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  1. Facebook

    Terrific! Priceless!
  2. Ordering a new truck

    We bought from Bounds Dodge/Chev in Livingston. One thing to remember that trucks are Number One in Texas. Truck sales in Texas are a cut throat business. Dealers have large inventory of trucks on lots. Cars go to the rear of sales lots. Bounds beat the Houston area dealers easily and were great to buy from.
  3. Yuma SKP Get-Together

    The first of the season Yuma SKP Get-Together will be Wednesday, Nov. 8th, at 11 AM. The location will be the same, Foothills Food and Spirits, I-8 and Foothills Blvd. Breakfast or lunch may be ordered. All SKPs welcome to attend.
  4. SAFETY RECALL!!! Fire Extinguishers!!

    Thank you very much, Woofer01. Just sent my info in. Can you imagine the logistics of this recall?
  5. Monthly Electric Rates

    The park we were at in Yuma, AZ. charged 18 cents per kilowatt hour for monthly's. Quite a few parks also charge to read the meters. The park owns the infrastructure including the meters. The RV parks are allowed to resell the power. Had we still been in the park our last bill from the RV park would have been approx. $40.00 more than what we pay APS on our own RV lot. Now, mobile home parks are a different animal. APS owns the infrastructure and of course the meters. We have friends that live in a modular and park model RV park APS also owns the infrastructure and meters there, and the folks are billed directly from APS.
  6. The Class-less Class

    Linda, you are spot on! The get-together will start for the winter season on November, Wednesday, the 8th at 11 AM. Everybody in the area is welcome to attend.
  7. Jim, I use Drs. Camacho just across the border on the left. 928-271-5110. Been going there for 14 years. In fact I was just there Monday, a week ago. Was recommended 14 years ago by the Escapees Kofa RV Park here in Yuma . I asked the lady who was working at the park for a recommendation and she said she had been going to Dr. Camacho for quite awhile. Always have had excellent service.
  8. Tow vehicle concern

    No noteven, just another advertising claim that so many people subscribe to. Instead of using a comma, I should have started another sentence, I guess.
  9. Tow vehicle concern

    Nitrogen in tires for race cars and airplanes good to go, in street vehicles reminds me of Chevron's Techron ads.
  10. Installing a Auquahot in a fifth wheel

    Vern, it is time to get out of Somers. Where are you going for the winter?
  11. What has been your recent experience with a Golden Age Passport?

    We use ours in Forest Service, BLM, BOR cgs' in Idaho and Montana. Some are concessionaire operated and do take the pass. Several years ago several of these outfits were going to quit taking the pass. It didn't fly as many customers took their bitch to the agency involved. I think many of us that used these facilities for years before the agencies decided to contract them out knew that at some time down the road this practice was going to raise it's ugly head which came true. We had a situation several years ago at Swan Lake Forest Service CG in Montana. The concession had been rebid during the previous winter since the previous concessionaire retired. That previous concessionaire had a 400 mile round trip if he visited every cg he had. Well under the new bid the FS broke that situation up into several different areas. The first year of the new concessionaire which got the bid for "The Swan" was Barta Enterprises based in West Yellowstone, MT. They have the FS CGgs' from West Yellowstone to Bozeman and back out Hyalite Canyon operating as Yellowstone Country Campgrounds. They dba under the name of Flathead Valley Campgrounds in Western Montana. We went in Swan and got on unreservable site. You max out at 16 days if you want to stay that long. The cg is a mix of mostly reservable sites with several first come, first serve. The unreserable number have continued to be less ever since the concessionaire program got going. We were told by a source that they were going to post our site as reserved several days later for some group coming in. You can't even reserve the unreservable sites on Reserve America. as it is blocked out. It also involved a couple of other campers. I decided to wait until they actually posted it on our site marker. A couple of days later that is exactly what happened. The hackles got up on my neck of course and we jumped in the truck and went into Big Fork, MT. where the closest FS office was located. Two gals at the counter with their best PR look on their face asked us "how is your day going"? First off, I'll say we have no problem with FS office. So my immediate answer was "just great, but we have a situation at Swan Lake CG". As soon as I said that, both their looks changed quickly and very, very friendly asked what the problem was. So when we said were being given the boot from an unreservable site before our time was up and it was being reserved, they unison said "they can't do that". At that time another lady in an office beside us came out and asked us to repeat the situation. She had overheard what was going on. She asked one of us to come back in her office and she called Sue Barta of Flathead Valley Campgounds. My wife went back to the phone as Sue wouldn't have wanted to talk to me at that time. My wife told her what was going on and she stated that she knew but nothing can be done. So my wife said "that's fine but the situation isn't ending here. The fine gals at the FS office and us said our goodbyes and hoped the situation could be remedied. We start back down to Swan where there is no cell service. As luck would have it, about 500 feet before the cell service would disappear, the phone rang showing a 406 area code which is Montana. I pulled onto the shoulder of the quickly. By golly it was Vickie Barta in West Yellowstone informing us we could max out our days. Just after we got back to the Swan, they came thru and removed all the reserved signs from the unreserved sites. About a month later when we were in Libby, MT. we got a call from a gal from the FS in Billings asking us to tell her what was going to happen at Swan. She thanked us and we never heard anymore, nor have we had anymore situations at "The Swan". We also frequent Bakers Hole FS cg just out of West Yellowstone which Barta, dba as Yellowstone Country Campgrounds, and have never had a problem but then again the FS office is about 4 miles in the road. There are numerous other situations in the Flathead Valley Campgrounds sector but since those happened to some other folks, I won't comment on them. Just beware and see who is in bed with who.
  12. Campground Integrity

    Been RVing since 1974. Only two incidents and both involved unlocked bikes. We only buy cheap or yard sale bikes. Years ago at Myrtle Beach, SC. in a commercial park, my bike turned up missing one morning. So I started to walk the park and it is huge. A guy stopped me and said "looks like you are looking for something". I said, "yep a bike". He said "go down to the crossover to the beach, I just walked past there and there several bike leaning on the crossover". Sure enough there it was. The only other time was at the park we were in Yuma for years. My bike came up AWOL one morning. So with all the pranks and tricks we would do to one another I figured one of the many characters took it. But after a week, it never did come back, and everybody knew it was missing. Funny thing was, it was absolutely the worst bike in the park. We mostly stay in public parks and other than those two times that's been it.
  13. Parking/Storing for 3 Months

    We own a lot here in the Foothills also and here now. We have never "stored" the rig here but are familiar with folks that do so. Both in parks and private lots. Disconnect house batteries---yes turn off water at the source (faucet). If you are on Far West water, I'd turn the water off on your side of the wall. store hoses also because of UV rays turn off electricity at breaker tanks, you could leave some water in each tank, not necessary though sewer hose, if covered let it hooked up, but shut valve, if out in the sun, store it as it may save you several months of use. sun loves the blue, brown, and red sewer hoses. power cable to the rig, pick up and store. Never had a problem with thievery, but an unattended 50 amp cable could be inviting. dish stored, and all roof vents closed, all windows closed. slides in and no awnings out. if I can be of more help just PM me
  14. RV Storage in Las ?

    Desertman, go over to the HDT group on this forum. There is "Las Vegas Teacher" that uses storage in Sin City and also "Las Vegas Flyer". I'll bet either one of them can help you. You can also PM them.