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    Pete is a jack of all trades - can fix or build anything. He also likes to hunt, fish and ride his motorcycle.

    I (Pat) am an avid gardener. I also love to bargain shop and read.

    We both enjoy being in the outdoors and camping.

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  1. Looking for Boondocking spots?

    freecampsites.net has boondocking and low cost sites and is free. Create and account and log in to see the complete information. Sometimes there are pictures and I believe the GPS coordinates as well as written road directions are given.
  2. Swan Lake NWR

    We are in central Illinois and it's hot and humid here most of the time in summer. This isn't the place to be in summer if you want comfortable weather either.
  3. Cleaning as a necessity

    Don't leave any dry dog food sitting in a dish for free feeding of your dog. Meeces think that is gourmet stuff. We keep a plastic grocery bag going all day sitting in one of the kitchen sinks, depositing trash and crumbs, plate scrapings from dinner and any debris from the sink drain baskets and take it to the trash dumpster every night. The only trash that remains inside overnight is paper debris in the bathroom waste basket. I also never leave a covered plate with like cookies or anything on the counter. I put them in the microwave to store except when I use it. We keep any type of sweet including any sweetened cereal in gallon size ziploc bags if it is going to be in a cupboard. When we have had mice (a couple times in 7 yrs) it seems it was when it was getting cold outside and they were looking for a warm place to nest.
  4. Flying Js and other truck stops

    We never stay at truck stops - reason. I have a son and 2 brothers that are truck drivers. I want them to be able to park for the night and have showers, food, bathrooms, laundry or whatever available to them that they need. I do not want them parked on the side of the road because they couldn't find a place to park. They do not have a tow vehicle that would enable them to go get a bite to eat someplace etc. They MUST stop. I have time to find a suitable campsite . As far as Walmart parking - we have done that a few times. Was never told no and we stayed in small town locations where it was quiet. Wouldn't want to stay in any of the big cities parking lots. Usually in a campground - we use Passport America a lot and can stay inexpensively and most times have full-hookups. If not there, then we look for a Corp of Engineer park and use our senior discount .
  5. Yes, yes, yes. We have never had a unit without them, but our motorhome has a windshield that is single pane glass (normal). There is a huge difference in the amount of cold and condensation between the windshield and the dual pane windows. We would never have one without them based on the differences we see and feel. Don't forget to get the insulating pillows for your vent openings. That helps a lot too.,
  6. Buying and Registering a new vehicle

    I would suggest talking to a car dealer and finding out if they can title, register the vehicle in TX for you. If not, do you use a mail forwarding service? maybe they can help.
  7. We domiciled in S Dakota and signed the intent form. We got our drivers license, licensed our vehicles and purchased insurance. We stayed 3 days and will not return until it's time to renew our drivers licenses in 2020. We filed a part year residence tax form with our prior state showing that we moved out of the state part way thru the year ( we used the date we domiciled in SD). We also sold our home in the prior state at the same time so reported the sale on our final tax return. The only thing remaining is our bank accounts which should not matter as many banks to not even have a physical location anywhere. Our checks do have our SD address on them. We also list the SD address on tax forms and as the residence and mailing address on everything.
  8. The incentives usually are at a later date. That is to stop someone from signing up - paying 1 bill and getting all of the incentive and then cancelling their service. If you read the fineprint it will be specified when and how you will receive it. We have gotten every incentive promised by Verizon. We now have a Mobley thru ATT, so have cancelled service on our Verizon Jetpack. We can reactivate it if needed when we get out west. If we have to reactivate it, we will keep both operational after that.
  9. Replacement Mattress

    We have a regular mattress with a memory foam topper with the stay cool gel layer on the top. It does not trap heat like our old memory foam only topper did. Our topper is a 5" topper.
  10. Fresh Water Tank Sanitation

    We also run the chlorine solution thru our water heater by turning on the hot water and letting it run until we smell chlorine in the hot water. All sinks and shower, hot & cold. Then rinse is done thru all, both hot and cold until no more smell. Tank is filled and drained, rinsed and drained a couple of time. We also do the water hose we are using. Have seen one cut apart that was all black inside with mold, so sanitize that too.
  11. Decision Dilema

    Adopting/rescuing any dog of any breed or age is wonderful, but there is a serious need for adopters of middle age and senior dogs. Everyone wants a puppy. We have had 4 older dogs now and they have all been the best dogs. You may have to refresh them on housetraining and establish your routine and household rules, but I wouldn't pass them up because of age.
  12. Those who abuse the system

    I would also consider it abuse to "live" in someone's parking lot vs overnight and be on your way.
  13. New Vs Used

    I think it's just a matter of personal preference. We bought a 10 yr old high quality motorhome and have had it for 7 years now. We have not been sorry. We would never have been able to afford this quality of rv if we had purchased new. Many full-time rvers would tell you to buy the highest quality used vs a lower quality new. If you buy used, you can be the first one to sleep in the bed. Start with brand new mattresses ( most of us would do that ). Good luck with your search and purchase.
  14. So does anyone know what the new plan cost will be and if you are not on contract, but bought your device outright, will you be grandfathered in at the $20.
  15. We have been at 8 since Jan 1st. Currently hosting for the summer so the number won't start going up again until we leave here in the fall. We will then be traveling more and sitting less than we have for the past 7 years.