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  1. Highway Patrol - The reason why......

    Everything in California appears different. One reason I choose not to visit there. Talked to two attorneys that are friends and one Deputy Sheriff who also checked with a Court Clerk. If you get a ticket for a moving violation in, for example, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, or Florida the ticket has a court date. If you do not want to appear in court you can mail your fine and court cost. This is a guilty plea. No bond is posted or required. If you don't appear or pay the fine you will have your DL suspended. Other states comply and submit info to the state of the violation so the suspension is broad as are "points" for each traffic offense. Pleading not guilty by submitting a letter to the court arguing the citation is not an option. For traffic court, telephone or video appearances are only applicable if you are a witness to a violation and are medically unable to appear in person. If you want to plead not guilty you must appear or you hire an attorney to present your defense in absentia but expect to pay at least $500 to the attorney - often more. Keep in mind this is not criminal court. It is traffic or general court. If you are charged with a criminal offense you may be required to post bail or wait in jail. Driving a stolen vehicle, driving when your license is suspended, or evading a police vehicle in pursuit are examples of criminal offenses rather than traffic. There are, of course, other offenses considered criminal. This discussion was in response to what Vegas Teacher posted about California. I just wanted others to know that at least over on the east coast it doesn't work that way. If you live in Florida and are in route to Virginia and get a ticket along the way in North Carolina you must plead guilty and pay the ticket by mail before the court date, hire the attorney or come back to plead your case. If the attorney loses the fine must be paid within 5 days or kiss your DL goodbye.
  2. Highway Patrol - The reason why......

    I have not been able to find a single locality in any state that allows an absent driver to defend a motor vehicle ticket in court by mail (letters). The closest I can find is hiring a lawyer to argue the citation for you with you absent provided you give the lawyer such authority and the court accepts. Expensive. Expensive. Expensive. BTW - you don't mail in the "Bail" amount you simply pay the court's standard amount plus court costs for the moving violation you were ticketed for. Bail or a Bail Bond is an on-the-spot requirement in some localities for serious infractions to guarantee your appearance in court rather than waiting in a jail cell. Grandpa is right, "Keep your nose clean."
  3. Highway Patrol - The reason why......

    Plead your case by mail? That is an option I was not aware of. I'm not sure all states offer that. It will be interesting to do some further research on this option. In the meantime, "Keep your nose clean"
  4. Semi Build Published By Truck Camper Magazine

    I too have a 12K pound winch but I do not keep it mounted on the truck. I have an adapter I made from 2" receiver tube that steps down to either of the 1-1/2" receivers on the front of the truck. I have a hefty 2" tube on the back that the winch will fit into. The neat thing is if you use a double line with a snatch block it becomes a 24K winch. Two snatch blocks and we are at 36,000 pounds. Your power also depends on how much cable you have on the reel. Using the blocks takes more cable off the drum which helps improve the mechanical advantage. Using some logging chain and the snatch blocks I can pull the rig out of most any hole provided I have something to tie to, which sadly is not always available.
  5. Highway Patrol - The reason why......

    The discouraging thing is any LEO can write a ticket for anything he or she sees as an infraction. Then you must go to court to plead your case to a judge who very well may dismiss all charges the LEO wrote. The problem is you may just be "passing through" the municipality where you get the citation which means returning on your court date or hanging around. One usually ends up paying the ticket by mail rather than return. Observing all traffic laws - speed, lights, stop signs, etc. and making sure all of your lights are working is your best insurance. An LEO is not supposed to pull you over just for the heck of it unless it is at an authorized traffic checkpoint. Universally they need to visually see something that is an infraction. As my Granddad used to say, "Keep your nose clean!" This advice is from my LEO son.
  6. Well, I am currently using the EDT additive and no damage has been done by using it. I get only a few drops of water when I drain the bottom of my Davco filter so I believe it has helped to reduce moisture from condensation that collected in my tanks. The filter element in my Davco was changed in April and is still at the same level 4,000 miles later. It rose to the change level within 2,000 miles after adding the Hot Shot to my fuel. I believe my overall engine performance is improved and the beast runs quieter - but that may be due to some hearing loss. I did have a hard electrical failure of injector #1 this past summer. I gave the replacement job to the Volvo shop. The mechanic commented that the failed injector was very clean as was the top end of the engine. Several years ago when the injector cups were replaced I was told that the injectors were extremely dirty. Something changed something in the interim. IMHO, the claims for a cetane increase that will improve performance have not been realized. The overall cetane rating of my fuel may be higher but it doesn't seem to make a difference in engine power. I did observe an improvement in fuel mileage and power after my initial regimen of additives - maybe the cetane improvement was part of that but I can't definitively say that was or was not the reason. I do not believe my conclusions are because I expected improvement and therefore created it in my mind. I believe the stuff really helped. My personal feeling is that if you decide to use an additive the Hot Shot options could very well be more beneficial than some of the other products - but I have not used all of the other products. I cannot give you hard fact-based data that proves the manufacturer's claims for the product. All I have is my antidotal observations which in my opinion are encouraging. I will continue to use the Hot Shot products as directed.
  7. Trex Gone - Aluminum On. Bed Decking Upgrade Project.

