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  1. Thanks Dave and Ken. I'll call Livingston after the holidays to see what they have to say.
  2. Hello all...been awhile since I have posted. We have been buying and selling homes and property, had three knee surgeries (one replacement) etc...just a very busy 2015. At any rate, I have a couple of questions related to this topic: 1) Can you take your written test at one location (closer to home) and then take the road test at another location e.g. Livingston? 2) Is there a maximum amount of time between when you take the written exam and when you need to complete the road test? I read on a tractor forum where several people told a guy who plans to buy a 14,000 lb. trailer in the Spring to take his test now to get it knocked out. There was no mention of 30, 60, 90, 120, etc. days before the written test had to be retaken. Thanks all! Merry Christmas!
  3. "Willy Mammoth" - Volvo 730 RV Hauler Build

    I was thinking the same thing...damn those look nice!
  4. CLASS OF 2016

    Hi, Congrats on your decision to go full-timing and your choice of rig. We have debated a toy hauler to act as a workshop and storage area for our recumbents but have decided (for now) that we don't want to give up that much living space. Look forward to hearing how it and your new lifestyle works out. Good luck!
  5. We are off the road for a spell....

    Sorry to hear that...finding the time or place to ride your recumbents?
  6. What is your 5er?

    With the variety of trailers it would be interesting to know how many of you are full-timers, part-timers, etc.
  7. It also is the market, the price range, neighborhood, schools, etc. No two of our home sales were similar so, as they say, YMMV!
  8. A Very true! We had a house on the market for more than a hundred days. We finally got an offer and sailed through to closing with no issues. Once the papers were signed, checks handed over, etc. I asked the new lady of the house what it was that made them want our house out of dozens of others they looked at. She said when she smelled the jasmine that we had growing up and over the front picture window she instantly had a flash back to her youth and knew she wanted the house before the realtor even got the key out of the lock box. Two three-year old plants that I'm sure we're Home Depot specials was all it took...go figure.
  9. We have made many military moves with associated sales of our homes and we have always been told the same thing. Buyers need to get a sense that their stuff will fit in the house (hard to visualize when it is stuffed with all your stuff) but they also like to see nice things that accent the house...or so we have constantly been told.
  10. Where is Apple headed?

    To your benefit but a loss to millions of others folks...but I assume you said that in jest so I will follow with a
  11. Where is Apple headed?

    I mean to not insult you, quite the opposite. However, this reminds me of a Doonesbury (if memory serves) cartoon from many years ago where two people are asked to rate a song they just heard in an obvious parody of American Bandstand. The first person gives the musical equivalent of your answer above, knowledgable and very detailed. The second person, call him Larry, could only muster up "it has a good beat and is easy to dance to"!
  12. Class of 2017

    Welcome to the class and good luck with your RV shopping. As we haven't bought our rig yet I'll defer to others as to the best time to purchase.
  13. First pull with 2015 VNL 730

    And what you have is nothing to sneeze at!
  14. First pull with 2015 VNL 730

    I have actually talked to Gregg about this but it probably won't happen. If we decide to go the Volvo/fiver route we will want a Smart Car hauler.