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  1. Lou Schneider

    Hooking up house current to MH

    Don't forget to include the house wiring between the breaker panel and the outlet when using the calculator. It will drop voltage just like an additional extension cord of the same length and gauge. 20 amp circuits use 12 gauge wire, 15 amp circuits use 14 gauge.
  2. Lou Schneider

    Battery condition?

    Is your coffee maker 7 amps at 12 volts (84 watts) or 7 amps at 120 volts (840 watts) through an inverter? If it is the latter, the load on the batteries when the coffeemaker is brewing is more like 70+ amps and what you're seeing sounds perfectly normal for a good pair of 6 volt batteries.
  3. Lou Schneider

    Adding 120 volt electric to RV slides

    Or you can avoid the problem of getting the wire to run in and out with the slide by mounting a duplex outlet on the inside wall next to the slide, then make the slide wiring plug into it. This way all of the wiring stays stationary inside the slide itself. Just make sure to unplug the slide before running it back in.
  4. Lou Schneider

    Prospector RV Park Ely, NV. Closed

    Valley View RV Park is a good alternative in Ely. About $30 a night last time I checked, lots of shade trees and large sites.
  5. Lou Schneider

    Boomers and luxury van life

    Simple ... starting in the 1960s too many "back to the earth" types headed back into the woods and didn't follow proper procedures to dispose of their feces. They pooped next to a running stream or lake, didn't dig a deep enough hole to bury their poop, etc. Runoff then carried giardia into formerly pristine lakes and streams.
  6. Lou Schneider


    A couple of years ago I was heading southwest towards Tucumcari, NM after spending some time in Hutchinson, KS. There are two US routes that go that way, US 54 and US 50/56 about 20 miles further north. I chose to take the more southern route, US 54. Ariound mid-day I could see a solid line of black storm clouds forming along the entire length of the horizon to the north. The weather where I was was fine with a slight wind coming from the south, but radio stations in Dodge City (about 20 miles to the north along US 50/56) were broadcasting storm and tornado warnings and reporting actual touchdowns in their area. I was on a long, flat barren stretch of US 54 while this was happening, and it looked like the highway ahead would just skirt the southern edge of the storm line. There was nowhere to stop along the two lane prairie highway, but midway between Plains and Liberal, KS there was a rest area along the Cimarron River and as I approached I saw all of the large trucks on the road were pulling into it. I decided to do the same, and took up a position between a couple of loaded trailers. A few minutes later, the winds started howling and rain came down in buckets. The rest area was partially protected to the north by an elevated railroad berm before the tracks crossed the river, but in spite of being in between the two large trucks my motorhome was buffeted back and forth. This lasted 20 minutes or so before dissipating. If I had remained on the road, I'm sure I would have been blown into a ditch or worse. Then, as quickly as it started the storm passed. The trucks went back on the road, I waited another 20 minutes and then ventured out and resumed my trip westward without incident.
  7. Taking nothing away from the fine job done by Captain Shults, she had over 30,000 ft. of altitude, 30 minutes of glide time and the remaining good engine was enough to fly with indefinitely. After she verified she had working control of the aircraft, the rush to land the plane stemmed from her concern for the injured passengers, not some pressing flight requirement. Sullenberger had 3000 ft. of altitude, no momentum or power and about 3 minutes flying time remaining once the engines quit. His choices were to try an unprecedented ditching in the Hudson River, try to circle back to La Guardia or possibly go on to the Teterboro, NJ airport approx. 5 miles ahead. Turns out neither of these last two were possible and a wrong choice would have sent a plane full of people and fuel crashing into an urban area.
  8. Lou Schneider

    Boomers and luxury van life

    This story is on today's Drudge Report, if you use the Drudge link the WSJ subscription popup comes with an X you can click on to close the popup and read the story. I'm not sure how that works, the link from Drudge is the same as the one above, but it works even if I clear cookies before going to the WSJ.
  9. Lou Schneider

    Using the HTML Codes <> feature

    The <> option is to display code listings, i.e. it changes to monospace type and doesn't alter the formatting of whatever text you enter. The only HTML tags that are supported are those indicated by the icons included in the editor. You can enter them manually in a message if you prefer, but not other unsupported HTML tags. For example, here's what happened when I entered the following after selecting <> [b] Bold [/b] [i] Italic [/i] [s] Strikethrough [/s] The Link option (the chain icon) lets you enter a URL with or without an alias. It's automates entering a link like {url=www.escapees.com}Escapees{/url}.
  10. Lou Schneider

    Good Luck, Bad Luck or ???

