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  1. RV, Great Info - Thanks. One additional thing - I just noticed on my "VFW Weekly" that the TRICARE Retiree Dental Plan (TRDP) will end on Dec 31, 2018. They are directing folks to FEDVIP which is the dental plan for Federal civilian retirees which I have used since it started in 2006. I am both military-retired and civil-service retired. I always found the federal plan superior to TRDP, especially in coverages. While TRDP seems to be a bit better than it used to, we currently have FEDVIP High-Option Self-Plus-One ($35,000 coverage per year per person!) for $72 a month; TRDP would be $64 which only offers $1,300 per person. FEDVIP also offers a $1,500 option (for us about $40 per month) but the cost/benefit for High Option is way better for us. So, if military folks can get anywhere near the same coverage as this, it sounds like a win-win. The current FEDVIP info for federal civilians in 2018 is here: https://federaldental.metlife.com/_jcr_content/content-parsys/text_video/pdflinks.asset.0.spool/FEDVIPPlanSummary_2018.pdf I just hope they give military retirees the same level of benefit. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV At Home in Custer SD (where it is snowing again..)
  2. Biker 56, Thanks for the info. We have had the MH DTV account since 2003 when we fulltimed for 6 years until 2009. We got a new suite of (old) DTV equipment in 2011 but remained with cable in the house until Oct 2017 because DTV did not have local channels in our area until recently and we simply suspended the MH DTV when at home in South Dakota. We are still on the road several months a year when the DW is healthy..We decided to "cut the cable cord" in Oct and put DTV in the house with the Genie system. That has led us to where we are today - a suspended MH account and an active home account. I could simply leave things as they are and suspend/reactivate each acct as needed as mentioned in some other threads elsewhere, but that seems unwieldy so would prefer to close MH acct and use Genie. I will replace the topside wiring harness when weather warms again (at least one bad lead and I need 4 for the SWM 8) and then do the SWM upgrade. At that point I can drop the MH account, use the Genie both places and likely return the old MH equipment to DTV. Thanks again, Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP At home in snowy and cold Custer SD
  3. Last month I tagged onto a thread about Direct TV SWM Upgrades and taking a home-based Genie with us in our motorhome which right now has the previous older equipment.. The SWM upgrade is still pending due to weather issues (snow and minus 5 dgs..). But I called DTV to see if I could merge my MH account with our new home (Genie) account to simplify and save money and was told no. But the service rep then offered to put our MH account on suspension again even though it was previously suspended from April 2016 to Sep 2017 (unable to travel due to medical). We then only had it turned on for a month or so while traveling and because we could not get another suspension. One lesson learned - some customer reps are more flexible than others. I recently saw a post on another site that said: if I take the Genie from home I cannot get local channels when I travel. But I have an existing DNS waiver on file with DTV for my MH account so I assume it does not matter if I use the Genie. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV
  4. Joel, Thanks for the insight - good advice which I will take. BTW we also have a Ready Brute towbar - have used it through 2 motorhomes and 3 cars since 2003..simple and effective. Hank
  5. I just received a Direct TV "Residential Customer Agreement" which states (in Section 1g) that leased equipment must be directly connected to the same land-based telephone line or internet connection and, "if it is determined that the leased equipment is not at the Service Address identified on the account we may disconnect the Leased Equipment....". There is more wording, but this seems to say I cannot take the Genie from my house and plug into the RV when we travel. We currently have an older DVR/equipment suite in the MH and a new Genie system in the house. I was planning to do the SWM upgrade to the Winegard and plug in the Genie so we can have the added benefits of the Genie for the X months a year we are on the road. I don't plan to rattle DTV's cage because my MH acct is already on suspension (good). But since our Service Address for the MH is Arizona (where we got the MH acct and were still then considered full-timers) and we now live in a stick house in Custer SD, does anyone have any insight whether I should worry about this 16-page "agreement"? Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV
  6. I purchased the SWM Upgrade parts so I can use my house Genie on the road in the MH instead of the older DVR/receiver suite I had installed back in 2011. I then plan to cancel the MH account and work off the house account we just got. I plan to have a "professional" do the upgrade because there are a few other wiring issues I want addressed (can you spell "rats nest" in my electronic compartment..). So, to beat a dead horse..Direct TV does not care if/when I move my Genie around from house to motorhome? Thanks, Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV
  7. We are part-timers now. I have an older Direct TV DVR setup in our MH that was installed in 2011 (pre-Genie) connected to the Winegard Traveler. We just had the Genie system installed in the house on a separate account (free new equipment, some free programming, etc.). I am trying to "downsize"/eliminate the MH account but still want to use Direct when traveling. From what I read on this thread, it is possible but depends on the existing electronics on my 6-year-old Winegard and Direct gear. My Genie home installer said wait a month or so and then reduce my older MH account as low as possible to retain the MH capability. That means I am still paying a fair amount of money and not using the MH service. But if I can take my home Genie in the MH I can simply cancel the MH account. Although I think I have a connectivity issue with Genie based on comments here, sounds like I need to call my installer back and do a sanity check on this. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP At Home in Custer SD
  8. TRICARE Webinar on TRICARE Changes

