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  1. Since my main storage compartment is fairly sealed and has the converter and toad air pump in there, I installed an automatic halon (halotron, whatever) extinguisher as is used in refrigerator compartments. I also added a couple of smoke detectors that can be heard at least faintly outdoors.
  2. Lately I've been doing the CG wifi thing since my 8800 gives a poor data rate at my location for whatever reason. Anyway, I checked it this morning with Speedtest and got about 100kbps download and 2.5mbps upload. If the problem was entirely low snr would this be possible? BTW, I've never had it shut off unexpectedly.
  3. I haven't measured it here, however I've been able to successfully record streaming HD TV all nights this past week between 01:00 and 05:00. Not remotely possible in daytime.
  4. Although low SNR would usually indicate to me the problem, while at Bushnell I could count on 20+ Mbps overnights with the same low SNR. Odd. The nearest Verizon tower is about five miles away, across a big lake and orange groves.
  5. Yes I agree that the problem is tower/network load; US-27 is a major highway through this area plus there's continuing new growth.
  6. Big change... I moved from Floral City to near Waverly, Fla. and download bandwidth is crap. Currently I have -96dB RSRP and 1dB SNR, a better signal than I had at Floral City, but average download bandwidth is 200kbps to 400kbps. Upload is 4Mbps or better. Obviously streaming isn't happening. Since prepaid non-contract accounts are stated to be lower priority I must be at the bottom of the totem pole and all Verizon traffic along the US-27 corridor in central Florida is above me. Since I intend to homebase here for a year or more I just signed up for Spectrum hardwired broadband stated to be 100Mbps with no data cap or throttling for $44.99/mo. For any significant travels I'll restart Verizon.
  7. I think you might be referring to Hulu Live only. I've spent the past month using Hulu with a Roku stick only on a jetpack.
  8. I've talked with this guy working at a park in Floral City. Don't know anything about him otherwise. Lee McCalla Mac's Mobile RV 352-613-0113
  9. We've been hitting the 8800L jetpack hard, streaming to the Playon desktop media server (playon.tv). Verizon throughput dies around 4 pm and comes back up at around 9pm everyday; that correlates to everyone getting home and turning on their devices. In my area there's one tower and lots of new population. The thing's working fine. I use a low-power12v-5v plug and leave it on; nothing gets hot.
  10. My prepaid plan also specifically says "up to 780p". Visually it's not 1080p.
  11. I connected the other BoatANT and got a surprise. With one antenna the fastest I could consistently get was 4 Mbps; now it's 20 Mbps! Unfortunately tower overload kills the speed from late afternoon through the evening; everyone gets home and cranks up their devices.
  12. Sign in and look under About for your session . Looks like it's showing overall under Data Usage.
  13. The 8800L comes with a USB cable, I just plugged it into an ordinary 12v-5v USB adaptor rather than the AC wallwart. BTW, it's the same temperature to my hand when it's not plugged in as when it's plugged in to low power. The only time it got warmer was when the cat sat on it.
  14. I found a USB timer on Amazon; it can be set to turn on after X hours and stay on for Y hours.
  15. This is the newest 8800L. It's plugged into a low-power 12v-5v USB source, which it did correctly identify, rather than the high-power wallwart that comes with it. I felt the thing and it's hardly even warm, certainly not overheating the battery, so I suspect it's ok. I need to run it on the 12v source.
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