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  1. Glad you made it okay. Due to emergency health issues I had to make the northbound route decision - California 5 vs Nevada 93 vs Utah. I went with Cal I5 to avoid potential weather delays. California, especially southern California highways, are a rig-beater. But the roads were clear and traffic was light. I covered 1510 miles in three days towing the Jeep. Only the roadside rest areas were open - lots of truckers and noisy at night. Next time I'll wear my Bose noise cancellation headphones to bed.
  2. If worse comes to worse: Washable cloth diapers - available on Amazon. And if you see the Covid-19 map outside of the link posted by _RV - then be careful - it is embedded and may be used maliciously. See Krebs on Security warning post: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2020/03/live-coronavirus-map-used-to-spread-malware/
  3. This is a pretty good video but I was hoping to learn about adding battery acid to adjust the specific gravity. Now wondering if that is possible?
  4. It's an F350 Lariat - the steering wheel appears to be wrapped/sewn with leather or some kind of imitation product. Washing hands at roadside rest stops leaves my hands feeling really dry. So I use a hand lotion and I think that lotion residue has made the steering wheel become sticky. I can't stand the sticky wheel. Have tried soap and water to wash the wheel - resulting is a minor reduction in stickiness. Has anyone experiencing this found a good method or product that will cure the problem?
  5. You may have to look into making it a "permanent" change of address. A few years back, the USPS website worked that way but they seem to have changed it. Last fall the website would only allow a temporary change - how can that be if one choose a permanent move? Prior to that I would make permanent changes and then just change back at the end of travels.
  6. Limit Order: if you buy with a limit price, you can price it lower than the current market price and "usually" get it for below market price - but not usually very much, if at all.
  7. If you think that motor home with a toad is going to hijack you're truck. . . .well. . . CR England trucks are the most law abiding trucks on the road. They hug the speed limit and are very safe. If you're a no-hurry driver, hang back a few hundred feet / yards from a CR England truck and enjoy the drive.
  8. Blame it on the lawyers. . . My brother had an office in a light industrial business building. A guy claiming to just get out of jail came into the office stating that he needed to make bus money - could he do any odd jobs for cash? My brother hired him to clean up weeds growing along the outside cinder block wall. After a short time my brother confided to me that he made a mistake - insurance would probably be a big problem if that undocumented worker was somehow injured. (this event was more than 25 years ago) It was the last time either of us hired off the street.
  9. There are people everywhere that will accept the lowest method of "getting by". In the past, "fear" kept people working - there were no social nets for those not wanting to work. Today, one can sleep on a park bench, in a business doorway or under a bridge - and find like-minded folk to socialize with. What more does one need?
  10. tractorbynet.net might have the answer. . .
  11. I read somewhere that they had made that crossing during flash floods in the past. Perhaps the engine died at the wrong moment. . .
  12. And there it is. The "news" - that distorted presentation that mongers fear to the public. We refer to the five o'clock news as "The Crime Report" - or who-killed-who. . .or who molested who. . .ad nauseam. . . Thanks for the warning.
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