    This weeks VFW newsletter has an item about a webinar on TRICARE changes coming Jan 1, 2018. Here is the text: TRICARE Changes Webinar: This month, TRICARE will hold a webinar on the upcoming changes to TRICARE, set to take effect Jan. 1, 2018. The webinar will be led by health analysts from the Defense Health Agency and is designed to help beneficiaries prepare for the upcoming changes. Topics to be covered include changes to the health plans, costs, enrollment, stateside regions and contractors, and accessing care. The webinar is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 20, from 1-2:00 p.m., EST. Click here to register for the webinar. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP VFW Lifetime/Custer SD Post 3442
  9. We were watching OTA live TV tonight during a major rainstorm (we were using the Direct Winegard satellite for other tasks). Suddenly the TV briefly pixilated, then picture and sound disappeared from both live and satellite feed. I accessed the back of the TV and found a small amount of water near the HDMI, Red & White RCA connectors and power cord connect. I disconnected and dried everything out. No life yet.the power bu The button on front of TV is blank (should have a red light when power is off). When I push this button (or try to power on with remote) I get a red light that always flashes 5 times but still no sound or picture. Are those red flashes a code? My 2nd TV (old Sony) in rear of MH is not affected. Should I naively assume this brief moisture exposure will pass/dry out completely and function will return? Or could the water really fry something I do not see? Samsung is 7 years old (2010/2011 model). I notice online that Samsung's back in 2009 were blowing boards like crazy in 6 months to 2 years. Hank Whitney SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP In Albuquerque NM on the way to Arizona
  10. Replacing 6 Volt House Batteries

    It's that time again to replace the 4 6-volt batteries in my diesel pusher. The last replacement I bought Energizer EGC2's from Sam's Club in Cheyenne WY. They now tell me that battery is a Duracell. Since it has been 7 years since I last bought batteries (!!) just wondering if a simple replacement is our best choice. We rarely are off the grid/dry camping for more than a couple days and keep the MH plugged into shore power when home. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV
  11. Class A Diesel Annual Service

    I have been going to Freightliner/Western Star in Tolleson AZ (just west of Phoenix, off the I-10) for 10 years for diesel chassis service. They get very high marks from RV Park Reviews and others. They are an RV-specific dealership ("Oasis") so their mechanics know RV's. They also have a modern and clean RV parking area with 30/50 Amp electric for customers. The RV service manager is Kirk Ault; his direct line is 623-907-6642. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay DP (Cat 350)
  12. Dometic NDR 1292 Not Cooling

    Turns out I had a senior moment and parked the MH in our gently sloped driveway "after" I had let the battery voltage drop rather low. After 24 hours (and an awkward visit by my mobile RV tech Jim) the unit started cooling again. Although I had parked this way before when getting ready for a trip, Jim said the age of the cooling unit contributed to a likely temp blockage which eventually freed up. Lesson learned - even with "newer" RV absorption frig's, keep 'em level. Hank SKP67414 2005 Mandalay DP In Lusk WY On the Road to Arizona
  13. I have display lights and unit works on both gas and electric. Cooling unit is not blown (I have had 2 blow out and know the symptoms). I did accidently run the batteries down to at least 11.4 yesterday while having service. I am running generator now for batteries and have frig on gas (was told gas works faster..?). I will check freezer in a couple hours for signs of cooling.I have one of those ARP units which is on and seems OK. I checked the only frig fuse I could reach and it is OK. The MH is on a slight incline (2-3 degrees) in driveway, but that has not been a problem before.Would low voltage cause the cooling unit to go off line? Should I expect to see some signs of cooling in freezer in a couple hours?Supposed to travel today and need frig to keep insulin and other essential stuff.Any thoughts appreciated. Hank Whitney SKP 67414 At Home in Custer SD 443-799-0045
  14. I just got my renewal from Progressive and they raised me 15% overall on my "fulltimers" policy, quite a jump. Most of that is Comprehensive due to an increase in claims (they say). I put fulltimers in quotes because I kept my "fulltimers" coverage when we bought a house in 2010 in SD after some haggling with a couple supervisors. I wanted to keep my Full Replacement Value; they agreed since I was already a policyholder; I pay most of a FT premium and get all the FT coverage except the FT Personal Liability Coverage. I pay 30-40% more year but have the assurance of a Full Original Purchase Price (almost as good as Full Replacement Value). And Progressive does have a "disappearing deductible" on Comprehensive and Collision. Hank SKP 67414 Custer SD
  15. Changes to TRICARE Standard

    Just read an article in one of my military magazines about changes to TRICARE Standard as of Jan 1, 2018. I am on TRICARE for Life, but know of lots of folks who use Standard. It talks about enrollment and, starting Jan 1, 2020, an annual premium like TRICARE Prime starting at $150 for individuals and $300 for families. This change was in the FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. Hank SKP 67414 2005 Mandalay Currently home in Custer SD