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  1. Go to the HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) section of the forum. Near the top is a section titled "Heavy Haulers Resource Guide" or HHRG. In it you'll find all your answers. Every states statutes and rules, how-to articles, you name it, it's there. Many have gone before you. In most states it's a simple process. And if you really want to see other folks ways of accomplishing it, come to the National HDT rally in Hutchinson, Kansas in October. That too has a line near the top of the HDT forum. See ya there.
  2. Golly. If you go to the top of the "home" page on the forum, one of the topics, just posted in the past couple days, is a newspaper article about this same subject, with the same cast of characters.
  3. rickeieio

    Tire lifter

    Hey Charlie..... Did you change the tires your self? If so, I'll let you come help change mine too. I have a M-18 Fuel too, but mine's only 1/2". Yes, it's a beast, and heavy. I use a tire iron to lift/align the tires. I do the same with tractor tires. They can be pretty ornery sometimes.
  4. rickeieio

    Highway 50 Colorado

    Oh Rocky, you set me up to come back with so many things, but this is a family show...... Most likely, you've run the stretch in question too.
  5. rickeieio

    Highway 50 Colorado

    You'll be fine. The section in the Black Canyon, just east of Montrose is a bit twisty, and beautiful. I've followed cattle trucks through there often. I've taken every mile of US50 through Colorado with our rig. In fact, I've driven, and rode motorcycles, on every mile of US50 in all the states it goes through. It runs through our farm at the Ohio/Indiana line.
  6. And then there's the question of fenders. Few road tractors have them, and I'd consider them a "must have" for pulling an rv.
  7. Just a random thought...... Try plugging in your electric connection, apply the brake, then unplug the cord. If the pump still runs, something is back feeding the pump. I'd start by checking EVERY terminal in the plug, both male and female. Use a DVM set to ohms and see if there's a connection where there shouldn't be. A single strand of wire in a plug can do weird things.
  8. At 45', he certainly has air suspension, as mentioned above. Put safety stands under the frame, NOT the axles. Something as simple as a stack of 2x12 boards works well. Cut them about 19-20" long and stack them in alternating directions. Think "JENGA". Simple and secure.
  9. Just out of curiosity, I checked diesel prices at the 3 closest truck stops to me. All were about $2.60. Some stations were much higher ($2.99). close to the interstate. But, I filled our truck up yesterday for $1.93. No discount, no card, just fill 'er up. While I admit, I can't get our rig in that station hitched up, my point is, shop around. Often huge savings are lurking just down the road. Last spring, at Parkers Crossroads in Tenn., fuel was almost a dollar cheaper 2 miles away from I-40. We stayed there for 16 days, so filled up while out for groceries.
  10. Shooting from the hip here, but is almost sounds as if there's a relay somewhere in the circuit that's not releasing when you let off the pedal.
  11. rickeieio

    Parts manual?

    Any Volvo dealer should be able to look it up by your VIN.
  12. We spent a week last fall just up the road in Monticello. Lots to see around there, if you get off the main roads. Montezuma Canyon and Moki Dugway are not to be missed, and there's a few national monuments and state parks near there too.
  13. Well, I did a little more digging, and found you really can get well over 33k with a single axle. Fed regs allow 20k on a single axle, assuming all components are rated as such, including tire width limits. So, in theory, a single axle truck could be rated for 40k. I think a source of confusion is that normal size steer tires are only rated for an axle rating of about 12k, since there's no point in going heavier than that because of the limits for the combination of axles. But class 7 v. class 8 remains the same. I need more coffee........
  14. I couldn't help myself, I had to look it up....... Class 7 is 26,001 -33,000 pounds, class 8 is 33,001-80,000 pounds. I doubt you could get a single rear axle over 33k legally, and I don't see how, or why, a tandem would fall under 33k.
  15. We've replaced all three sky lights in our trailer. When removing the old ones, we found the screws had been over tightened and caused a stress crack, which migrated and leaked. We also found that when they caulked around the light, the caulk made a dam, or puddle, which guaranteed that if there were a crack, the water would find it's way inside. We put down the tape, carefully screwed down the light, but not so tight as to deform the area around the screw, then sparingly caulked each screw head and around the perimeter, leaving some low spots for drains. So far, so good.
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