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  1. I put my diesel tank in a cement block building with a camoflauged access door. No electricity to that building either. Minor inconvenience to run an extension cord when I needed fuel. As to the comment about fairings around the tank, a thief could easily drill a 3/4" hole next to the fill port and drop in a suction line. A sticker next to the fill port saying "SMILE" might do more than a locking cap......😁
  2. See my response in another thread.....
  3. I already have two plugs, so I gotcha covered. I'll meet up with ya somewhere....... After ECR, we'rte going to Parkers Crossroads RV between Nashville and Memphis. We'll be there nearly a week, and exploring the Natchez Trace. Will you be on our path? After that, we'll head home (west side Cincinnati) for a while.
  4. Bob, Perhaps you could make it to the Tinker Weekend in June. It's always more fun to work on someone elses stuff.
  5. Will the collet turn? If so, a bit of slick'm of your favorite flavor might help ease it out. You did take the line out first? I know, dumb question, but I've done worse.
  6. Yup, this forum and the inhhabitants are great. Bob stopped by and we had a brief, but nice, visit. He graciously "donated" the pin tripod. Now I have to figure out how to repay him. Maybe next time he'll stop long enough for me to take them out for supper. 😁
  7. Cordless drill = new hole. Locks just keep the honest people out.
  8. I knew a guy who had a fleet of trucks. Was having issues with fuel theft. Thieves were cutting air lines to use for siphon hoses. He bought a bunch of cheap garden hoses, cut them into 5-6 foot pieces, and draped a piece over each truck tank. Losses stopped. Thieves must have figured he was watching........
  9. rickeieio

    Fuel issues

    My supplier did just that. When the snake oil salesmen woukd stop by, wanting to sell me fuel additives, I'd tell them my fuel was like Prego, "It's in there." In 45 years of having too many diesels sitting around, (6 at the moment), often for months with a partial tank, I've only had two instances of algae. It's a nuisance, but so is treating fuel often. Pick your poison.
  10. Is this true for motorhomes too? Perhaps we're splitting hairs........... And those who know me, know I have none to spare.
  11. Bob, Sounds good. I'll be there. If you have time, I'll buy you lunch.
  12. Well, most of the farm is in Ohio, we live in Indiana, can see Kentucky from here, and we don't give a hoot about sports. But, I do have a nice assortment of fermented barley pop, and some other brews as well. Not to mention a modest humidor............ Indian Springs is about three miles from our house, about the same from the farm. If you can swing through, my cell is 513.284.6927 It will go straight to voice mail, and if you leave a message, I'll call ya back.
  13. The problem with old school engines is that they're in an old school truck, meaning creature comforts are not what they could be. Compromises........ For a weekend unit, I'd be all over the old school, but for extended travel, little things like delay wipers, heated seats, quiet cab, all add up.
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