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  1. I have a been RVing for years and years. I have always had a Culligan RVF–10 water filtration system with two filters that I have changed “whenever I thought of it“. the guy that I have done business with for years seems to be out of business and I depended on him for what to buy. There’s a white filter and a black filter for sediment and impurities, consecutively. Now I am wondering what I should buy and how often I should change it.
  2. In addition to the written information that is on my first post on this subject, I sent copies of Texas Driver's Licenses, Texas voting registration cards, Texas proof of auto insurance, Federal Tax Return
  3. We got a call from the CHP a few days ago. Based on my reply letterr, they closed the case.
  4. Over time, several members have received this letter. As for right now, I don't know of anyone other than myself that been the recipient of a similar letter
  5. The CHP didn't say how they became aware of our Texas Toad. Could have been a person or an officer, we don't know.
  6. We've responded with info similar to what was in our first post and are waiting to see what happens next. We have talked to others in our park that have received similar letters and they responded similarly to how we did and heard nothing further.
  7. thanks to everyone for your responses. WE are communicating with the California Highway Patro. who sent us the letter. We'll see what comes next.
  8. I hope I am posting this in the correct place. If not, hopefully, someone will advise: We have received a letter from California Highway Patrol instructing us to get our Texas Licensed Toad registered in the state of California within 20-days. We have been full-time RVrs since 1995 and have licensed and insured our vehicles in the state of Texas. Is there anyone we can talk to at Escapees that can help us? Below is what has been provided as "some" of the criteria for determining CA residency and our status thereto. Criteria Our Status Address where registered to vote Texas Location of employment Retired Payment of resident tuition at a public institution of higher learning None Attendance of dependents at a primary or secondary school None Filing a homeowners property tax exemption None Renting or leasing a home for use as a resident None Declaration of residence to obtain a license or any other Privilege or benefit not ordinarily extended to a nonresident None Possession of a California Driver’s License No-Licensed and insured in TX Other acts. Occurrences or events that indicate presence in the State is more than temporary or transient Catch-all and not understood. Not mentioned by the state Where we are registered to vote Texas Where one of us has served jury duty Texas Social Memberships Escapees, Livingston TX Benevolent order of Elks, Wallace, ID Where we do the majority of our our banking Washington Where we do our investing Financial Advisor- Bellevue, Washington Where our money comes from Pension, social security, investments We were out of the state for 183 days in 2018. Can anybody tell us what to do or what to expect?
  9. I have already tried to post this question, but it seems to have disappeared, so here goes again Due to my age, I am no longer able to renew my driver's license online or by mail and have to show up in person at a Texas DMV location. I have questions as to what I should do to prepare. Will there be a driving test? Will there be a written test? Where might I find Texas state laws that I need to know in order to pass a test? We are going to El Paso in late Feb. Is it necessary or advisable to make an appointment? If I just show up at an El Paso DMV should I expect a long wait? Thanks in advance. Ron Daves #37406 Located in So. Cal
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