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  1. Thanks for all the suggested options. It seems vendors have determined that it's not profitable to provide a solution to those of us who have thousands of slides from the pre-digital era. I have an older flatbed scanner that could scan at an acceptable resolution, but don't have the motivation to invest that much time. Revisited the site that was providing drivers on a subscription basis and they are now selling it. https://www.hamrick.com/ They also offer a 30 day free trial so will try that first. Their ad does seem a bit over optimistic though. It's really a need for a driver that works with Win 10. If the Hamrick solution doesn't work I'll probably take the suggested route of a fast, but lower quality solution followed by commercial rescan of a much smaller number of the best slides. 1st though, just realized that tax filing deferment is ending soon, and being one of the great procrastinators I have that to do.
  2. Chalkie, I found a reference to running an XP emulator in Win7, but Microsoft has removed that software from their site. The problem I have is that Plustek deliberately obsoleted their hardware by not developing Win 10 drivers. I found a site claiming to have one but download was a rental with a substantial monthly fee. I have an older HP 2000 laptop/tablet with XP in a dual boot - that won't boot due to a missing driver but I can't get out to a guru shop to attempt repair - and an older Gateway. The challenge with any older hardware is finding one with enough processing power to scan thousands of slides taken over a 40 year period. I have a flatbed scanner, but individually loading 4 per scan and then processing the output is a monumental task I no longer have motivation for. SWharton, All the commercial services I have found would charge several thousand dollars for the volume I have. I may have to concede defeat and buy a new scanner. After all I did give up and retire 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 floppy drives (still have a few disks though) and my Zip drive.
  3. I have a Dell laptop with a 4k touch screen, but the colors are starting to wash out in part of the screen. I also have a new Plustek 7600 slide scanner that Plustek never chose to develop drivers for MS OS's beyond XP. Since I'm quarantined thru mid July (caregiver for wife in an Assisted Living joint) I have time to attack my 3,000 plus collection of 35mm slides. I have purchased a CD of XP Professional "For Refurbishing PC's". Can I do a clean install (now has Win 10. I've copied all the files I need) of XP. Win 10 is the only OS that has been on this laptop. One possible glitch could be that this laptop does not have a floppy or optical drive. I do have USB drives for both formats. Alternatively, can XP be installed on a USB thumb drive and used as a boot drive; or can I copy the DVD to a Thumb Drive and install from it? BTW, I replaced the Dell with an HP All-in-One with a 4k 32 inch screen. Fabulous! Except the included KB & mouse are chrome book grade and the allegedly 4 internal microphones are garbled. Both replaceable but shouldn't have to do that. Setting up a new PC reinforced why I hate Win 10's design to obsolete old software. Wish I wasn't too old to have the time to learn Linux.
  4. Seems I somehow have Microsoft Calendar on my laptop. Found that it does not enable access to data after 4-6 months. Fortunately it has synced with my Samsung Note8 and my 3 Samsung tablets, and the calendar data is available on them. However, I would like to ditch the Microsoft Calendar on the laptop and get a calendar for Windows 10 that keeps calendar history on the laptop and also syncs with the Samsung devices. The laptop holds my data and the Samsung devices are mostly readers. I may be able to get a Samsung calendar that works in Win 10; haven't researched that. Recommendations?
  5. For the last few months my Open Office Writer has been crashing when I get several document windows open. Sometimes instead of crashing it simply refuses to let me select a directory to save, or to "save as". It usually happens when I copy something from a network site, paste it into Open Office Writer and then try to save it. I have windows 10 and it's up to date. Time to find another Office clone package, hopefully free. Last copy of Office I purchased was 97.
  6. Docj, I downloaded the Trial version of EaseUS but it didn't give me any useful options (that I could recognize). RV, 40 years ago, as the organization PC support guy, had a help call to find files "lost" on a PC that belonged to the University's Fire Alarm manager. An advanced user (for that day), he had leaned forward in the foxhole and employed a student to document the entire system in Dbase II. His whopping 20mb drive had over 5k of individual files and not a single subdirectory!. I became a fan of logical disks after that experience and have always used 5 or more partitions on all my hard drives. Alas, I no longer have the software toolbox I once depended on, nor the kept the skills required to use it. Remaining life is too short so will have to employ a local guru. I too have no idea why my OS partition has consumed so much space. I store nothing there, and install large programs like Office on a different volume. Hopefully the guru will have a tool to figure that out, and may even be able to recover enough space that I won't have to add more.
  7. I have my hard drive partitioned with C (106GB) as the OS drive and over 500GB distributed over 5 logical drives. Lots of space in the logical drives, but only 10GB left on C drive, and I keep getting low memory messages. I've been able to resize the logical drives and move 32GB empty space in front of them but can't determine how to move that space to the C drive. Downloaded "MiniTool Partition Wizard" but haven't figured how to do it with that either. There is a pesky 128mb partition named "other" as the 1st logical partition, and the move/resize option is greyed out for that partition. I suspect it is the file allocation table. Who'd a thunk that Microsquish would consume over 100GB for it's playground? Many years ago IBM took almost half the space on their 360 mainframes for their use. In past years I used Partition Magic enabled me to manipulate partitions at will but haven't seen it for a long time. Is there a process, or magic software tool to expand my C drive by reallocating space from the logical partitiions? BTW, all my data and download files go to logical drives. My C drive "Users" folder is virtually empty. The space I had on the C drive has been consumed by files created by installs of hardware and software.
