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  1. True. Evaporation is what makes yout a/c work......... and keeps the ice box.....iceeeeee.
  2. rickeieio

    Rough roads

    Phone number on the truck indicates NW Oregon. Looks like a double wide office trailer, and they tried to move both halves while still attached.
  3. rickeieio

    Rough roads

    So, Darryl, where was that? Up your way?
  4. Kevin, I'm guessing the line you colored green is the culprit? If so, the line may only be bad in the area where it's along the brace/support angle. In that case, you might consider cutting out the rusted section and replace it with high quality hose and good clamps. Don't go to Auto-Zone.
  5. Yeah, that spindrift guy knows a bit about Cummins.............😜
  6. rickeieio

    Air leak help

    No apology needed. She lived hard and fast, and it caught up wityh her. At 68, shes done. Drugs and poor life choices........... But she'd be happy to tag along on your next adventure.🤣
  7. Or that magic thing hooked to the pedal, Potentiameter? (sp?) Sounds like an electrical problem.
  8. There's just somethign wrong about a wiener dog named Willy. I like it though.👍
  9. rickeieio

    Air leak help

    One, but she's in a nursing home and lonely for a man. Are you volunteering to cheer her up?
  10. rickeieio

    Air leak help

    Yup, she has other endearing qualities as well. For instance, she buys me motorcycles.......😉
  11. rickeieio

    Tinker Week?

    Since I'm the only one left, I had to work on my own truck, with Mrs. EIEIO helping........ I decided it was time for a fuel filter change. Only about 20k miles, but the dome was pretty full. I carry a spare filter, so popped it in. Holy cow, there was a lot of sand and grit in the big black "nut" that secures the bowl. I scraped and blew it out with compressed air first, but still had lots. Thoroughly washed everything over at the solvent tank, dried it off and started putting it back together. But the new filter didn't seem to be too anxious about slipping into place. Hmmm........ The last time the filter was changed, at a "Genuine Cummins" shop, the "Tech" failed to remove the old sealing donut under the filter, and dropped another on top. Two ain't always better. Oddly enough, the new filter, a Luber Finer, did not come with a new donut.
  12. rickeieio

    Air leak help

    Since we're talking "air", today I serviced my air drier. Meritor 1200 w/ spin-on canister. Thank heavens Mrs. EIEIO was there to help. She pre-assembled the parts stack in the "spitter", and helped push the whole thing up in the base so I could install the snap ring. It would be a piece of cake on the bench, but upside down gets tiring.
  13. rickeieio

    Recent guest

    Way cool. Is there a walk through from the cab to the LQ?
  14. rickeieio

    Tinker Week?

    I have one of those, but it won't handle the bigger sizes. Very handy when you're doing a lot of ties. This was an old, non factory tie, likely cut off with a wire cutter. Silly me for not noticing it the first time. I trimmed it with my knife, after I saw the red spots on the floor. Vern, You get it here, and we'll make it work like new.
  15. rickeieio

    Purchasing Fuel

    Likely not, because individually, we don't use that much fuel. Some time back, there was a survey done, and we averaged less than 10k miles/yr. To them, we're small potatoes. But, it might be worth a shot.
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