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  1. Tonneau - hard

    Rover - what camera did Mark use?
  2. Tonneau - hard

    Thanks. Anything in particular?
  3. Tonneau - hard

    I have a tri-fold on my 2010 F250, towing a fiver. How do most of you easily back and hitch? I'm frustrated as h....
  4. 2012 Ford Focus Blue Ox Tow Bar - less than 1 year old Brake Buddy All set to be towed - brackets mounted; battery disconnect installed; lights wired; 12v dedicated receptacle installed. Asking $10,500 Negotiable We're moving back to a 5th wheel. Pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/pyvZydFtEpLdnMSWA Al Smith (609) 305-3355
  5. I have 2012 Ford Focus SE. All set to flat tow. Includes Blue Ox Towbar, base plates, BB, battery disconnect and tailights wire. Located outside Atlantic City, NJ.
  6. I have 2012 Ford Focus SE. All set and ready to go. BB, Blue Ox Towbar and base plates installed, battery disconnect installed, taillights wired. capemayal@gmail.com
  7. Looking for a used toad

    2012 Ford Focus all set and ready to go
  8. Looking for Toad.

    2012 Ford Focus - All set up for 4 down
  9. Linux, Windows and Mapping

    I've got Virtual Box running, and I'm satisfied with it. I think one of my problems before was not installing Guest Additions. A question Vall. For having different "folders" for your assorted apps - did you clone the OS you were running in the VM, or did you run all your apps from the one VM?
  10. Linux, Windows and Mapping

    Thanks Roger. I got hooked on Ubuntu a few years back. I run a System76 Lemur. On this machine for W7 or W8, I'd had to use a VM. Just have to find one that's decent. I found that VirtualBox was so-so. I like SA rather than ST. I liked the ability to specify either miles per day or hours per day. On average, I figure 40mph. Using google maps, even GS trip planner there is no ability to do that. I find, however, that GS is better for routing as it takes RV's into account - height, restrictions, etc. CoPilot Runs a close 2nd. Al
  11. Not to get into a Ubuntu (Linux) vs Windows debate. I'm looking for a Linux friendly mapping software similar to Delorme Street Atlas. Thanks in advance. Al
  12. 4 Aluminum 17.5 wheels - about 1 year old. $175 each.
  13. I have a '12 Ford Focus all set with Blue Ox, Brake Buddy, lights wired, ready to go.
  14. Dish Network Bait & Switch?

    Big5er, what you say does make sense. However, in my situation, the original person was going to sign me up. No question about credit. He was going to do it, plain and simple. The 2nd person, whom I called to verify the offer, after talking to the wife, was going to do the same. Again, no question about it; and, she verified everything the 1st person had said. It wasn't until I was wanted to ink the deal that the question of credit came up, and then I was told they could do this and that. Again, if the first two were ready to sign me up, with no question about credit, until we were going to consumate the deal, then to me that is bait and switch. It might not be in your book, but in mine it is. I was never informed about what was questionable in my credit, just that it had been unqualified for the package they kept emailing and mailing about. So, in order to sign me up, I was eligible for a package that was more expensive. BTW, 2 days later I bought a car - at a very good rate. I did make a complaint with my local consumer agency, and they're investigating. I doubt they would take that on, with such a large company, if there wasn't anything there. Again, thanks for your reply. Al
  15. Dish Network Bait & Switch?

    My feeling is that it is bait and switch: My initial call to Dish The offer by the representative The failure, if actually required, by the representative to request credit info and run it. The fact that is not my responsibility to ensure their representative does what he's been taught to do. That the supervisor did not check immediately what the conversation was, then supporting the offer. That the supervisor should have the ability to make a unilateral decision based on previous, verifiable information. That the supervisor refused to, or even offered, to ascertain the contents of the conversation. That the supervisor said it doesn't matter what the representative said, nor an additional, different representative That the supervisor said that he would give me another service without the advertised promotions. I have received more mailings and daily emails from dish offering the identical package that was discussed on my very first call. To me this is bait and switch, how one could assume its anything else is beyond me. Al