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  1. aztex, as some posters have already stated, get out of Cali. Reviews, I doubt we have ever used a review for a stay or a drive-by at an RV park. Everybody has a different opinions on wants or needs for an RV park. Any advertising for an RV park will rarely match what you actually see when you get there. A throwback to Good Sam and Woodall's books from years gone by.
  2. What Barbara said, they start cancelling in September and on in to October. Happens every year.
  3. whj469, yes it is until at least July 21 for non-essential travel.
  4. If the Canadian Snowbirds can't or won't come to Arizona, for an example, there are a lot of things that will change. We are in Yuma and very familiar with what our northern neighbors bring. Economy during the winter will take a huge hit. RV parks that have many of the folks that are mobile could mean vacant sites. Many that have park models in parks still will have to pay the rent. The private lot rentals in the Foothills area sure will see a big difference. If they own the private lots, county taxes, will still have to be paid. If they own a house, that brings up huge ramifications. As far as the site rental prices if you mean in RV parks, time will tell. If by December and there are many open sites they could run something like 3 month specials. But the foolish owners have been known in hard times to still jack prices. In other words, roll the dice. We sure do hope you folks will be able to come south!
  5. It's good Twotoes, nothing to really worry about.
  6. Joe and Linda, many thanks for posting on here. Hopefully someone will see it. I'll tell you Willie sure isn't like the dogs we have had. Ours would just get out of the vehicle and dash to the vets office but the brakes came on at the door threshold and had to be carried in.
  7. Twotoes, we are sitting in Rigby now. In fact we were in Rexburg today at Walmart. There is no need to go back into Idaho Falls to get to US 26. Come west on US 20 from Rexburg to Rigby and jump on RT 48. You will come out on Business US 26 at Ririe and a short hop to US 26.
  8. Have rented once in Tucson, once in Twin Falls, ID. with absolutely no problem. That was using our Escapee's Rainbow DR. address.
  9. Hopefully everybody is OK. I am wondering if Mr. Hernandez might be a SKP? https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/06/crash-involving-trucks-camp-trailers-cleared-on-highway-20/
  10. I'm assuming you are mobile, so really can't help there. But a number of years ago we were in Johoba Hills SKP Park in Cali. An elderly gentleman had a crane device fastened down to concrete beside his Teton. He could unload the 40's off his pickup, swing them around and put them in the compartment. It was a neat set-up. Personally, I wouldn't have 40's, the 30's are all I want to fool with. And richfaa, here all the time I was thinking they were giving me more propane in my 30's! Know exactly what you mean.
  11. Left Yuma, AZ. June 1, stopped at Boulder City, NV. for 7 days and are now in Twin Falls, ID. Leave here Sunday for Rigby, ID. for 5 days then up into Island Park, ID., West Yellowstone, MT. area for a while.
  12. We have been using the same unit as AL F referred too. No fan or electric needed. It also has a thermostat that when the temperature reaches where you have the knob set it shuts down to the pilot, then when the temperature goes down, it comes back on. We leave some outside ventilation open. I have about the same set-up as rpsinc has. His Procom looks just about the same as our Kozy World. Sure is nice boondocking with it. They are quite popular with the RV snowbird crowd in Yuma, AZ.
  13. Jim and Alice, we don't have a port on our lot in the Foothills, but I just got a second dish, concreted in a steel pipe. I dug a shallow trench from the pipe to near the fiver. Then when we get back to the lot, I simply pull the cable up out of the sprinkler box I buried and hook it to the portable dish hookup on the fiver.
  14. TXiceman, x-2 on the Reese Dual Cam. We towed two travel trailers from 1976-2003 using that setup. Worked very well and there was no need for attaching a secondary sway control. I bought the setup from a person that had an Airstream but sold the trailer. Pull a fiver now but still have the setup in the shed.
  15. Well not surprising, the parking lot is closed until 6-11. https://www.quechantribe.com/article/notice-andrade-parking-lot-temporary-closure
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