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  1. rickeieio


    I'd forgotten how good that truck looks. Wow.👍
  2. rickeieio

    Looking for guidance...Registration/Insurance in NJ

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I suggest you spend some time poking around the Resource Guide. Look at the top of the forum page ......A wealth of information, thanks to Mr. Bruss.
  3. rickeieio

    Majority RV & Retirement

    VT, you have time. Travel and explore. Don't assume a particular state is one topography. For instance, Texas has been mentioned several times here. Did you know there are mountains in Texas? I don't mean mountains like those little bumps in the Smokies, but peaks near 8,000'. On the other extreme, there are swamps, complete with gators, and land so flat that if your dog runs away, you can still see him 3 days later. Last year, we visited Arizona for the first time. Again, I was amazed. It's not all sand and cactus, but has beautiful pine forests and mountain terrain, grass lands, etc.
  4. rickeieio

    Ground hog lied

    Retirement means I can sit in Texas, or anywhere else, and pull up the weather back home. Our daughter says our shop is now "waterfront property."
  5. rickeieio

    Bling for my truck

    One night in North Dakota, I told my bride "I'd give $1000 for a good set of headlights now." A year later, I got a set from David. Best upgrade I made on this truck. I can't speak to the longevity though, as I rarely run at night. But when I do, I'm happy for those lights.
  6. rickeieio


    If you like the unit, you might be wise to not get the insurance company involved. Especially if you have a high deductible.
  7. rickeieio

    Ground hog lied

    Bandera TX, and we had sleet today. Sucky motorcycle weather. Better than back home, where most of our farm is under water. Some places 20' deep.
  8. rickeieio

    Cummins N14 thermostat replacement

    We've always used white lithium. It's made by Lubri-Plate....... Might be the same stuff link by Tom.
  9. rickeieio

    Hill Country and Motorcycles

    We're moving to Bandera in a couple days, staying at Twin Elms just outside town. We have our motorcycles with us, and would like to catch up with other htdt'ers who also ride. We'll be there until 2/16.
  10. rickeieio

    VIN specific parts #s

    Carl, You might call your dealer and give them a shot at bidding on the entire package. They might surprise you, and you might earn a friend behind the parts counter.
  11. rickeieio

    DW been on Chromeworld website

    I guess I'm lucky, my bride like power tools. She's happy with a new Milwaukee impact wrench.
  12. rickeieio

    Unloading front axel?

    I was having a similar thought. This truck would likely have the observed 11k (perhaps 12k)on the steer when loaded, and 34 on the tandem so a ratio of 1/3 on the steer. The observed weight now, without a vehicle on board is 1/2 on the steer. Looks good from here.
  13. rickeieio

    Unloading front axel?

    After a good nights sleep, but before my coffee, I'll suggest that the actual weight isn't nearly as important as the ratio of front/rear weight. If you're still tandem, as the original poster asked about, the balance, or ratio combined with the distance from center of drives to steer axle, is far more important than the simple weight of said steer. A 7k front weight might be plenty if you have a very long wheelbase and/or light weights on the drives.
  14. rickeieio

    Volvo Radiator Drain Hose

    Looking at hoses is good, but don't forget to look at the metal lines as well. We had one fail last year, right where a mounting tab was welded on. I've since replaced every steel line on the coolant system, as well as the flexible lines.
  15. rickeieio

    Unloading front axel?

    I've unloaded the steer axle on my work truck by shifting the commercial hitch too far rearward. It made for an exciting moment when I was trying to turn into the elevator on a wet road, over RR tracks. That said, in our applications, I doubt unloading to the point of being unsafe is possible with a tandem, unless you bed overhang is REALLY long. I don't think I'd want less than about 9k on the steer,because that tandem is going to want to go straight. The longer your wheelbase, the less steer weight you'll need to to overcome the drivers in a turn. How's that for a long winded way of saying, "Just depends?"