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  1. Benny G. First thing, a Mack Pinnacle is listed as a class 8 truck, or hdt. You might find a factory single axle, but it's still a big truck. I have a both a Volvo for pulling the camper and a Mack CH for hauling grain. Neither is well suited to do the other's job. Both are older, and In my case, it's not much more expensive to have separate trucks. That said, there are several folks who stop in over on the HDT side that are doing what you propose.
  2. Yup, and as related in the article linked above, 105 of them have reported cases. Hardly "virtually all". Not saying it can't happen, but mis-information tends to fuel panic, thus irrational decisions. Chill.
  3. David, I'll do it, just for you. In fact, I'll pour the rest of the bottle on your grave. Mind I filter it first?
  4. A dusty old bandana was good enough for John Wayne. He weren't afraid of no stinking virus. Oh, wait. He's dead. Seriously, if the virus is ~.1 micron, and the filter is .3 or so, most of the target will still get trapped. I'm not saying we shouldn't try to get all of those little rascals, but most is better than none. After all, no matter how hard we try, some will slip through the cracks. Darwin is doing his job here. I just hope it's not my turn......
  5. Well, actually it doesn't have to be the same. Your state of domicile could affect what they're selling. I doubt coverage, or prices, are the same for Indiana as they are for Texas. A long time insurance man told me that your credit rating also affects you pricing. My credit score is in the high 800's. There's more to it than most folks realize. But, given all that, and the fact that I gave Miller all the same info I gave Lazy Days, I got two very different quotes and restrictions. My premium is around $1,800/yr for just the truck and trailer, but I'm okay with that, given the lack of restrictions. Miller was about the same price, but with restrictions.
  6. We're still planning to be there. We're booked in for 4/15 - 4/28. Not saying things won't change,,,,,,
  7. I'll add to my reply above, Miller also said I could only pull the trailer which is also on the policy, while Lazy Days said any non-commercial trailer is fine, including moving a friends rv, so long as it's done without compensation.
  8. I've been google-ing "furnace filter hepa 1 micron" with no success. My thought was to fashion a simple shell or use a de-constructed motorcycle helmet, along with filter sheet to make a "box". More surface area= easier breathing. Some duct tape may be required.
  9. Hmmm, so, Carl, are you implying we need to use items on hand? No shopping or outside sourcing? Have you seen my shop?
  10. Swap out the filter for a hepa-1 and convert to run on a 12v battery. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecId=5749&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=CS209&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpfHzBRCiARIsAHHzyZqh-uUrOGdWxzsP8LcSu0opPkDewTD7dA7BDd19zTf92ZoqpHPtCHgaAqEYEALw_wcB That was too easy. NEXT..............😋
  11. I know of three CW within 60 miles of me which were family run and bought out over the past 5 years. The reputations of all three has dropped a bunch. In fact, we were at the CW just south of Indianapolis looking at a used Newmar like the one we now own, and after a horrible experience with a jerk of a sales person, were sitting in the truck talking about going to another dealer. An older gentleman stopped by and related that he'd bought several rv's from the former owners, but he would never be back because of the poor treatment he'd just received. We have GS roadside, and have tried to use it once, north of Destruction Bay, Yukon. My wife mistakenly said our semi truck/tow vehicle was broke down and that was the end of the conversation. They refuse to listen as she explained it was registered as a mh towing a fifth wheel. We found a mechanic who advised me where to get parts (240 miles away) , we fixed it ourselves and continued our trip.
  12. Problem is, back in the mid '90s, Mercedes found out about your dad, and stole his idea. We had a '95 MB pos. But back to the filter.....You mention a pump and such. What are you trying to do? Filter air coming into the home? If so, just use a shop-vac with the appropriate filter and a hose on the discharge side. Dump out the cat hair and dry wall dust first.
  13. I bet your property taxes went down a bit..... We live in a typical subdivision 1/4 acre lots. Some of our neighbors think we're rich because we own farm land. They don't have to write the tax checks......
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