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  1. Thank you, BigRich. I didn't get manuals, so this helps a lot.
  2. Does anyone have or is familiar with the Winnebago Minnie Winnie motorhome? I have a 2015 Model 25B. I am trying to find the valve to drain the water tank. I didn't receive manuals, but found a chart that says there are valves under the rear bed and under the bottom drawer below closet. I found a valve under the bottom drawer that might be it, but I don't want to turn it with not knowing for sure.
  3. I just bought my first RV and got a Class C motorhome. I am selling my house and going to travel around with my 2 dogs. I debated between trailers and motorhomes, and chose the motorhome since I will move a lot, want to feel safe being by myself and not have to get out when stopped, and didn't want to have to back up or hook a trailer up by myself. I think it's an individual choice and what works best for you.
  4. Thanks, Ken and Kirk. I turned it and you are correct. It opened up a hole through the bottom and I can run the electric cord through it.
  5. What is the "service inlet" inside the compartment where the electrical plug is? It says: service inlet must be in closed position when utility connections are not in use. It is like a round flat valve that I would turn. I just discovered this today when hooking the electricity up. I have a 2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 25B.
  6. It will be here before you know it and well worth all the work. I have worked the past 3 months getting my house ready to put on the market. It goes on this week and I bought my first RV a month ago. I also had a time frame like you have and it will happen.
  7. Kirk, That really helps. I have 2 flat covers, so that is where I fill the batteries. I will get a battery filler. I read that the water evaporates quicker in warm weather and it has been close to 120 here where I live. That's why I want to check them. Thank you.
  8. Thank you, Bill, for this information.
  9. Thanks for your help. I am learning as I go. The Converter brand says WFCO. It is model # WF-8955PEC. The batteries says NAPA. I looked at them and don't know if they need water added. I see a flat cover and maybe that is where the water is added. I didn't want to pry something off if that isn't it. I didn't receive any manuals and I have been mostly trying to figure things out myself. It was a rental for 6 months then the dealer sold it. It is a 2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 25B and I downloaded a manual that is general about batteries as far as either having those that need water and those that don't.
  10. I have had my first RV for about a month now. I just got it parked in a place where I can hook it up to electricity. I hooked it up yesterday and got the AC and refrigerator going. Do I still keep the house batteries turned on? I have a switch that can turn them off. They are the kind that need distilled water added to them. I have read to keep them on when using the RV and also read that overcharging isn't good. My panel shows they are fully charged. They were serviced by the dealer before I picked up the RV, so how often do they need distilled water added?
  11. Now I have a lot of good ideas. Mark, I like the blue ice suggestion. Biker56, I never thought about running the generator instead of propane to power the refrigerator. Sounds like getting it cold, then maybe adding blue ice until the destination will keep the food cold. Thanks for all the tips.
  12. Thanks! I would like to travel with a cold refrigerator. Kirk, I will be attending RV boot camp, and want to hear more about ARPrv.
  13. I picked up my first ever RV yesterday. I thought after being on these forums for the past few years and learning a lot from many here, plus reading a lot, that it would be a piece of cake. After a two hour orientation, I was overwhelmed with all the information, and when to use propane, batteries, electricity, generator, etc. I guess one main question: is it safe to travel with the propane on because isn't that the only way to run the refrigerator when traveling, and I will want to turn it on the night before I leave for a trip. The good thing is I drove it home on the freeway for over an hour and that went well.
  14. Thanks once again. There are some great tips here. I have already done my Walmart trip and next will be Camping World.
  15. I get the RV on July 24th and will definitely find out what all it has. I know it is 30amp. I have made notes of all these suggestions and they have been really helpful. Thank you, Kirk, on the explanation of LED lights. That isn't something I knew about.
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