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  1. bobsallyh

    DirectTV Gift On Veterans Day?

    FL-JOE, you may want to look at this article: https://awfulannouncing.com/nfl/nfl-due-changes-next-tv-contract.html I watch a lot of football whether it be pro or college. Never jumped on the NFL ticket deal. When we lived 85 miles from Washington and Baltimore, and 150 miles from Pittsburg and Philadelphia, Monday morning at work was really fun as to what games were blacked out by your address. As you read the fine print you "don't see every game". One time when sitting in Cactus Pete's Casino in Jackpot, NV. on a Sunday afternoon, watching the "buffet" of games on TV, a guy slides in the seat beside me and asks "where is the Seahawks game? We both noticed it wasn't on, so he goes up to the Keno desk and asks. The answer was the "NFL considers Jackpot, NV. home territory for the Seachickens", thus being a home game, it was blacked out.
  2. bobsallyh

    Veterans Day discounts

    Thanks for posting, Ray IN. We will be on our usual schedule, Sunday- Appleby's. Monday AM, Denny's then late afternoon, Golden Corral. Great Veterans Day to all Veterans!
  3. bobsallyh

    Awning Parts

    Don't know if you saw this site but I ran across it the other day. We are going to replace the fabric on ours this winter. We are in Yuma and there are several outfits here that sew them up but haven't checked with them. The site is not easy to use. http://www.toughtopawnings.com/Patio-replacement-fabric.html Also when this outfit was in Wellton, AZ. just across the pass from Yuma, he made me up new slide toppers and they were outstanding. But he has now relocated to Victor, MT. https://www.highway93rv.com/ Also, this outfit has a booth at the Arizona Market Place here in Yuma. They travel the San Diego, Yuma, Quartzsite area. https://www.shadepro.net/product-category/awning-replacement-fabrics/
  4. bobsallyh

    Any recommended RV parks in or near Quartzite.

    Dang, cactus, posted exactly what I am posting. Quail Run RV Park and Silly Al's for pizza!
  5. The 2019 January Quartzsite Happy Hour will be Tuesday January 15, 2019, at 1-3 PM. It will again be on the Plamosa Rd. on the left and there is small signage. Bring your drink and a snack to share. The last few years, the weather has been outstanding and the crowd likewise. NOTE, it will be held on Tuesday for 2019.
  6. The November SKP-Get-Together, the first for the season, will be November 14 at 10 AM. It is held at Foothills Eatery and Spirits, Exit Foothills Blvd off I-8, turn south, the restaurant is on the southwest corner. As usual breakfast or lunch may be ordered. All SKPS are invited. All Yuma monthly Get-Togethers are the second Wednesday of the month.
  7. bobsallyh

    January travel near the border

    We have spent the winters in Yuma for 15 years. We are here now and it is no different than any other time and I don't expect it to be. Drive on and keep the TV shut off!
  8. bobsallyh

    CreekFire Motor Rance, Savannah GA

    I don't believe we have ever done a review of a RV park or CG. I feel that people want different things and way we use a cg or RV park could be entirely different than another couple. If we are in a FHU park, we probably never set foot in the bathhouse, so how can we review them fairly. If we don't do laundry the same applies. On the other side of the fence, I very rarely use a review for anything.
  9. bobsallyh

    Where ar you in the summer?

    We too are full timers for 15 years. We spend summers in the Yellowstone area of Idaho and Montana. On the way north we are in Idaho. About mid-July we move to western Montana, Kalispell and surrounding areas. Then in Idaho again on the way south. We don't make reservations. We do some dry camping and when we see the word "Resort" on an RV park sign, we just drive on.
  10. Excellent job, thanks for sharing.
  11. bobsallyh

    Henry's Lake ID.

    Don't know if anybody on here uses Bill Frome boat ramp and cg on Henry's Lake. There is an attachment on the site that BLM and the county are thinking about improvements etc. https://www.blm.gov/press-release/blm-seeks-public-input-henry’s-lake-recreation-improvements
  12. bobsallyh

    Algadones Dentist

    I forgot to mention that if you stop at the Escapees Kofa RV Park here in Yuma, they have recommendations from members.
  13. bobsallyh

    Algadones Dentist

    I have used Drs. Camacho, husband and wife and I believe their daughter is also now in the practice, for 15 Years. Just across the street at the border crossing. Their shingle says "pediatric dentistry" but they treat anybody.
  14. bobsallyh

    Mobile service Bushnell?

    I think docj is referring to Vern Penner who frequents the HDT forum. He may still be in Somers. MT. I believe last winter he was in Arizona. He goes by the screen name wrknrver. Check out this post from him and shoot him a PM. Or go to the HDT forum and locate him there.
  15. bobsallyh

    Rigs 10 years of age or older and campsites

    Scott, I checked the first line. But we never make reservations. So the numbers could be flawed. If we did make reservations and they asked if the fiver is over ten years, which ours is, they would never know because the conversation at that point is terminated by us. I have no need to be in their park/cg whether it is new or over ten years. If stopping in and they ask, the end result is the same as above. Commonly referred to a drive-thru or a drive-out. We have never been asked anyway. I rarely have contact with a salesperson, but if I did, and he brought up this subject, he can start pounding sand immediately!