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  1. bobsallyh

    Fraternal Organizations

    rickeieio, each Elks Lodge sets their own membership fee. Most of the differences are what amenities the lodge has. We use them quite frequently here in the West. And like other posters said, the parking varies greatly. We use Boulder City, NV. (Vegas) lodge twice a year, and there usually is an HDT there. But it can be difficult at some Elks RV Parks. Moose Lodges and Eagles also offer parking at certain locations.
  2. bobsallyh

    Highway 95 Reno to Las Vegas.NV

    US 95 is an excellent road. Like Linda, we use it occasionally. Also haver used Churchill County Fairgrounds at Fallon and Walker Lake. As far as snow you should be OK, but several years ago while attending the Reno Air Races we were going to leave Monday, but the white stuff started to come down, so we just re-upped at the RV park for another. night. The following day, Tuesday, was beautiful. By the way, the air races are this weekend. We have a dually crew cab with a 40' fiver and you won't have a problem with that road.
  3. bobsallyh

    Florence & September/Oct. Travels

    Just talked to friend in Disputana, VA. who had reservations for Emerald Isle starting this Thursday. Last night the RV park/cg called and recommended they don't come. The park did make the statement that the money they had for the reservation would be good if they re-booked before a certain date.
  4. bobsallyh

    We lost the Bandit

    On College Gameday this AM, Lee Corso, Burt's roommate at Florida State while playing football, did a nice remembrance of Burt.
  5. bobsallyh

    Park in Yuma ?

    Hugh Curran, as a soon to be 15 year "veteran" of snow birding in Yuma, all RV parks are not created equal. Some were built before slides, tight sites. Some have all kinds of amenities. Some are very near the Union Pacific RR on the north side of I-8. Prices of course tend to vary with amenities. There are high-ends, West Wind, Country Roads, The Palms, Fortuna Del Oro. Mid-range, there are numerous parks and some low end places. We spent 13 years in Western Sands. It is now part of a conglomerate, Adobe Village, Sunset Palms, Pioneer in Wellton. Several years ago there was an article in the Yuma Sun that said there were 73 RV parks in the area. Your best bet is to come down early, set up for several days and check parks out. I would never make any kind of commitment, long term, site unseen. If I can be of more help, just PM me. Should be out on our RV lot in the Foothills next Friday. By the way, that is another thing to look at, is renting a private lot. Check Yuma Craigs List under "Vacation Rentals" heading. Many are now starting to appear.
  6. bobsallyh

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Got into Sin City (Las Vegas) yesterday from Ely, NV. It was 48 in Ely yesterday morning when we left. Got to Boulder City Elks at noon and it was 93. After chowing down at Boulder Station and coming back to the Elks, it hit 101 at about 4. Then last evening just as it was getting dark, the temp was 92, but the humidity sure shot up. This AM at about 7, it was 78 and I think Saturday it will top out at 106. At least the sky is clear and NO smoke as we had north. Next week we will continue on down to our RV lot in Yuma.
  7. bobsallyh

    How do you travel around once set up at a park?

    JimK, if you would have gone to the north side (outdoor section) of the Kalispell parking lot there is always plenty of room. And you don't have to play checkers with that whole stupid layout. And we just left Kalispell after 5 weeks in the area, been to that Wally numerous times, and never looked like a shanty town to me. Of course everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but if Wally doesn't care, why should I?
  8. bobsallyh

    Glacier N P on fire on the west side

    KnoxSwift, this was in todays Flathead Beacon. But in these fires there is so much can change very quickly. Sure hopes it works out for you. https://flatheadbeacon.com/2018/09/04/glacier-national-park-announces-limited-sun-road-access/
  9. bobsallyh

    Future Full Timers - We think?

    We did what barbaraok stated in her post, plus we had been rving since 1974 when we went fulltime in 2003. My wife would always take a Corele plate along with us when looking. If it didn't fit in the sink, we walked. We were looking at a KIng of the Road fiver in Indiana and the plate wouldn't fit in the sink and the salesman just looked in awe. We just kept narrowing down fivers. Fortunately, we finally narrowed it down after about 18 months of looking at fivers to makes and floor plans. The two makes were on the same dealers lot which sure made it handy. Also, when I went on to a sales lot I already had copped an attitude but the salesman we ended up with was a fulltimer and I will always remember his statement to us, "I don't know what you need or your requirements, I'll certainly offer a few suggestions if you ask". He then said " I'll leave you alone, all fivers are open, if you have any questions just page me, I'm headed back to my sales cubicle". That was at 9 AM, at about 12, we went into the sales office and told him we were going down the street for a little lunch, then we will return , and look more". That is what we did , then left about 3 PM, stopped by and told him which one we would buy the next AM in a phone call and we NEVER buy an RV or vehicle the same day we look at them. We did that 14 years ago and I guess like barbaraok, we did good as we are still fulltiming in that fiver. Haven't been to lots for years but what I see in RV parks and cgs where we stop, I sure haven't seen anything that I would want to replace what we have. Two things, don't be in a hurry, and make sure the floor plan will work for you, because if there is something that doesn't seem to work in that floorplan, believe me that it will raise it's ugly head and get only worse when you use it every day!
  10. bobsallyh


    Do WHAAT!
  11. bobsallyh

    Glacier N P on fire on the west side

    The west entrance never closed. Montana has removed some fire restrictions which are separate from GNP. https://www.nps.gov/glac/learn/nature/fire-information.htm
  12. bobsallyh

    Where did you land?

    k4rs, good to see you on here. We met you folks years ago at the Golden Corral in Yuma, AZ. I believe it was either Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  13. This appeared on the East Idaho news this AM. I sure do like one of the comments on the bottom of the article. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2018/08/idaho-falls-man-fined-banned-from-public-land-for-defacing-corona-arch-in-southeastern-Utah/
  14. bobsallyh

    2000 Suncruser Basement Air?

    homelesshartshorns, I probably have the same unit as you folks. Operates as you described except, if we move the temp setting more than 3-4 degrees at a time it defers to gas until reaching set temp, then on the next cycle it will go electric. In other words if the temp in rig is 60 and we set the thermostat to 72 in one shot, the gas will come on until it reaches 72. Then to maintain the 72 it will go to electric. Our heat pump will usually work between 39-42 depending on the amount of humidity in the air. If I can help anymore just PM me.
  15. bobsallyh

    Yamaha 2000 Generator vs Honda 2000 Generator??

    I'll go along with what the RV Tech Library says, but on our Onan Marquis Gold 7000 that adjustment knob on the carb does absolutely nothing. Had 2 carbs on the POS and the same with both. It doesn't matter if it is at sea level in Yuma, AZ. or 6800' around Ely, NV. or West Yellowstone, MT.