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  1. Electrical question,

    Just got off the phone with the repair shop. They found a line in El Paso. Over $500. But at least it's on the way.
  2. Electrical question,

    Thanks forxlr8n. I'm hopefully they found something after I left yesterday.
  3. Skirting Houston

    Dave, he already has a for real adopted son, and you're in line behind me. We had supper at their house tonight, and he opened one of several gun safes. Oh my. He has some very interesting and historical pieces. A 1917 Russian pistol, a German Nazi SI knife with the engraving in nice condition, etc. just got word an a/c repair piece may have turned up. We might be able to roll out of here Thursday.
  4. Electrical question,

    This question was asked because the power outlet and a/c quit about the same time. Welllllll, we found the issue with the a/c, a leaky Schroeder valve on the high pressure line. Simple fix, no? No. Unscrew it, and it won't come out. Gotta replace the line. Volvo specific piece, none to be found in these parts. Order from warehouse (where house?), 3-5 day delivery. Looks we'll meander around Conroe area for a bit.
  5. Electrical question,

    Is the power outlet ( aka cigar lighter) on the dash of my Volvo powered by the same circuit as the a/c?
  6. Why I prefer having my peterbilt

    Hey, not even, I see what you meant about the thread degrading...........
  7. Skirting Houston

    We're sitting a few miles north of Houston, in Montgomery, Tx. We detoured to visit with some motorcycle friends. It seems a bit ironic, that a few days ago, we ducked into a park to avoid an ice storm, and tomorrow I'm going to search out a truck repair shop to fix the a/c. We just had it serviced in late October, but today it failed to keep us comfy. with a little luck, they'll get in early enough so I can go to my buddy's house and shoot machine guns.
  8. Welcome, Don. Do you have plans to integrate an air ride hitch along with your commercial hitch, or will you just use the standard fifth plate?
  9. Why I prefer having my peterbilt

    I remember seeing an article once that mentioned that federal guidelines for traffic signals was a 6 second yellow. That would prevent a lot of accidents.
  10. Skirting Houston

    Currently, our plans are cast in jello. We're going to run up to Lake Conroe KOA Sunday, and visit with an old motorcycle friend. Then likely pull out of there Monday morning and meander down towards I-10 and west. Exile, your offer is generous. We'll see how things go tomorrow (Sunday). Big 5er called and was very helpful. I think we're gonna try and hook up with him on the return run.
  11. Why I prefer having my peterbilt

    Only the body is aluminum. The ads clearly state the frames are "high strength steel". Been driving one 2 1/2 years. Love it.
  12. Skirting Houston

    Thanks Tom. We may be swinging north to visit a friend in Montgomery too.
  13. Skirting Houston

    It looks like we'll be going through Houston Sunday on I-10. Would anyone have any words of wisdom as to alternate routes or LEO's to look out for? Seriously, we're looking to stay on the west side of town for a night, so a park recommendation would help. And I might even have enough loose change to finance some Dr. Pepper. Phil, if you'll be available, call me at 513.284.6927. Leave a message and I'll call you right back.
  14. HDT air leaks

    I use a spritz of silicone spray lube. It just makes it slip together easier.
  15. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Our plans are loose. We're enjoying poking around here in the heart of Cajun country. We'll likely head over to Big Bend for a week or so, then to Rusty's RV Ranch in NM for a bit. Rumor has it that North Ranch may be crowded in February?