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  1. I have just gotten Directv and was looking thru the threads about which receiver I can take with me on when I go out camping and not really clear which receiver I have to take for it to work. Can I just take one of the room boxes and leave the main box at home or do you have to take the main box? Thank you for your help!
  2. Unfortunately that happens alot, but people have jobs that wont allow them to enjoy the time off like some of us can have. Or they are not yet retired. They just want to be able to enjoy what time they actually get off and thats part of the game.
  3. Buena Vista dispersed RV camping.

    There are actually a few good spots you just have to back it in from the road, I have seen some people get really creative! LOL
  4. Buena Vista dispersed RV camping.

    We spend alot of time up in the Cottonwood lake valley. If you are planning on any of the holiday weekends in the area, they can get pretty packed and hard to find a good spot that will offer a secluded campsite. Also I have seen people set up in a secluded spot and low and behold @ 2:00 am someone will roll in on top of you. We prefer to go up there off holiday weeks. It is still close enough to Buena Vista IMHO. I have even seen people drag some big toy haulers beyond anything I am will to drag my toy hauler up to. The farther you go up the rougher it gets not to mention steep. Beautiful country and we enjoy it a few times a year!