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  1. I was logging into this forum and discoveed it is not secured (not https), therefore anyone lurking online can read our user name and password. Does anyone know if Escapees, or whoever runs this forum, has plans to make it secure? Maybe there is a cost factor involved? Or, does anyone find an non-secure forum problematic?
  2. Saferide Motor Club provides roadside assitance to both Escapees and FMCA. At the Escapades in Tucson I attended the presentation by Saferide regarding their offering of the Escapees Roadside Assitance policy. I attended because I had been hearing users were having problems getting resolution with roadside problems. During the presentation I was dismayed at the lack of empathy I precieved by their representative toward the audience. Because of his presentation I declined to buy the policy. My Good Sam policy is now coming up for renewal and I am wondering if there are still problems with how Saferide is responding to Escapees in need on the road. I know people have had issues with Good Sam, but since I have not yet needed to use it I am wondering if I should keep Good Sam, or if I should switch to the Escapees policy because of the price differential. Bottome line: what are some of the experiences people have had with using the Escapees Roadside Assitance policy?
  3. I have a 27" Four Winds C that I installed one 175w Newpowa solar panel over the passenger seat. Fed the wires down the refrig exhaust opening to the Moningstar PS-30 charge controller under the seat where heater is located. Was a semi-tight fit. I was surprised at how easy the install was. Since my electrical requirments are low (led lights, computer), I am currently using an inverter I bought from Walmart for $50. I still use my 2 lead acid batteries, but because they are small, (grp 27) they don't hold a good charge. And soince you can't put lead-acid inside the coach I will soon replace them with a 100w lithium battery which will fit into the lead-acid opening under the coach. I could probably put the lithium battery(s) in the basement, but need to do more looking to see where inside I could also install them. Even though you are going to have the system installed, it might be useful to do a LOT of research so you will know what you need, and whether or not the installer is giving you the optimum system. When boondocking, it is always usefult to know how to make repairs when needed, or to discover the source fo a problem. Most installers are reputable, but being aware of what you are getting is always of benefit, as solar is not cheap. Some resources I found useful were: https://handybobsolar.wordpress.com/ http://www.jackdanmayer.com/links_and_files.htm http://www.manmrk.net/tutorials/RV/12voltSideofLifePart1.htm http://string-calculator.morningstarcorp.com/ https://www.backwoodssolar.com/learning-center?SID=80qrsn5nej168ruce71vv893t1 Do a google search for battery and solar installs, and you will start finding all types of material to help you make your final decision as to what you need. Good luck in your endevour, as you will find boondocking fun.
  4. It is interesting that Ms. Madden went to her Spv for an OK for reimbersement only AFTER you had posted on this forum. I can imagine the outcome IF you had not posted to the forum. It would be more interesting to see what their response would be should someone in SKP management call them with a problem. I remember at Escapades this year, the man presenting this roadside assitance policy to our members REFUSED to use the microphone and speaker system when giving his presentation the 1st time, even after being asked by several members in the hall that they were having a hard time hearing him. I reported his rudeness to the office, and noted the 2nd time he presented he used the microphone. So the company does learn, it just takes a lot of pushing from our end - which need not be the case. I have yet to read the other complaints on the forum about the SKP roadside service, so it will be interesting to see if Travis or Shawn have commented.
  5. Thank you for all the replies. I was hoping someone in Escapees, or at least who read this forum, had had a Rhino Liner put on their roof. I appreciate these responses for, as usual, they told me what I wanted to hear. I did find a video on Youtube for a repair to my Chateau, done by rvroofinstall.com in Georgia. A little expensive, though. Will check with other forums and see what I can find. An aside, if you are insterested in seeing how shoddy RVs are built, especially the welding, watch this video. https://youtu.be/RlE3DNOknGg
  6. i cannot find the source of a major leak in the overhang of my 2009 Thor Class C Four-Winds, and so am almost certain I will have to end up replacing the roof. I would therefor like to find out what experience people have had with these 3 products. I'm thinking one of these would be better than reinstalling a rubber roof. Flex Armor RV-Armor Rhino Lining - Is it true this coating does not flex? I could see that being a problem on a class C.
  7. What is name of company for the flex armor you used? How did it work?
  8. So much to do before going full-time, of which batteries is only one I wanted the info before going to Q in a couple of weeks, where I was planning on upgrading my batteries I just did some more research and saw where AGM apparently outsells GEL by 100:1, but didn’t fully understand why. Some friends have been using 2 GEL batteries for, I think, 8+ years without a problem. As was said above, it ends up being a personal choice, as apparently all AGM and GEL batteries are pretty much the same. I’ve heard many private brands are built by one company under specs from these private labels I only heard Lifeline and Forrest River mentioned as brands people have I know there are more, like DEKA, which I’m curious if anyone uses that brand Thanks for the input. Dan
  9. I have a 27' class C with one 175w solar panel. The RV is only capable of holding 2 group 27 batteries. For the past year I've been using Interstate RV/Marine batteries from COSTCO ($80 each). I know I need better batteries, but am unclear on which to get, so am looking for the EXPEREINCES you have had with your choice in batteries. At this point, Lithium batteries are out of my budget range for having only one panel, and I can't fugure out where to install Golf Cart batteries. But maybe I'm selling myself short by not considering Lithium Because of its ability to withstand a slow discharge down to 80% I am therefore looking at GEL as being the best for my use of only LED lights, laptop, printer. refrig, and sometimes heater. My need is of course to have high AH reserves at night. I only boondock while on the road. If, when, I go to a larger rig, or different model (A, or 5th), I can look at Golf Cart batteries, or maybe Lithium. There are many GEL type batteries on the market, so I am wondering what experiences people have had with their make/model of GEL battery. Is any make better than others? I'm not interested in getting Interstate batteries. I hope everyone is having a good Holiday Season, and that everyone has a profitable and plentiful New Year.
  10. This was an old post, but there was no conclusion as to the results of retesting under load showed. Did you keep or junk?
  11. So far no problems. I’ve not done any power measurements, as I’ve not seen the need - yet. I’m using a small 400w inverter for just my laptop. For the price/watt ratio I’m happy with it. It might be one of those situations, though, where it will take time before I will really know if it was a “truly” good buy.
  12. I can't imagine putting 3 panels on a 20' trailer, but it if works, great. I would also recommend D&R in Glendale, AZ, 623-842-1265, a family business. If your needing RV repairs I would recommend Carl's RV in Tucson, again a family business. 520-889-9900
  13. You can use one of these free programs to reduce the picture size: irfanview.com -- faststone.org (FastStone Image Viewer)
  14. Here is what I get when I try opening the link in a new tab. Al lI did was save the picture to my desktop, then reduce it to less than 100k, and drag it onto this page.
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