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  1. My prepaid plan also specifically says "up to 780p". Visually it's not 1080p.
  2. I connected the other BoatANT and got a surprise. With one antenna the fastest I could consistently get was 4 Mbps; now it's 20 Mbps! Unfortunately tower overload kills the speed from late afternoon through the evening; everyone gets home and cranks up their devices.
  3. Sign in and look under About for your session . Looks like it's showing overall under Data Usage.
  4. The 8800L comes with a USB cable, I just plugged it into an ordinary 12v-5v USB adaptor rather than the AC wallwart. BTW, it's the same temperature to my hand when it's not plugged in as when it's plugged in to low power. The only time it got warmer was when the cat sat on it.
  5. I found a USB timer on Amazon; it can be set to turn on after X hours and stay on for Y hours.
  6. This is the newest 8800L. It's plugged into a low-power 12v-5v USB source, which it did correctly identify, rather than the high-power wallwart that comes with it. I felt the thing and it's hardly even warm, certainly not overheating the battery, so I suspect it's ok. I need to run it on the 12v source.
  7. Will it harm the jetpack battery to always have it plugged in? Or is it "smart?"
  8. The jetpack showed up this afternoon and in a short time I was again online with Verizon. With the thing sitting right here on the desk it reported -112dB. Fairly usable but pretty slow, definitely slower than the Pepwave BR-1 w/BoatANT. I anticipated this so got an antenna-connector adapter and connected it to the BoatANT. Signal strength popped up to -103dB and it got way faster. Multiple Speedtest runs varied between 1Mbps to 4Mbps. It's definitely faster than the Pepwave in this location. When the other antenna adaptor shows up I'll plug in the other BoatANT. I expect that to help at least a little. Two BoatANTs? They cover 700mHz to 2.5gHz; one was used for cell and the other for wifi. Wifi performance was phenomenal for an omni antenna but it's not needed for that anymore. BTW, the phones don't work here at all for voice or data.
  9. The problem could be that they couldn't activate my three-year-old Pepwave on the account, and I have to get a new device. It's not a Verizon jetpack.
  10. A Verizon CSR told me yesterday that smartphones and a jetpack can't be on the same prepaid plan/account, so I'll have two accounts. No matter as long as it's working. The latest as of yesterday is that the jetpack didn't show up so I called; the gist of it is that while they'd managed to charge me for the data account apparently each of the three CSRs involved thought the other had completed the transaction. The next CSR learned that the postpaid account had been terminated, there was a free-floating payment in my name and there was no new prepaid data account. He had to go confirm with his supervisor and perhaps fixed things up. At least he gave me various confirmation numbers etc and the jetpack is supposed to show up Monday or Tuesday. He was thrilled to learn of the new unlimited account he could sell. ;-) BTW, I'm on CG wifi fed by a Viasat account. While it would be ok for an individual, I can tell when my neighbors are at home or away and on weekends it's pretty much unusable.
  11. Thanks very much guys. I'm on the fringe of a fringe area (Wahoo Swamp) and the Pepwave with a BoatANT was just barely making it; I'm thinking I'll probably have to connect my antenae to the much-anticipated jetpack to make it talk. Unfortunately FedEx passed me by today. I'll report back.
  12. Are the "test ports" in fact antenna ports? And if so, can one or two ordinary antennas be used or is a MIMO antenna necessary?
  13. jbh


    The Verizon CSRs I talked with had not a clue what a BR-1 might be even after I explained that it was certified for railroad use. The line was "we have a new hotspot that's faster" and they didnt' hear anything about up in he mountains or down in the holler.
  14. jbh


    Verizon provided me the sim _three years ago_ that worked in my BR-1, and as of 2pm this afternoon it was specifically listed on my account and it was working. It was never in another device. A short time later, after the promised migration to the prepaid unlimited plan, that sim no longer works and my device is listed as not compatible. Note that I have a solid 4G LTE connection stated as active internet and I go to verizonwiress.com successfully only to be told it's not compatible. It's simply not compatible with their prepaid wireless, not with the Verizon network. Verizon man speak with forked tongue. Supposedly I could go back to postpaid and it would suddenly magically be compatible. This is an industrial/enterprise unit; I doubt a muncipal transport system, which it's certified for, puts up with this stuff. I'm supposed to receive a hotspot Tuesday and I'll plug the sim in the BR-1. I'll let you know.
  15. jbh


    Switching is the plan, as hinted at by the third CSR I talked with. I hope it works.