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  1. And they just had a BOGO on Blizzards, the Butterfingers sure went down good!
  2. Glenn, this video shows how to change the fabric on your power awning. But at the start it shows how to remove the motor. I'll probably be changing the fabric on our A&E Weather Pro this week. http://www.toughtopawnings.com/how-to-replace-rv-awning-fabric.html
  3. The March Yuma, AZ. SKP Get Together will be Wednesday March 13, 10 AM at Foothills Food and Spirits. I-8 and Foothills Blvd. As usual, breakfast or lunch may be ordered. All SKPs' and guests invited.
  4. Bubblechaser, after receiving the Parkit, and using it, please comeback and let us know how it works for you.
  5. Like docj posted, get a roll of LED strip lighting. They can be cut at points on the strip to match the length of your lights. You can solder the wires together or use connectors that come with them. They are adhesive backed and work well. I deep sixed our tubes about three years ago.
  6. Along with what has already been posted, if going thru Needles, CA. DON'T BUY FUEL there! One of the highest places in the US.
  7. We use this route twice a year. Be filled when leaving Vegas. There is a Love's at the intersection of I-15 and US 93. Then going north, you can top off in Alamo or Ash Springs. Then on RT 318 at Lund there is a truck stop and small RV park. On to Ely, there is a new Loves but fuel and gas is much cheaper around the town. Out of Ely, the next stop can be I-80 and RT. 93. There is a Pilot and Flying J there. That will take you on in to Twin Falls. I mentioned Rt 318. Most veteran travelers get off RT. 93 and onto RT. 318 at Alamo. Using RT 318 will bring you to US RT 6. and then on into Ely. By using RT. 318 you save about 45 miles and several pulls on RT 93. You won't have any fuel problems. Excellent two lane road. If I can be of more help just PM me.
  8. You do not have to get the inspection done if you are out of state. If and when you come into Texas there is a period of time to get the inspection done. The only inspection sticker we ever have had was when we bought our new dually in Livingston in 2003. Had it done again when we were in Hondo for a month in 2010.
  9. We have friends who have full timed in an Artic Fox for about 5 years. A few small problems but nothing major. A huge improvement over the Elite Suites that they traded on the Fox.
  10. Costco Chickens https://www.rd.com/advice/saving-money/costco-rotisserie-chicken/
  11. No problem, Bill. It just jumped out at me because that is one of my favorite Sam's/Costco parking lot watching areas. There are always many Wyoming licensed vehicles in that lot, many pulling enclosed trailers. When opening the trailers there is usually a chest type freezer and looking around to the trailer tongue, there will be a Honda genny powering it. And forget the grocery carts, they use the flatbeds. My Costco favorite is in Kalispell, MT.
  12. Bill, there is a Sam's Club in Idaho Falls, ID. We use it before we head up to the Island Park and Yellowstone area.
  13. Mr. Cob, I've used Drs. Camacho in Algodones for 15 years. They are directly across the border on the left in a grey block building. It is a family practice. Their shingle out front says "Pediatric Dentistry" but they do anybody. They were originally recommended to us by the folks at Kofa SKP Park. The Indian parking lot at the border is $6.00 per day. By March 2 there will be some folks starting to head to the northern snowbanks for some reason. Check out Carefree Village on 8 1/2 E. About 5 years old and many amenities. There are about 73 RV parks in the Yuma Area. Pick up a copy of the WhiteSheets in Q as I believe that is the Yuma edition and there are several RV parks with ads in there. Also, also there is private lots available to rent and are great if bringing toys. If I can be of more help, just PM me.
  14. A friend of ours buys an RV just about every winter here in Yuma, AZ. He lives in SK. and must "import it" into Canada if it has a title in the states. He knows all the ins and outs of doing it. He knows that you must have all the paper work and ducks in a row when entering Canada.
  15. Al F, I soldered ours like Mark and Dale. The little connectors that came with the strip and I had an immediate falling out!
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