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  1. Routes

    I used to be a wedding photog and video in the later years. I'll admit that after trying adobe cuts on a windows rig, I switched that job to macs.
  2. Routes

    I hate windows, didn't care much for Mac's. Use Ubuntu Linux and works well and fast. Whatever works is the best. Our first aid squad got one of the 1st "Trash 80s" in Philadelphia area. 7" floppies. LOL. Those were the days.
  3. Routes

    OK. Good you checked. I go back to the days of a IBM 360, back in the 60''s, programmed with wires. At least, it's fixed, that''s what's important.
  4. Routes

    Did you check firewalls, antivrus software, proxies, ad blockers. Clear your history. Just some thoughts when I straighten out lappys for those with similar problems. Most always a computer problem, or not nearly as much, isp block.
  5. Routes

    SNAFU !
  6. Routes

    Google maps are good. I had to use them in Canada as my Garmin didn't have a map loaded for there. But, Google maps do not have profiles for a vehicle, such as an rv. Only software I know that could do this - with propane avoidance's, was Delorme Street Atlas and Co-Pilot. But, no GPS or map is 100%.
  7. Batteries & Dry Camping

    Nice. Last time there we stayed in Redding before heading over Shasta.
  8. Batteries & Dry Camping

    Chad, where are you this time of year?
  9. Batteries & Dry Camping

    Alloy, I've seen your other posts on Victron. Are they a good choice? The solar place also carried Kaco inverter. Never heard of them before. They said it was a "throw-away" when it goes. I don't think Kaco is the right name, seemed to me they said something like "kasis".
  10. Batteries & Dry Camping

    I was concerned about the labor charge too. The price I was quoted was installed with cables, controller, miscellaneous items, and labor. I was taken back by that. Who is in SW Phoenix? I'll give him a call.
  11. Going to start doing some dry camping - up to a week at a time, maybe a little less. Dog shows (we show a Cardigan Welsh Corgi), some other events, swap meets, etc. Currently have 1 12v Interstate deep cycle. About 6 months old, I think, came with this new fiver. Don't want solar, only because the investment won't pay back for the use we anticipate. We have 2 Honda gens - eu2000i and the companion. I've been looking at 2 AGM batteries - Full River or Lifeline. Maybe 4. Question comes down to inverter. Yes - Pure Sine Wave Brand - Magnum or Xantrex - Xantrex is made in China now, but Magnum is still in U.S. Whole house or just one outlet inside. Currently use 5 outlets, but definitely need one in the bedroom for the cpap. Inverter size - 2k or 3k Inverter - Inverter only, or Inverter/charger. I believe current converter is 60a, maybe 55. Needs - large flat screen tv, sat dish receiver, portable sat dish (tailgater),2 laptops, 2 table lamps, maybe microwave for heating up, Keurig, fan, cpap Furnace, water pump, frig, water heater all on propane. One location I talked to, who specializes in solar, recommended 2 Lifelines, and Magnum 3k whole house inverter/Charger - $4,800 +/- intalled. Seems pretty steep to me. Currently in Yuma until March, heading North on 95 through QZ to Co. Would welcome recommendations. Al
  12. Routes

    There was a time when only 2 software packages could handle fairly specific routing for time and miles. Microsoft Streets and Trips and Delorme Street Atlas. S&T was discontinued. Delorme was brought out by Garmin and discontinued. The closest I've found to those two is Furkot. GS, and now, Escapees, have trip planners. Neither can handle miles and time profiles. We rarely travel more than 200 to 250 a day. I figure that 40mph is the avg speed we do when considering stopping for brakes, lunch, fuel, etc. It works for us, and makes it easier. Using the software, even Base Camp, you can make the route from A to B, then easily locate spots at those intervals and search around them for overnights. It works for us, and has for years. But, S&T and Delorme were the best going. Even copilot couldn't do that.
  13. Dodge 2500 tow capacity

    LOL. Nah. The frame will say "Owned by Cardigan Welsh Corgis" !
  14. Dodge 2500 tow capacity

    X 2
  15. Dodge 2500 tow capacity

    Within the last 2 weeks we upgraded our TV. We went from a 2010 F250 Super Duty Power Stroke SRW, with 49k on the odometer, to a 2018 Ram 3500HD DRW. Our 2018 KZ Durango Gold 380FLF, 41' long, GVWR 14995. The 5th was just within the specs of the truck. The truck handled the trailer well, starting and stopping, struggled on some hills and long grades. Our current trip from Atlantic City, NJ to Yuma, AZ was uneventful, except that I did notice some oil drips. By the time the we got to Yuma, the drips had gotten worse, with no apparent decrease on the dip stick. Getting under the truck, I noticed wet oil from the pan to the transmission, and definitely motor oil. Repairing the leak, considering the worse, would mean removing the cab, removing the engine, flipping it over, r&r, reassembly. $$$ I'm sure. Although low mileage, 7 year old truck, pulling 15k 5th wheel - we considered another truck. New trucks seem to have lower capacities for the same models. We decided a new higher capacity DRW would be better. Rams cheaper $$ than Fords, better creature comforts = better value. Ram 3500HD DRW keeps us well within the truck's specs with our 5th. Add to that a Cummings engine. We haven't towed yet, since we're here to end of March, but I'm confident we'll have no problems. We just came back from Quartzsite, AZ. Although not big hills, etc., and not towing, there was absolutely no impact on the truck's performance that I could discern. Rule of them has always been, match the truck to the trailer, not the other way around, and you can never have enough truck. I, personally, would only go with a long bed. My feelings, and hope I helped. Safe travels.