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  1. The problem with retrofitting a tankless water heater into an RV is the distance between the water heater and the showerhead. The previous owner of my Sunnybrook trailer installed an Atwood tankless heater, it worked OK as long as you kept the water flowing. If you tried to take a Navy shower, the short time it takes for the flame to ignite after you restart the water flow puts a slug of cold water into the line running to the shower and you'd get alternately frozen or scalded until the temperature stabilized. A tankless heater located immediately adjacent to the shower will have less of these issues.
  2. Lou Schneider

    Bluegrass Festivals?

    Too late for this year, but I enjoy going to the Colorado River Bluegrass Festival in Blythe CA. For the past 32 years it's been held on the third weekend in January, immediately preceding Big Tent Week, the high point of the season in nearby Quartzsite. The Festival is held at the smallish Fairgrounds and there is dry camping for all sizes of RVs in the parking lot, a short walk from the activities. The. Fairgrounds supplies washtub fireplaces and firewood so there's lots of good campground picking in the evenings. https://www.blythebluegrass.com
  3. It's being reported on other forums that AT&T has exhausted their stock of Mobleys and no more are expected to be found. The replacement device for the Connected Car Unlimited plan does actively interrogate the car's data buss, making it hard if not impossible to use outside of an actual vehicle. RIP Mobley, it was a good run!
  4. Lou Schneider

    Proper Trailer Weight for GVWR

    The missing item, as Derek mentioned, is the GCWR, Gross Combined Weight Rating, the most the truck and trailer can weigh as a package. This makes the truck's true Towing Capacity only slightly related to the truck's published Tow Rating because the TR is designed solely for bragging rights. It assumes the truck is as light as possible to leave the most weight available for the trailer before the combination hits the GCWR. This means an empty truck plus a 150 lb. driver, not a truck fully loaded to it's GVWR. So the first step in figuring out the true Towing Capacity for your truck is to subtract the weight of everything you'll carry in the truck from the Tow Rating. Go to a truck scale and get the empty weight of the truck, then weigh it again with all of the passengers and cargo aboard. The loaded weight must be less than the truck's GVWR. Take the difference between the loaded and unloaded truck weights and subtract it from the published Tow Rating. Now look at the weights on each axle of the loaded truck and compare them to the GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) numbers. The difference will tell you how much tongue weight the trailer can put on the truck. A 5th wheel trailer will put all of it's weight on the truck's rear axle while a conventional trailer with a correctly set up weight distributing hitch will distribute the tongue weight between both axles. The rear axle weight is is usually the first place where a half ton truck comes up short, especially with a fifth wheel trailer. Finally, there's wind resistance to consider. The published Tow Rating assumes you'll be towing something like a horse or utility trailer with a small frontal area. RV trailers are considerably taller and wider so they have more wind resistance, they have to carve a larger hole through the air. Unless you want to drive with the throttle floored most of the time, leave some power in reserve to overcome the higher wind resistance by limiting the trailer weight to 80% or less of your calculated true Towing Capacity.
  5. Lou Schneider

    California HWY 120

    You're looking at 5 miles of steep downgrade (3200 ft. elevation change) from the summit to the bottom of the pass. Is it doable? Yes, if the road is open. Would I recommend it? Not unless you're an experienced mountain driver with a strong exhaust brake and don't mind crawling down it in first gear.
  6. Lou Schneider

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    I have a Honda EU1000i I purchased in 1999 when it was the first inverter generator on the market. When I'm boondocking I run it for a couple of hours in the evening while I watch TV and it keeps my batteries charged. It won't run my microwave or A/C but it will power my George Foreman grill. 20 years later it still runs fine and starts on the first gentle pull unless it's been sitting for more than a couple of weeks. Then it may take two pulls.
  7. Lou Schneider

    12vdc controlled valve

    Just keep in mind the working pressure in the RV refrigerator's gas line is 11 inches WC or about 0.5 PSI. Substantially less than the working pressure in your clutch or shocks.
  8. Lou Schneider

    OH NO!!

    It wouldn't take much for an energetic dog to bump the air brake release button.
  9. Lou Schneider

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    I don't know about now, but six years ago Camping World let their employees buy major components like refrigerators, tow bars, etc. at their cost. I had a tow bar fail a week out of warranty and the parts guy offered to purchase the replacement using his discount and then sell it to me for the same amount. It came to exactly half of the retail price. For a brief moment I considered applying for a job there while I rebuilt an old RV, just for the discount. Then I came to my senses.
  10. Lou Schneider


    CA will charge either depreciated value from the initial purchase price or what you paid, whichever is higher. This determines both the initial sales (use) tax and the yearly registration cost. If it's a gas motorhome, make sure all of the engine smog components are intact and haven't been removed or bypassed. The initial part of the smog test is a visual inspection of the engine compenents and if they're missing or not CARB approved, you'll have to make it so before you can smog and license it.
  11. Lou Schneider

    OH NO!!

    Good thing it wasn't a diesel pusher!
  12. Lou Schneider

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    Replacing trouble-prone parts of the 6.0L engine with stronger components. The parts and procedures were developed by Bullet Proof Diesel in Mesa, AZ, hence the name.
  13. Lou Schneider

    Multi Year Escapees Membership Renewal?

    Yeah, a few years ago I looked at a Google Satellite view of the park and only the two rows next to the office were being used. Now it shows all three sections of the park filled with oil patch workers. Good for them!
  14. Lou Schneider

    Multi Year Escapees Membership Renewal?

    I guess I beat the system, then. I joined Escapees in 1994, the following year they offered the first round of Lifetime Memberships for $600 and I bought one. At the time Escapees membership was $60 a year, and I figured since I was only 41 I'd likely be around for another decade to reach the break-even point. 24 years later that yearly cost works out as $25 a year and continues dropping. 😊 At the time, Lifetime Memberships were limited to the number needed to reach the stated purpose of the offering. Since it was becoming impractical to continue building new parks from scratch, Escapees proposed expanding the park system by using the money to purchase existing RV parks. Timber Creek in Branson, Racoon Valley in Tennessee and Tra-Park in Pecos, Tx were the results. It's interesting that Tra-Park is no longer listed as a Rainbow Park but still has it's own web page.
  15. Lou Schneider

    What do you think of SOLO electric car?

    Yeah, one that has enough power to run an electric razor or a computer. The size you'd need to recharge a car is much larger and correspondingly more expensive.