    The bleacher foot boards came from a surplus dealer in Goshen, IN. He no longer has any. But, they do show up in scrap metal yards. Footboards have 90-degree angles on the edges, seat boards have rounded edges and may be wider. BTW Phil - they were carefully cleaned with bleach and a strong purple cleaner followed by a pressure wash. All the chewing gum was scraped off too. As for running bobtail - truckers do it all the time when they have to drop a load and go somewhere else to pick up a new trailer and load. I have run bob tail many, many times and have never had a handling issue or even felt like one might be there. I drove bobtail to the ECR last spring and back home across the mountains on I-40 (1,000+ miles total). My feeling is that what you are hearing is in part urban myth. Have no fear running bobtail. The truck will handle "different" but not dangerously. BTW - I do not use the engine compression brake when bobtail.
  8. Hot Shot Diesel Additive

    I generally believe fuel and oil additives are indeed snake oil. Stuff like Slick 50 and STP were classic a rip-off. I was steered toward the Hot Shot products by a friend that runs HDT trucks for a living. I bought both the oil additive and the fuel additive about 5,000 miles ago. I have not changed oil so I have no analysis data yet. But, I have become a believer in this particular product and now use their EDT (Every Day Treatment) fuel additive on a regular basis. My fuel mileage improved, engine runs smoother and I know the injectors are very clean after having to replace one due to an electrical failure. Other products may be snake oil - I can't say for sure one way or the other - but the Hot Shot products definitely helped my 830,000-mile engine.
  9. No way!!!!! Your work on the guide has resulted in a collection of valuable information. It is one of the best things we have going.
  10. Metric v. American

    Tractor Supply doesn't sell metric in their "by the pound" nut and bolt bin. Any new bolt on my truck is SAE grade 2, 5 or 8 depending on location. SAE cost less and availability is much better. I carry both metric and SAE wrenches and sockets in my tool boxes.
  11. Heard A Good One Today.

    A guy here in the CG we are in made a comment to me: "It is better to have more truck than you need than to need more truck than you have." I love it! I think I will order a vinyl lettering set with that phrase to put on the doors of my Volvo.
  12. Anybody going to Tampa?

    SCLord2000 (Charlie) and I are just up the road from Henry in Melbourne. Yes, it is chilly for Florida, but a far sight better than it is back home with a predicted low of 4F tonight. Just for the record, we don't drive like the snowbirds Henry described. Maybe it's our age, but we just sort of poke along. We may go to the Tampa show but if we do it will be a day trip. It's a big place and we haven't had much luck in previous years finding fellow HDT'ers. The trip in just before the New Year was uneventful as far as the HTD was concerned. It ran beautifully with no "events" or issues.
  13. Chevy volt battery questions

    I have two 48 volt packs in my golf cart wired in parallel. I charge with the OEM 48 volt Club Car charger without the "computer" Club Cars have. I use a Variac (autotransformer) to adjust the AC voltage to the charger. I charge at 45 volts and stop charging at 50 volts. I keep current to 15 amps for the two batteries in parallel. Occasionally I measure each cell but do nothing to them individually. No issues and batteries are holding up fine.
  14. We were heading west from Richmond, VA on I-64 this morning so that we could merge onto I-81 South to Bristol, TN. About 10 miles out of Charlottesville there is a rest stop just before the long grade going straight up AftonMountain. I can’t tell you the grade % but it feels like you are heading for the stars and your ears will pop at least twice as the elevation increases. I pulled into the truck/trailer parking section of the rest stop next to a fellow pulling a Cardinal 5th wheel with a late model RAM sporting the Cummins diesel logo on the front fender. The Cardinal was a couple of feet shorter than our fiver so it is fair to say it probably weighed proportionally less than ours (maybe 15-16K?). When I climbed down from the cab of our Volvo I was greeted with the now familiar comment of “Hey buddy, do you think you have enough truck there?” I just smiled and started walking toward the restroom. He followed me and threw out a few more questions/comments along the way asking why I would want something that big and what my MPG was. I lied about the fuel mileage telling him it was about 15 mpg and that I preferred to have a tow vehicle that would control the trailer rather than one that was controlled by the trailer. I think my answer may have pissed him off because he stopped talking to me. When I got back to our truck he had already left heading up the mountain. I pulled out, built up some speed on the flat and started to climb the mountain. The inside lane is the truck lane and the outside lane is clearly posted for any vehicle moving less than 60 MPH to only use the inside lane. I stayed in the outside lane holding a steady 65 mph blowing past a double trailer Fed-X truck and then a log truck barely creeping along. About halfway up the mountain, I came upon the RAM towing the Cardinal. He was blowing some black smoke out his exhaust which indicated to me that he was most likely running flat out. I would guess his speed to be no more than 45 mph. As I blasted by him I blew the air horns and watched him disappear into my rear view mirror. I hope he got the message. No matter though, it made me feel really good!
  15. Wheel Torque Indicators

    I still don't "get it". What ribbon? I always look for white smoke - then I find a place to pull over .