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  1. bobsallyh

    AZ Winter Park near Yuma

    We have not stayed at Pioneer but it was a sister park to the park we were in the Yuma Foothills for 13 years but was sold several years ago.. We have driven thru numerous times over the years. It is well populated with park models which really isn't a problem, just thought I would mention it. For any grocery shopping you will have to jump on I-8 and head west to the Foothills for grocery, etc. shopping. You will be at the 30 mile marker and have to go to at least the 12 mile marker for Super Wally, Walgreens, Smiths Grocery (Kroger) etc. There is a golf course in Wellton. Another thing to consider is McElhenny Cattle Company which is east of Wellton with huge herds of cattle. Depending on humidity and wind direction, the odors do reach Wellton. If I can be of more help, just PM me.
  2. bobsallyh

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Moved to the Kalispell, MT. Elks Lodge last Thursday. Will probably be in the Kalispell, Swan Lake, and Libby areas the rest of the summer. Will be in Eureka, MT. the first Saturday of August for the annual quilt show.
  3. bobsallyh

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Another update from Bakers Hole, West Yellowstone, MT. Morning of the 4th the temp at 6AM was 33. It did make 80 that day. The temp has been rising since as this AM at 6 AM, it was 48.
  4. bobsallyh

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Update from Bakers Hole CG, 5 miles south of West Yellowstone, MT. It was suppose to be a high of 56 today with rain. So we decided if it materialized we would make a grocery run to Bozeman. It started to drizzle at 7:30 AM so at 8 we leave the "Hole". 3 miles south on RT 191 it stared to pour. At 15 mile marker we started to push slush for about 3 miles. The truck thermometer went from 55 to 37 very quickly! Rained the rest of the way into Bozeman, then shortly after it quit. As we come back out of Bozeman it stared to pour again for about 10 miles, then drizzle the rest to the way back to the "Hole" A little while ago it thundered and lightning for a couple of minutes and then another downpour. Just plain ugly Kirk, glad Pam and you are good to go and no damage to the Dodge .
  5. bobsallyh

    Problem with slide outs?

    If you have a problem with a slide or jacks, you can bet it will be when you are leaving a site. Not when you run them out or the jacks down upon arriving. Just my watching situations over the years. Maybe I should have applied for a government grant for a study. Fortunately, we never have had a slide problem in 14 years on this trailer. But I'm much happier to hear them going in than out! Did have a problem with a jack 3 weeks ago, for the first time. But shot the trouble on it and it was a bad switch. Happy Camper!
  6. bobsallyh

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Bakers Hole Forest Service CG, 5 miles north of West Yellowstone, MT. 40 this AM, made it to 77. Beautiful day with a little wind. Friday supposed to be rain and a HIGH of 56! BRRR.
  7. bobsallyh

    Glacier Natl Park - Highway 2 vs Interstate 94

    We tow our 40 ft. fiver and dually crew cab on US 2 thru Montana and there is no problem. Just be in no hurray. There are many ascending and descending speed limits thru the small towns. When traveling thru reservations watch your speed!
  8. bobsallyh

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    Ray,IN, are you saying that Honda shops carry parts for the Boliy gen sets? Thanks for any info.
  9. bobsallyh

    CB Radio?

    Phil, you got me to thinking when we last used a CB while traveling. And I remember we had used a CB in our 1984 Dodge van. In 1995 we sold the van and bought a 1995 Dodge pickup. I never moved the CB over to the new truck. I put it on top of the refer in our garage and it was still there 2003 when we sold all the stuff to go fulltime.
  10. bobsallyh

    Slide out awining

    alan0043, we have had those seen in Pat & Pete's picture on our fiver for 14 years. We really like them, and as Pat & Pete said, the window awning section can either stay rolled up or out. The thing I like about them is since I'm the Chief Wrench on this rig, there is just one roller, where as a separate slide cover and an additional window awning would have two rollers and more holes for possible leaks. Now for the possible problem, I don't think Carefree makes them any more. A friend of mine that has an RV repair shop told me this a couple of years ago and since that, I haven't seen them on newer rigs. Now, I have not checked Carefree out to for confirmation.
  11. bobsallyh

    Kalispell Montana

    McGregor Lake, between Kalispell and Libby on US 2 had a dose of the white stuff.
  12. bobsallyh

    Extra Propane Tank Transport Safely

    Last month I bought 2-6 gallon milk crates at Cal-Ranch in Yuma, AZ. They carry both 4 and 6 gallon crates. I also saw them at Sportsmen's Warehouse in Vegas. No they aren't quite as well built as the company crates, but work for us. Although I do miss the red "Bordon's Dairy Crates.
  13. bobsallyh

    Oman 8k quietsiesel error code 38

    Thank you, Wrknrvr. (Vern) Have been looking for the info on that website you shared for a long time. Thanks for sharing!
  14. bobsallyh

    Where are you spending this summer?

    Left Yuma May 1, then a month in Vegas area, now in Twin Falls, ID. and next week on up to Island Park, ID. area and Yellowstone N P. Sometime in July over to Western Montana, Kalispell, Glacier N P, Libby, and Swan Lake area. We are out of Montana the day after Labor Day for sure, then slowly south back to Yuma for our 15th winter there.
  15. bobsallyh

    The Class-less Class

    Sandie & Jim, if Jim likes hardware stores, have him check out McFadden-Dale at 5580 S. Decatur Blvd. #114. The website isn't worth a dip but the actual store sure is! http://mcfaddendalehardware.com/ Also, Meads Hardware 4438 Lake Mead Blvd