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  1. bobsallyh

    Taxation w/o representation

    Barbarok, hold on a minute! A friend of mine has a fiver on a rented space in a 55 plus RV park in the Foothills area of Yuma. It has current Wisconsin tags on it and has had for the seven years that he has been in the park. It never moves, pays no taxes, only the yearly site rental at the park. And since it is on seasonal lot rental there is no tax on the rental fee. Here, there is no sales tax on monthly's or seasonal, only daily's and weekly's. Tour the parks in this area and this is a common occurrence. It also includes Canadian owned rigs. Park model owners do pay a county tax on their unit as they are considered stationary.
  2. bobsallyh

    Need a Fuel Heater,Any brand or advice?

    Big 10-4 on that 2gypsies!
  3. bobsallyh

    Death Valley, Hwy. 127

    Haven't been on it for several years but then the surface was great, some very slight, long up and downs, but certainly nothing to worry about. At places, you can see for miles.
  4. bobsallyh

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Sure is pouring here in Yuma, AZ. in the desert. Down right UGLY. Unfortunately today is the SKP Quartzsite Happy Hour. We will be missing it for the first time in years. But the fried chicken buffet at the Yuma Elks Lodge this evening will ease the pain.
  5. bobsallyh

    2019 West Coast Rally

    jenandjon, yes at Jackpot. At Cactus Pete's who also has a nice RV park, you can park in the parking area in front of the RV Park. We have used both the RV park and parking lot at times. Also, just north of Cactus Pete's is Barton's 93 Casino. The casino is on the west side of US 93. Directly across from Barton's on the east side of US 93 is a fairly large lot that Barton's let you park on. There probably won't be anybody in that lot because most folks don't know it is available and the sign permitting the parking has been faded for years. If dry parking, we usually use Barton's, much quieter and usually no one there. Both dry lots are on the east side of US 93. Beware, there is a 25 MPH limit thru Jackpot, and the local police force have all the time in the world to enforce it. If coming from the north, you will "drop" down into Jackpot, "so whoa it down"!
  6. bobsallyh

    Taxation w/o representation

    RV, when we were in an RV Park for 13 years here in Yuma County, Foothills area, here is how it worked. We now have our own RV lot and it is a different situation as it is our domicile and residence for 6-7 months RV Park- Ambulance and fire services- You buy a policy from Rural Metro that provides ambulance and fire protection. If the person does not purchase the policy, Rural Metro bills accordingly and it is high. County does not provide any of this service. RV Park- Hospital- Yuma Regional Hospital- they get paid regardless of where the folks are from. I will say that without the winter population here, a lot of their new services would never have been established. The winter crowd also brings in jobs for traveling RN's and Doctors. RV Park- water and sewage- Both services are provided by Far West Water and Sewer. A private outfit. The RV parks pay year round for both those service regardless if sites are full or empty. Water is billed on use.. RV Park- Electric- RV parks own the meters, re-sell power and site renters pay a monthly bill, parks set the KWH rate the renters will pay according to how much they use. The power to the parks is supplied by Arizona Power. State Parks charge user fees, if lakes are pay for use, then an entrance fee is charged. With all the sales taxes and fuel taxes paid by the snowbirds, don't get me started. It sort of reminds me of a number of years ago a cluster created at Myrtle Beach, SC. The state went after the students that came down there for summer jobs at hotels, restaurants, etc. to get South Carolina license plates on their vehicles. Well the restaurant and hotel groups went together and the thought of that crashed and burned over in Columbia.
  7. bobsallyh

    Taxation w/o representation

    ticdusty, where is the RV park located?
  8. bobsallyh

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    Kirk, I had read that too. Our thoughts our the same. And I'll let SWharton take care of CW. I don't have the patience to type all the thoughts on that outfit!
  9. bobsallyh

    Awning replacement

    Yes, thanks Desert Miner, will be in Q sometime that week. Here is another outfit www.sunpromfg.com He sewed up our replacement slide/window covers (A & E Omega) and did beautiful work when he was located in Wellton, AZ. just east of us in Yuma. He has now relocated to Hamilton, MT. nine 2 eight-7eight2-two9eight9
  10. bobsallyh

    Water Softener

    dAVEH, we have used the RV 1200 water softener for 15 years with absolutely no problems.
  11. bobsallyh

    SKP Quartzsite 2019 Happy Hour.

    Remember, this coming Tuesday, January 15 at 1-3 PM, the SKP Quartzsite Happy Hour.
  12. bobsallyh

    Your worst RV travel predicament?

    Early 80's going thru Columbus, Ohio, on I-70 westbound, which we had done many times before. Somehow, someway, I ended up in the lane to go north on I-75. Went north an exit or two, jumped off I-75, went west off the exit to find a place to go back south. Saw a surface "street", took that which in reality was an alley which dead ended. So my wife watches backing and maneuvering around, got squared away and we just knew thousands of eyes were watching us from the tall business buildings.
  13. The January SKP-Get-Together, will be Wednesday, January 8 at 10 AM. It is held at Foothills Eatery and Spirits, Exit Foothills Blvd off I-8, turn south, the restaurant is on the southwest corner. As usual breakfast or lunch may be ordered. January's meeting will be in the small group area on the northeast corner of the restaurant. All SKPS are invited. All Yuma monthly Get-Togethers are the second Wednesday of the month
  14. bobsallyh

    Dually wheel wear

    I have rotated the tires on our dually for the 15 years we have owned it. Since the last several sets have been purchased from Discount Tire, they rotate them for free. Although some of their shops have no clue on how to line-up the valve stems.
  15. bobsallyh


    Don't know where you are located but for repair parts, etc. there is Arizona RV Salvage in Phoenix. In the Yuma, AZ. area there are several furniture places that carry RV furniture. Many folks get furniture from Bradd and Hall in Indiana. www.azrvsalvage.com