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  1. The way I look at it, the tool selection you carry should reflect your mechanical and electric ability to fix things.
  2. Pat and Pete, the Weather Channel was set up and hyping the eclipse in Carbondale, IL. at Southern Illinois Univ. at Saluki Stadium because supposedly the "totality was going to be the longest time in the U.S." I had enough of the "talking heads" quickly and hit the Off button.
  3. There is nothing wrong with U S 2. But going thru Montana there are many descending speed limits. From say 70 on down. Usually in 10 MPH increments. And by the time you get to the town, you will be down to 25. Then repeat the process building back up. Also when going thru the reservations beware they have their own LEO's. If you have the time, there are many places to visit or see.
  4. Thank goodness Jim, it was 2000 and not 2015-2016!
  5. If you go to "Q", do your due diligence. All dealers in "Q" are transient and are just there for the season. Finding some of them from year to year come and go. Also check to see where their base dealership is, if any. Yuma used to have "sales" when the transient dealers set up shop there for the season. But for about the last three years there have been no transients. Le Mesa pulled out at the end of 2015-2016 season and the lot is now for sale. And what I said above about doing your homework also pertains in Yuma. I've seen too many folks in 14 seasons at Yuma get ripped off.
  6. Charlyhors, If it were mine, I'd go to auto parts, match the cap, although being a Dexter Easy Lube cap, a trip to a good RV parts store may be necessary. Then I'd simply tap the new cap on to the hub. I wouldn't fill the new cap with grease. No new grease in the EaysLube system should be necessary. But I'm very opinionated on Dexter Easy Lube. If you don't feel comfortable with it, don't take it to an RV repair shop. Go to a tire/alignment shop. They will be cheaper and get you out the door a whole lot quicker!
  7. How has the smoke been in the Somers area, Vern? We skipped the Swan Lake, Kalispell, and Libby area due to the fires.
  8. ffreestoneangler, all you have to do to clear up questions about towing in snow, is be in the snowbird areas when those "snow towers" arrive. You won't have to ask any questions, just listen. Some of the best stories come from I-15 Dillon, MT. to Clark Canyon dam. And November really doesn't mean anything. A friend of ours left Calgary, AB. last winter and ended up with the shiny down and the greasy side up on his way to Yuma, AZ.
  9. Some NAPA parts stores are geared to mixing colors in spray touch-up cans. The fellows on the HDT section are probably more familiar with this question.
  10. Marked it in the calendar. We always enjoy the Happy Hour! Thanks for posting it.
  11. If the vinyl is a good quality vinyl it will hold up My wife made tire skirts out of a good grade of vinyl from Joanne's. They are covering the tires about 99% of the time. One side is going on 6 years, the other side she just sewed up a new on because some idiot that is typing this got some battery acid on it. If the fabric is like the tire covers available at most RV joints al bets are off. Years ago on our Prowler travel trailer, we had fiberglass cover that was really good looking and lasted until the trailer went to the boneyard. Haven't seen them for years.
  12. Keep going south until you don't see large propane tanks and insulated water hoses. That has been our motto for 14 years of fulltiming
  13. Boy, did you nail that Kirk!
  14. babemooney, first the parking. The Indians have a huge parking lot on the US side of the border, with a walkway to the crossing. It is $6.00 or $7.00 daily. Rvs and buses, prices are higher. No overnight parking. The best way, is to park your rig at a Yuma RV park and just drive to the Indian lot. Or if you are a dry camper, park at the "Q" casino, at the off ramp of I-8 and Algodones RD.(allowed) and the border is about a mile. I will worn you, there are "no parking" signs along the road off I-8 to the border. Don't park, because CHIPS will tow and impound vehicle! Now the dentists. We first went there 14 years ago and walked across the border only to find a zillion dental offices. We went in one and I really wasn't pleased with the office. So, we went back across the border, drove to the Escapees RV park, Kofa, in Yuma. We asked the lady that was working the desk if she had any recommendations. She showed us some recommendations by park residents that were on the bulletin board. Then she offered her personal choice that she had used for a number of years. Drs. Camacho that are just across the border entrance on the left in a gray block building. We had seen the office but on their shingle, it said "Pediatric Dentistry" so we didn't stop. It turned out they do all folks but are one of a few that do kids in the town. We still go there and are very satisfied with the very professional services. The Drs. Camachos' are husband and wife. Now their daughter has joined the practice. They do not do root canals as they sent me to another office that equaled their practice. We got a good laugh there as my appointment was at 1 PM. so we were there a little early, the support staff was on their lunch break watching the Mexican Soaps. The Camachos' have you carry your own records. They of course show on paper what work was done and put it in a folder for you to take along and in future trips to bring along for the history. If I were you, I'd talk to a few folks and ask who they went to. If you don't feel comfortable when arriving at a particular office, leave and go to another. Some dentists actually live in Yuma and just ply their trade across the border. And many have been schooled in the US. If I can be of more help just PM us.
  15. Thanks for the info. I'll just let them roll.