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  1. Sorry to hear about your health problems. Selling your RV while out of state shouldn't be a problem if you're in the same location as the RV. All you have to do is complete the normal sales paperwork (sign over the title, etc.) and then the buyer goes to the local DMV and completes the transfer. The only extra step is the RV may have to go to the DMV office to verify the VIN number matches the paperwork.
  2. Keyboard shortcut keys for LibreOffice do about everything you could want: https://help.libreoffice.org/3.3/Writer/Shortcut_Keys_for_Writer
  3. At those power levels I'd be more concerned about the high current connections getting hot than the inverter itself.
  4. The land north of the border crossing is the Quechan Indian reservation. They operate the large parking lot at the border and have a hotel/casino at the I-8 exit.
  5. I started out with Open Office, then switched to LibreOffice when it split off following the Oracle purchase of Sun Microsystems and the Open Office project. Both work very well and are Microsoft compatible in look and feel, doing everything I need. The main drawback (and it's minor) is they save files using the .odf (Open Document Format) extension after Microsoft claimed copyright protection on their extensions (.doc, .docx, etc.) Though you can choose to use one of the Microsoft extensions when you save the file.
  6. A lot less heat than you think, John. You have to account for the efficiency of the inverter. If a 3000 watt the inverter is 90% efficient at high power (most are) the maximum waste heat will be 1/10th of the input power, or 300 watts. The rest of the potential energy goes out to the loads. I used to tune broadcast transmitters that way, for maximum output and minimum exhaust heat. When solid state transmitters came out with Class D switching power devices (the same method used in modern inverters) it became possible to see a 50,000 watt transmitter sending less than 5000 watts (17k BTU/hr) of waste heat out the exhaust. In most cases the transmitter just dumped the heat into the room where an exhaust vent or an air conditioner carried it away. A far cry from the 30-40% overall efficiency of tube transmitters.
  7. Where do you hide the 100 gallon fuel tank? Or was that supposed to be 300 miles? Either way, there are plenty of gas stations in every town.
  8. A solar panel disconnect is required on residences it's so the Fire Department can shut off the power coming down from the panels before they start fighting a fire. Usually the first thing they do is yank the electric meter so the grid power is off but in a solar installation the panels (and inverter) can still energize the building's wiring. Hot wires aren't a good idea when you're spraying water and swinging fire axes inside a burning building.
  9. Keep in mind the inverters will still be hot with shore power unless you have a way to disconnect their inputs from it while working on them. A pair of 50 amp outlets and a plug going to the trailer will do the same thing as a transfer switch.
  10. The only trailer I've seen with decent slideout insulation was my 1999 Arctic Fox 26x with a non-flat floor slide. Most other trailers have thin floors and ceilings in the slideout, which translates into thin or no insulation, especially in the floor. In the Arctic Fox, the slideout stayed the same temperature as the rest of the trailer. In my Sunnybrook with a similar floorplan I can feel heat radiating from the slideout's ceiling in warm weather and in cold weather the floor is colder than the rest of the trailer, making the slideout uncomfortable to be in when temperatures are above the mid 90s or below the mid 40s. The Arctic Fox didn't have these issues. The slideout's poor insulation means the Sunnybrook's main room has noticeably more heat gain than the non-slideout bedroom, even in mild temperatures with the windows open.
  11. How about this ... a genuine VW/Audi accessory to allow filling a standard size tank inlet from a high flow rate diesel nozzle. https://www.amazon.com/TDI-Diesel-Fuel-Nozzle-Adapter/dp/B00696Y74O I assume it fits the nozzle snugly enough not to leak or pop off in use.
  12. The Winnebago 31D has a 56% Wheelbase to Length ratio (220" wheelbase / 393" (32ft 9in) length). That makes it one of the better Class C's in terms of wheelbase to length. It's when the wheelbase to length ratio gets down round 50% or less (looks like the house is balanced over the rear axle) that handling problems manifest themselves. JD Gallant documented this 30 years ago in the beginning days of the RV Consumer Group.
  13. Too bad the Washington Post wants you to buy a subscription to read the article.
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