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  1. Thanks Kirk and Pam. Mainly wondering about the weather around Alb. this time of the year. See you at the fairgrounds. Bumpus4, Toney
  2. I am looking for information about the best rt. to take going from Tennessee to the Escapade this year. I am mainly concerned about weather around Albuquerque south on I-25 to Las Cruces this time of the year. The last time we travelled to Tucson we went from Memphis to Little Rock on I-40 then I-30 to Dallas and to El Paso on I-20 then I-10 to Tucson. We had very large delays in Dallas and El Paso. That is what I want to avoid. I-25 out 0f Albuquerque ( and I-40 into) should not be a problem. I know of the mountain range East of Alb, but it should not be a problem. Of course we will be paying attention to the NWS while traveling . So our route will be as follows: I-40 from Memphis to Albq. then I-25 from Albq. to Las cruces, then I-10 to Tucson. Any Input will be welcomed. Thank you. bumpus4 (105242)
  3. I was not going to respond to this post as I thought it had fizzled out then I see a 8 Aug post. Every thing I say here is said in a low tone and is meant to only pass alone some things we have experience on the road. Pre trip : practice extending your water hose and rolling it back up plus have an extension for those places with spigots that exceed the length of your primary hose. Buy hoses marked for rv and portable use. If you can ,get the hose's with the fortified / brass connectors. Ditto for your black/ grey water tanks. After you used your black tank and grey tank run water through the big black tank hose to help clean out any STUFF left behind . Roll up or extend your Elec power cable if you have one . Extend only the amount you may need. On departure make sure the power cord is removed from shore power and rolled up. Check tire air pressure, This is really grunt work but it needs to be done. I have a dial face and a truckers type gage and I double-check each tire as I go around the rv checking . I used a small chair to aid in checking the tires. I'm 73 so I need all the aids out there. Do a complete walk around to make sure the jacks are up- antennas are downed awnings are retracted. Check for obstructions on the slide tracks. Inside: Every thing not needed for driving should be secured, All cabinets doors closed, Refer door closed and locked into placed. Repeat, make sure all antennas are down and in the travel position, Place the slide switch/button is in travel position.(Leveling system) If necessary have your partner look under the coach and top of coach (to make sure antennas are down and did not auto extend . Driving: Seat belts on , all gages checked, map light off etc, etc. If you are in a tight space ask your partner to guide you from the outside . Move to a safe place to hook up the toad. Just Saying. Toney Murphy 105242
  4. from toney and elwanda, we were on our way about 1/3 way there and had to turn back as we had a death in close family. Everything went well but had to stay in south Ga. over a week taking care of things. It would have been a 4 day trip from our new location so we went to Summerdale Rainbow plantation to unwind and to get some needed rest. Have a good time for us. Toney @ Elwanda 105242
  5. You are right. I mis spoke. Had l24 on my mine. We will be hitting I20 either in DFW or Jackson and connecting with I10. That is if we can get to the numbered county rd. From the looks of the weather Jackson will be best bet.
  6. I have a window on fri. 27 to do outside work on BUS and on sat.28 to dewin. then move out . But it is a small window. We will be hitting I24 in DFW or Jackson, Ms. depending on the weather. Jackson is the long way around but I don't want to drive through a storm if I can miss it. See you at the ESCAPADE!
  7. We are ready to go to the Escapade but the weather here in NW TN is holding us back. Bummer!! Oil changed , lube, filters changed, winterized. All I had to do was de-winterized and air up tires. And take off. But the bad weather has us stranded in our own RV parking spot behind our house until the weather warms a bit and stays there for at least a day. Our drive way is about 400 feet long packed gravel with ice and snow packed hard on it. Our country road leading to the County Rd. is the same only worse. It Leads two miles from our house and is full of icy curves , grades, etc. Nuff of this. We do have a plan to get out of here but it would mean arriving at the fairground after our two early days there. I Do not know if they will hold our reserved, paid for, spot for us. May require wrecker service to pull us off this country roan onto the marked County Rd. So, in the meantime I going to straighten out the storage basement and make sure all my drain hoses and electrical supplies are in order, and handy.
  8. It's very useful as we are leaving home early and could make it that far. Thanks for the comment. Toney&Elwanda 105242
  9. Thanks for responding. We are starting out from TN going south. With so many responses I feel we will have a good chance for a site around Benton. Toney&Elwanda
  10. We are leaving 27 Feb. going on a leisure trip to the Escapade (weather permitting). Our first stop will be, after a 5hr drive, to just south of Little Rock, Ark. Our rig is just shy of 39ft with a 4door Jeep Wrangler toad so we would like to find a pull through to fit. I have searched everywhere I can think of and have found only a KOA in Hot Springs. Hot Springs is about 30 miles off our I-30 route. I'm still searching but if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. We are looking for a level, FHU site and nothing more than that. So a park off I-30 south of Little Rock 20-30 miles would be great. Thanks everyone. Toney&Elwanda, 105242
  11. Thanks for responding but no we are not using or conducting taxable business on the road. Just vacationing and enjoying it like a second home. Toney105242
  12. Thanks everyone, I'll pass this information on as well as a copy of the IRS pub. 936. The IRS make's it plain and simple. This will also benefit my DW and me as for year's we were told we didn't qualify. Thanks every one. You have prove the point about the forum that there are many people out there that can help you, just ask. Toney, 105242, see you at the Escapade.
  13. Yarome, thanks for the quick reply. I'll pass this on. Toney105242
  14. I have a friend who ask me if he/she could use the interest he/she paid on his/her Motor Home Note each month as a tax deduction. I did not know what to tell them other than go to their CPA for this advice. Just wondering how other's handle this and could you reply if this interest paid can be used (or not) as a deduction. I am in he dark on this. Thank you in advance, Toney, 105242
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