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  1. There is Senators Wash area that is BLM land just north of Yuma. Also on US 95 just before getting to Yuma is a free 14 day BLM area just behind the VFW. Both areas are popular and safe for singles. The WINS and LOWs' are in the area behind the VFW over Christmas and New Years. Beware, many Arizona State Trust Lands are now off limits to RVs.
  2. The first Yuma SKP Get Together for the 2019/2020 "winter" will be Wednesday Nov 13 at 10 AM at Foothills Food and Spirits Restaurant. Exit Foothills Blvd. just south of exit ramp. All SKPS in the area are welcome! Breakfast or lunch may be ordered.
  3. The answer is correct. Just to reassure you, we did this for years while ours came due when we were in Yuma, AZ. for the winter.
  4. Yes Kirk and so is "snow". And looking at the Kalispell newspaper this AM, I hope our friend Vern is in for the long haul.
  5. Looks like Smith's and Visa kissed and made up! https://www.ktnv.com/news/smiths-grocery-store-will-accept-visa-credit-cards-once-again
  6. Another problem RV. https://www.wmbfnews.com/2019/10/24/customers-say-rv-purchase-turned-into-nightmare/
  7. This wouldn't cause problems a couple of weeks ago, ms60ob, but we got an email from the mail service that they were having a phone problem. I believe we got the email Thursday or yesterday. We have never had a problem in 16 years.
  8. Don't have one but it reminds me of a bra on the front of a motorhome. Dirt, dust gets behind it and acts as sandpaper and an abrasive.
  9. Frys in Yuma, AZ. is informing customers that sometime next week they will be charging for cash back. Don't know if it is the entire Kroger system or just Frys.
  10. bobsallyh

    Travel Trailers/HDT

    We haven't been to Daytona Speedweeks for a number of years. But they were quite popular in the Daytona area during Speedweeks. Most of them at that time were plated in New York state and I notice you list Rochester. Sort of ironic.
  11. After an ongoing situation between a few property owners, Arizona State Trust Land, and the Yuma County Sheriffs Office, the state trust land that parallels County 15E at the east end of the foothills has been declared off limits to RV camping. Folks who want to quad ride, walk their dogs, hike, must get a permit. I attended the monthly meeting with our area county supervisor on 10-5. The restrictions were to start 10-7. Several Escapees outfits use this area during the winter for get-togethers. I won't get into the rules etc. as it would be best to go the trust land website for the latest and greatest. We just don't want to see anybody fined! This Trust Land deal also includes Trust Land in the Havasu area also.
  12. Anybody on here ever tried or is using ORBYTV.com My neighbor just got it, don't know how it is going, I have never heard of it, just curious. https://orbytv.com/
  13. Vern, you won't have a problem. Big Hole Pass won't be a problem either. You will come out at I-15 with a nice RV park, Country Side RV Park on your right. On the road that takes off and goes north thru Polaris has a real nice Forest Service CG. It doesn't have a real long season. We do this with our 40' fiver and dually. I do like your "snow clause".
  14. Bought a new 1974 Viking tent trailer at Keltners Camping Supplies in Pleasant Hall, PA. Our first trip was to Myrtle Beach, SC. at Holiday Travel Park that was operated by Holiday Inns.
  15. RV, there has been one sitting in front of a junkyard here in Yuma, AZ. for a number of years. When it first appeared it didn't look too bad. But the sun and time have not been good to it. There was a retired California Highway Patrolman and his wife who used to spend the winter in the park that we stayed in in Yuma. That Barth was one sharp looking rig. He maintained that MH with kid gloves. Unfortunately he passed away several years ago and I haven't seen it since. In our travels I have seen several the last number of years.
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