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  1. google security

    Its not about compromising a phone number - if they have your phone number and you have your phone, then its safe. If someone else has your phone and trying to hack your account, then its very bad. Obviously, if you lose your phone and it's not password protected, then you'd need to call your provider asap. I have "location services" turned on, on my phone. And at my bank's request, I have given them permission to track me. This is because I travel so much, that it triggers the bank's security process when I use the credit card. And eliminates the credit card freeze that used to happen. Some financial institutions are using two step verification via phone. There's a downside to that though: If you manage someone else's account. . .and use your phone number for ID, then you freeze out the other person. If you use the other person's phone number, then you're frozen out. If you use only one phone, such as between your significant other and yourself, then no problem.
  2. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    I don't know New Mexico "well", but we found Hacienda RV park in Las Cruces to be very acceptable. The park has all the amenities, is located in a nice town and we (as well as others) walked to the nearby "old town" part of Las Cruces. The park accepts long term RV's and overnighters. We stayed a couple of days to explore the town, catch up on laundry, etc. The guy next to us was married to a traveling nurse, had been parked there for months, and had no complaints.
  3. Monthly Electric Rates

    Good business practice is to add a small surcharge to everything that passes through the business - thus it make perfect sense to me that there would / should be an up-charge to electric rates. Not only that - look at the crazy convoluted rates charged by APS in Arizona: https://www.aps.com/en/residential/accountservices/serviceplans/Pages/saver-choice.aspx?src=RB The rate can vary from $0.24 kwh to $0.03 kwh - how would you bill a customer for using your electric?
  4. If you have kids as beneficiaries, then consider putting money in a Roth IRA every year even if you're over 65. When you pass, the beneficiary gets the Roth but can't touch it (without penalty) until they attain 59.5 years old. By then that Roth account should have grown SUBSTANTIALLY! That's quite a "reach" to benefit the kids.
  5. Happy Trails RV Park (Suprise, AZ)

    We took their tour about 4 or 5 years ago. They were still suffering under the 2008 recession cloud and there was lots of available units. It is a first class place. The only downside that I can conceive of is the main drag (Bell Road) suffers tremendous traffic at times. There's probably a time work-around for that but could be a problem if doctors appointments are needed.
  6. Help me understand the CGVW on 2018 pickups

    I think, to address your question, that the engine power has increased substantially. The pull vehicle is a lot lighter weight than the big rig that you mention. The vehicle power to weight ratio maybe where to look for an answer. In my opinion, today's pickups are crazy insane over powered for a daily driver. My rig at 14,000 has the power of a modern car. With the tow vehicle (5,050 lbs) it bogs down just a little. The BIG difference is that these little powerful engines work well on the flats and hills, but going up hill, mine tends to overheat the oil. (Coolant is fine) GCVW at about 20,000 pounds. Coming up out of the Panamint Valley or crossing the continental divide during 80+ degrees temperatures will send the oil temperature over 240 degrees. A long range pull like that in the summer, and I know that I'll have to pull over probably two times to avoid overheating the oil. I've tried running at slower speeds (<55mph) but it still heats the oil. I'm fine with using cautious prudence. I'd like to see the big three show their rigs performance specs (coolant, oil, trans oil temps) coming out of the Panamint Valley during summer. Braking: all systems are supposed to work. Lets not talk failures. There's a reason for run-away truck ramps.
  7. Break away switch

    Apparently the switch can corrode over time. Pull the pin and spray WD40 into the switch if it fails. Then push/pull the pin numerous times to get it working again - this will get you out of a pinch until the switch can be replaced.
  8. Grey Water Dumping

    "Somewhere by yourselves". Sure, provided that it's very unlikely that anyone will be in your tracks during the next few hours. I've let a friend dump his gray tank at my house a few times. You can't even tell unless you run out and inspect that spot just after he's done it. Maybe if it's freezing temps outside - that's not a good idea to dump then. There's no ground absorption. Let common sense and good judgement be your guide.
  9. Campground Integrity

    Yellowstone; Fishing Bridge campground - someone took our yellow block levelers and small shoe matt while we were gone from our campsite - and didn't turn them in. (The campsite looks abandoned when we take off with the truck camper) Farewell Bend State Park - someone took our cooking timer left on the picknic bench - it was a cute little red one from Walmart (cheap). Grand Canyon NP - witnessed the rangers investigating a watch stolen from a tent campground. This is over a period of ten+ years. Odds are in favor of it happening from time to time if one is exposed to other humans enough.
  10. How many tools to keep?

  11. Forbes report: and from Bleeping Computer:
  12. The opposing example assumes $1,000 dollars per month in SS; 12,000 per year at age 62 96,000 accumulated at age 70 (12K x 8 years = $96,000) Deceased at age 71 OR; If one waits until age 70, how much longer would it take to regain the $96,000 dollar loss? And if the $96K had been invested over the 8 year period in CD's then the loss is even greater.
  13. Are You Still In?

    I've all but quit paying any attention to the article writers. They're paid to write and compete. 200+ years ago Thomas Jefferson commented about how the Coffee Shops (their social media of the time) were full of "stock jobber" talk. Nothing's changed. Business commerce is doing well because we've had a MASSIVE TAX CUT in the form of lower petroleum prices. Cheap energy effects reverberate around the world for a long time. Where will it stop? I don't know. I find the articles interesting, even amusing, but I trust little in them and more in world events. The question in my mind is how the Texas and Houston weather calamities will impact the economy? And what if those events are followed by additional similar catastrophes?
  14. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    How would one document their vehicle getting tossed? It would be very important to me if something expensive was damaged during an angry inspection. The only thing I can think of is to have notepad and pencil handy to jot down some notes with dates, times and names. Anything else?
  15. Emergency Information while traveling?

    I was unaware. Thanks. We'll do that today.