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  1. Did you also reset the height of your headlights to avoid blinding oncoming drivers?
  2. Not really. I resented getting their avalanche of snail mail for related products long before Marcus took over the company.
  3. "Loads of data" can be obtained from a Visible (Verizon) mobile phone hotspot. Their $19 Visible R2 phone is out of stock but you can get a ZTE Blade A7 phone for $49 or free if you trade in a working phone. Then pay $25-40 a month for unlimited everything - phone calls, text, data and hotspot. Nothing says you have to actually use it as a phone. Don't give out the number and just use the unlimited data and hotspot.
  4. The only constitutionally mandated purpose for the Census is to count the number of people in the country to properly apportion seats in the House of Representatives. Everything else has been added by the bureaucracy to justify one government program or another.
  5. You can take a compass and pass it in front of the wheel with the brakes applied to see if the wheel magnets are working. If they are, the needle will strongly deflect as it passes by. Another test I like to make every once in a while is to turn on my parking lights or headlights while looking at the trailer's forward clearance light in the side mirror. Even during the day I can see if it illuminates or not. If it doesn't, it says the electrical connection has come loose and there won't be any trailer brakes either.
  6. If the brake controller is flashing, it's detecting a wiring fault between it and the trailer brakes. Either a short or a high resistance connection in the brake circuit that's preventing the power from getting to the trailer brakes. Electric brakes do depend on the brake drum rotating as the electromagnets grab hold onto the face of the drum and use the rotation to provide the force to apply the brakes. But the tech was whistling through his hat as the necessary rotation is only a fraction of a turn, not 30 MPH.
  7. Los Algodones is a special case. The walk-in tourists are a huge cash cow for everyone involved and Mexico has an actual checkpoint south of town to screen people going further south, so I doubt Mexico will do anything to discourage the Algodones cross-border traffic.
  8. Good Sam has always been a marketing tool since it was founded by publisher Art Rouse to promote Trailer Life Magazine and their new telephone book size campground directory. RV parks were approached by roving commission based sales teams and were only in the book if they agreed to offer the Good Sam discount and purchase at least a basic listing ($300 a year according to the owner of an RV park where I lived for a while) or spent up to several thousand dollars for an actual advertisment.
  9. She certainly looked official. I believe the in-person visit was because this park (Pair-A-Dice) doesn't use the lot number as the mailbox number so short of a personal visit there's no way to match up mailed notices with the physical lots. I went through the same thing when I registered my vehicles at the DMV, after I said it was the SKP park they knew what I was talking about. So all my vehicle registrations have separate mailing and physical addresses, differing only in the box or space number. The census taker was satisfied when I said I had already mailed in the initial form. And she stood 6 ft. back from my RV door the whole time.
  10. I also got a reminder about a week after I mailed in the original form. In between a Census taker appeared at my door to collect the information in person. Her only question was how many people lived here. One problem may be that the mailbox numbers in the Pahrump park don't correspond to the physical lot numbers, something I noted when I returned the original form. So the reminders are either automated or I've been double counted.
  11. A few years ago Dilbert creator Scott Adams held an on-line contest to design the perfect Dilbert House. One of the online suggestions was to install two dishwashers. Dirty dishes go in one, the other contains clean dishes. As you use them, you draw from the clean dishwasher and then put them in the dirty dishwasher until all of the contents are transfered over. Then the dirty dishwasher is run, and it becomes the clean dishwasher and dirty dishes are placed in the other one. Repeat as needed without having to wash or put away the dishes. If I ever design a RV, I''m adopting this and making room for two of the Fisher Paykel drawer dishwashers.
  12. The 2" straight extensions on the page TexasPSDX linked to look like they have a center pin that opens the valve on the stock valve stem when you press on the end of the extension. This eliminates any chance of a leak as the extension is only pressurized when you're actually using it. I couldn't tell from the pictures if the 6" extension works the same way.
  13. If you don't have a Costco or Sam's Club membership, Batteries Plus has pretty good prices on Duracell (East Penn) 6 volt golf cart batteries. You get 10% off if you order online and pick up at a local store.
  14. Not necessary ... what gets lost during battery operation is H2O as the current flowing between the battery plates disassociates water into it's component Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. Specific gravity is determined by tne amount of lead sulfate dissolved into the electrolyte as the battery gains a charge, so there's a good chance adding acid will actually lower the specific gravity of the cell as the dissolved lead sulfate gets diluted.
  15. What happens when the auto pilot disconnects? Does the car come to a stop or just continue down the road unguided? Neither sounds very safe in freeway traffic.
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