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  1. Great news folks. Keep him under control Barb!
  2. Pinger it was open today, Wed. There were folks going back and forth. But I think most dentists have shut down.
  3. We used Rainbow Dr. from 2003- 2017. Only reason we changed, we bought an RV lot in Yuma, AZ. and we now use that address. Still use the mail service during summer travel.
  4. pinger, have your friends check with the dentists in Algodnes before going. A friend was called by their dentist in Algodones canceling their appointment. Next month, who knows? If I hear anymore I'll post the info. Have a great day!
  5. Lou, you hit the nail on the head. Commerce will drive this. Just a reminder to folks thinking about crossing the hours are 6 AM to 10 PM.
  6. Some friends of ours are booked for a week at Riverside in Laughlin. They called and no problem coming in for the week. They and another couple have a 5 day reservation for Sam's Town KOA. Called to check on that situation. Both were told "you may have one night only". The Avi Casino in Laughlin is closed but their KOA is open according to an email we received yesterday.
  7. https://www.yumaaz.gov/article/yuma-fire-department-press-releases/motorhome-fire-1
  8. Pete & Pat, that is a plus here in Yuma, except today as it has poured most of the day.
  9. In the same boat as Kirk. As far as Pat & Pete's question, I do unless there is a first down play or a dunk! Then I have a tendency to get behind,
  10. I too looked at the Onan/Cummins P2500i at Q. I found the box they come in and this is what was printed on the box. Engineered and designed by Cummins/Onan in Indianapolis, IN. Manufactured in China. Then somebody fired it up, sounded louder than a Honda. As we walked on somebody put a load on it, then it was louder. Never heard a Honda that noisy but I didn't have my DB meter with me. I was hoping that when Cummins got together with Onan the gennys would get better, but personally haven't seen improvement. They have had a terrible time trying to get into the "light portable genny" market to start with. If I didn't want to spend the bucks for the Honda, I'd be at Harbor Freight.
  11. Well one of the reasons so many winter visitors in Yuma, AZ. and probably other snowbird areas, always say they need "to beat feet home" is to do taxes. Well the Feds just extended that out 90 days.
  12. Chuck, I think you will find that some of the insurance companies, not all, that write travel policies for out of Canada travel told their policy holders that starting last Friday, they had 10 days to get back across border. The notice said that medical problems while in the US would be covered but nothing with the coronavirus is covered. Besides that, they will be self quarantined after crossing into their home province. Several of our Canadian friends have bailed in the last couple of days from here in Yuma, AZ. I won't get into their medical up above the border but most of our northern friends have no problems with it.
  13. The Pennsylvania Turnpike due to the Corona situation is is stopping use of cash and credit cards. But not to worry, read the whole article. https://www.pennlive.com/coronavirus/2020/03/pa-turnpike-will-temporarily-not-accept-cash-or-credit-cards-because-of-coronavirus.html
  14. So far today, I've gotten basically the same form email from DQ, NAPA Auto Parts, O'Reillys Auto Parts, Golden Corral, Sizzler stating "we are open and looking out for you etc. I wonder what outfit got the contract for this useless memo?
  15. Yes, but take note "We are remaining open". What is difference if the line is long for an ice cream cone or the lunch time crowd. Also they never mention that the BOGO on a Blizzard runs thru the 15th, tomorrow, is still going on. Of course that involves a purchase and a partial purchase. We went the other evening and the line was long.
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