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  1. Cyberdave


    TFL is the Medicare part B When you go on SSI or SSDI, your Tricare prime or standard automatically changes to Tricare For Life or (TFL) and becomes your part B of Medicare. It is (currently) free.
  2. I can access the back side easily so I remove the back nut and tape it so I don't lose them. I remove the handles and pull the cables out and tie them up as vertical as possible. I use a product called tri-flow and squirt a little and wait till it goes down I'll repeat several times. Tri-Flow doesn't dry out and works well.
  3. Stan, I had just read the article and was going to post it also. Why doesn't the Phoenix VA want to cut to the chase and fix this issue? Are all of those in managerial positions so afraid that the system will ruin their career??? Yes, IMHO the sickening truth is that those in power are able to control their underlings by fear. Just as a bad manager does in the civil side.
  4. I can't agree with your assessment of our current military. The AF troops at DMAFB are sharp and squared away. They are putting in long shifts, constant deployments and answer the call time and time again. They have each others backs and compared the post Vietnam era, They as dedicated and professional as we were. They maintain very old airframes and with the uptempo of missions, inspections demands more inspections and life cycle items can be reached much more rapidly than planned for. These young warriors are professional and I'd be proud to serve with them. I almost posted this when I remembered a conversation with MSgt Bert Bagley at my first duty station. He was chewing our butts one day and lamented that his AF was going to hell with all us young hippies.... Sound familiar?
  5. Good article and very, very accurate. We vets have a bond that in undeniable.
  6. Derek, How is your new gooseneck hitch working out?
  7. X3 Been there, done that. Purchased an inexpensive USB hub and both drives now work.
  8. Yeah, I can't wait to see how high the Enbrel will go.
  9. Go to the US Military Campgrounds website and select the base you are interested in. The website lists the individual specifics and includes usage information. We've had guests stay with us at DMAFB twice.
  10. Which parks are you speaking of? We've stayed before and just did at a Newmar rally at Gettysburg RV park... Doesn't sound fair and we would never agree to it and probably would dispute any charges like it. If you can, post a review explaining it so others will know.
  11. Uhh, well yes I have.... Only to find that both tanks were empty. That's far worse than having to get up when it's cold and opening the tank. As I said, if you don't keep a routine check, you'll forget one day and be out of propane...
  12. If you look at the regulator there should be a lever used to manually select tanks. If both of the propane tank valves are open, it will switch automatically. You can determine which tank is empty by flipping the lever from one to the other if the little red flag is showing, that tank is empty. The caveat to this is that the only way you know it has switched is to check the regulator every few days. Twice I've forgotten and we've run out of propane so I manually change tanks... keeps a happy camper.
  13. Finally a sane proposal. I think this may actually work. Much better than the budget axe.
  14. Stan, It is pathetic that this is still happening. What is even more pathetic is the total apathy of the public! Sure, go defend the country, keep us free and safe and if you get hurt and need the care you earned...too bad, so sad, where's my beer.
  15. Bob, No, I had just looked at another rig when I saw the mechanism...
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