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  1. Thanks Matilda & John but I don't do Apple. I am a Windows/Android sort of person. I failed to mention that. I will go look see if they have these. They probably do.
  2. Would someone please recommend a tool to monitor/measure speed of data over a Verizon connection. I connect using a MIFI/jetpack and typically have two phones, a laptop and a tablet all connected at the same time. THANKS
  3. MaximumSignal Update?

    In my Newmar coach with a rear Air Conditioner I used this A/C and the inside cold air route in the ceiling. I put the ground plain on top of this A/C and routed the antenna coax into a louver in the AC cover and then into the COLD side of the AC by raising a shroud and running the coax inside between the foam gasket on the shroud (inside and under the outside cover). This put the coax into the cold air distribution plenum in the ceiling of the coach. I routed it coax to my hall lavatory area where I mounted the amp to a 6 in round cold air exit vent. I fastened the amp to this vent with cable ties and ran the power to the same round vent. I also used the ceiling air plenums to route the inside antenna from its location up front in the coach to the same 6 inch vent the amp is installed on. Worked very good for me and my coach. Everything runs down the center of the coach in the air vents and NO new holes anywhere except to screw the ground plane (a sheet of very thin steel about 16x24in I bought at a HD or Lowes and painted. There is no new place for any water intrusion at all.
  4. Solar

    Al, Panels are 29v 3 strings of series/parallel feeding 58v down to the MidNight Solar Classic 150 MPPT controller. About 1400 watts for 8- Lifeline AGMs. I had 4 of the panels on my prior coach for about a year then added two more and moved the four to the new coach about 30 months ago. Never had issues with the tall standoffs I made. 2014 Newmar Ventana 43 ft ISL 400HP 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland SMI Air Force One brake controller
  5. Solar

    Hers is a picture of my roof with six large residential panels and three A/C units and three fantastic fans plus DirecTV dish. NOTE how the two panels in the center are BESIDE the AC unit and hang out about 4 inches beyond the roof edge on the curb side but no farther than the large awning roller. Also by raising the panels off the roof I minimized shading. Think out of the box. First try at posting a picture. Hope it works..
  6. Solar Kit

    My 29V panels extend out over the side awning but are raised off the roof about 4 inches thus above the awning roller. THINK out of the box... This allowed me to use the large panels. They lay lengthwise and fit between the air conditioner and over the awning on the street side. I raised the inside edge that is close to the A/C unit it about 8 inches above the roof to minimize the chance of shading. I have 6 large residentil panels for a total of about 1300 watts. 58V series-parallel wired to the Midnight Solar Classic 150 controller. Ted
  7. MaximumSignal Update?

    Gord, I currently have a 3-4 year old Wilson 3G amp with a internal pad antenna to place my phone and MiFi on. Outside and well separated I have a DIRECTIONAL antenna on a fiberglass pole I can extend to 12 ft from the ground. I use the 10 ft plus a 30 ft extension of Wilson Low Loss cable. I have a Motorola Turbo 2 phone on Verizon. QUESTIONS 1/ I understood that the external antenna needed to be closest to the receiving cell site so that the internal antenna did not transmit past the external antenna. 2/ Is this not a requirement with your product? 3/ Also, Does this amp need to be turned off when not needed or does it just automatically handle areas where the signal is adequate without amplification? 4/ In very weak signal areas will your product with it's mag mounted omnidirectional antenna provide better data speeds than my directional antenna can at 3G? THANKS
  8. Yes, sorry I meant AZ 64. THANKS
  9. How is Hwy 62 west out of Cameron, AZ into Grand Canyon south rim? Our group have large coaches 35-45 footers. Is this road suitable? We would be coming down from Moab, UT and that looks like a nice 'short cut' to the visitor center of Grand Canyon. We would be traveling in the third week of October. THANKS Ted
  10. DUTCH, Have you or has anyone built this temperature sensor idea into this recycle loop. With it setup to recycle the water until a nice hot temperature is reached one would be able to really save on the water being 'run down the drain' to get the hot water desired from a faucet or the shower.
  11. X4 here. Nothing but Progressive products. Just a very happy customer.
  12. RV park open near Indianapolis

    Tipton Fairgrounds. Highly recommended. A little far north of Indy but only a couple miles east of US 31. LOTS of electric sites 50/30 Amp. I think $20 per night. Just pull in and park and pay when the office opens in the AM.
  13. BUT..... If you use an address that is a mail fowarding service with a PMB of box number you will not be accepted in at least some supplements. We tried two years ago to move from our Michigan BCBS F supplement to a similar SD plan and could not do it. I think that is where the original poster was going with this. PS. I will NOT be an AARP member if at all possible.
  14. Sold - Dining Booth - Clean & nearly new

  15. Sold - Dining Booth - Clean & nearly new

    Pat & Pete, Here you go. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Tucson+Estates,+AZ/@32.1886254,-111.0973293,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x86d677075bbbd3eb:0x25b257e4401203aa On the south west side of Tucson. Out about 4-5 miles west on Ajo Hwy (Hwy 86). and right on Kinney Rd (at the McDonalds) to the first stop light.