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  1. FT Cooking/Baking

    Don't forget to allow for altitude changes when baking.
  2. "Not for Hire" Busted article

    This article appeared in the Billings newspaper this AM. Feb. 14. http://billingsgazette.com/news/government-and-politics/montana-rodeo-cowboys-worried-they-ll-need-commercial-driver-s/article_0ab5224d-46b7-5fb1-84b2-34743d803dd1.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-2
  3. Hair Stylist or Barber or Other

    When we started fulltiming 14 years ago, I really never thought about it. When I need a haircut, I just look for a shop while we are traveling or if we are parked near a town, I check out a place there. Since we are in Yuma, AZ. for about 6 months during the winter, I go to the shop across from the Marine Corps base between 8:30 AM and 9 AM on Sunday mornings. Open 7 days a week with usually at least 6 cutters. My wife has a regular shop here in Yuma also. On the road in the summer she will usually do one of those franchised clip joints, Great Clips or one of the others. I just look for a barber pole and hopefully they aren't "appointment only shop". Never had a problem and do get into very interesting conversations when they realize I'm not from the area. I keep a note pad of all the towns I've had a haircut and after 14 years, it is fun to look at and places we have been. Another neat thing is while sitting in the shop across from the base is watching the Marines coming in for a haircut. These young guys and gals come in, pilots in their flight "jumpers" etc. They look too young to be in the service and sure don't need a haircut, yeah, tell that to the Sergeant. I imagine most of us can get upset with young folks from time to time, BUT watching these people sure get straightened out quickly..
  4. The February SKP for the Yuma area will be Wednesday Feb. 14 at 10 AM. As usual it will be at Foothills Food and Spirits, Exit Foothills Blvd. Breakfast and lunch may be ordered. Any SKPs in the rea are welcome.
  5. This article appeared in the Yuma, AZ. Sun this morning (Saturday, Feb. 3rd.) In the article it mentions the Escapees RV Club. http://www.yumasun.com/news/rv-nomads-gather-near-yuma/article_50fc9bb4-0898-11e8-a6b1-fb3f2f34df68.html
  6. Full Time RV Cessation

    FL-JOE, did you ever hit the nail on the head!
  7. Over night parking in vegas

    There are quite a few folks who stay overnight in the Cabalas/Crackerbarrel parking lot off Blue Diamond Hwy (RT 160). Just west of I-15.
  8. Slide out topper tearing

    Jim & Alice, if you are still in the Yuma/Wellton area and need it re-sewn, there is Arizona RV in Wellton that does sewing and etc. Also, in Yuma, there is Specialty Sewing Senter at 3249 E. 33rd. Place. 928-329-9409 and several other places if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself.
  9. Being a sports fan, I found it ironic that over the past weekend, the Air Force Academy shut down all athletic games, but Army/Navy played theirs.
  10. Dodge 2500 tow capacity

    Golly, Cape May Al, is this going to be another vehicle we see all over the map with a license plate frame that says "Fisher-Yuma, Az.?
  11. x 2 with what Kirk said and also make sure water level is correct. By leaving it plugged in, you run the chance that any of the detectors could "sound" off and be very annoying as I have seen this.
  12. Happy Hour at Quartzite- January 2018

    Thanks to everybody that made the Happy Hour possible. Great weather, approx. 500 folks in attendance. And thanks to Johnny for the music.
  13. Remember the SKP Quartzite Happy Hour. Wednesday January 17, 2018, 1PM-3PM. Mile Marker 3, Plamosa Rd. North side. Bring a snack to share and your drink.
  14. Yuma, AZ. SKP Get-Together (Jan)

    Yep, same place. Can't miss it, on SW corner. Big parking area. If you ask the locals, you'll get several different names.
  15. The January Yuma SKP Get-Together will be Wednesday January 10. 10 AM at Foothills Food and Spirits, Ext Foothills Blvd. I-8. All SKPS are invited.