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  1. rickeieio

    Fuel issues

    Yep, I replaced the check valve first, but it was the o-ring that finally cured it. I was carrying a siphon hose and gallon jug in the cab for a while. What a pain..........
  2. Glad you made it. And never stop embarrassing your kids.😉
  3. Hmmm, Jeff said it was a front, but it's in a dark plaxtic bag, and I haven't piqued, er, peaked, uh, looked. There's just one. But for the right price, I can throw in a whole spare car. It looks like we're upgrading soon.😁
  4. rickeieio

    Fuel issues

    Had the same symtoms on my Mack. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, it was the o-ring on the filler cap of the Davco. Too simple.
  5. rickeieio

    New impact

    I wonder how many of these will be on display at the ECR?
  6. rickeieio

    No starting

    Isn't that money laundering?
  7. I picked up a set from the local Mack dealer for $6/ea.
  8. rickeieio

    No starting

    Yes, check the voltage at BOTH ends of the cables while the switch is in the "start" position. Cables deteriorate, as stated above. I have had to replace cables on older farm tractors when they appeared fine, and tested fine while no load. Cutting them open revealed internal corrosion.
  9. Sheesh! What a rough crowd! We never made it to any buffets, but we did some real damage to the spaghetti and meat sauce, and home made garlic bread. We went out to breakfast once too, but it was just a three course thing........😉
  10. It's always a fun time when you visit. We too, are looking forward to the next time. But I'm trying to figure out how I gained ten pounds in the short time you were here.😮
  11. rickeieio

    Tinker Week?

    Now that we have that "squirrel" safely out of the way, back to the original thread................. For the "Tinker Session", I neglected to mention that I will have a shoot'n range at the shop, suitable for handguns. Just regular pistols, not some fancy thing with a scope and a 9" barrel. That's a couple miles away, and can handle long guns as well. Of course, bb guns are the most fun, and the targets last longer.
  12. Just be aware that while you may be a hobby racer in the eyes of the IRS, DOT runs by a different set of rules. If your car or trailer is owned by a business, or you have sponsors, or win prizes, you're commercial. When we first bought our rig, my business owned the truck/motorhome. My accountant said sure, lots of companies own a motorhome for their executives. But, then it's registered under the company name, making ti commercial in the eyes of DOT. I bought it from the company, at a loss of course. Good luck. And welcome.👍
  13. rickeieio

    Tinker Week?

    Way cheaper than I would have thought. You must be living right.
  14. I'm in really good shape. Round is a shape, isn't it?
  15. Referring to the spread between axles, or overall length, for a given weight, to make sure the load isn't concentrated on to short a span on the bridge. In my case, my feet are too small for the gross load. In other words, I'm short for my weight.😉
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