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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/22/us/los-angeles-rv-chase/index.html
  2. Dennis, as a frequent flyer at Bakers Hole and other Forest Service CGs, if this fee wasn't enforced, there would be no room. People bring more vehicles and it become a PITA just to get around the CG. I do understand where you are coming from but have experienced the situation first hand.
  3. As Kirk stated in the above post check out Pohick Bay Regional Park. We always used Bull Run Regional Park just outside of Manassas, VA. It was easier for us since we were coming from the north. Easy drive to Metro Station. And the D.C. Metro is very easy to use.
  4. I worked for a corporation that , if you don't back into a parking place, take a day off without pay! When the program fist started, I thought it was stupid. But after adhering to the rule, it's great. Backing accidents are Numero Uno in the insurance industry. Just sit in parking lot sometime and observe. Put it in "R" and go until somebody hits you, screams at you that they are walking past the back bumper, etc. Been retired since 2002 and I still back in. A retired trucker that is parked beside us at the RV park that we are in discussed this subject the other day. He also had to back in and still does so today.
  5. When we were in an RV park in Yuma, Yuma County gave my wife a card, good for 6 months for $25.00. Now that we own an RV lot in the county it is free. She doesn't do eBooks. While traveling during the summer she uses paper back exchanges in RV parks or campgrounds etc. In fact right now we are in the Boulder City, NV. Elks Lodge RV Park. In the lodge they have a big book exchange.
  6. I did the same thing that NDBirdman did. But I usually have to take the weight off some fittings to get them to take grease.
  7. Well we got our latest bill from Direc TV today. Since they re-did our "Mobile Account" they saved us about $7.00 a month. They took away the Texas sports channels which we could never receive anyway since we were never in Texas. We are big sports fans, but since we couldn't get them, we sure won't miss them.
  8. If you wait until "June sometime" when Montana Base Camp gets open in Kalispell, MT. you can hand over $109 daily.
  9. We were in a 55 plus RV park for 13 years. Arrived there when we were 57. Nobody asked to see anything etc. We were vey active in the park and in that time, never heard of anybody being questioned or asked. Every once in awhile, somebody would come in and maybe under 55 just by looks. So what. Also, there were numerous times when one person was older than 55 and their partner was under 55.
  10. Randyretired, your welcome! I love it when somebody catches a deal. When I browse, if I see something that may help us RVers, I try to post it.
  11. Went thru Vidal Junction yesterday. The usual two questions, any fruits on board, then any plants on board? After answering the friendly checker, I saw a 12" Crescent Wrench laying beside him. I jokingly said, "fairly good sized wrench there beside you". He answered, "that is for the boaters that roll up here with their boat drain plug still in. We give them the chance to remove it thus avoiding a $175.00 fine for transporting the boat in CA. with the plug in". Friendly guy.
  12. Cowdog353, is Spring Creek the one where you turn off US 20 at the firehouse?
  13. dennisrv, what 2gypsies( and no offense to 2gypsies) said was true a couple of years ago. But they have done quite a bit of trimming. We have a 40' fiver and crew cab dually and have no problem. There is a few dry site we can't get in due to size. But there are many, and numerous good solar sites.
  14. Emailed ours in April 19. Got the email today (Wed) from DirecTV that we are good to go. We will see, although our service with them is fairly straight forward. One box, no high def. We rarely talk to them.
  15. As Lou said, do watch the railroad tracks, they have "improved" the xing but still leaves a lot to be desired. And by all means Do Not Buy fuel or gas in Needles! We should be thru tht way in the next couple of days ourselves. Have safe travels.
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