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  1. Moving the Mobley SIM into another device is a technical violation of AT&T's Terms of Service, as is using the Mango if you're using it to send data to more than 5 devices simultaneously. They haven't actively enforced these terms yet but who can tell what will happen in the future. With more and more low cost plans coming out this may not be significant. My Mobley backup is my Visible phone with it's unlimited data hotspot. It's my only phone. Visible is a Verizon no-contract subsidiary. Their Visible R2 phone (ZTE 5151) is $19 or free with a working trade-in, they also offer higher end Apple and Android phones. The service plan has unlimited voice, text and data for $40 a month on the Verizon network. There are restrictions like being subject to data de-prioritization on crowded towers, a cap on the hotspot speed (fast enough to stream video), only one hotspot device at a time, etc. but so far it's perfectly usable for my needs.
  2. I highlighted the "gotcha". You need a vehicle with a built-in OnStar hotspot that can interface to this plan. AT&T did offer an aftermarket unit called the Mobley on a similar plan. It plugged into the vehicle's OBDII diagnostic port and many people adapted it to work external to the vehicle, but the Mobley has been discontinued. It's replacement is the Harmon Spark and it can NOT be used outside the vehicle, it has several failsafes so it can only work in a running and moving vehicle and shuts itself off it it isn't.
  3. What is the condition of your house battery? Do your interior lights dim or go out when you turn the ignition off or unplug from wall power? When the ignition is on the house and chassis batteries are connected together so the engine alternator can charge both of them and this can mask a bad house battery. If your house battery isn't working properly, it could be a bad connection going to the battery (corrosion on the battery terminals is common) or a bad battery itself.
  4. Another classic RV to consider is the Revcon motorhome from the early 1970s. In the late 1960s, Revcon approached GM about using the Olds Toronado front wheel drivetrain in an RV. GM made them build a prototype and do extensive testing to prove the engine and transmission would hold up to the rigors of powering a motorhome. After Revcon did all of the R&D, GM decided to produce their own motorhone using the same kind of aluminum body and front wheel drive platform that Revcon had developed.
  5. If this is the case there's even less reason for concern because the relay antennas will be at the top of the 300 ft. tower and aiming their signals towards the horizon, well above anyone on the ground. Nothing to worry about unless you're a bird or in a balloon and staying too close to the antennas.
  6. I've been happy with my AT&T Mobley and it's $20 a month unlimited data plan. Same thing, it's not a state of the art cell modem and only uses a limited number of bands but it's worked fine for me. I watch quite a bit of streaming HD video (Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) along with doing other online stuff.
  7. I had a 1974 18 ft. Winnebago I bought used in the early 1990s. I liked it, but like you said it was a little too short. I thought putting the toilet inside the relatively large shower enclosure was a clever idea. My first RV was a 1973 VW pop-top camper I bought in 1980. I forget the name of the conversion, but it's pop-up top was set up the opposite of Westfalia's with the luggage rack over the driver's seat. The raisable roof lifted straight up from the front of the sunroof opening to the rear of the bus and made the space under the pop-top long enough for a full length bed instead of the short cot in the Westfalia. I slept up there most nights instead of making up and tearing down the inside bed every day. The rear wardrobe was placed on the driver's side which left the right rear window open to the driver's view unlike the Westfalia which put that cabinet on the right side. In the late 1980s I replaced the VW with a 1971 Xplorer Class B on a Ford Econoline chassis. It was my first fully self contained RV with a 3 gallon water heater, an enclosed shower, a recirculating toilet and a queen sized bed across the rear. Hot showers and an inside toilet ... I thought I was in heaven. It had a bubble top to allow full inside headroom instead of the sunken floor on one side of the driveshaft Frank Industries used in later models. It was a Florida van and apparently had seen a lot of beachfront camping. I bought it for $300 and used it for several years until the rust got out of control and I had to junk it.
  8. Do you have a link to Bruce's article? Will the tower really be 300 ft. tall? It's unusual to have a cell tower that large in an area with any kind of population because it simply covers too much area for a single cell. Also, anything above 199 ft. in height usually requires aviation obstruction lighting and orange and white stripes for visibility. Towers below 200 ft. height are exempt unless they're within the glide path of an airport.
  9. Print version is at http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/visible?fbclid=IwAR1bE_FtT9_T6o1oZvRMxq1EdAoeuhfcpHs6hJM2pHzhJ6Z43RyfgLJkaCw
  10. Also Goosenecks State Park.
  11. I got a Walmart credit card because it offered a $25 credit on my first statement, and I happened to be making a $25 purchase with another CC. The cashier offered it pre-approved and would place that purchase on it. So I got that merchandise for free. When the permanent card arrived, the terms changed to 3% off orders placed on their website and 1% back on in-store purchases, the same as using it in any other retailer. Ironically, I only use the Walmart branded card at Smith's supermarket since it's a Mastercard and my other cards are Visas. Walmart purchases get a Visa card with a larger percentage rebate.
  12. So you went to the grocery store and were inconvenienced because your magic card didn't work? What a shame. Going cashless is fine, except when it doesn't work. If/when you happen to be in an area where the Internet is down, you're out of luck. I use cash back cards for the majority of my purchases and pay them off each month. But I also keep enough cash on hand to carry me through a few days in case stuff happens. I've been in rural areas where the Internet has gone down for several hours to a day or more. One instance was last fall when I was in Chama, NM for a few days to ride the Cumbres and Toltec train. It turned out there's only one data link in or out of that little community and an unexpected mountaintop snowstorm disabled a relay station, taking out the local Internet provider and slowing the wireless services to a crawl. One restaurant still accepted charge cards because they had an old school telephone modem card reader. The local grocery store and most other businesses posted "cash only" signs because their faster card readers relied on the Internet. The wildfire that burned through Santa Rosa, CA a couple of years back took out Internet service for a couple of days throughout the Redwoods and along Highway 101 from Santa Rosa to Eureka. In both cases I just paid cash for the duration, then repleneshed my stash when I got to an area where the ATMs were working.
  13. I'm sure you know, but unlike USB that requires an active repeater every 3-5 meters, Ethernet can go up to 100 meters (328 ft) before a repeater is needed. You can get 25 ft. and longer Ethernet cables off the shelf. <g>
  14. Lazy Daze is based in Montclair, CA. The Los Angeles area Craigslist often has several for sale. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/search/rva?auto_make_model=Lazy+daze
  15. Two 200 Amp-hour 6 volt batteries can deliver 100 Amp-hours at a 50% discharge level. Since LiFePO batteries can be almost completely discharged it only takes one 100 amp-hour 12 volt battery to do the same. 12 volts x 100 Amp-hours = 1.2kWh.
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