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  1. My Build

    Those are like the ones I stock. I gave up on the stamped copper ends a long time ago. The battery cables on the tractors get bad eventually. I've cut many apart to find the wire has corroded beyond use. New ends won't cure a bad cable.
  2. My Build

    I've been soldering on cable ends for years, and have yet to have a failure. I'm not advocating soldering lighter wire, but on 1/0 and bigger, with the proper ends, solder works well. All the factory ends on my John Deeres were soldered, and when one fails, it's from corrosion, not breakage. Most have lasted 30-40 years before replacement.
  3. Smart car width for deck planning

    I give up. I've been trying to find the drawing Henry posted showing the arc of the front cap of a fiver during a turn. Some times the closest point isn't at 90 degrees.
  4. Smart car width for deck planning

    Do yourself a favor and take a measurement with the rig at 45 degrees. You might be in for a surprise. It's all been discussed here in the past year.
  5. Debit card compromised

    Have you ever thought of what would happen if the internet crashes? I always have enough cash on hand to carry me through some rough spots. I used to keep $1/mile for the distance we wondered from home. Now, with inflation and the complexity of our rigs, I question that. I don't mind putting cash back in the bank when we get home.
  6. Insurance

    We had a discussion with our insurance guy, and our accountant, about liability insurance limits. It seems the norm is a $1m umbrella. But, what if that worries you? Perhaps you've been fortunate enough to be worth more? Would not the person who's coming after you aim higher? Should I carry a $2m umbrella? More? In the end, we decided most lawyers will go after the low hanging fruit, and that's usually the common $1m. And replacement values........If you have an older unit, like many of we part timers do, replacement, while a concern, isn't a disaster. I can live with NADA values in exchange for lower premiums. Until I have a claim....
  7. Thinking about anti freeze

    Oh the colors...... Just today, grandson and I were servicing his mom's car. While the hood was up, I "helped" him check some things. The coolant level was low, not even showing in the overflow tank. I had him check the owner's manual, and it sez to use "Motorcraft" orange anti-freeze. So, I had him google it. I had red, purple, green, and yellow in stock, but no orange. Fortunately, I have a jug of Dex-cool at the house for the vette, so we'll top off with that. Yes, it's the same.
  8. south Dakota insurance

    Agreed. I asked point blank about certain items, of both Miller and Lazy Days. Miller claimed the restrictions applied to all four companies they represent. Of course that's highly unlikely, but after two tries, I decided to go no further with them. I suspect the person with which i was speaking didn't want to admit an error in the first quote. YMMV.
  9. south Dakota insurance

    Do a search here and you'll find lots of opinions, and experiences. We're happy with Progressive, through Lazy Days RV in Tampa FL. I recently tried Miller in Oregon and their restrictions were unacceptable, though the rates were attractive.
  10. Thank You, Big5er

    I used a binder that had a clear sleeve as the front cover. Printed a brief description and VIN of truck/fiver. so it's obvious to the officer what's inside. One page is registrations, one is insurance cards, and one is the state statutes that apply to us. Maybe I should start a section in the back to file warning citations.......

    Looks like Carl and Donna are holding court. Dang, I wish we were there.
  12. Parking on an incline

    The symptoms don't make sense. If the pump isn't picking up oil, it wouldn't fire up that quickly just by rolling to level ground. It would still take a bit for the pump to prime, if indeed it had sucked air. And as mentioned previously, a 6-10 degree grade in a campground would be pretty unusual. There has to be something else.......
  13. Parking on an incline

    It sounds like perhaps your pressure sensor is failing. Has it happened other times, on level ground?
  14. Parking on an incline

    aka "Delco Hill".
  15. Filter and more Filters today.

    You just never know....... I can buy the primary air filters for my Deeres at the dealer for less than half what NAPA charges. Never tried on line.