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  1. Rich&Sylvia

    Excellent, but easy, cooking technique

    Why did you pick the Anova brand over other brands? Has the Anova requirement to have an email connection true? How does that work?
  2. Rich&Sylvia

    generator in truck bed

    We always try to avoid being near a pickup with a generator in the bed unless it's a Honda. A lot of campers do as you plan, spend a lot of money on truck and camper and then cheap-out on the generator to ruin the camping experience with a very loud contraption (not that you actually plan to do that). It's an easy trap to fall into. Just be sure to go for the quietest genset that you can get. It will serve you well in more aspects than one might imagine.
  3. Rich&Sylvia

    Cheap places to live...

    I find the "top 10", "best 5" type of stories entertaining - but they are basically filler material that writers write because people will read them. Distance from an international airport is important to me, as well as healthcare facilities - as others have noted, "Omissions" in these sort of articles need to be considered. Even so, useful information can sometimes be gained if good source quotes are included in an article such as this example: https://taxfoundation.org/
  4. Rich&Sylvia

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    That was also my thought. And I would coat the screw thread with Locktite or other similar product. The other two panels barely visible in my roof photo were mounted to the roof using neoprene well nuts and stainless steel machine screws. (installed August 2016) The roof surface under the solar panel cannot be easily cleaned and never has been.
  5. Rich&Sylvia

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    Regarding your image; I right clicked on it and selected "Open image in new tab". No image shows because the url has no file type (meaning that the file name does not end in a ".jpg", ".gif"", ".png", etc.)
  6. Rich&Sylvia

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    If you uploaded a picture and it does not show in the post then try this: Edit the post in question, click "Insert other media", then from that small menu window pop up, click "Insert existing attachment". At that point a big window will pop up and will show all the photos that you have uploaded. Click on the photo that you want and then click "Insert selected". The upload photo has a size limitation of 0.1MB (100kB). If it's too big then the system won't accept it.
  7. Rich&Sylvia

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    Dicor cleans up with rags and mineral spirits (be sure to wear solvent resistant gloves). The factory applied Dicor was two years old and appeared to be thinly applied. Many cracks were visible in the factory applied sealant. After cleaning the sealant with mineral spirits, I applied a fresh bead of self-leveling Dicor over the old. It's not really necessary to remove the old sealant every time it's resealed. However, I'm not very trusting of the factory construction and I frequently inspect everything for faults. Here's a better view to illustrate the panel height (photo taken in early morning - dew covers everything but you get the picture:
  8. Rich&Sylvia

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    I recently added two additional 100-watt panels which are mounted a good 5-inches above the roof surface. Yesterday while cleaning the roof I was happy to discover that the cleaning brush easily fit under the panels. This Lance camper has factory installed roof racks - the racks have a load capacity of 300 pounds. I mounted the racks not on top of the racks. Instead the panels are between the rack rails - so that the leading edge is the steel rack. The panels are mounted flat. The air conditioning unit is the highest point on the camper - about 4-inches higher than the new panels. This is a fairly new installation - the panels only have 1500 travel miles with most cruising speeds at 65+ mph. I will inspect this system for fatigue on a regular basis. (I've since cleaned and resealed the dirty Dicor in the photos). 😊
  9. Two years. That's how long my weed-wacker sat unused and it still started and ran okay. (no, the grass did not get long - I had a newer wacker that failed - so I went back to using the old one) I always use Premium gas in small engines and they all still start and run after many months of disuse.
  10. Rich&Sylvia

    Prescott, AZ

    http://www.fairgroundsrvpark.com/ - We arrived there at the end of September and they were booked solid. It looked like a nice park and we found accomodations elsewhere. I would reserve as early as possible.
  11. Rich&Sylvia

    Debit card compromised

    I hear you. For a long time I resented that my "phone" was being used for other purposes - "apps" and whatnot. But I determined to not be that town who (sometime in the 2005) was the last town to have land-line phone service installed. Even in the 50's there were people that didn't have phones. And while I'm set in my ways, I'm not oblivious or adverse to myself learning new technology. Up until recently, I simply did not know how quickly and how far technology has advanced. I was aware of a few smartphone technologies but it wasn't until I found and used "Uber" to make a trip to the airport, and then used it again in Panama City and Mexico City to get around town (much cheaper than taxi's). I've come to realize that my "phone" is really a miniaturized computer with the ability to do many things. The term "cell phone" is almost misleading, since the "phone" ability is a small part of what the little handheld machine can do. I hope that I don't sound condescending, smart-alec, or similar. It just that I think that see myself echoed in your post and hope that this may help, much the same way as if I could demonstrate any other new tool.
  12. Rich&Sylvia

    Any Advice on best 4x4 RV for off-road Boondocking?

    Running a business from and RV would require a bit of space and equipment. You could maximize the off-road capabilities with the right toad such as a Jeep. Maybe look at the campers made for Jeeps. Such as: Google: jeep campers
  13. Rich&Sylvia

    Debit card compromised

    I use credit card only - almost never debt. Never lost a dime. Using the Costco credit card strictly for fuel - and get 5% back on the first $7,000. spent. My regular everyday CC was rattling the banks nerves at times when traveling across state lines. They were never quite sure where I was making purchases. So they asked if they could use my cell phone for tracking me - and since I do banking on line with them I thought it quite appropriate. (They don't actually "track" me. But they can verify where my cellphone is verses were the purchase is being made.) Debit card technology seems a bit old school.
  14. Rich&Sylvia

    Can I really full time on $2,000 a month

    The motor home and toad would be my first choice. Save harder though. . .my research points toward a diesel pusher - and the newer ones with more horsepower ain't cheap! I had the truck camper for years and bought the toad in preparation for eventually getting the motorhome. (I haven't made that leap yet.) We still like the truck camper for just the two of us and rarely spend much time inside of it. The toad is now "essential" to our travel explorations. We like to cook by grill, oven or stove top and rarely eat out (except for the occasional Subway sandwich stop during travel). My budget killers when we are home are Home Depot, Lowes & Costco. It's amazing how much we save when traveling and not buying "stuff". I'm pretty sure that I could keep it under $2,000 if traveling by myself - maybe even with two of us. (Health insurance costs are a bit higher since wife is still not yet Medicare eligible.) Just be sure not to be attached to an HMO as they are a hassle when "out of territory".
  15. Rich&Sylvia

    Specific Question about Travel Day with Kitty...

    Keep them in the carry cage while in the truck. Open and leave the carry box door open after getting them secured in the truck. They probably won't come out and will feel secure in the box. You probably want to do one kitty at a time to see how long it takes for it to adapt to new surroundings. Allow a couple of days with them in the carry box in the truck. Cats are adaptable - some more so than others. I can't compare our cat - he was practically born and raised in the camper and he is an indoor/outdoor cat, including the house or the camper.