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    Pete is a jack of all trades - can fix or build anything. He also likes to hunt, fish and ride his motorcycle.
    I (Pat) am an avid gardener. I also love to bargain shop and read.

    We both enjoy being in the outdoors and camping.

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  1. LFDR3116

    Unusual way to level a RV.

    Hopefully the owner if the park will realize how off level things are. We were hosting at a couple of different locations that were way off. The people who built the sites were not rvers and had no idea how far off level they were. In both cases, they brought equipment in and corrected the problem, or at least tried. Not saying I think this is what people should do, but since he did.....
  2. LFDR3116

    RV parks

    We occasionally stay at a Walmart, but usually at a campground We do use Passport America ( $44 yr to join) as much as possible when traveling for their 50% discount parks. We also like Corp of Engineer Parks which is 1/2 off with their pass. If we are stopping for just the night, the campground doesn't have to be anything special. just in a safe area.
  3. LFDR3116

    Rv Insurance Recommendations???

    We have our full-timers policy with Progressive. They also insure our Jeep and motorcycles but each has it's own policy.
  4. LFDR3116

    When to set up domicile and change address

    We waiting until our house sold and closed before we set up our mail service (SD) they then helped us register and plate the vehicles in SD. (We didn't have to be present) and 1 month later we made the trip to establish residency , got our drivers licenses, insurance etc. You can use a mail service without declaring a different residency. If it were me I would wait until later to change your address. It is easier to get financing while you are still living in the home and you are not yet full-time. We financed our coach 1 year before actually moving out of our house and going full-time. We rented the house for 4 years before selling it. We used mail service only during that first four years and remained residents of our original home state during that time.
  5. LFDR3116

    Essential pots/pans

    Toaster , medium crockpot, 2 pizza pans without holes that can double as cookie sheets, over the burner griddle, dutch oven, 2 large and 2 small frying pans with covers, 2 large pots, 2 small pots with covers, 2 6 size muffin tins, 2 cake pans, 2 sizes of Pyrex glass baking dishes, 1 glass pie dish, 2 Pyrex casserole dishes with covers. 2 serving bowls, 6 corelle cereal bowls, 6 melamine bowls, 6 dinner plates, 6 small plates, 2 wooden salad bowls, lots of various tupperware and lids, 6 coffee mugs and a variety of beverage glasses both tupperware, plastic and glass. A glass set of Pyrex mixing bowls with covers that double as serving bowls. A drawer full of utensils, a knife block with Cutco knives, 6 paring knives of various sizes, the coffee pot, insulated coffee butler, cutting board, a couple of flower vases, a full service for 12 of silverware. Can opener, hand mixer , microwave omelet , 2 sizes of glass measuring cups, a set of plastic measuring cups and spoons and 1 very large measuring cup that is big enough to mix up a brownie mix or cake mix, batch of cookies etc. and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. My kitchen is pretty complete . Just missing a lot of the larger serving items I used to have, large bakeware items or fancy things like a bundt pan .
  6. We are plumbed for washer/dryer, but have never gotten one. Expensive - uses a lot of water which seems a waste, and small loads, the time it takes. All reasons why I prefer to use a laundromat be it in the town we are near, or the campground facilities. While waiting, I just read . It takes about 1 1/2 hours to do 5 large loads, dry and fold. I also plan the trips when I can combine it with grocery shopping or some other errands that need to be done. ( currently 17 miles from town). These 5 large loads would be at least 15 small loads in the rv. That's a lot of time, water/ electricity and/or propane and I'd still have to drive into town for groceries. On average I spend $20-$25 per month on laundry.
  7. LFDR3116

    Need urgent help to extend temporary permit

    In S Dakota we were given an address by your mail forwarding service.
  8. LFDR3116

    Drop KOA Value club Membership

    We have never stayed at a KOA. Reason - we have always found less expensive campgrounds in the area . Being full-time, we cannot afford to pay the extra $20 or whatever just to park for the night. We do prefer staying in a campground/rv park vs Walmart, but we have done both. We use PPA a lot but sometimes find non advertised mom & pop type smaller campgrounds for even less. That suits us just fine as we aren't there on vacation, we are just stopping for the night, or a day or two to do laundry, buy supplies and relax.
  9. LFDR3116

    Car Rental Insurance

    Yes, some of the rental car companies will charge an administrative fee, as well as the daily rental fee for each day the car is in the shop and out of the rental pool. I'm sure there are other charges - claim filing fees etc that some come up with. You could be stuck paying some of this yourself. Best to contact your insurance prior to renting to see if these types of fees are covered under your policy.
  10. LFDR3116

    Problem with slide outs?

    We have been on the road full-time in our 8th year and have not had a problem. We assume that at some point there will be a part worn out, a motor that dies , something that will require repair just like any other mechanical or electrical device.
  11. LFDR3116

    Black Tank Empty

    Just use plenty of water each and every time you flush and you should have enough in there to dump. Saves waiting to run many gallons in at one time just before you are ready to leave and dump. If you use the tub and dishwater -- make sure all the silverware is out of the tub before dumping. I lost a fork down there one time several years ago. Don't know if it got flushed out in a dump, or if it's still in there. No problems so far and I'm not looking for it!
  12. LFDR3116

    Any advice for singles?

    I'm not a single, but the advice I would give is to join in. Go to the potluck, sit around the fire with the others, go to the mardi gras parade with everyone else etc. We are full-time and see so many singles that pull into the parks but then just stay inside. They don't even try to meet other people. I know some people are loners and that's okay , but if you can be social, do so. You will meet a lot of new friends.
  13. LFDR3116

    Vet in Casa Grande

    Good to know - we stayed in Why/Ajo area for a couple of months this spring and will probably go back this fall for awhile. There are mobile vets that come to the area on certain days of the week that you can schedule appointments with. Glad to know where I should go in an emergency. Thanks for the info.
  14. LFDR3116

    RV Park Website

    Some of the cable companies that supply internet and internet providers have divisions within them that do this type of work for businesses. When I was still working, the phone company even had this type of service. You could check the websites of the companies currently used and see if they offer anything.
  15. LFDR3116

    Tom Sawyer Campground

    I worked at a park that only had this type of problem when they were full, and it was very hot. The older parks were not built to support all of the rv's along with all the additional electronics and appliances that everyone has . 2 refrigerators instead of 1, sometimes 3 air conditioners, dishwashers, washer/dryers, ice makers, de-humidifiers, or humidifiers etc. If you are in a park having problems, not using these extra things can help a lot.