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  1. I have decided after being with Direct TV since 2000 to switch to Dish. I need to know if I can just buy the wally and use with my old dish or buy a new one. I know how to switch the carryout over to Dish. but since my carryout uses external 12v power will it work with the wally?
  2. I had the same problem on a keystone outback. Specs from Lippert was minimum 7" when hooked up. I towed it about 12000 miles over 4 yrs had know problem. Did drag a couple times but no damage
  3. Thanks Ray, I've had extended service contracts before but never with wholesale warranties. Their price was lower than what I had paid before and when this happens it makes you wonder is this real?
  4. Does anyone have experience with a Company called wholesale warranties they are backed by Lyndon Southern Ins. Co. They seem to have a good policy.
  5. SOD

    Open Range 3X

    Has Highland Ridge quit making the 3X? It's been dropped from their web site
  6. Since I already have the lifetime pass is it still good Dave
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