing similar work at another park? I ask this because 120 to 160 hours per month seems a bit much for just a fhu site. Dave
  13. HDT's not welcome at Buc-ees

    I've fueled countless times at Buc-ees in Bastrop TX and have never had one person say one word about it. I fuel when bobtail so can't say if anyone would run out and tell me to move on if the rig was dragging behind. I've seen class A's, duallys pulling long triple axle TH's and other trailers and fifth wheel combinations and have never seen anyone run off. Dave
  14. Travel on the Lincoln Highway

    Thank you for the replies to my post. Dave
  15. We would like to travel from Joliet Illinois to Warsaw Indiana on US 30 then up to Goshen for the FROG rally. Basically tired of the 80/90/94 route and have been reading about construction delays this year. Would like to hear the pros and cons about this route and other suggestions of other routes. Thanks Dave