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  1. CG in or around San Diego

    I have a friend that has gotten orders to San Diego. He is in the Navy and is a Lt. (03). He currently owns a 33' tag but is going to buy a 36-37' 5er with the plan for him and his wife to live it to live in for this 2 year tour. He just got the orders and doesn't report till next Apr. Does anybody know where he can get a permanent sight? Any ideas? Thanks for any help. Pat The Old Sailor
  2. Davco 380 Fuel Filter Change

    I'm getting ready for the trip to the ECR and my under hood ck showed that the fuel filter was up to the top and in need of a change. It's been 5 yrs and 20k since the last change. So i have a few questions IRT the sequence of events.It is a Davco Model 380. Has a 6" cover on top of a large alum housing. I just want to make sure my plan is OK. 1st Set bucket under drain and drain the filter. 2nd Remove plastic cover (with special wrench) and clesn the bottom of the housing. Is there a gasket or O ring ? Once I'm ready to put the filter in place do I put a little clean diesel fuel in the bottom of the filter base? Last Reinstall the cover and tighten with the special wrench. Now do I just crank it over? Any comments or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks All Pat The Old Sailor
  3. '18 ECR Flea Market

    I will have a counter top 8 bottle wine cooler and a counter top convection oven for sale. Both in excellent condition. I think I will be in site 400 but whatever # it is next to the bathhouse. Pat The Old Sailor
  4. Davco 380 Fuel Filter Change

    Test was sat. I let the truck run for a 1/2 hour ckd the filter. Still at the and just above the black ring. Drove the truck around for a hour. no problems. Got back to the house and ckd the filter again. Still just above the black ring. washed and waxed the truck. Cool but sunny. hooked up to the 5er and ready for a morning UW to meet up with Never Easy and then head for the ECR. All seems to be well. Hope to see everybody at the Rally. Pat The Old Sailor
  5. Davco 380 Fuel Filter Change

    Pete Yes both gaskets were changed twice and the bottom old filter gasket was removed. I talked to the tech (Rich) at DAVco this morning and he told me that there would be some bubbles because of the turbulent nature of the fuel flowing thru the filter. He asked me if I was having starting problems or a lose of power. I told him no to both questions. Then he said that I should just fill the filter up to the top let it idle for a minute then vent the the black knob until the level is just above the black locking nut collar and then tighten. I drive the truck around for about 6-8 miles this morning before I talked to him So tomorrow i'll try this again. I will let it idle awhile and then drive it awhile. But keeping a eye on the filter. I have to make a decision about getting UW wen for the ECR. Whae a crazy couple of days all because of a $13 filter. Pat The Old Sailor
  6. who has commercial California registration

    iddy Could you just keep it at your friends ranch? Is the ranch big enough to hid the truck? Tag it in some other state and hope for the best. One of the states you could get a LLC. But then you would always be looking over your shoulder. Tough to win. I wish you the beat of luck no matter what you decode. Pat The Old Sailor
  7. Semi's and movies

    VT Good memories ^ Days on the Road, Convoy and the rest of them. And don't forget 7 weeks goes by real quick. And wait till you are 71 then 7 weeks flies by like a rocket ship! Pat The Old Sailor
  8. Davco 380 Fuel Filter Change

    Chet I just printed the pdf file for the filter. That should really help. Hope I can tell the difference between a air bubble and a vapor bubble! Thanks again All Pat The Old Sailor
  9. Davco 380 Fuel Filter Change

    Chat/All I drained it just like it said do and cleaned everything just like it said and reinstalled. Same results as rainy/cold yesterday. Bubbles. now I've read that Davco pdf. I will climb under the truck tomorrow and ck for leaks. There was a specific procedure in the pdf. i hope I can figure it out. Wen is getting closer. I am going to find out if anyone local has any parts in house for this filter. I had no issues before I changed the filter. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I can't thank Chat and Deb enough for coming over yesterday and helping. He got it running now all I have to do is find the leak! Thanks everybody for all of the great help, advice and recommendations. Pat The Old Sailor And if this keeps up much older way to soon!!!!
  10. Davco 380 Fuel Filter Change

