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  1. Been Costco members for fifteen years. Before that Sams. In our opinion Costco is more upscale than Sams and they seem to offer a better variety of goods. Here in the RGV Costco is in Pharr which is fairly easy drive for us. Since we are full timers we buy mostly paper goods, non perishables and hearing aid supplies😀. We also love the cookies and the $1.50 lunch including the soda. Dave
  2. Thanks to all that have replied. Some things to check on and decide on what is best. Not real concerned about my long guns as I have the paperwork. The "short" guns and "short" gun ammo is the concern at this time. Have several months to plan. Dave
  3. We would like to visit Canada and since I want to obey the laws about firearms in our neighboring country can I legally ship them back to my legal address. I know without proper FFL's you can't use USPS but can you use another common carrier such as UPS or FEDEX as just a private citizen wanting to do the right thing ? Thanks Dave
  4. Thank you to all who have replied. DW and I are leaning real heavily into a sat system and all that goes with it. I guess another question would be is it easier to have qualified techs set up a system or should I (not real electronic-ee savvy) attempt to do this?? Dave
  5. Thank you for all of the replies. So much to consider. To narrow it down some would like a system that could accommodate two tvs and could be set for local news an weather where ever we might be, either east or west, north or south. To answer the question about recording we really don't record anything. If we miss a show it will be new to us some other time. Also would like an auto set up but would like get started with a tripod or carry out system to see how it works and if we like sat tv. Thanks Dave
  6. 1. Carry out and or tripod. 2. What is best for full timers? Read about "pay as you go" but is this option available on both systems? Dave
  7. We have been full timing for six years and have not thought too much about satellite TV until recently. We know next to nothing about it except what I have started to read in this forum. So, what questions should I ask and what type of searches should I do to start gathering information on this subject? Thank you Dave
  8. We have been using Kirkland (Costco) brand almost six years with never a problem. Also use Sea-Zyme in the black and galley tanks. Seems to help with odors. Dave
  9. I and the DW voted yesterday, Monday, the 22nd at the Judicial Center, which is right behind the court house in Livingston. Voting is Monday through Fridays now until Nov. 2nd. Dave On edit should have said through Nov. 2nd
  10. oldcodger


    The spelling police have confirmed that Cabela's is spelled with one L, not two. "-) Dave
  11. I am posting this for a friend who wants to sell his fifth wheel and truck. 2010 34 foot HitchHiker fifth wheel with four slides and less than 3,000 towed miles. $26,000.00 obo. 2015 Ford F250 Power Sroke Diesel, four wheel drive with hitch and bedliner. 10,400 miles. $39,500.00 obo. Located in central Iowa. Call 480-335-4721 or 507-381-3598. Would consider package deal and serious offers. DO NOT PM me nor post to me as I am only the messenger. Thanks
  12. oldcodger


    Talked with my agent in early March about possible increases from National General due to the claims from the hurricanes that affected so many people. He said if it goes up more than we would like he would help to find another carrier and try to hold the coverage to what we have. Renewal received in mid March and rig and truck went up $20.00 per month. Satisfied with coverage and agent. Dave
  13. I don't know about online registration. The letter stating what I posted was sent in the envelope containing my truck reg/inspect sticker. Just thought it would be usefull for folks who use Livingston/SKP as their legal domicile and do business with Polk County. Dave
  14. The letter was sent with my new truck sticker. This applies to Polk County. I posted what the letter said word for word. I don't know the why's or how comes. Something happened at the Polk County tax office.
  15. Received my truck registration/inspection sticker and the Polk county folks in the tax office now require for all transactions you will provide a copy of your Texas DL. Letter says "This includes anyone who is the registered owner of the vehicle as well as the check signer". "Requests without proper documentation will be returned". I'm sure this pertains to registration for all rigs, 5 er's, trailers, etc. Thought I would pass this along as I didn't see any other posts about this. Dave
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