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  1. I'm not sure that it has anything to do with fuel economy. The purpose of a lubricity additive is to reduce the "wear scar" scratches on engine components. From the (pdf) white paper Lubricity Additive Study Results: And the topic was originally posted and discussed ad infinitium here: https://www.dieselplace.com/forum/76-speciality-forums/64-maintenance-fluids/177728-lubricity-additive-study-results.html I'm assuming that big rig engines are usually fueled up at stations that reliably provide fuel with the appropriate additives added at the refinery.
  2. Thanks, I edited the original post to include the word "fuel". (thou I am interested in oil additives as well). Professional Boat Builder carried an article that claimed 40-percent of fuels do not meet specifications for lubricity. It should be noted that was 2010 and the article was published in 2018- perhaps things have improved.
  3. I ask this question here because I believe that HDT owners are more closely aligned with commercial big rig operators AND may have information that is not readily apparent to small diesel engine trucks. Do you use a lubricity fuel additive or not? Why? (citation sources appreciated)
  4. It's very frightening when water on the slide topper freezes overnight and smashes into the ground when the slide is retracted the next morning. Make sure no one is standing there. Also, if ice forms on the roof and you plan on driving - beware that the ice can slide off into someone's windshield.
  5. Whether your rig needs a slide topper depends a lot on where you park it. Pine cones, twigs and needles? Not in the open paved areas. Probably never need it.
  6. Installation instructions on my last slideout topper (that I installed) stated that it is best to have a 3-inch slope. Meaning, from where the topper is attached to the wall to the outside edge of the slideout, there should be an incline difference of 3-inches. (I hope that I explained that right) Using personal observation, I've noticed that some RV manufacturers build the slide out box opening in the wall right at the roof line. That is a poor design for a slide topper to work properly because it doesn't allow enough slide topper slope incline. (If the slide topper is nearly level, then it tends to collect water and eventually gets a belly sag. After Which, the stretched belly sag fabric tends to "flap" in a high wind. The RV slide out box opening should be a few inches, preferably 3-inches, below the RV roof line. That will allow the upper side of the slide topper to be mounted at the roof line - and the lower edge of the slide topper on the slide out to be low enough for water to quickly run off.
  7. No. Not logically, mathematically or philosophically. . .it's not worth it. But the moral satisfaction that I'm not letting the insurance company do a rip-off by triple billing is priceless. Additionally, the insurance company now does not know what drugs I'm taking. 😊
  8. Okay. . .I got the 90-day script refill without insurance for $6.00 The 30-day script cost 75-cents going through insurance.
  9. Hope it's not too off topic, but. . . I checked with a pharmacist at CVS Target yesterday. She will fill my prescription for 90 days (as it is prescribed) if I pay cash - no insurance. While at the Costco pharmacy, they will only fill for 30 days as prescribed by the insurance company. (Triple the billing and handling costs but I can get the drug cheaper). Funny thing was, when the CVS pharmacist entered my information into her computer, the insurance popped up as the "payer". The "payer" can be over-ridden so that billing is cash (and cost to me is much more). How much more? The pharmacist said she can apply any number of "coupons" via her computer so that I get the discount. I'll go back today to pay for it - and see how much "coupon" discount I can get. Why? Cause' I want a 90 day prescription on upcoming international trips.
  10. I cannot confirm or deny that I have knowledge of secret campgrounds. 😊
  11. The biggest complaint I hear is "losing muscle mass". This occurs from guys who have a home and workout routine and occurs on their first long RV travel trip (90 days to six months). Most campers don't carry workout weights. Our travel experience is less weight training but more walking and biking. However, we start each day with a 2.5 mile walk. I wouldn't go anywhere without it.
  12. I think I saw a cellphone recycling machine in Walmart this week. Similar to a Redbox.
  13. The scripts are generic and simple - $4.00 at Target if I paid for it myself with no insurance - this was 10+ years ago. Now, Costco can't give me 90 days 'cause insurance won't allow for it. Last time I checked, they would not sell it to me without insurance! I'll ask again. Think about it. Every time money changes hands, somebody makes money. If the government is paying, then the more the merrier. $$$
  14. I think there may be something else going on here too. . . My doctor prescribes two drugs with a fill for 90 days - but the pharmacy will only fill them 30 days at a time. Which of course means that I have to make three trips to the pharmacy, triple the paperwork, triple the human and triple everything! Just a few months ago, I could get a 90 day refill. But it just recently changed. Wonder why. . .? My suspicion is that the pill pushers get a fee for each prescription filled. Yes, bilking the "government" is what I'm thinking. With all the politicians telling us how much better they are, why don't they tackle the really simple problems. Like pharmaceutical corruption?
  15. I don't like leaving money on the table. It's a big pile of money not in your pocket if you wait.
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