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  1. gypsydan

    Recommendations for Trustworthy Mobile RV Techs in AZ?

    I can't imagine putting 3 panels on a 20' trailer, but it if works, great. I would also recommend D&R in Glendale, AZ, 623-842-1265, a family business. If your needing RV repairs I would recommend Carl's RV in Tucson, again a family business. 520-889-9900
  2. gypsydan

    NEWPOWA Solar Panels

    You can use one of these free programs to reduce the picture size: irfanview.com -- faststone.org (FastStone Image Viewer)
  3. gypsydan

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    Looks good to me.
  4. gypsydan

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    Here is what I get when I try opening the link in a new tab. Al lI did was save the picture to my desktop, then reduce it to less than 100k, and drag it onto this page.
  5. gypsydan

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    What are you screwing the stainless screws into? If it is ceiling crossbeams you need to be sure they are not aluminum, as over time the chemical intereaction between aluminum and stainless will badly corrode the aluminum and damage the ceiling beams, which could be difficult to repair/replace. Teh metal fram on my rig is all aluminum, which means I have to buy aluminmu screws (.75 cents each) to screw into the ceiling beams.
  6. gypsydan

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    Thank you for the pictures. It does look like you have a good mount forthe panels. The way you have them mounted reminded me of the situation I've been dealing with over the past few days, and had not realized I had the issue until I started trying to figurer out how to mount the aluminum supports to the roof. I was going to just use 3/4" sheet metal screws until I remembered galvanic corrosion occurs when aluminum and steel are in contact, and over time the aluminum will "rot." If I had screwed sheet metal screws (steel) to the aluminum supports and then put dicor over them I would never have seen the corrosion. Over time (how long no one is sure?) the joints where the screws touched the aluminum would have become very weak, potentially only having the dicor under the supports, on top of the rubber roof, holding the panel to the roof. And, since the panel frame is aluminum I'm having to figure out how to use something other than steel bolts to hold the aluminum panel frame to the aluminum support framework.
  7. gypsydan

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    Pictures did not come through. How dod yo uclean the DICOR? I've talked with their tech's, complaining about how DICOR gets dirty over time. I was told they are aware of the problem, but do not want to change the formula to fix it.
  8. gypsydan

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    If you live back east, you might be interested in these panel prices at altE, in MA. https://www.altestore.com/store/solar-panels-c541/?sort=-watts
  9. gypsydan

    JCPenny's RV Workforce

    Thank you, Coleen.
  10. gypsydan

    NEWPOWA Solar Panels

    Thank you. Just beginning my sojourn into solar, the aspects you mentioned are what I need to know, so I can make better choices in the future. I recieved the panel from NEWPOWA and will write more next week after I've been able to look at some other panels at a local solar store, to make a comparison.
  11. gypsydan

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    Could you send a picture of what your diamond plate looks like when attached to roof. I would like to do the same. You had attached a picture, but it never get posted, so don't know if it was of the plate. Thanks.
  12. gypsydan

    NEWPOWA Solar Panels

    Some good points, Yarome. Can I ask where you found "Efficiancy is a bit low for that class of panel", and if they do or don't grade or match cells? I'm asking, as these are good points to know for future purchases.
  13. gypsydan

    NEWPOWA Solar Panels

    How will one more panel help in the situation you described? Is it the ability to harvest just a little more amperage from what twilight you are able to get?
  14. gypsydan

    NEWPOWA Solar Panels

    Thank you John, I will probably go the larger grid-tie panels with my next rig, which will prbably be a 32'. I started this new topic, as I didn't think the other topic would attract those who might have had expereince with NEWPOWA. I was going to buy the 305w Canadian Solar, but after looking at their size and my space, and reading what others were saying, I realized the size WAS too much for my roof. Of course, when bigbillsd mentioned you could buy a pair of 158w DM Solar panels on Amazon for $268 I jumped. Sadly, with the raise in tarrif DM Solar was no longer selling them, which I did not find out until 5 days later when I called to find out when they woudl be delivered. Then I found the NEWPOWA panels and after all this time I decided to try them. I'm only buying one panel, as I realize I only need it for LED lights, operating a 70w laptop, and charging my cell phone. I finally realized, this is my first solar install, why do I need 300 watts. I've been using a $40, 200 watt inverter I bought at Walmart for the past 4-years (when I was vanning, and the past year in this RV) so I don't even need to install an inverter at this point. I will most likely be sellng this RV and moving to a larger one after I go full-time, so don't need all that I was planning on. Many have said, "if you spend a lot on solar you can take it to the next rig, as you won't get your money back when you sell/trade." For those planning on doing their first solar, I cannot emphasis enough how valuable it is to do a thorough planning of first your real needs, then your wants, and finally design how it will all fit in/on your rig. I think I will quote Jack Mayer, "the design phase is the most critical." I need to Thank everyone, as this has been a great learning experience (and will continue to be).
  15. I've bought a 175 watt mono solar panel on Amazon made by NEWPOWA. I should be getting it later this week, by 5/11/18. I could pass up the price, $299, w/ free shipping from CA. It was only after creatingthe order that I started wondering about the free shipping aspect. I've been doing the research and design of this solar install for too long, and in my frustration at completing this project I did not do research on NEWPOWA before buying. But, buying through Amizon I didn't feel I would have any problems returning it, if I need to. So, I'm doing my research now. Has anyone had any experience with NEWPOWA solar panels?