    It's been an interesting couple of days. A couple of weeks ago, I made arrangements to visit Las Vegas, meet up with some work friends I hadn't seen since I retired last year, and take in the annual NAB broadcasters trade show. I would combine this with getting my Sunnybrook trailer out of storage in Mojave and tow it to Las Vegas for the week before putting it at my permanent home base in the Pahrump Co-op. Good news: On a previous day trip to Las Vegas, I found a nice RV park on Boulder Highway that would rent me a space for $87 a week plus electricity. Kings Row RV and Mobile Home Park is an older family run park that's now about 2/3 RV spaces, 1/3 older, well kept mobile homes. If you ask for 50 amp service, you'll be put in the newer front section, which is a densely packed parking lot. But I only need 30 amps, so I got a pull through spot in the 200 section which was originally laid out for singlewide mobile homes. Each space is staggered end to end, with RVs at opposite ends of the spaces, so there's lots of room between them. The park is well kept and secure, a real gem. Bad news: While crossing the desert on Sunday, my truck's air conditioner went out in 100 degree heat. I remember thinking it couldn't be that hot, as I was drinking water but not perspiring. When I got to the park, I checked in at the office but found I didn't have enough energy to unhitch and set up the trailer. So I plugged into electricity, took a cold shower and sat under the air conditioner for an hour before summoning enough energy to get into bed. I spent the next 18 hours there, rousing only to drink more water and pee. Good news: This morning I was feeling better, so I turned on the water heater to take a shower. Bad news: That stupid Atwood tankless heater I've been meaning to replace. The flame is only supposed to come on while the water is running, at the end of the shower I turned off the water but the flame stayed on. Before I realized what had happened, it melted a solder joint in the copper tubing and water poured out all over the place. Good news: There's a major RV parts store just up the street, and they had a new Atwood 6 gallon gas/electric water heater at a good price. I was going to replace that tankless pile of $#!!% anyway, so what the heck. Bad news: As I was finishing up installing the new water heater, I needed a couple of plumbing adapters. OK, Lowe's is about a mile up the street, I'll run up there and get them. On the way back I stopped at a Circle K and filled the tank on my pickup. That's when the starter decided to die. Good news: Good Sam sent out a tow truck and it got there within half an hour. Meanwhile I went inside the store and got an Icee and some chips to munch on while I waited. My truck was towed to a diesel repair shop just down the road, they'll work on the starter and AC tomorrow. After dropping off the truck, I walked to the Enterprise rent-a-car place next door and got a good price on a car for a day or two. Just as I got back to my trailer, my friends called. They were supposed to drive back to Los Angeles this evening, but at the last minute they decided to stay overnight and drive back in the morning. So we met up in a restaurant and had an enjoyable time catching up with each other. Now for my dilemma ... with luck like this, should I play the lottery or not?
  11. Lou Schneider

    Death Valley travel

    I wouldn't recommend it in a 42 ft. motorhome. CA 190 climbs from Stovepipe Wells at 5 ft. above sea level to 4,986 ft. Towne Pass in a continuous 20 mile upgrade. Then you descend 3400 ft. in 9 miles into Panamint Valley at 1600 ft. above sea level. Then on the other side you have a 11 miles of twisty road with tight switchbacks and a 5 mile, 6.5% climb to 4800 ft. https://www.google.com/maps/@36.3466671,-117.511305,13.97z/data=!5m1!1e4 And the road isn't all that wide through those turns: https://www.google.com/maps/@36.3543024,-117.5344323,3a,60y,181.56h,90.37t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1siNkeNqrPKsRsFO-OJoiVlw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  12. Lou Schneider

    Andersen Hitches Owner caught defacing Corona Arch

    I fixed the title, hopefully it's a little clear now. I think it would be poetic justice if people offer to carve their initials in their display booth or deface their display products the next time they show up at an RV show.
  13. Andersen Hitches owner Ryan Andersen was photographed defacing Corona Arch in Southern Utah, then posing with his family in front of the damage: https://idahostatejournal.com/members/idaho-falls-family-facing-backlash-for-reportedly-defacing-corona-arch/article_06e2e5fe-de1a-5094-a557-95e53287525d.html http://kjzz.com/news/local/alleged-corona-arch-vandal-sparks-outrage-on-social-media http://rebrn.com/re/this-guy-vandalized-the-corona-arch-for-a-family-photo-this-week-4400070/ Similar graffiti was found in Arches National Park two years ago. Rangers said it was carved too deep to be mitigated or removed: http://abcnews.go.com/US/graffiti-etched-famed-rock-formation-arches-national-park/story?id=38761196
  14. Lou Schneider

    2010 New Horizons Majestic 37 RLTSS

    Are you going to spray paint the inside of the Prevost white, too?
  15. Lou Schneider

    Routes suitables for RV 27'

    Marin RV Park in Greenbrae is expensive, but it's a 15-20 minute walk to the Golden Gate Ferry across the inlet.