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  1. Lou Schneider

    Recommendations please

    Tahoe Valley Campground is near the junction of US 50 and Hwy 89 on the South Shore. It's a little pricy unless you're a Thousand Trails member and you'll have to drive a bit to get to a beach, but it's convenient to your through route.
  2. I think it depends on how you view retirement. Some people view the end of their career as the end of their active life and enter retirement without any future plans. Others view it as an opportunity to pursue travel or other activities that were denied to them while they were working for a living. I suspect most of the people here fall into the second catagory.
  3. Lou Schneider

    When does a tow dolly become a trailer?

    I've seen tow dollies that can carry one or two motorcycles, an ATV or a golf cart on a platform ahead of the dolly pan that supports the trailing car. At what point does a tow dolly legally become a trailer, making the car a second trailer double-towed behind it? Is it carrying cargo on the dolly (a motorcycle, etc)? Or is it if you enclose that cargo in a box? How about if you raise the box to standup height so you can walk in alongside when you're loading and unloading the motorcycle? Or if you lengthen the box to 10 or 12 ft. for a little more room, keeping the car dolly platform at the rear? This is a serious question as most of the motorcycle carrying dollies I've seen use a ball hitch like a standard dolly to connect to the motorhome, while many states that allow double towing require a fifth wheel hitch as the primary connection. I'm interested in doing something like this but I'd like to stay on the right side of the law. Where is the dividing line between a tow dolly and a trailer?
  4. Lou Schneider

    Tandem Tow Dolly - $2500-SOLD!!!

    - deleted -
  5. Lou Schneider

    Odd Battery Condition

    The IOTA DLS 45 converter has a Dual Voltage jack that looks like a modular telephone jack. The optional IQ4 Smart Charger module plugs in there. If you don't have the Smart Charger, there's a jumper plug that goes there and raises the output to 14.2 volts for "quick charging". Without the plug the converter puts out the normal 13.6 volt float voltage. Make sure the jumper plug isn't inserted when you're connected to power for extended periods of time or the continuous 14.2 volts will cause accelerated water loss once the batteries are fully charged. Since you have two converters, both should be set the same, so insert or remove the plugs from both of them. https://www.iotaengineering.com/dvjack.htm I don't know if a pair of Smart Charger modules will work together or if they will fight each other. Or if one Smart Charger could be connected to control both converters. If you want to go that route, ask IOTA first.
  6. Lou Schneider

    Adding 2 6v batteries

    A trick to balance two sets of batteies (especially if they're some distance apart} is to connect the positive wires (load and charging) to one bank and the negative wires to the other, even if you have to extend one set of wires to the second battery bank. This equalizes the total cable length between the two banks, versus connecting the + and - to just one bank with two long cables running over to the other bank,. Trace the path from + to - through each of these examples. The staggered connection has one long cable on each path through the batteries versus the non-staggered connection having no long cables on the first bank and two long cables on the path going through the other bank.
  7. I just noticed this. Snow Gypsy, there are no waiting lists for deeded lots in the Rainbow Parks. They're sold as individual real estate parcels by their owner and anybody can buy one when it comes on the market. Waiting lists are used by the co-op parks and ERPU leased lots.
  8. That's a good idea, Kirk. I'm by no means trying to speak for current management, I'm just passing on what Joe Peterson said when I asked him (at an Escapade) about future plans back when North Ranch was being finished.
  9. Lou Schneider

    Canadian phone for US citizen?

    Thanks, Twotoes. I'd switch to Verizon if they offered something similar to the $35 a month plan I have now with a reasonable add-on for Canadian coverage. They do offer a similar prepaid plan, but want an extra $5 a day, or $150 a month for Canadian coverage. Their single line subscription plans starts at $75 a month, more than double what I'm paying now. And they can cancel your service if you use more than 50% in Canada or Mexico over a 60 day period. That's why I'm wondering if over-the-counter, no contract plans similar to what I have now are available in Canada.
  10. I'm planning to go to Alaska this summer and will be spending a month or two passing through Alberta, BC and the Yukon on my way up and back. Here in the US I can go into any Walmart and buy a $30 cell phone and a $35 a month unlimited use, no contract service plan. $60 will buy a decent Samsung Galaxy phone, which I've done and it works great. But it only works in the US, Canadian coverage isn't available. I realize cell coverage will be intermittent once I leave the big cities, but is anything similar to what I have now available in Canada? Can pop into Walmart or somewhere else after I cross the border and get a similar over-the-counter setup?
  11. In a sense, waiting lists are part of the co-op's business plan. The co-op can only fulfill their promise of refunding a departing member's money when someone else replaces them, and having a waiting list ensures the turnover happens expidisously. That being said, the major factor that's keeping Escapees from expanding the park system is current real estate law. The changes happened as Escapees was building North Ranch and it's why it's the last new from built from scratch park in the system.
  12. Lou Schneider

    Visible Phone Data Plan

    Visible is a Verizon subsidiary. Currently they only support iPhone 6 and up, but their website chat says they will be expanding to Android phones "soon". The impetus behind this is Verizon is shutting down their CDMA (3G) network to make room for 5G expansion and expects to have CDMA completely gone by the end of 2019. After that only phones capable of making Voice Over LTE calls (VoLTE or HD Voice) will work on the Verizon network. The Visible offer is an attempt to get an advance jump on transitioning phones off of CDMA. Yes you can use the phone as a hotspot after it's converted. Jetpacks face the same hurdle, only those capable of using 4G will continue to operate after CDMA is eliminated. Verizon CDMA shutdown information Visible will attempt to re-program a CDMA phone to make VoLTE calls, but they don't guarantee a successful transition and says it may damage or erase data in the process. This may be more of a problem with Android than the iPhone due to the many varities of Android phones. Because of this, I'd be leery about buying a "closeout" CDMA phone. Verizon LTE phones are available now. I was looking to replace my pfhone a couple of months ago and I bought a $60 Samsung Galaxy Luna LTE phone from Total Wireless at my local Wal-Mart. They're a subsidiary of TracFone and carry a wide range of LTE enabled phones from iPhones on down. Though the ads stop just short of actually saying so, Total Wireless uses the Verizon network and the box comfirmed it was a Verizon LTE phone. I'm quite happy with it so far, but it's not able to transition to Visible until they start offering Android conversions. Total Wireless 30 day prepaid plans start at $35 for unlimited talk and text and 5 GB data, up to $100 a month for up to 4 phones with 25 GB shared data. If you sign up for auto-refill using a credit card you get a 5% discount and twice as much data.
  13. Lou Schneider

    How long should batteries last

    The Victron will show the net current going in and out of the batteries. The Amp Hour total will be negative if you've used more power than you've replaced via charging and will creep back towards zero as the batteries gain a charge. If there's a 30 Ah discrepency between what the panels are putting out and what the Victron says is reaching the batteries, that's how much current your RV used over that time.
  14. Lou Schneider

    Siphoning a toy hauler gas tank

    Don't you put the other end of the hose into the tank and then shake the end with the ball back and forth to start the suction?
  15. Lou Schneider

    Hwy 190 Across Death Valley

    If you're going to Las Vegas, the most direct route is to take 190 east from Furnace Creek to Death Valley Junction (the Amaragosa Opera House), then make the zig and continue east on Stateline Rd/Bel Vista Rd. to Pahrump. Then 160 south "over the hump" to Las Vegas.