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  1. I am not an electrician..but decided to replace LP and CO detector with combined unit because both were occasionally chirping and about 5 years old. I cut the wires on the LP detector intending to leave it in place but off. Before installing the new combined LP/CO unit I noticed my waste tank lights up front are not lit. The water pump light on the same front panel does work. Should disabling one of the 12V detector wires in the read impact the tank sensors up front? I will install the combined unit today after I get some fresh crimper connections, but wonder if I somehow caused the tank lights to die. It seems a puzzlement. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV
  2. I do get travel pay because it is a distance to the VA from home. Just have to wait and see what the VA says about the payments I guess..
  3. I did get my hearing aids because in 2016 my VSO discovered my Vietnam Service Medal and got me into the VA system because of that. Then last year my disability was approved. I started to get a small deposit which was subtracted from my retired pay and was tax-free. But no "extra" payments. Then about 6 weeks ago I got three deposits to my bank account out of the blue labeled VA for various amounts with no explanation. I am thinking my mail back home (held by a neighbor) will have an explanation of what the payments mean. Just seems a bit strange to get multiple payments all on the same day. Hank SKP 67414
  4. Last year I received a 10% VA disability rating for hearing after submitting 3 times. Because I am "retired" from the Air Force I started receiving a 10% tax-free offset payment taken from my retired pay. I figured that was it..a modest tax bonus. Then about 6 weeks ago (9 months later) I received three lump sum payments from the VA with no e-mail explanation. We have been on the road for 2 months without snail mail so just wondering...is this typically how it works? I will also try to connect with my county VSO but she is often out on Guard duty. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP On the road in Fort Wayne, IN
  5. I just talked with one of our park hosts who replaced his stringed shades with pleated ones from Home Depot. No strings, but advantages of day/night. We plan to head to HD this week to check them out. He said they were very satisfied. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV
  6. Has anyone tried using Lowes or Home Depot? Our parks hosts suggested it. We need to replace our 15-year old stringed day/night shades. Hank 2005 Mandalay DP
  7. I am kind of old school, do not have a smart phone and like to use a trip planner that lets me plug in destinations, find mileage between locations and search for CG's. Until recently that was usually the Good Sam Trip Planner but they are deleting that April 10 saying there will be something else later. In the meantime, does anyone have a suggestion on a user-friendly online trip planner? I just discovered FMCA had one but deleted it about a year or so back. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP At Home (but ready to travel for a couple months) in Custer SD
  8. hemsteadc: Interesting idea to just use service address instead of dealing with DNS. I will say in the past 15 years with DTV in the RV I have sometimes had a problem getting them to do that. And changing service address to LA would seemingly provide Locals from there which are spot-beam and only reach a couple hundred miles or so. When I had trouble getting DNS last year they gave me locals where I was staying for 6 weeks until the DNS processed - which it never did. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP
  9. I am about to apply for a DNS waiver because DTV says my previous waiver from 2015 is no longer on my account/cannot be found. We had DNS since 2004 as fulltimers so I know the drill. We are now "part-timers". A couple questions - 1) how long is it taking these days to process the waiver? The application form letter (looks same as before) says 11-14 days to verify etc. 2) If I activate the DNS waiver, can I also get Locals if I am sitting someplace for a while? I read on the DTV Forum that might not be allowed now. 3) My last waiver got me just the West Coast Feed because I live in South Dakota; is the "one feed" rule still in place? Back in the day you could get both East and West Coast feeds. Thanks, Hank Whitney SKP67414 2005 Mandalay DP w/Winegard Trav'ler Auto Dish At Home in Custer SD
  10. I received an e-mail today related to a post I made several months ago. Somehow the "From" from "Malwarebytes", my anti-spam software. Should I be concerned? Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP
  11. We are in the city campground in Fort Wayne Indiana and need to replace our Dometic A&E electric patio awning (top is ripping after 15 years..). Can anyone recommend a mobile installer in this area? Prefer on-site install. Plan to use Tough Top material which we now have on all our slide toppers. Thanks.Hank SKP 674142005 Mandalay DP2012 Honda CRVe-mail hanknjoyce@netzero.net
  12. Last Update - I moved the coach to a "better" area in same RV park and immediately got locals (after one more call to DTV). Apparently it was satellite 119 that was the problem. BTW DTV guy said I could get locals at any location until my DNS reactivates - first time they offered that. Hank SKP 67414 In sunny and warm Fort Wayne, Indiana
  13. A post from Nov 2016 on the Direct TV Forum (below) says I have to have an RV account to get DNS. Sounds like my plan to use my house Genie in the RV on future trips might not work. I have been told DTV does not care if I use the Genie on the road but I assume would balk if I tried the DNS. I have had an HD DVR since 2011, have an HD TV, have been charged over the years for HD service by DTV and have an HD-looking picture on my TV. I understand the reasoning why I should only be getting SD bu am pretty sure I have HD ob my main TV (my 2nd TV is still an old unit so still getting SD on there). "In order to get DNS you have to have a separate RV account. You can order a HDDVR/HXX receiver from DTV or from online retailers. The only HD dish is the Winegrard Travler stationary dish that is self folding and aiming unless you have $8 grand for an Intellian S6HD in motion for boats, all others are SD only and depending on the receivers you may need a SWM8 module and its 29v power inserter." You are right about just submitting the waiver - I will do that now and get it back on the books whether or not I upgrade to SWM/Genie. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP
  14. When I called to re-activate DNS 11 days ago I was told if I had a suspension in force for more than 30 days (which I did) I had to submit a new waiver. When I pushed back by saying I had a new waiver from 2015 and nobody said anything about it lapsing, they agreed to electronically submit to the networks and it would take "1-2 days" (since changed to "5-8 days" and told today..."up to 45 days"!). They also said they would activate local channels in my area (Fort Wayne) in the meantime. Lack of Locals on 119 is a separate subject..maybe a spot beam issue. I have satellite access on 101, 110, but not 119 right now (not properly locked on per Winegard Traveler readout) so cannot be sure until we move again in a couple weeks. I will bug DTV again about the DNS. Hank SKP67414 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV
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