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  1. Not a member of the Class, but I sure liked his posts.
  2. There is no way I'd buy sight unseen and I'm not even talking the condition. Don't know if you have RVed before but if you are going to fulltime in it, remember floor plan, floor plan, floor plan. Could look like the best thing since sliced bread. You will be it 24-7, any glitch in the floor plan will raise it's ugly head and only gets worse over time!
  3. As I have said for years "RV Resort" is the most verbally abused word in the RV Park industry.
  4. jenandjon, three is "Wire Mold" which I think is the correct product name at HD, Menards, and Lowes. It is metal and you can fasten it to the ceiling and side wall with screws. You run single wires thru it. Then snap cover on. They have all sorts of fittings, 45, 90, etc. for corners. I've seen it in both beige and white.
  5. We have run a front carrier for our bikes since 1974. They are just simple bikes and will get road cruddy. But so easy to get on and off. The carrier also serves as a tie down point for our kayaks mounted on the roof.
  6. Vern, looks like that may be sitting at Van City RV on 93 S. of Kalispell, MT.
  7. bobsallyh

    Sewer hatch seal

    Kirk, I would be very careful of any metal whatever to help seal it off. I can just see puncturing that brown trout shoot. If it doesn't make the hookup too inconvenient, I'd just make a permanent extension to below the belly pan, than seal that.
  8. skippratt, just came thru Wells on Tuesday and go thru there twice a year. Would you mind mentioning the shop so I or others look elsewhere?
  9. Kirk, it would have been nice if they also would have posted here, on the forum. Many of us don't do Facebook.
  10. I need some help from the solar experts on here. I installed the system 6 1/2 years ago, hooked it up and it has worked perfectly until the last month or so. 380 watts of panels with a positive and negative lead from each panel to the combiner box and a positive and negative cable to the controller. Four Trojan T-105 6 volt gc batteries. These batteries were purchased in April 2013. They are wired series/parallel for 12 volt. Blue Sky Controller with IPN Pro Remote. Magnum 2000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger with remote. Unless it was cloudy, the batteries would fully charge by 1-2 PM. Then the controller would go the float charge. Usually the controller would show 90-92 percent in the AM. The only draw would be the eyebrow lights and controller on 2 refers, propane alarm, booster on TV antenna that are on all the time. We have all LED bulbs and really don't use much light. The inverter gets used very little and until recently the batteries would show little discharge with use. But lately, the discharge is considerable. During the day when the sun is good, the Blue Sky will get to between 13.4-13.8, very rarely 14.0. The remote shows 100% charged by 1-2 PM. But as the sun goes down the remote shows the batteries discharging to 12'4/12.3. The last 3 mornings it showed 12.2/12. This AM, it showed 11.7 with the same after dark use. I'm thinking the batteries may be at EOL(end of life) Any help/comments sure would be appreciated. Solar into controller with batteries disconnected at 2PM 19.5 V Solar into controller with batteries connected 14.76 V Voltage thru controller without batteries connected 12.8 Voltage thru controller with batteries connected 12.4
  11. There are a lot of two lane roads that you must "burn" your headlights during the day. I always liked when Canada started the "DRLs". Daytime running lights.
  12. Hey, dennisvr and 2gypsies, just don't get too comfortable in Site 63. I should be on your bumper in several weeks. After reading your posts a couple minutes ago, I went to try to find the site map for the "Hole". Punched on the following website and unbelievably, that is us sitting there in 63. It must have been taken within the last 2 seasons! By all means, have fun and be safe! https://www.visitmt.com/listings/general/national-forest-campground/baker-s-hole-campground.html
  13. We have been in the Vegas area for several weeks. Numerous locations in the Vegas Valley, diesel is cheaper than unleaded. I filled up at a Rebel the other day. The sign said "$3.15 for diesel, cash or credit. Price for unleaded was $3.31, cash only. Amazing.
  14. If you are headed to the east side of Glacier NP, beware some cgs could be closed. https://kpax.com/news/flathead-county/2019/05/30/significant-water-leaks-in-glacier-national-park-delay-campground-opening/
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