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  1. Any suggestions for a mobile rv (house not chassis) service person in the Bushnell area? Thanks.
  2. An RV will give you lots and lot of things to do; things will constantly need to be maintained, fixed, upgraded, installed, vacuumed, washed, waxed. You won't be bored unless you want to be. What's disturbing, though, is that apparently as soon as he retires you're going to buy a trailer and immediately become fulltime snowbirds without even trying the lifestyle out.
  3. Thanks. I have a feeling I'll need one.
  4. https://www.verizonwireless.com/plans/connected-device-plans/ up to 100G. It's mighty expensive. https://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/wireless/KM1048698?gsi=89fGkwQ also mighty expensive.
  5. Please recommend a dentist in the Foley, Ala. area. Thanks!
  6. I've been using a Pepwave BR-1 modem/amp/router ( peplink.com )with two BoatANT antennas (cell and wifi) for several years; there have been only a couple of times without any usable signal. I'm on Verizon; perhaps an additional AT&T sim as fallback would have worked. The device will hold two sims and switch between them. This is an internet device and is NOT a phone "booster." We have zero interest in yakking on a phone, texting or using the internet on a phone screen. However, though, we can of course use phone internet functions via the Pepwave and also use a app called Viber which provides voice-over-IP capability when we really want to talk and there's insufficient phone signal. An alternative is of course Skype. The Pepwave is also a great wifi repeater. Some new models don't have have the repeater.
  7. In Florida you can have a different mailing address than the d/l address, and in my case the registration address is the pmb address. I wonder how banks and credit-card issuers are going to handle the odd address since they usually insist on a "real" address on the acccount.
  8. jbh

    Pressure Pro

  9. No, not stationary. I think that's what got you. Practically no one would insure a stationary rv/mobile home in Pensacola but it wouldn't be any problem if it wasn't "stationary." Simplest seems to be to insure in California.
  10. Do they somehow think it's a mobile home rather than an RV? Or do they think it's otherwise somehow immovable? I have fulltimer insurance with Foremost; my current PMB (mail service) address is Green Cove Springs and my former PMB was north Tampa, which is mighty close to the Gulf. I don't think Geico offers fulltimer insurance but farms it out to Foremost.
  11. jbh

    Tire Pressure Loss

    Here you go, http://yourtireshopsupply.com/category/796/dually-valve-kits is where I got them from along with stabilizers.
  12. jbh

    Tire Pressure Loss

    I had leaking flexible extensions in cold weather. At moderate temperatures they were fine but as soon as temps plunged into the 20's three of the four seriously leaked. It was a dissimilar metals problem, brass screwed onto steel and very difficult to get at to tighten up. Got rid of that and had extended valves installed, no more trouble. On my front wheels I have screw-on solid 90-degree extensions. I had one tire with a very slow leak and messing around with soapy water showed bubbles on the _outside of the elbow_ of the extension. I guess a pinhole had rusted through. When I get new tires this year I'll replace those with solid extended valves.
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    Hail is of course a lot more common and widespread than tornados and it can really tear up an RV. My weather solution at this point is to just stay in central Florida until sometime in May.
  15. jbh


    You have to get proactive. Let me illustrate.. Weather Underground's Nexrad radar plot isn't real exciting but it can designate big hail and vortex signatures without human interpretation. A couple of years ago in Texas we watched a line marching eastward and all of a sudden a vortex popped up on radar upwind of us. Granted the plot was five minutes later and it was _right here_. Before we could do anything the sky turned green and it got a bit nautical. It passed over us and about five minutes later it destroyed concrete buildings a few miles away. About five minutes more and we saw neighbors duly trudging to the concrete bathhouse. Why? The TV and the weather radio gave them a tornado warning. For what had passed overhead 10 minutes ago!