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  1. Nothing new in that headline. The "leak" is a composite of many other breaches and released for sale. It's not a "new breach". https://krebsonsecurity.com/2019/01/773m-password-megabreach-is-years-old/
  2. Rich&Sylvia

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    The Unified Brake system (old version) including base plate, tow bar, wiring harness and all associated parts ran about $3,000. new. I did the install myself and it was a lot of work and took a lot of time. I estimate that, as a business, I would have had to charge about $1,000 in labor, possibly less if I gained more experience doing it.
  3. Rich&Sylvia

    Maybe light on front axle.

    Not the same kind of truck but with new Michelins on it wandered uncomfortable. I lowered the front tire air pressure from a maximum of 80 psi to 75 and got a faint improvement.
  4. What was your most difficult RV predicament - parking, travel, routes, etc. Ours was driving up a pothole filled dirt road in freezing weather in a pitch black night. Towing a Jeep only to find the road ended in a dead end. (Thanks to a misinformed relative giving directions.) No turn-around and toad-disconnect required. Done it but it was not the adventure we'd hoped.
  5. Rich&Sylvia

    Verizon old unlimited plan change

    We have the old unlimited Verizon plan and have used PdaNet for years. But no longer. If you're a Costco member, take a look at the Moto G8 phone. I have an older Moto G4 phone and it has built-in wifi hotspot (free - nada - no charge). It's simple as pie. If you have the Verizon unlimited data plan you can simply activate the Moto G hotspot and presto! - you've got your wifi hotspot. (Of course you have to set up your wifi password first.) I've been using this system for about two years with my older Moto G4. DW purchased the newer Moto G8 phone and it works the same (the phone itself has newer and some better features though). There maybe other phone manufacturers that provide the same service provision, so it's worth a look. PdaNet is dead. Correction: PdaNet is not defunct. It's only dead in the sense that there is no need for it on newer more capable phones.
  6. All true - when gas is used daily. The point is; If octane degrades 10 percent over 18 months, which octane grade would you want in the tank?
  7. The positive and the negative: After "they" get you hooked on the service, then they can start charging you for it.
  8. I don't care if I'm tracked. I'm not that important. I want my bank to track me - it helps avoid fraudulent CC purchases. But tracking me is a waste of resources. What I don't like is my shopping history being tracked - then ads that pander to my browser search begin showing up on websites. I don't like that. I look at a lot of stuff. . .but it doesn't mean that I want to buy it.
  9. Rich&Sylvia

    Caravan to Mexico?

    I've known this guy (telcoman) for almost 14 years and have "caravan" traveled with him on his first Mexico tour about 5 years ago (or was it longer)? He knows travel and I would recommend his expertise. He probably hesitates to capitalize on this forum for commercial purposes, so let me do it for him. The organized caravan seems expensive but it is a good value. All the work is done for you except the driving. The Mexican Auto Club (called Green Angels) accompanies caravan travel - providing emergency service if needed, and blocking traffic in the more urban areas to allow passage of the caravan. While one cannot pick the group that travels in the caravan, everyone is like-minded when it comes to RV-ing, exploration and adventure. It's a lot of fun and the more I think about it, I might do it again next year. Here's the website: https://www.mexicorvbuddies.com/index.php See you on the road. . .
  10. Rich&Sylvia

    Mexico travel

    Member telcoman is the expert on RV travel in Mexico and I've sent him a message regarding this topic. He should be able to provide uptodate clarification on the topic.
  11. Rich&Sylvia

    Mexico travel

    They get the truck permit online. https://www.banjercito.com.mx/registroVehiculos/# 3/4 and 1 ton trucks are denied permit purchase at the border to my knowledge. Much information on caravans here: https://www.mexicorvbuddies.com/index.php
  12. I subscribe to a local facebook group here in AZ - a couple of people reported the costs of treatment for rattlesnake bites - with billing over $100K in both instances. As I recall, one of them reported paying only about $3,000. out of pocket after insurance kicked in.
  13. Not planning on getting bit. But (pre-medicare) we have had rabies exposure and the required shots - which are not as historically painful as in the past. (We were not bitten but were technically exposed.) However, getting the rabies vaccines into the hands of our doctor was the trick. Insurance at the time would only cover the shots (about $3,000) if the product was in stock at our healthcare facility. Typically, those types of vaccines are not kept "on the shelf" and have to be special ordered and fall into a coverage loophole. We had some insider advocate help and transported the vaccines ourselves to the doctors office - and were able to work around the cost. Rattlesnake anti-venom treatment can run upwards to $200,000. in billing. (Snopes article) Co-pay becomes very important. Once bit, twice shy.
  14. Rich&Sylvia

    Permanent RVing in Washington State

    I think that the above is good advice. There's plenty of land available in Washington but it's expensive. Low cost land will be far from where the jobs are. Build a house? So you want to become a "developer"? The hated word "developer" is how you will be viewed by most municipalities - if what you want to do is clear the land and build a house. (been there, done that). Be aware that in Western Washington, most raw land is covered by forest. You would have to cut down the forest. If you leave trees standing, your house would soon become mildewy, moldy or covered in leaves or needles. Eastern Washington is developing rapidly and may have jobs. Land is cheaper and flatter - more desert like with blazing hot summers and freezing winters. You would find living in an RV very expensive due to heating and cooling expenses. I'm sorry, but your proposal question is a bit of a fairy tale. Unless one has a ton of money, real estate knowledge and desire, it's not a good idea to become a builder/developer. Focus on your profession, keep expenses low as possible, and save for the future.
  15. What part of Medicare or which supplemental plan would cover the cost of anti-venom for a snake bite? Rabies exposure? Brown recluse bite? I can't seem to find any information specific to these things that rarely happen but can be financially catastrophic. Anyone have first or second hand knowledge on the subject?