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  1. rickeieio

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    Count us in too. We made it to the first one in Crossville, and hope to make them from now on...... And yes, we made some friends that first year, whom we continue to see around the country.
  2. rickeieio

    Long units

    Doesn't AZ allow 3 x 45' trailers?
  3. rickeieio

    Close to getting an HDT

    I believe that truck has been here before. Never met the folks, but their screen name was something like Margie and the Chef?
  4. rickeieio

    Air Hitch leveling valve?

    Dang Henry, I had to read that three times before I realized you really meant what you wrote, but my eyes were reading "several thousand psi". Duh......
  5. rickeieio

    Direct LInk - Emergency Stop

    Cruise on an HDT is like magic. It keeps the speed under control nicely, just like going up the hill. If anything, I feel it's safer to leave it on while descending. I've yet to need to touch the brakes going down a hill in the lower 48, but I've not traveled much in the east.
  6. rickeieio

    Indiana sighting

    My bride spotted a white truck with a white or silver smart riding side saddle, pulling a large 5er on US 50 in Aurora, Indiana today. Anyone here?
  7. rickeieio

    Hi everyone brand new here!!

    Just a thought...... If one where to find a short flat bed, say 8', and mount it sideways, it might offer some possibilities. These are usually on srw trucks, so likely only 7' wide. Retired state or county highway trucks come to mind.
  8. rickeieio

    Took Parents for a ride this weekend in the 780

    You're nothing but a juvenile delinquent, as long as your father is alive........ Told to me, in front of Dad, by a 90+ y/o guy.
  9. rickeieio

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Meandering away from topic, but you know it's usually easier to remove the bed than to drop the tank? S-I-L was going to cut an access hole in the bed, until I pointed out that the bed was held on by 6 bolts............
  10. rickeieio

    Tampa RV show onsite parking

    We're thinking of doing the same this year.
  11. rickeieio

    DPF Cleaning Results

    That's not the manly way. Just yesterday, I suggested to son-in-law that he look in the manual to see how to turn off annoying sounds and horn beeps. He looked at me like I'm crazy. Which I may be......
  12. rickeieio

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    A friend (John Doak), used to be the "D" in K-D Tools. One evening at a motorcycle rally, he related that the Chinese are thrilled when someone asks them to produce a quality product. And he should have known...... Unfortunately, most Americans seem to have fallen into the Wal-Mart mentality.
  13. rickeieio

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Yes, I have some Indestro tools. The auto parts shop we used to use seemed to switch brands yearly. They'd always proclaim whatever was displayed as "The Best" and " Lifetime Warranty." But if you brought in a broken "best" from a couple years prior, you were S.O.L In 1972, I bought a 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" drive socket sets from S-K. Also that day, I bought sets of combination, open end, and box wrenches, assorted pliers, chisels, screw drivers, etc. The wrenches have been great. All else was mediocre, at best. I still have most of it, and used some this morning, working on the harvester.
  14. rickeieio

    Leveling help?

    We're old school. Level side x side with wood scraps before unhooking. Not a big deal if you forget to pick them up.
  15. rickeieio

    Fraternal Organizations

    We're considering joining a fraternal organization, partially to enable us to utilize camping facilities as we travel. There are many from which to choose, and in some parts of the country some seem more prevalent. I welcome input as to what organizations are more widely located, and what they offer. Near me, the Moose seem to be our only option. I know there are many others.
  16. rickeieio

    Damnphool ideas

    There's some good riding on Cape Breton. Along the coast, you can whale watch without getting off the bike. And the seafood up there is amazing.
  17. rickeieio

    How the HDT forum saved me a Bundle

    Jeff, it's good to hear from you. Good luck with harvest. We may start tomorrow.
  18. rickeieio

    Fraternal Organizations

    Thanks to all who've responded. I was leaning towards Elks, and your collective wisdom, and experiences, is nudging me even further. I just wish there was a lodge near me.
  19. rickeieio

    LDT weigh ins with travel trailer - HDT immanent

    I'll echo Rocky's comments. I'm running the same system as he, BluDot. We first got serious about looking into towing with a larger truck while going down Monarch Pass in Colorado. We had a 14k# fiver towed by a F-350. I was fiddling with the brake controller and tapping the brakes as we descended the pass. Memories of going down Wolf Creek with a pop-up and no brakes flashed through my cranium...... My DW asked if everything was okay, and I explained that if anything went wrong, we would be going home in a body bag. We have experienced several brake failures since switching to the HDT. Broken wire under the trailer, bad ground in a junction box, and total controller failure. All were non-events, because we had ample truck. There's no going back........
  20. rickeieio

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Since we're so far off topic anyways....this IS a HDT forum...... I once (late '70s) had the chance to buy a large lot of Stanley tools from a feed store who decided to discontinue them. Half a pick-up load, including the display racks. I loaded all my tractor tool boxes, kept back breaker bars, extensions, and such, and still had enough to get all my money back from a neighbor for the remaining items. To this day, I have yet to damage one of those cheap wrenches. Problem is, now most of my machinery is metric.
  21. rickeieio

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    My view is that when I'm working out in the field, and need to repair a machine NOW, before that storm gets here, a life time warranty is worthless. I want a tool that won't fail, thus no warranty goes into play. There's nothing worse than to have a poorly fitting socket round of a nut, or crack, out in the middle of nowhere. That said, there are many options between Snap-On and HF, some of them very good. While many impact sockets are robust, they're also thick, not allowing them into tight places. Or, they have a large lip before the "flats" start, so they don't fully engage the fastener, rounding off heads.
  22. rickeieio

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    Must be small lakes or you can cast really far........
  23. rickeieio

    New road sign

    A wise man once said: "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck...." I do as I'm expected, looking like a truck, even though I am registered as a M/H. Having a lengthy roadside conversation with a person in uniform is seldom productive, even though I may be right.
  24. rickeieio

    Finally Complete

  25. rickeieio

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    You gotta use the proper lubricant. Notice the jar with the red lube, compliments of JB Morgan... That's him behind the hood. BTW, those are marischino cherries in the bottom of the jar........ That jar now resides on my work bench.