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  1. rickeieio


    From Longhorn Ranch to Moran Junction, in Teton NP is 58 miles, no turns. Little to no traffic.
  2. rickeieio


    Carl, Longhorn RV in Dubois, WY can easily handle us. We stayed there for 4 days, then moved to Grizzly in West Yellowstone, for another 4 days. From there, we moved to yellowstone's edge, between the park and Livingston, MT. All were fine for our rig (65'), but our favorites were Longhorn and Yellowstone's Edge. Please consider spending more than a day in the Tetons, and a week around Yellowstone would not be enough. Lamar Valley and Beartooth Pass are particularly spectacular.
  3. rickeieio

    Tampa RV show with HDT

    We were there, saw Jim and Wilma's rig, and likely Star Dreamer's truck, but no others. We'll be back on Friday, hope to meet up with some of you.
  4. rickeieio

    Sold HDT and toy hauler

    Bob, some of us have missed you, along some others who've been quiet lately. I, for one, enjoy reading others points of view, whether I agree or not. Welcome back.
  5. rickeieio

    Older HDT and 5r for Sale

    Congratulations Jeff. I hope you'll still check in occasionally.
  6. rickeieio

    Hitch Leveling Valve for TSLB

    Time wasn't a factor. A big bump could initiate more travel (degrees of rotation) than the valve could handle, allowing the arm to go over center. Making the arm longer reduced degrees of travel. I am on my iPad, thus can't pull up a picture of my valve, but it's been posted here a couple of times.
  7. rickeieio

    Hitch Leveling Valve for TSLB

    I did the same several years ago. First trip out, I discovered that big bumps can cause more hitch travel than the valve can handle in that location. I ruined two valves before correcting it. My rather cobby solution was to lengthen the valve arm by double it's stock length.
  8. rickeieio

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    We're in Polk City, FL, at the LeLynn RV park, visiting family and waiting for the RV show in Tampa.
  9. rickeieio

    Road Conditions

    Ran I-65 from Louisville to just into Alabama today. Hit a bad stretch just south of Louisville for about 20 miles. Paul, can you get that fixed? It's from your house to E-town.
  10. rickeieio


    You may have just changed my mind......
  11. rickeieio


    Looks like going straight through will be our plan. We're only a few miles west of I-75 at cincy, so i_65 would be a good bit further. We're planning on going to the rv show at least two days, but don't know which days yet.
  12. rickeieio

    Cab Air Bags on Volvo

    Carl, Don't sweat it. With a little pre-soak as others advise, it's not too bad. Susan did the bulk of the work when we changed ours, until I jacked up the truck so I could get under there too. I also cut out a panel in our headache rack, as we have no drom. Vern is right, that cross member can rust out. Had ours repaired in Alaska.
  13. rickeieio


    I'm thinking if we stay in Adairsville, GA the first night out, we can hit Atlanta about 10:00a. Perhaps it would be less stressful to use 285 to the west.
  14. rickeieio


    In a few days, we'll be heading south, hopefully to the Tampa RV show. The shortest way from here to there, is through Atlanta,GA. However, it may not be much further to take I-65 and then head south-east. We're starting fro the west side of Cincinnati, so what say you-all? Go through Atlanta? Go around? Avoid it entirely? I've driven through many times, and usually try to do it after 9:00p or on a Sunday morning. This trip, those are not options.
  15. rickeieio

    Trailer project

    Pretty cool Charlie. How long until that little Dodge has a Peterbilt grill and he's hauling a Bronco?