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  1. rickeieio

    Heated Tire

    X2. Is the damaged wheel good enough to be a spare? Does your spare match the other wheels? Good luck.
  2. rickeieio


    I'd be interested in 8 drive tires and a polish.
  3. rickeieio


    Well, I'm proposing buying tires and having the polishing done at that time. Does anyone know if there's a good tire shop in the Hutch area?
  4. rickeieio


    As we were installing Crossfires today, I mentioned to Susan that sometime in the not too distant future, we'll need to put new shoes on the rear of the POPEMOBILE. It would make sense to polish the wheels while everything's apart. It would make even more sense, if several of us could have this done at the HDT rally in October, and perhaps cut a group deal. Any ideas out there?
  5. Why not? Laxatves can contribute to weight loss.........
  6. Give some retired DOT officer a few minutes and he'd have it permanently out of service........ Even a dumb old retired farmer can spot a host of violations.
  7. We're 70'. 43' of that is trailer. We rarely have an issue in campgrounds, and have never had to leave a park, always fit it in. That said, I've had a couple of "challenging" spots. It's fun when all the neighbors stand and point, knowing it'll take a while, and you nail it first time. Rule #1, never screw up in front of an audience. 😁 Seriously, while the wheelbases and geometry is different from a dually, it'll do pretty much the same thing, in the same space, with a little practice.
  8. Only 507#? Holy smokes! We bust that number every time we get in it. Susan's gonna have to get a smaller purse....................🤔
  9. Nahhh,, just register the smart as a mh, and keeo it under 65' oal.😜
  10. rickeieio

    Polishing Tanks?

    Some time back, broncohauler did a post on polishing tanks and other things. He mentioned wheels, sandaper grits, and polishing compounds., A search might get you something.
  11. Vern, I have one word for you...........sulkey.
  12. rickeieio

    Kodiak Brakes

    Pretty good deduction there Dave. I would have to say that's the likely scenario. On another note, keep in mind that Loctite uses the same colors for different strengths of thread locker. Just saying "red" can mean very different things........ For example, red 242 and red 271 are very different things.
  13. In Ohio and Indiana, the length is limited by the fact that an rv is part of the equation. Doesn't matter what the non-commercial tow vehicle might be, 65' for rv's regardless of what else is hooked up. All bets are off if the total rig is running under commercial regs.
  14. I've had new tires shake......that's what comes to mind. There's not much else in the system, no drive shaft or such. How many miles?
  15. Just about any Cummins found in our trucks has had an ag equivalent. Deere uses the ISX at around 650 ponies, but painted green and "Made in China" on the side of the block. I had a Versatile Bi-Directional w/ a 4 cyl. B Cummins. (noteven, I know what you folks call that tractor)
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