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  1. jkoenig24, sure go along with the lack of "yipe stripes".
  2. bobsallyh


    Yuma Territorial Prison. Plan accordingly, as I doubt you want to do the tour at 115 degrees. But it sure would give the "real feel" of what is was like. Yuma Proving Ground museum.
  3. New slide seal for Luxury by Design 5th wheel or a fiver made by that manufacture.. Enough for 5 slides. Black to replace the lousy white seal. Located in Yuma, AZ. Must take all. Must be picked up, no shipping. Make offer. 9two8-nine3six40four9 Can't seem to attach photos. Below is pictures from the Craig's List ad. https://yuma.craigslist.org/rvs/d/yuma-slide-seal-for-luxury-by-design/7050994161.html
  4. That is a bummer, Chad. We always have a good time there. We will be back up to Q next week for the "RV Show".
  5. The 2020 January Quartzsite Happy Hour will be Tuesday January 14, 2020, at 1-3 PM. It will again be on the Plamosa Rd. on the left and there is small signage. Bring your drink and a snack to share. The last few years, the weather has been outstanding and the crowd likewise.
  6. Another business: https://amsolar.com/solar-panels-for-rv They are Escapees Commercial members.
  7. This Wednesday, Jan 8 at 10 AM. is the January Get Together at Foothills Food and Spirits, exit Foothills Blvd. off I-8, southwest corner of S. Frontage RD. and Foothills Blvd. As always, breakfast or lunch may be ordered. All SKPs in the area re invited to attend.
  8. DreamersandTravelers, click on Chad Heiser, then you will see a box about the top middle of the page, "Message". Click on that box and put your message on it, it will be private between you and him. Also should he message you, you will see an envelope at the top of any page in the blue section that I believe turns red when you have a message.
  9. Yes, and don't forget to remove jewelry while working on batteries. I had a friend that about lost his ring finger when his wedding band arched between a positive battery post and a ground on an Airstream diesel pusher. The batteries on that rig were absolutely a PITA to change or work on.
  10. I've watched these ever since they came on the market. My opinion then and still now is that they are for somebody who thinks they need a diesel but it will always be a grocery-getter and day tripping pickup. If you want a diesel for towing put "your big boy pants on". It will be interesting to see if in the future these small diesels will have the longevity of the old Datsun and VW diesels.
  11. We use the Boulder City Elks Lodge RV Park when in the Vegas area. Nice RV Park and great lodge. Drive right in Boulder Hiway for the exact reasons ToddF posted. And Lake Mead Recreation Area just out the road.
  12. Sam's Club for gas, not so much for diesel as they are few and far between. Kroger gas/fuel points as Smith's and Fry's have many fuel stations and if they don't they usually have a "partner" in the area.
  13. We will be on our RV lot here in the Foothills of Yuma, AZ. Going out to dinner with some friends to the Golden Corral. Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. We are fulltiming in our 2004 Alfa Gold 38' fiver that we bought new in October of 2003 at Earnhardt's RV in Mesa, AZ. when we started to fulltime. It took us about 18 months before going fulltime to decide what we wanted. Now you have to realize that we had RVed since 1974 so we should have had a good handle what we were going to need. First, a 1974 Viking tent trailer, then a 1976 Prowler travel trailer, and the 3rd, a 1988 Terry travel trailer. All of which served us well. After about 16 months of comparison we had narrowed our selection down to a Hitchhiker Champaign and the Alfa. Both were sold at Earnhardt's lot, so we only needed to walk about 100' from one to the other. When Alfas's were being built there was always a love/hate relationship from owners. We have always liked ours. Storage galore, layout that works. You also have to realize that I am the repairman on this unit. Never have done anything but normal maintenance, no stuck slides, no landing gear issues, etc. Never been back to the factory or a repair facility. We did have a warranty problem with a Carefree Slide Cover Awning and an Atwood stove problem. Never bothered calling Earnhardt's or Alfa. Just dealt directly with Carefree and Atwood. Folks ask us when we are going to a new unit. Ain't gonna happen unless this unit should get totaled. Too much "fluff"' and useless stuff on new units and basically all the vendor supplied products are the same as 16 years ago! Some of the issues we see while on the road with new units are unbelievable. A couple of years ago while parked in Island Park, ID. a group of 3 motorhomes came in from the FMCA rally in Gillette, WY. One parked beside us and he and I started a conversation about their travels and the rally. During the conversation he mentioned about problems while on the trip. He had a 5 year old motorhome, while the other two couples HAD to have new coaches before leaving the east coast. One new one had it's first problem entering Kentucky and the other made it all the way to Indiana before issues arose that had to be taken care of before continuing on the trip. His older coach already had the bugs taken care of. This Alfa has been all over the West and Alaska. Many people that are familiar with fivers call the Alfa's flattops because of the straight back roofs which really opens up the inside.
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