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  1. Frames flex. Don't try to make a rigid bed and attach it lots of places. Something will give.
  2. That Pete was listed as being near me in Ohio a couple years ago, same pics, in that building.
  3. rickeieio

    Anti Algae

    It would seem logical that rather than being a northern or southern problem, it would occur more where the humidity is higher. I've had it in two of my tractors in the past 45 years. It's a pita.
  4. Anything you do will involve compromises. Weigh your options and decide what's best for you. We bought an older Volvo (2001) in 2010, and downsized my work truck to a half ton. We only put about 7k miles/yr on the big truck, so in the end, I have plenty of truck for the camper (21k lb.) and a comfy daily driver. All for le$$ than a dually, even factoring in the smart.
  5. Made it. Wolf Creek was fine, not a hint of snow. La Veta Pass was fine snow and fog, and then wet roads until about 15 miles west of Walsenberg.
  6. I have no pins or other hardware holding my ramps, and they are very secure, and perfectly parallel, while loading. Big Boy II ramps. I'll be at the rally, blue Volvo with ugly steel homemade bed.😁
  7. We're in Lamar, CO, be there in the afternoon Friday. What gate should I enter? It looks like State Fair Rd. would be simplest, if the gate is open.
  8. Did a search for "road food" and "Resurected Diners......" to no avail. So, here's another gem. Drum roll please...... Amigos Cafe in Kayenta, AZ. Great food, good prices, and easy parking for a 70' rig. We've been there twice in the past couple weeks. And what's happened to Vegas Flyer and Vegas Teacher?
  9. It may be a good thing our plans were cast in jello....... We're in Cortez, CO. The plan was to run CO-160 to Walsenberg, the cut up CO-10 to US-50 and on to Hutch. But Mother Nature doesn't always play nice. 50 years as a farmer, I should know better. Wolf Creek Pass may be a little slippery tomorrow. I don't carry chains. I may delay departure to let the road get clear before heading out.
  10. Getting old was fun, being old sucks. That said, being old doesn't mean we forget how to play, we just need to adjust. Stupid hurts, even worse when you don't heal as fast.
  11. Reading this is NOT making me look forward to getting old.🤣
  12. Gotta agree with Darryl's signature....... " Darryl is right." Probably.😁
  13. We've had a great time here. Pulling out of Kanab today and heading towards the HDT rally. We spent the past two days with friends who work/camp at Jacob Lake, so they know the are quite well. Yesterday was best, spending it at the North Rim. We spent about half our days doing things not on the maps, or in the visitors guides. Chat with locals to find the hidden gems.
  14. You can'r turn sheets inside out like you can undies.🤔 See you in a few weeks.
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