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  1. CapeMayAl

    National Pass

  2. CapeMayAl


    Not completely, but that was a big part of it.
  3. CapeMayAl


    Rob, I can see your point. But, there are many, I'm sure, who feel differently, as do I. I just don't think that Escapees should sponsor such a HOP when there's sure to be very many who would be against it. Secondchance, your comment "narrow-minded view of the world " in my way of thinking is way out of line. It sounds as though you are that way since you can't see another's views. Personally, I choose not to visit any Communist country. That's the long and short of it. But, others, like you, would. WWII and Korea was because of Communism. As a former Army officer, perhaps you didn't agree with the policies of the United States at that time, and shouldn't have been in the Army. Just my opinion.. The gist of the thread is not that we don't think anyone should go to these places, but that this club, with its diverse membership, should have somehow taken poll, vote, etc.
  4. CapeMayAl


    That's not my intention. If you want to go, so be it. Its your choice and I won't diss you for it. I just don't think Escapees should endorse or sponsor such trips.
  5. CapeMayAl


    Who knows if its an opinion by the majority of member? Have you ever been asked about how you feel about club activities. I know I haven't.
  6. CapeMayAl


    This is the reply I received from Escapees HOP Director - You be the judge. "Thank you for your email. I understand your choice not to visit Cuba, and I honor your decision. Escapees has offered cruises to 3rd world countries such as Vietnam, Guatemala, Columbia, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Chile, Argentina, since 2007, and an Escapees chapter takes a group of Escapees members in a caravan into Mexico and has been doing so for many years. So, Escapees has a long tradition of being unrestricted and welcoming people who maintain many different beliefs. The nature of this club is to promote travel and cultural exploration. At times, our travels as a club and individuals may take us to areas that some would never go, for a host of strongly held beliefs. Since the U.S. has normalized their relations with Cuba, the HOP department has had several requests from Escapees members to organize a trip to Cuba. Some people are Escapees members from Canada, the U.S., and one lady (an Escapees member) was born in Cuba, but her family migrated to the U.S. when she was a baby. She is a U.S. citizen now, but wants to go back to Cuba with her grown children and show them her ("roots") home country. Rather than mandating where our members should or should not go, we let our members decide where they would like to travel. And, we try to remain responsive to their needs. While some may take issue with our policy of neutrality, it is the only way to welcome people who hold different worldviews. Thank you again for your email. Have a good day. Lisa Lisa Koca HOP Director www.escapees.com/hops www.facebook.com/escapeeshops"
  7. CapeMayAl


    Very true.
  8. CapeMayAl


    I did send an email. The Escapees website is titled Escapees RV Club
  9. CapeMayAl


    True. But why should I cancel or not renew. I've been a member for good 15 years.
  10. CapeMayAl


    Not so sure I agree with that. I pay a membership fee each year. Regardless, those who are aware of this HOP, and are not members, reflects on all of us no matter how we feel - pro or con.
  11. CapeMayAl


    Makes no difference to me. I feel, as a member, that this type of sponsorship should not be promoted. I guess members have no say in these kind of things. Maybe time to leave?
  12. CapeMayAl


    For me, I think it is abhorrent that Escapees would participate in any function with a Communist country - regardless of the degree. Too many of us have lived through the years of drills, education, military, etc that would not feel insulted, to say the least. IMHO, Escapees has made an extremely poor decision to sponsor a HOP to a Communist country. Its Escapees decision to accept or not accept offensive advertising, etc. If the HOP is only to our military installations and associated areas, then it is another situation entirely.
  13. CapeMayAl

    Boycott Arizona Market Place - Yuma

    I've been to the Harrisburg, and now Hersey, Pennsylvania shows and Atlantic City shows. A few other places across the Country in our travels. I've always contacted a dealer, went to look at what they had to offer, then got tickets, and parking if needed, from them. Bottom line, I refuse to pay to shop. Its not being cheap, its a principal that I'm not going to pay anyone,, anywhere, to buy from them. That's all. Obviously many others feel differently. I guess boycott wasn't the right word, but maybe it should have been a "heads-up". This was our first year in Yuma, and the first time, in 20+ years, I've every run into it at a place like that.
  14. CapeMayAl

    Now to buy a gun

    I'm 69 now. Back, maybe 30 years, I had an uncle who was a mounted cop in a big city. He had his 2 Shepard's and I swear a horse that was 100' tall! Anyway, he carried a rifle and and handgun, plus a few others for extra purposes. I know, I saw. He patrolled in some not so nice areas in the city's parks. I'm not saying he used them for anything not so right, but I think the conclusion might be there.
  15. CapeMayAl

    Boycott Arizona Market Place - Yuma

    Just wanted to put this to rest. I understand everyone's comments. I just have a problem with paying to buy. That's just me. Thanks for all the input. Al