    Dave Thanks for that info had a gal on hand. Suite Got everything back together and had a issue with prime. Chet (Never Easy) came over (in the rain and cold) and helped to get the prime back and to get it to start and run. However it keeps bubbling. Have taken it back apart, recleaned everything and put in a second set on new o rings. Still wants to bubble. Didn't have a issue before I changed the filter. Rewatched the video a couple of times. Just can't seem to get the bubbles to stop. With it running the diesel in the filter starts to lower. Can't seem to figure it out. Any ideas Pat The Old Sailor
  11. Dr Pepper Company

    Big5er When we came thru Waco in Nov we visited the DP Museum. Really enjoyed our visit. It was part of our plan when we visited Fixer Upper.Have a great and safe day. Pat The Old Sailor
  12. who has commercial California registration

    iddy The expense of having the truck titled as a truck would make me want to do anything but that! Cold you wait till you found a truck already titled as a MH or would Calif honor that out of State MH title? In Va I bought the Volvo from a man In Minn and had him fax a copy of the title to me . Then took it to the DMV and asked if they would honor that MH title. They said yes. Then I had him drive the truck down here and then we made the deal. Va was and is very hard to deal with if you want to convert in state. i got my CDL after I got the truck. When I went to take the Road test I had the 5er hooked up to the truck and used it for the road test. I hope you get to work something out because once you tow with a real truck you won't go back to a little truck! Pat The Old Sailor
  13. Project progress

    MoreSmoke That bed is really looking more impressive everyday! Keep it and the pictures coming. Pat The Old Sailor
  14. Pa Sweet looking ride. i really like the color! School Bus yellow. Pat The Old Sailor
  15. Davco 380 Fuel Filter Change

    SS Thanks I'll try to get it on the web. Pat The Old Sailor
  16. Last East Coast Rally Update

    Av8r3400 That Northern Wis picture is why I like Norfolk. We did see 12" in one snow fall this year!!! But it is LONG Gone! Hope you can dig out by the ECR. Pat The Old Sailor
  17. PaHunter Before I made any deals I'd ck at the ECR and other places for a truck that has been converted to a RV hauler. It sure would be a lot cheaper to just get in a truck and hookup to the 5er and hit the road. i wanted to do it myself but the state of Va is really hard to deal with. So I ended up buying a 98 610 with a Motor Home title. Sure did make things easier and way cheaper. We were rolling the next weekend. We have had this truck for 7 years (in May) and only put 32k on it(582k). We were working full time till Sept 2015.This will be our 5th ECR but only the 3rd with the Pride. So whatever you do make sure it is what you really want/need. Pat The Old Sailor
  18. TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Chet The head sure looks great! I hope to see it up close Monday. Take care and have a peaceful and blessed Easter. Pat The Old Sailor
  19. Insurance Exclusions

    Randy/All i have to agree with Randy about NG. When we totaled our 5er in July of 2016 they paid off by replacing the 2015 with a 2017 plus the deductible of $250. And they helped to make it as quick as possible. It still took 10 weeks to get into the 2017 that 10 days later we left Va for Key West and broke it in on the road for 6 wks. So shop around and remember the ad says "I chose the wrong Insurance company". But I feel like we chose the right company! Pat The Old Sailor
  20. Southern Florida "magnet"

    Are they headed for the ECR? Hope to see them! Pat The Old Sailor
  21. My Build

    jenandjon Nice looking cab. It pays dividends to take your time and so things right. Really great looking both out and in! Pat The Old Sailor
  22. Update of Bed Build

    John Great looking deck! You and your crew are doing a great job. Tons of work but the end product will and does show what time, effort, planning, and most of all, money (and a understanding wife?) can accomplish. So again Great job! Pat The Old Sailor
  23. Going for a short Run tonight

    VT Have a safe and event free trip! Pat The Old Sailor
  24. Winching a smart car

    Carl I think you may have gone 0 for 2. Young and good looking. have you looked in a mirror lately? LOL! See you the 12th. Pat The Old Sailor
  25. PaHunter We'll be at the ECR and you are invited to stop in anytime! Pats Pride My wife didn't like the name on the cab but you can't miss the old red Volvo. We are next to the restrooms. Liquid refreshments are always available. So don't hesitate to stop by. Tours and drives are part of the visit. See you in April! Pat The Old Sailor