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  1. Rich&Sylvia

    Weather where you are?

    Western Washington, Gig Harbor: 65|45 and sunny now and predicted for the next 10 days. We used to sometimes see morning frost in October. Not anymore.
  2. Rich&Sylvia

    Towing a truck camper behind a class A

    Slide-in truck campers are deceptively heavy. Best selection process it to verify the prospective camper's weight, then pick a truck capable of hauling it. You'll be carrying gear and belongings in the TC, so be sure to calculate another 500 pounds at least. If the combined weight is within the motorhome towing capacity, your golden. I would start by looking at Northstar truck campers (a well known quality product) and go from there.
  3. Rich&Sylvia

    Mapping Software STREETS TRIPS 2013?

    MyMaps in Google for basic planning - then export the file "Export to KML/KMZ" - that file can be imported into BaseCamp. In BaseCamp then "Create a Route" from the imported Google waypoints. Open the new Route and "Optimize" it. Then plug the Garmin into a USB port and export the BaseCamp route into the Garmin. Start engine, begin travel.😊
  4. Rich&Sylvia

    Buying Advice Needed - Class A

    We've been looking at C's and A's for a few years as our final RV. I've concluded that the one feature of the class A is it's ability to carry more weight in terms of supplies, clothing, etc. Be advised to study the GVWR characteristics of the different RV types. My research has shown that we would be severely limited when it comes to carrying all of our goodies. Bottled liquids are especially heavy. The class A's have more carry capacity than anything else.
  5. Rich&Sylvia

    Are You Still In?

    MJ did and does hold Tilray - Tilray is one of MJ's top three holdings. I don't get excited about these things, unless they totally dump and all the money goes away. None-the-less, I believe that the marijuana industry is a lot like Facebook in the early days - a lot of people don't believe that it's more than a passing thing - I think not.
  6. Rich&Sylvia

    Are You Still In?

    There is one ETF available in the US, symbol: MJ
  7. Rich&Sylvia

    Schwintec Slide Controller

    From the Schwintek Slide Out Troubleshooting pdf: If you find that one corner of the slide does not fully retract, then you have a different problem - it's not a synchronization issue. That problem is most likely a bad, broken or missing "shoe" on the bearing block. The shoe can be dislodged during assembly at the factory - the symptom you will see is that one slide corner won't fully retract. This happened on my Lance full wall slide out. Lippert will tell you that the slide has to be removed and an entirely new slideout mechanism installed. (That's what they told me about mine). I took the Lance back to the factory and was told the same thing by Lance's factory repair - a new mechanism would have to be installed. (Both false. Parts are available on E-bay) Ultimately, an RV repair shop in Lakewood Washington trouble-shot and fixed the problem. They had the camper in-shop for a month and had a very hard time findng the problem. They found that there is a small plastic/nylon "shoe" that was dislodged/broken. The shoe is black in color and very hard to see due to its recessed location. At any rate, I posted more details about this problem along with illustrations on my Eagle Cap Owners website. The topic is here: https://www.eaglecapowners.com/owners/showthread.php?tid=351
  8. Rich&Sylvia

    Are You Still In?

    There's only one pot ETF so far as I know: MJ Solar power is marching forward too. Up to 22 percent efficiency test and easily applied to mass production: https://samueli.ucla.edu/dual-layer-solar-cell-developed-at-ucla-sets-record-for-efficiently-generating-power/
  9. Rich&Sylvia

    Are You Still In?

    Apparently one major liquor company (Constellation Brands) purchased Canopy Growth and other big alcohol companies are looking into buying the other weed growers.
  10. Rich&Sylvia

    Another CG Ettique Question

    I put out a big seed block near the camper and went away. Came back that night and a dozen javelinas, including babies, were eating away at the seed block. I had a scary time getting past the herd and inside through the camper door. I won't do that again. Palo Verde and Mesquite trees are in the legume family and produce beans. Pack rats, ground squirrels, rabbits (and possibly others) eat the beans. Those small mammals are, of course, a food source for snakes, coyotes and birds of prey.
  11. Rich&Sylvia

    Shipping your RV and Truck Cross Country

    Part of the expense for the drive-away companies is getting their driver returned home. You, the owner, will bear the expense of getting the driver back home - an expense that is built into the cost. I spoke with an owner of one drive-away company and learned that that particular company did not have a return route that would pay them - thus the driver's return to home was part of my cost. I did not pursue the matter. (I was trying to get my garden tractor shipped to Arizona from Washington. Still haven't done it.)
  12. Rich&Sylvia

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    "Sticking with the wrong choice" research from the University of Minnesota may explain why it's better to NOT try to educate people.
  13. Retired at 62, DW at 57 - both in pretty good shape - nothing to slow us down. We've always been worker bees. Can't seem to stop doing projects, saving and investing. But finally did a detailed analysis of our financials; expenses, income and projected income. The outcome was that our modest lifestyle will probably never eat through our incomes/savings . . .short of a devastating illness. The advisor to the advisors posted this article: Retirees Aren’t Spending The Way They “Should” - It might help with your decision.
  14. Rich&Sylvia

    Free eBooks

    I've been happy with the Kindle "Paperwhite". Both it's brightness and text size are adjustable. At night I turn brightness way down. It's light enough that I can hold it with one hand while laying down. Tons of literature available for free download at the libraries - available online anywhere in the country. Trick: Manuals, or anything on one's computer can be "printed" to a pdf file. The pdf file can then be manually transferred to the Kindle by a USB cord. This allows me to keep many reference manuals on a wafer thin ereader. The downside is that one cannot easily and quickly thumb through the pages. I find it cumbersome to do so.
  15. Rich&Sylvia

    Ripoff Report?

    I'm familiar with it but and sometimes us it. Mostly I Google something into the ground if I have questions - which will often lead to the RipOff Report page. You might also find this website useful: https://www.scamadviser.com/ when it comes to checking websites. And I try to stay ahead of the techno security curve with https://krebsonsecurity.com/