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  1. This outfit has a listing on Las Vegas Craigslist. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/rvs/d/las-vegas-we-gently-move-your-rv/6963376955.html
  2. This Ford truck is not mine. The friend got it back the end of last week from the Ford dealership since they had to order parts. But it still doesn't work. Of course the dealership didn't try it with trailer in tow. If it were mine, I'd try a Prodigy. Hot wire to the battery and find the brake light wire going to the taillights. What I question is if the ECM would pitch a fit.
  3. Has anyone or knows of somebody who has an integrated brake controller on newer pickup trucks that went belly-up? With the truck out of warranty, they were quoted some high price to fix the problem. So instead, they installed an "old school" brake controller like a Prodigy, etc.
  4. https://www.rvtravel.com/cooper-tires-recalls-for-defect-that-could-case-rapid-tire-failure/
  5. Same as several other posters have stated, check out the area first before doing a commitment. Also check to see how far a grocery run would be. We use RT 86 sometimes from El Centro to I-10 and at times the odor is bad. There was a housing development started on the west side of RT 86, cheap lots and very few have sold.
  6. Direct TV and ESPN are in a urinating contest at the present. On Monday night football this week ESPN started to run commercials about the situation. On Tuesday's sports programing on ESPN, Direct had a black line thru part of the ad.
  7. We tried the attachment that Winegard has for the batwing. It fastens in the side of the batwing. Didn't work worth a hoot. Exchanged it for a "Jack" that replaces the whole Winegard head. Very easy to change out and works well for us. The "Jack" resembles a Delta wing.
  8. "Fine China", paper, is your friend. If making casseroles use throw away aluminum pans.' If using a crock pot use crock pot liners.
  9. I sent you two a PM. I don't believe this is the case, Agesilaus. The BOF's are a volunteer deal, so maybe she is out having fun like us.
  10. No, it isn't dead. I get the news letter from Judy Wilson frequently. She could be out of a service area. In fact I just emailed her several weeks ago about a situation in Yuma, AZ. and she was back to me the same day.
  11. The latest Escapees news letter has an article on the possibility of Congress ordering the removal of networks from satellite (reauthorization of Section 119). It includes a form to send to the Texas Representatives to quash it.
  12. The Michelin LTX has been changed to another tire. I believe it may be "Premier". The "new" tire is the same as the LTX. But the LTX had a 70,000 mile tread warranty. The "new" tire, the tread warranty has been reduced to 50,000. No wonder why, as I was one on cashed in on the warranty thru Discount Tire. At the time I did this I had numerous tire shops that were up front with what was going on.
  13. Since RV Park owners and I are very, very rarely on the same wave length. I really doubt this scenario even took place!
  14. Having been to Myrtle Beach for years in September, we only got run out twice. First time was a beautiful Wednesday. I went up to the CG store for the paper. On my way back a guy who I talked to every AM was packing up. I knew he wasn't due out for several days and asked him what he was doing. He was from the Charlotte area and said they had just put on a voluntary evacuation. He asked me if we had ever been evacuated and I said "no". He told me if you leave under the voluntary situation "you will drive out just like any other time, if you wait for mandatory evacuation all hell breaks loose". So within an 2 hours we were on our way further inland. A friend we had gotten to know at the CG from the St. Louis area said he was going to wait. He named me "throw and go Bob' as I just threw stuff in the truck. Next season here he comes in, stops his rig and said "I need to talk to you". After getting setup he comes over. "If that same situation ever occurs again. make sure I am on your bumper" He waited for the mandatory order. Left the CG at 8 AM, got to Camping World at 8 PM that evening, all of about 18 miles. Next morning got going at 6 AM and finally got something to eat at Knoxville, TN. All the restaurants were stripped out etc. There is only a couple of ways in and out of MB.
  15. I got mine at local propane suppliers when I had the hoses made up. I think they are set up for the very low pressure which comes from the regulator. Mine has a ball valve shut off with a handle on it. The handle will not open if the quick disconnect is not in the fitting properly and the whole way.
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