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  1. This might be an option: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MRRNQNP/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=ITG1SPM03XMUQ&colid=23ER4W0JQOBN3&psc=0
  2. We arrived at La Posa South on Sunday and stayed three nights. No staff were at the entry booth. I think the dumpsters are operated under contract to a private company. It doesn't matter if the the feds shut down or not. Those dumpsters were empty or near empty all three days.
  3. Time to take profits?

    Cash should be a part of asset allocation. It make sense to re-balance the AA. But are you engaging in market timing? That money could be working for you until the end of the year. Alternatively, one could direct dividends and cap gains to a cash account as a hedge to a correction. Personally, I think the market has legs and will run until the labor shortage, or the fed unexpectedly raises rates puts the brakes on the economy. But for now, steady as she goes.
  4. Happy 2018!

    My 2018 New Years resolution is to make it to 2019 and beyond.
  5. How does your state rate for taxes?

    They get their information from https://taxfoundation.org/
  6. Are You Still In?

    How timely. . .Bitcoin dropped more than 30-percent today. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/how-much-has-been-lost-in-fridays-cryptocurrency-rout-nearly-150-billion-2017-12-22
  7. Are You Still In?

    I sold all my individual stocks and went to all mutual / ETF funds a few years ago. Jack Bogle and Warren Buffet are my preferred authors. The economic rebound is due to just one major thing; the decline in oil prices. Oil prices were a major blood-sucking tax on our economy. With the advent of shale oil production and new drilling, oil got killed. Our current economy is mostly due to energy costs decline. That said, I see no immediate threat to the economy other than temporary flights of panic. More serious events that could occur might be war or a 1917 type flu epidemic. Or perhaps a run-away stock market? Business is good, help wanted signs abound and the major news headlines carry sexual harassment stories. How bad can that be? If one's entire retirement is in stocks and bonds (without annuities, rentals, pensions, social security or other stable income sources) then I would be very concerned. Diversification into less market dependent income streams would be my personal preference. The "survivalist"; these people don't have a firm grip on reality. The neighborhoods I live in and the people that I know would band together and organize very quickly. "Cooperation" is our strength. Loners are just that - loners. One last thing of possible interest are the "Lazy Portfolios" : https://www.marketwatch.com/lazyportfolio And a helpful resource for testing an analytics: https://www.portfoliovisualizer.com/
  8. Are You Still In?

    Aside from one-off stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Google etc, I think the question now is about the market in general. Many folks don't play individual stocks and are focused on the broad market - which as we know is at all time highs. The lurking question is, should we try to time the market and take some money off the table? The answer, I think, is in Asset Allocation and diversification.
  9. Are You Still In?

    It is said not to buy that which one does not understand. And I don't understand it. And by now the speculators have robbed any intrinsic value that it may have had. Still in? Yes, my goodness! As for an EMP pulse, mother nature can do that. Google: carrington event 1859 solar storm And for this reason I always get paper statements.
  10. Trailer towing will usually add too much tongue weight to a truck camper rig. It may be better to sell the old trailer and put the money into a good tow bar and auxiliary braking system on the Jeep.
  11. Rough Lives PBS artcle

    Agreed. That social strata existed long before the Great Recession. Opinion: An overlap of social stratas was created by the recession. Drinking, smoking, spending time in a bar and maybe hitting a few drugs along the way is not the same crowd that was forced into foreclosure then decided to "make it" in an RV. There are two groups; the irresponsible and the responsible. They overlap due to recent economic conditions.
  12. google security

    Its not about compromising a phone number - if they have your phone number and you have your phone, then its safe. If someone else has your phone and trying to hack your account, then its very bad. Obviously, if you lose your phone and it's not password protected, then you'd need to call your provider asap. I have "location services" turned on, on my phone. And at my bank's request, I have given them permission to track me. This is because I travel so much, that it triggers the bank's security process when I use the credit card. And eliminates the credit card freeze that used to happen. Some financial institutions are using two step verification via phone. There's a downside to that though: If you manage someone else's account. . .and use your phone number for ID, then you freeze out the other person. If you use the other person's phone number, then you're frozen out. If you use only one phone, such as between your significant other and yourself, then no problem.
  13. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    I don't know New Mexico "well", but we found Hacienda RV park in Las Cruces to be very acceptable. The park has all the amenities, is located in a nice town and we (as well as others) walked to the nearby "old town" part of Las Cruces. The park accepts long term RV's and overnighters. We stayed a couple of days to explore the town, catch up on laundry, etc. The guy next to us was married to a traveling nurse, had been parked there for months, and had no complaints.
  14. Monthly Electric Rates

    Good business practice is to add a small surcharge to everything that passes through the business - thus it make perfect sense to me that there would / should be an up-charge to electric rates. Not only that - look at the crazy convoluted rates charged by APS in Arizona: https://www.aps.com/en/residential/accountservices/serviceplans/Pages/saver-choice.aspx?src=RB The rate can vary from $0.24 kwh to $0.03 kwh - how would you bill a customer for using your electric?
  15. If you have kids as beneficiaries, then consider putting money in a Roth IRA every year even if you're over 65. When you pass, the beneficiary gets the Roth but can't touch it (without penalty) until they attain 59.5 years old. By then that Roth account should have grown SUBSTANTIALLY! That's quite a "reach" to benefit the kids.