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  1. Davydee

    Pathway X2 owners

    We generally get 53 or better if it can "see" the satellites. We use a Winegard roof antenna as our primary antenna. Our X2 is normally used when we can only "see" Dish eastern arc satellites (5-7 wks a year). As our Winegard also serves double duty as a "tree locator", we will pull the X2 out from time-to-time to see if we can get better reception. I like the X2 a lot. Really appreciate the ability to select either eastern or western arc. Easy set up with our 211k receiver. It's light weight. We replaced a problematic Carryout with the X2. David
  2. Just asking to clarify, is CarMax asking you to pay TX sales tax first before you can take possession of the car? David
  3. Thanks for the responses! David
  4. We've ordered a new tow vehicle and had planned to pay by personal check when it arrives next year. The dealership doesn't accept out-of-state checks. They've told me that they'll send me to their local bank who will cash our check and issue a cashiers check. Never done this and just not sure what I'm getting into. Any thoughs, recommendations, etc? Thanks! David
  5. Davydee

    Detailing our RVs and tow vehicles

    To add a trick I learned from a Class A owner, I use a bug cleaner mixture in a garden sprayer to wet the front of our fifth wheel. Then use a painters poll, mop and pads from Aero Cosmetics to clean the bugs off. If we're not too tired from the day's drive, we then go back over the front of the trailer with Aero Cosmetics' Wash Wax All to make it a little more slippery (and easier to clean the bugs off the next time.) David
  6. We're into our initial stages of looking for a new tow vehicle, and I've noticed that, too. Comparing Fords, A 2016 F350 with high capacity tow package had a higher tow and carrying capacity than our current 2009 F450. What I did find surprising is that Ford lowered the 2016 F450 Pickup's GVWR to 14,000 lbs vs ours at 14,500 lbs. Ford's 2015s may be the same, but I don't know that. Don't know what Ford's 2017s will have. I guess that lowered GVWR is done to get away from the medium duty classification & the issues many of us experienced getting insurance. 2016 3500 RAMs beat or exceed or truck's capacity, too. Haven't gotten to GM products, but I expect the same. Be interesting to see what others think. David
  7. Unfortunately, we got the 6.4L. Not sure where they came up with the 2009 as having 6.7L engines as there's 2010 Fords with the 6.4L, too. Thanks! David
  8. I think it's the fuel system for those of us running the B5 certified diesels that's the issue, though I'm confident that "making engine oil" (where we're actually adding diesel fuel to the engine oil during active dpf cleaning) isn't doing anything useful for the lube capability of the engine oil. I'd post a link to my experience on the diesel stop forum, but it's not saving here when I post to this thread. BTW: The days of $19.95 for a fuel pump and an hour to replace it are gone. My fuel pump was $4,500. Total repair was $10,034, and we loss the use of the truck for two weeks. The fuel pump failed due to rust. (I didn't know aluminum rusted. Corrode, yes, but no rust.) We never saw any water in any fuel drainings. I'm a CFI-II (water in fuel tends to be fatal in aviation) plus eight years in the Navy Reserve as a Fuels Logistics Officer; I know how to drain & check for water and I did. Never saw any water before the fuel pump failure and haven't seen any since. However, we've since learned that Minnesota law mandates B10 or greater diesel, and we'd been in Minnesota volunteering for a summer at Voyageurs Natl Park 18 months before the fuel pump failed. Makes me think there really is something to that B5 rating our truck has. David
  9. Davydee

    Residential refrigerator

    I can't speak for others with residential frigs, but for us there's little need to run the residential frig during travel as ours holds temps very well. I just do it because we can. As we boondock for short periods of time, I wanted the inverter. Since we have the inverter, I use it. David
  10. Davydee

    Residential refrigerator

    We upgraded from a Dometic 1350 to a Samsung 197 in June. 17.8 cu ft vs 12 cu ft. Ice in two hours. Yellow sticker on the door said 574 kwh a year. Probably more closer to 750+ just based on my observation. Dometic on AC pulled 3-4 amps. Samsung is 1. Definitely recovers quicker than our Dometic. On Sunday and mid 80 weather, we had our choice of campsites & chose a RV site with the frig side in the sun. Would never had done that with the Dometic. Down site is boondocking. We have a Xantrex Prosine 1800 & leave our frig on during travel. I'm seeing 12.9 to 12.7 volts and 10-12 amps if the frig is running. We have 4 6v batteries but if I could, I'd go with 6 6v batteries just to ensure a full day of running the trailer on 12v without going below 50% of the battery capacity. Wife thinks the Samsung walks on water. David
  11. Just a thought to consider - check your ground connection for the frig. Last year our 4 yr old Dometic RM 1350 started acting up about a month after replacing the heat sensor (thermocoupler) that turned the fans on/off. We eventually wired the fans to come on with a switch so I could turn them on/off as I thought they needed to be set (usually on). Two trained Dometic trained techs couldn't figure it out & one told me it was normal & running according to Dometic specs(all horse poop). Turned out we had a bad ground. Fixed that & the Dometic started responding to the the thermocouple and returned to it's normal operation. We, too, changed recently to a residential frig. Had we kept the Dometic, we'd replaced the seals around the 4 doors. I'm told there's a kit to do that. Since yours is a newer model, you probably have those seals already. Good luck, David
  12. We've had Paul & Kay Cross (Indiana Interstate Enterprise) install our new Samsung 197 residential frig & Xantrex Prosine Pure Sine Wave 1800W inverter last week. When plugged into good shore power, what are those of you with a similar setup doing with the inverter? On? Off? Standby? So far I'm just turning the inverter off when plugged into shore power & ensuring it's on before we unplug & travel. I have experimented and left the inverter in standby. When we unplugged there was a lot of what I call "on-off-on, etc" by the inverter that, to me, seemed to indicate the inverter was just providing intermittent power to the frig. I wasn't comfortable that was good for the health of the frig. So, real interested to hear about others experience with these things. Thanks! David
  13. Davydee

    DRV Shake up

    Just a thought to file away: Could Indiana Interstate Enterprises/CrossRV (Paul & Kay Cross) accomplish the mods for you after delivery? David
  14. Davydee

    Water Pump ... Shut it off? Leave it on?

    Never wore ours out. Come to think of it, haven't worn out a turn signal, either.