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  1. 2500 miles sounds like the one way distance from Florida to Southern California. Will you be leaving the RV there or returning to Florida, which will double the mileage and fuel costs?
  2. Any loaded engine will be most efficient at it's peak torque RPM. If you have to run it faster than that to make enough power it's wasting fuel. The only exception is a lightly loaded gas engine because of the throttle valve restriction on the air intake. In this case, running it slower than the peak torque speed when the throttle is mostly closed may deliver better mileage because the engine isn't sucking as hard (and wasting power) to get air past the throttle plate. But on a diesel engine or on a heavily loaded gas engine, the most efficient operating speed will be around the torque peak.
  3. Before I retired I installed several Pepwave cellular routers at mountaintop transmitter sites to provide Internet service and they proved to be bulletproof. At most sites I just used their internal diversity antennas inside the building but at one site I had to add a pair of external directional antennas aimed at a cell tower 80 miles away. These sites all had large amounts of background RF noise from multiple high power FM and TV transmitters that often made cellular phones and other hotspots deaf and useless.
  4. Thank you Linda. You're right ... the two LTVAs along I-8 (Pilot Knob near Algodones and Hot Spring near Holtville) only offer trash dumpsters, no water or dump stations. But Holtville has a soaking pool fed by the hot spring and the last time I was at Pilot Knob the gas station at the LTVA entrance had a dump station, well water from a spigot and a RO filtered water dispenser.
  5. When I was in college the local air force base donated a pallet full of surplus oil filled 400 volt capacitors to the electronics lab. The instructor decided it would be a good object lesson to put them all in parallel, charge them up and then drop a wrench across the buss bars to demonstrate the dangers of a charged capacitor. The wrench vaporized with a bang so loud the bomb squad was called out. When his hearing and vision returned, he discovered he had misplaced the decimal point a few places when calculating the total capacitance on the pallet ... it was 4 farads, not 400 microfarads.
  6. Or just cut off the rectangular part of the valve the gate slides into. Sometimes this fills up with gunk and keeps the slider from opening. With the rectangular part of the valve body out of the way you'll see the white slide valve and you can grab it with a pair of pliers and pull it open. Just don't pull it all the way out or you'll have a leak from the slide channel.
  7. When the RV refrigerator went out in Arctic Fox trailer 19 years ago I replaced it with an apartment size residential refrigerator, a 1500 watt MSW inverter (all that was available back then) and (4) 6 volt golf cart batteries. These were enough to let me go 48 hours before needing to recharge the batteries. There was enough difference in cost thst I could have also purchased enough solar to cover my usage without exceeding the cost of a replacement RV fridge. Instead, I just ran my Honda EU1000i generator in the evening while I watched TV.
  8. There's not much use in securing a child's car seat to the frame of a motorhome when the coach body itself disintegrates in a major crash.
  9. I've started using Walmart Pay on my smartphone because it offers 5% off on in-store purchases compared to 2% on the Walmart MasterCard it's linked to. At least for the next year. You load the Walmart app on your smart phone, then when you're in the checkout line you open the app, select Walmart Pay from a drop-down menu, enter a PIN and scan the QR image on the checkout card reader display. Overall it's slower and less convenient than swiping or inserting a credit card and I doubt I'll continue using it after the 5% cash back promo ends.
  10. I don't have estimated tax payments. I retired with a nice nest egg and live in a no income tax state. The Standard Deduction is more than my taxable income since I retired (investment income plus 50% Social Security). 😉
  11. I would never give anyone access to my bank accounts via a debit card. Instead I use three cash back credit cards. The first card is used exclusively to auto pay recurring expenses like my phone, Internet hotspot, health insurance, etc. I don't auto pay my car and RV insurance because I like to see what I'm charged before I pay the twice annual bills. If I had a car or RV payment it would also go on this card. The second card is used for online purchases and I use a third card for normal purchases. The third card is the only one I carry in my wallet while the other two remain hidden in my RV. If something happens to my daily card, I can use one of the other two in it's place until a replacement card reaches me. I review the monthly statements of all 3 cards online, then pay them in full using manually initiated electronic transfers from my checking account. This keeps the purchases isolated from my bank account. I've never found any discrepancies, if I did find a questionable charge I would dispute it and let the CC company work it out. For cash, I either get cash from Walmart on my normal purchase card or I make an ATM withdrawal ... a bank ATM is the only place where I use my debit card. This way I get the convenience of auto pay and cash back without giving anyone access to my bank accounts - the only links are the manual electronic transfers I initiate each month.
  12. Most of the time extremely large conductors are used to minimize voltage loss, not to provide current carrying capacity. A single #10 wire can carry 30 amps. A single #8 wire can carry 50 amps. The problem in low voltage applications usually isn't the wire's current capacity, it's the voltage loss along the wire dropping the voltage at the far end enough to restrict how much current the batteries can absorb. 20 ft. round trip (40 ft. total) of #8 AWG will lose 1.01 volts at 40 amps, so you'll have 11-13 volts at the far end under full load, depending on the alternator's charging voltage. This is enough loss to cause problems charging a battery directly but not enough to effect the Renogy's performance. According to the Renogy NG-DCC1212-40 manual it will work with input voltages as low as 8-10 volts so a single run of #8 wire is more than sufficient to feed it. (I'm not an electrical engineer, just a radio tech who knows how circuits work). 😉
  13. I just had an unbelievable "chat" with two different Visible representatives after missing 3 calls from my auto repair shop today. The shop reported getting "out of service" messages instead of the call going through or getting routed to voicemail. Both representatives confirmed this is normal behavior. I even waited through the Chat queue a second time to see if I got the same answer because this seems so preposterous. If the phone gets de-prioritized due to tower congestion Visible doesn't roll over incoming calls to voicemail, they just report the phone as unreachable. Both representatives said the same thing happens if your phone is off or outside the coverage area. In other words, voicemail is only active while your phone is connected to an uncongested tower. No notification is given about the missed calls, they just vanish into the ether. I've never experienced this from any other cell carrier, and IMO this is eliminates Visible as a viable provider. They only provide service when they feel like it? No thanks. Maybe I'll keep it strictly as a backup hotspot, but at twice the cost of my AT&T Mobley I'm not sure it's worth the hassle.
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