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  1. Two questions; 1) Part time RVer. Our properties own us. 2) I don't think about it. Or care. Opinion: I suspect that a few full-timers are in good financial shape. And others are financially precarious but are "livin' the life". I'm very careful about forming opinions without more information. I simply don't know.
  2. Well, that last post sparked sadness. They (usually motorcyclists) say that the difference between wearing a helmet or not is whether or not the funeral is open casket or closed.
  3. Caretaker.org : This might be useful for travelers that like to park themselves for any period of time and collect pay. Advertisers usually seek full time caretakers for wealthy individual properties, lodges, ranches, etc . The most recent one is for a ghost town. 😊 I follow them on Twitter as the Caretaker Gazette (@Housesitter).
  4. Thanks Vern. Another useful site where Onan's are discussed is this one: https://www.smokstak.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=1
  5. Could you post an address, county and parcel number?
  6. Good question. They are not listed. To my knowledge, everything on board the camper is covered. This includes laptops, electronics, etc. I'll speak with my agent about the upgrades to truck, tow and camper. Healthcare Directive. This is one that stays with the camper. Passport - doesn't do any good at home - it's in the camper.
  7. Last week I photo documented all the "add-on" upgrades to my insured vehicles. Solar panels, auxiliary braking system, SuperHitch, SuperTruss, etc. etc. Easily $5,000 or more in non-stock upgrades. Packaged the digital photos in a zip file and uploaded them to my Google cloud space. Once and done - just in case.
  8. I strongly recommend reading this article: https://www.truckcampermagazine.com/newbie-articles/9-lessons-from-a-truck-camper-accident/?singlepage=1 The author's rig was T-boned on the highway. Good tips.
  9. RV parking on the property is a requirement for me. I wish they made condos with covered RV parking. Weed-wacking is not my thing.
  10. I think there is a 100 mile stretch without fuel stations. As I recall, there is highway signage indicating that. If you fill up whenever the tank reaches half full, you will have no problems.
  11. I have a pair of wireless motion sensor led lights that I use to light the approach to the camper. I like it dark outside and I like to know when something/someone is moving around the camper at night. And, I like to have the approach to the camper door light up when we come back at night. I epoxied a neodymium (super high strength) magnet to the back of each light and can "stick" the light to any iron/steel part of the camper or truck. I have this one and several other motion activated led lights for use in and around the camper.
  12. Friends reported steady incoming RV's at Oasis RV resort in Yuma. They had a buy-one-week get-one-free deal and stayed a week. They left for a few days and when they got back someone was parked in their site even though they left a note on the pedestal and the neighbor told the newcomer it was occupied. They got the site back.
  13. Eagle Cap / Adventurer located in Yakima, WA.
  14. To get a feel for how secure a password is, try a password checker such as: https://howsecureismypassword.net/
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