  8. Sounds like a router issue. I'd ask TW to swap it for you.
  9. I don't have any of those options under "advanced options". Is there any way to switch back to XP - except maybe buy an old PC at the recycle store?
  10. If you are concerned about privacy you best not carry a phone. Fox News Tucker Carlson tonight had a report on a test using two different phones. Neither had SIMM cards. Both had wifi turned off. One was in Airplane Mode. In a 1 hour, 14 mile journey in Washington DC BOTH recorded hundreds of KB of data, including every stop, walking or riding, and even when a car was entered or exited. As soon as these phones were connected to a wifi network (with a device to capture traffic) 300 KB of data was immediately transmitted to Google. With a SIMM card installed they can easily connect the data and the user. Surprise, surprise - Google sells it. It's called Surveillance Capitalism. Now if you ever consider an "educational" visit to "The Ranch"....... Best leave that phone at home! On the positive side law enforcement could be able to track a suspect with high accuracy. Not so positive: doubt if the legal system has the processes to balance public safety/security and Constitutional protections against self incrimination.
  11. Thanks RV. Don't expect to use a lot of bandwidth as I'm really trying to set up an in-house 911 system. The alternative is a "Medical Alert" type system, all flavors costing about $30 a month, and all have less than exciting reviews by users, particularly the "fall detection" feature. Even an old flip phone with my number as the first contact is a challenge for my wife, and a smart phone I bought her was too much for her to grasp. I'm told my old Note 3 is capable of voice dialing; have to check the impact of adding it to my Verizon plan. Alternatively Echo Dot's are now going for 30 bucks so I could have several of those around the house if I can cobble a system with dialing capabilities. Have wifi throughout the house but don't know is VOIP to a cell phone is possible. Will be visiting local Geeks after the New Year's activity bubble subsides.
  12. Bill, Thanks, the Right Click did it. With a left click I only get power and settings options. A Right Click on the long white Cortana bar taking 2 inches of space on the taskbar also brought up a way to hide it. Can't imagine where MS finds test group subjects that don't have problems with re-arranging, deleting, and/or hiding of key things everyone uses. I have deliberately avoided voice control features, such as Cortana to date. May have to change though as Bixby on my new Note 8 appears to have some very useful capabilities. I now have a need for some type of "help, I've fallen and I can't get up" solution for my wife. Bixby has a routine to "call XXX (a contact list phone), but the price tag of a Note 8 or S-8 phone is a bit of a steep solution. I'm searching for a local geek that can teach me how to use an Echo Dot, or reactivate my old Note 3, which has a voice command function, to enable her to call me. Most of the highly advertised off the shelf systems have less than sterling reviews. Pretty sure among my fleet of tablets (Fire 8, Samsung S-2, Note 12.1, and Note 3) or one of the speaker/voice controller systems there is a solution. Maybe should repeat this in a separate thread to collect tribal wisdom for a solution.
  13. GRRRR. This update wiped out my plug in to restore a very useful function which Microsoft seems to seek out to eliminate in their next version -- Copy to/Move to. Fortunately I still had the fix to restore it. However, in an obvious effort to make cortana indispensable when you click the Microsoft Icon in the bottom left corner you only get "power" and "settings". "File explorer" is not absent. Anyone know where they hid it, if it still exists? Alternatively, is there a link to download it as a plug-in?
  14. MusicMatch Jukebox was an old Yahoo CD ripper. It enabled you to tag categories as well as input track titles for CD's that it could not read. it had a free version, and I was cheap! Unfortunately, support was discontinued and it no longer works. The bulk of my CD's were ripped with MM Jukebox, however those I've bought in the last half dozen years are either waiting to be ripped, or ripped by software that doesn't enable user input of track names. I have many Folk and/or amateur CD's that did not include the ability to read track info. Looking for recommendations for a CD ripper that lets me edit track title info. Doesn't have to be free, but I'm still cheap.
  15. Consumer Reports actually said Microsoft products performed well (Very Good or Excellent) in their tests; their reason for their recommending them. The change to that recommendation came in the "Product Updates" section of CR Magazine and is the result of a 25% breakage rate in the 1st two years. Interestingly, 5 of the 8 major brands had a 20% or greater breakage rate. "Breakage" is used as a term to also include failure to start up, freezing, unexpected shutdowns, and low touch screen response. My Surface Pro is a very expensive paperweight. Bought it hoping to replace my laptop on summer travels, but found it simply doesn't, functionally. My touchscreen response is similar to what early tablets had 5-6 years ago, and far inferior to my Samsung Pro 12.1 and 8" S2 tablets, and even my Note 3 phone; none of which replace a laptop either, except for consumption. Mine was never reported to CR. Statistics are very malleable. The CR data can also be described as 75% of owners of Surface laptops and tablets found them acceptable. RV - take heart!
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