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  1. Interesting article about voter registration in Pennington County, SD. Supposedly 162 voters use their address as the Rapid City Walmart. http://rapidcityjournal.com/news/local/pennington-county-voters-list-walmart-as-address/article_37a5c1e3-bee5-56a0-9846-6016eb4fb2be.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-2
  2. bobsallyh

    Dayton Ohio USAF Museum

    Sorry dewilso I can't help you out on RV parking, but allow hours to see this facility. And the Memphis Belle just arrived. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/05/17/restored-wwii-bomber-memphis-belle-makes-public-debut/
  3. bobsallyh

    Tire Pressure Loss

    SWhrton, how much do you seem to be losing?
  4. bobsallyh

    Escapees survey of NPS improvements

    I went back to the survey to re-read the instructions numbered 1 - 14 to see what ORV was reading that I must have missed. I could not go back because it said that I had already taken the survey which I did. Since I thought it was individual numbers, I put in a bunch of 1's, 7's, and 14's. They accepted my answers. On the question of the income, which I did not answer, there was no place for me to reply that I did not care to answer a private question. This is why I think Barbaraok did not care for the income question with no opt out. Since they knew I had already took survey, they must be tracking my computer and know who I am. This does not seem to be anonymous.
  5. Just received the email from Escapees for taking a survey about National Parks. It is set-up by Survey Monkey.com. I hope whatever outfits subscribe to Survey Monkey gets it cheap. Over the last several years I have taken or refused to take surveys that are driven by the Monkey. And this one is more of the same. The largest question which has numerous headings asks for your priority by numbers being 1-14. There is no explanation: is 1 being highest priority and 14 being the lowest or the other way around? I just had an AARP survey where they told you that 1 was the lowest priority and 10 being the highest priority. No explanation needed. Which way is it, Escapees?
  6. bobsallyh

    More of our fiver fire Photos

    We left Yuma May 1. Before that I went by that Carrilite several times a week. It burnt before the crowd started to leave at the end of March. Before the fire, there was a quad/ATV parked under the bedroom slide, across from the Golf Cart that you see in the picture, that had a "For Sale" sign on it. After the fire it was still there and looked melted down. The quad/ATV now is missing. I think it is a park employee's site. I stopped in the park before April 10 and there was a gentleman walking nearby. I asked him what happened. Well the guy was evidently French Canadian and I had a hard time understanding him. I did seem to understand that there was a propane grill under the slide??? It will be interesting to see how long that rig sets there. Just west of there, a sushi joint burnt down after this RV fire and a Class C that was a complete meltdown that was parked behind the restaurant was rollbacked out several days after the fire.
  7. bobsallyh

    Yellowstone / Teton Recommendations

    Trey and Susan, we usually spend the month of June and past July 4th in Valley View and have for a number of years. By looking at their website, it looks like there have been numerous changes there for this season. Probably the kids took it over.
  8. bobsallyh

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    Rich&Slyvia are correct in cleaning the Dicor. I recently coated my EPDM roof and a poster on here (RPSINC), called me to give help on the project. He recommended cleaning the Dicor with mineral spirits. The sealant had never been cleaned and I couldn't believe how little time and effort was needed to make it shine just like new. Just have plenty of rags ready.
  9. This was just released, new pricing for Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone NP. One fee used to cover both. https://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/yellowstone_national_park/national-park-service-axing-yellowstone-teton-joint-pass/article_64ede662-1482-50b5-b497-d7c81e745b46.html
  10. bobsallyh

    Directv vs. Dish

    LindaH, don't fret over not getting the Yuma channels. Absolutely the worst, no matter where we travel in our opinion.
  11. bobsallyh

    Spring Creek campground

    If this CG is back Dennys Creek Rd. off US 20, on NF 167, past Lonesomehurst FS CG, the paved road ends about a 1/2 mile before Lonesomehurst. From that point it is a dusty gravel road to Lonesomehurst. From that point it does seem to get somewhat rougher. Just be prepared.
  12. bobsallyh

    Another plus for Sutherlin, OR

    For the sake of some fun, let's get a Starbucks vs Tim Horton's for our Canadian friends. I'm just baiting the hook as I don't drink either.
  13. bobsallyh

    Prospector RV Park Ely, NV. Closed

    docj, thanks, I went on there yesterday but couldn't determine how to post the closure.
  14. bobsallyh

    Prospector RV Park Ely, NV. Closed

    Well the Prospector and the downtown Nevada Hotel were sold some time ago to members of the Gaughan family, South Point Casino in Sin City. That might have something to do with it. Only 22 sites but when we stopped there just about every spring and fall, by 7 PM. they were full.
  15. The Prospector RV Park adjacent to the Prospector Hotel and Gambling Hall in Ely, NV. on US 93 was demolished last week and will not be rebuilt. This was a popular stop over for Rvers heading north and south to Arizona and the Pac NW.