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  1. We considered a cell amp/repeater but since we hardly ever talk on the phones and this was before Wifi Ranger etc, we put the bucks into data service knowing we could do VoIP if we wanted to.
  2. Waverly, FL Floral City, FL A few miles outside Mayo, FL A few miles south of Grenada, MS A few miles outside Demopolis, AL Several COE parks along Thurmond Lake, GA/SC Washington, TX To name a few. Note that data is derived from a BR-1 and two BoatANTs up on the roof rail, while voice is via the dinky little antenna and low-power transmitter in the phones. VoIP via wifi essentially connects the BR-1 and antennae to the phone allowing voice calls that don't otherwise work.
  3. If you're in a low-signal area, use your phones for VoIP (Viber etc) and use the Pepwave's wifi. It can mean the difference between whether you get to talk or not. I've spent years in places where the phone signal was unusable but VoIP worked fine.
  4. Docj, I've spent lots of time not moving in Florida, North Georgia and Texas near Houston; all were high humidity. Since I got this rig in 2013 I've been adding the maintenance dose of Biobor with each fill up and I haven't had any problem with algae. Beware that if there's a big kill of exising algae you could plug up fuel filters.
  5. I add Biobor to every tank. No problems sitting a while.
  6. Once I was in a park in central Texas and the revenooers, state I believe, drove through to check tags. Evidently if your RV is in Texas long enough you have to register it in Texas. Nothing ever came of it.
  7. Title is the same but one-time registration for the owned-land unit is RP (Real Property) and of course property tax applies. This also applies to co-op parks. I think that probably only applies to non-mobile units such as mobile homes and park models.
  8. First of all, it's an FM radio working on VHF freqs, and the transmitters may be surprisingly low-powered. So how do we deal with that. First, we get the antenna outdoors up on the roof or similar. Many WX radios have an antenna connection. If you have an ordinary FM dash radio with the antenna on the roof, get a splitter connector and a length of cable and plug your WX radio into that. If not, perhaps you can connect an ordinary whip FM antenna on a cable directly to the WX radio. No, the wavelength doesn't match but it's close enough. My MH body is aluminum. effectively a Faraday cage that blocks radio signals. I have to get the antenna in a window facing the transmitter to get anything. If this was critical I'd have a marine VHF (closer freq match) antenna up at the top of the rear ladder with the coax plugged into the WB. Of course you have to make sure you're tuned to appropriate channel and SAME code if you want to get alerts. Here's the list: https://www.nws.noaa.gov/nwr/coverage/county_coverage.html Once you enter the SAME code and channel, you should not only hear the broadcast but recieve the Weekly Test of the alert system. Of course you may simply be out of range. Locally my transmitters are TPA, MCO and MLB; TPA and MLB aren't heard at all and MCO is marginal. I wouldn't count on getting an alert, but I probably would if I was 20 miles closer. What I do if significant weather is coming is monitor various internet sources, weather radio, and ordinary radio and tv stations as appropriate. Usually a radar feed is the earliest warning with tv stations being the slowest, but of course you have to be looking at the radar feed to be warned.
  9. I'm late on this but many Goodyear/Wingfoot shops will do an alignment. Had it done in College Station, Texas.
  10. Since my main storage compartment is fairly sealed and has the converter and toad air pump in there, I installed an automatic halon (halotron, whatever) extinguisher as is used in refrigerator compartments. I also added a couple of smoke detectors that can be heard at least faintly outdoors.
  11. Lately I've been doing the CG wifi thing since my 8800 gives a poor data rate at my location for whatever reason. Anyway, I checked it this morning with Speedtest and got about 100kbps download and 2.5mbps upload. If the problem was entirely low snr would this be possible? BTW, I've never had it shut off unexpectedly.
  12. I haven't measured it here, however I've been able to successfully record streaming HD TV all nights this past week between 01:00 and 05:00. Not remotely possible in daytime.
  13. Although low SNR would usually indicate to me the problem, while at Bushnell I could count on 20+ Mbps overnights with the same low SNR. Odd. The nearest Verizon tower is about five miles away, across a big lake and orange groves.
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